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  1. edinmass

    cylinder head

    Yes, Dave he couldn’t do anything for you, unfortunately no every piece can be saved. At least you got a straight answer. The was the first casting I ever brought him he couldn’t fix. When the entire block has bad metallurgy you have to move on. Fortunately it’s unique to that particular year Packard eight and not any of the others.
  2. edinmass

    cylinder head

    Locknstitch is a brand name of a supplier of retail metal repair process. It’s a system I prefer not to use, for several reasons. Also, many shops that use this process only use the product once or twice a year, that is exactly what you don’t want. Use someone who’s only business is stiching, they will give much better results. Understanding casting techniques is critical to a correct repair. I have seen talented people cut our a chunk of water jacket to get to an inside crack, then stitch the removed piece back in. My old timer works so fast it’s incredible. He will set up thirty or forty air drills and several air driven power tappers and go to town. After literally drilling a million holes in cast iron, you get pretty good at it. He makes his own screws and locks, and most importantly he sharpens his own drills in a way I have never seen before. I have been tempted to try and do a repair myself, but his work is so well done, and often times most of my castings are rare, I haven’t bothered to try. I brought him a 1914 Cadillac head a few years ago with several bad cracks that were welded and cracked next to the weld by someone else, he smiled and commented that he could fix it no problem, and what truly amazed me was although he didn’t know what the head fit his comment was......”I have done twenty five or thirty of those over the years” ........... another interesting detail, I have brought him castings and asked for a crack repair, and he says, what about the other cracks? While most time he can’t identify the block or head, having done this for fifty years, he knows where all the castings crack, including areas that you didn’t know were issues. He’s getting so old were worried no one else will take his place when he retires. I asked him how long it takes to become as skilled as he is.......his comment was eight to ten years..........Ed
  3. edinmass

    Parts valuation, Pierce Arrow

    Photos and engine numbers would help. Value can be all over the place, as some engines are harder to find than others, but to put it in perspective, in our shop up north we have more than thirty Pierce engines from 1929-1938 on the racks. Both eights and twelves. In most instances the engines are very close, and unless you have an open car, a engine that is plus or minus a year more often than not won’t effect the cars value. It will be interesting to see what is in the barn..........best guess is a 1929 Series 133 as they are the most common of all the Pierce eights.
  4. edinmass

    PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Me thinks I would NEVER buy an open pre war car without a entire string of provenance.............doesn’t matter price or make, you gotta know what your doing. Personally on any car over 100k I always want three or four informed opinions.
  5. edinmass


    There will be about one hundred trucks just for the show, and then another two hundred for the auctions. The best kept secret of Pebble Beach is the truck parking lot. I see the A list celeberties there much more often than on the field. Lots of good car times on Wednesday and Friday in the lot, just before and after the tour.
  6. edinmass

    cylinder head

    hope the link works, a huge repair, done old school. Craftsmanship is ALMOST dead. If I were a teenager again, I would apprentice with my local stitch guy.......... its a more valuable skill than most college educations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-doBwALJ5Q don't know how to correctly post the link.
  7. edinmass

    cylinder head

    Heating that head and welding it correctly will require remachineing the head flat, if it can be done. I have worked on an identical head and the castings on this particular piece is rather poor. An exhaust manifold failure after the fact can still be dealt with, this head won’t be salavagable if there is a welding problem. I often work on cars that are absolutely priceless, and reguardless of cost or value stiching is always the first best option. They pressure test the repair to 40 lbs, even though the system is open to the atmosphere. I had a V-16 late model block repaired with 75 inches of total cracks, and twenty years later it’s still fine. If this head goes bad, he will probably have to buy a car to find a head, we looked for five years on our 1922 and didn’t come up with anything, and I’m pretty good at finding difficult parts. If the stitch repair fails, which I would bet a years pay it won’t, you could still weld it. I only know of one person I trust to weld cast iron, a third generation cast iron only shop, and I would still stitch it first. Everyone has their own opinions, and Restorer32 is a talented, experienced, and respected gentleman in the hobby, I respectfully disagree with him on this one.
  8. edinmass

    Bring a Battery......and Maybe Some Gas.

    Another restoration that the owner lost intrest in......... just buff it out and drive.
  9. edinmass

    cylinder head

    I have had a crack in a similar Olds head repaired. Do NOT weld that head. Have it stiched by an expert, no some local machine ship that does it once a year. I have used the same master craftsman for more than thirty years, he is in his seventies, and only does cast iron stiching, he makes all his own screws, ties, and locks. He is in Massachusetts, an easy ship to location. If you want his info PM me and I'll send it to you. If you weld that head it will be junk, and you won't have any options...............
  10. Seems like 90 percent of the trailers are the cheapest way you can make them brand. Gary, resale dictates at least 24 feet or a very hard sell at giveaway prices. Many trailers have a ladder style frame with light weight stringers extending past the Center section......not a good idea. Trailers are a get what you pay for item. Ed
  11. edinmass

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I have seen a wooden coach built body from 1971, one of two built on a Rolls chassis.
  12. Can you comment on how the electronic log affects total time behind the wheel in total mileage driven in a week? Is it effectively a pay cut for the driver ? My understanding was you could forge about 15% on the old paper log. If total time behind the wheel goes down the cost of shipping a car must go up. It’s been very difficult to ship cars the last six months just about anywhere in the states.
  13. edinmass

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Body prices varied by large amounts, figure anywhere from 2500 for a small factory batch semi custom to well over ten grand. I was working on a Rolls PII a while back that was 28.5 k out the door tax not included. That was Dec of 1933.
  14. edinmass

    Classic and Exotic Services

    His wife Leslie usually answers the phone and email. Sometime another lady in the office also will return calls. It’s Pebble Beach time, and with lots of Duesenbergs on the field and the auction circuit he is twice as busy as normal. I received parts from them recently and had no issues whatsoever.
  15. edinmass

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I have always been fascinated by some old guy who walks up to a car I’m working on or driving and raps his knuckles on the fender to check to see if the seven figure 100 point cars’ fender is going to dent or fall off. Just once I want to say.......congratulations on your purchase, please hand over the money! I bet the look on their face would be interesting. I’m sure if I went out to the parking lot one Sunday morning and put my hot coffee on his hood, he would blow a gasket. Maybe I’ll just leave a half full beer can on his lawn mower.........that will pxxs him off also!