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  1. I wasn't signed in.........works ok when signed in........interesting!
  2. Horns are standard Lincoln. Not the same car.
  3. Link does not work.
  4. Jason.......I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse-on your DV!
  5. I think those two lovely ladies are higher maintenance than the Packard in the photo, and all the cars in both of our garages! To quote a famous distiller "all goods worth price charged".
  6. Wrong car.
  7. Neat car, I love the jack stands.
  8. 😃 Thanks for the kind words gentlemen! I think the issue is 99.9 percent of cars are not what we would call blue chip cars, while others often look at common or fairly common cars as deseriable and collectible. What's a decent car to have as a long term collectiable from the fifties or sixties? An alloy gullwing would come to mind, along with the pony cars that run from five to forty million. When put it that perspective almost any American iron falls short. And to be honest, I rather have the American iron over the foreign stuff. That's makes the worlds best Yenko look like a starter car. It's all in the perspective. I have owned a few good sixties cars. Back when you could get a decent and reasonably desirable car for three grand. I sure wish I kept the 69 pace car and the other assorted cars we ruined. I am quite sure most of the guys at Barret Jackson wouldn't talk to me if they knew what we did to the iron we had. I guess we did contribute in our own special way........we ruined so much stuff the common cars are now looked at as something special. By the way GT52, Al is too polite to tell you what's in his garage. He has the best stuff pre and post war. I know of no other person in the hobby with his extensive comprehension of automobile history. I'm fortunate to call him my friend. Here we are kicking tires at Pebble Beach last year, I was hard to find a photo I could share without one of our own cars in the shot.
  9. That sure is a sharp MG! Sorry.......MB, slip of the fingers! 😛
  10. Rare beast! So little time, too many projects. It will make a great speedster.
  11. This should make you smile.
  12. I agree with trimacar.......on mid level or hobby level cars, the trans is not as critical to price. On the great stuff......it's everything.
  13. Gt52 have you ever been to a world class collection of cars? True connoisseurs don't buy marginal or cars with stories. A car with an automatic transmission will almost always take it out of the running for an important collectible. Is there an example of a car from the muscle car era with an automatic that brought more money than the vertually identicle car but with a four speed? Suppose you think the auctions you see on tv are all real......... most of the cars have shill bidders pushing them......... and by the way, most cars valued under say 500,000 dollars aren't really that rare or collectiable. Sad to say, but the working man today usually can't afford the best of what he is interested in. The best cars most often don't make it to public sale or auction. The best of the best are spoken for long before they come up for sale, only the price has to be determined. Try and buy a top five of any type of car........... there is usually a long lined of interested buyers. Maybe it should be a 40 percent deductible for an automatic. And not a premium for a four speed.
  14. Where do we start......price guides or automatic vs stick. Price guides.......aren't worth the paper their printed on. At least toilet paper is useful and serves a function. My favorite thing to see in a price guide is a value for a car that doesn't even exsist. I see it all the time. I have been in the hobby over forty years, and have never used a price guide to find or figure a value of any car. Stick vs automatic. Why waste my breath. On most decent muscle cars there's a forty percent price difference from a four speed to an automatic. Try and sell a "big time" sixties car for major money with an automatic.....not gonna happen. You will only sell it on price, NOT desirability. As as far as museum quaility..........It's just a driver. Replaced quarters and incorrect engine make it a bottom feeder car in the collector car world. As far as the museum collection it came from, you can be rest assured that it was a bulk buy situation and the car just came along for the ride. That orginazation has no interest in cars that sell for less than 250,000. The name of the game in car collecting today is provenance. Period. Any story and the car is crap. That applies to brass cars, Classics of the thirties, and the post war collectibles. But......then again what do I know, an entire lifetime lived in the hobby? Drive you car, enjoy your car, consume it. Currently in my garage I have a bottom feeder low end car, and a 100 point multi cylinder monster Classic. Today I plan on driving the car that costs less than my lawn mower. It isn't about the cost, or the prestige, I drive what I like. Seems to me that is what a hobby is all about. Off to feed the chickens.......Ed As far as the car in the Ebay ad........the truth Hertz don't it? 😃
  15. Working in the shop tonight, our local friend donated his oil pot to us. Thought it was worth a photo. He used a regulator and guage set up from harbor freight.