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  1. How do Backup Lights work on a 1931 Reo Royale

    I was thinking this might be a grounding type switch. As the reverse lever is slid into position, the internal shaft might make contact with a stiff wire and complete the circuit.
  2. 1941 Ford Convertible Boot Cover

    This is exactly the response I wanted. Many Thanks. it confirms my suspicion that there are snaps on the back edge to mount the boot cover. The top on the current project vehicle has no snaps.
  3. updraft carburetor adjustment question

    1. There used to be a website That had a bunch of info. The chap that ran that site didn't maintain it, but I think he still has the files in .pdf format. I believe he used Dykes Auto Encyclopedia series as a source. Look for the 19th edition, published circa 1943. There may be an earlier edition to cover the '32 Packard. The 15th edition is 1927 which is too early for you. 2. Possibly contact AACA Library and maybe they could scan the relevant pages. 3. Contact other folks who purchased this carb and compare notes with them. 4. Verify float level.
  4. Brake springs for Bendix 3 shoe brakes

    Try You may have to resort to using generic pull springs and modify them. The Duo-mite bender is a good tool to making small radius bends in metals and heavy wire (like springs). I have an article on adjusting the Bendix 3 shoe system. PM me.
  5. 1920s 1930s Cadillac upholstery buttons???

    Could this be a snap for a convertible top boot?
  6. 1941 Ford Convertible Boot Cover

    Bringing this to the top. Can someone post a picture of the rear edge of the convertible top, original if possible. The top on this project car has had the top replaced at one point in its life and suspect its wrong. Ideally I'd like to have someone post a pic with the top in the up position and another pic of the underside of the rear showing the snaps and body.
  7. Brass Radiator Shop Needed in NorthEast US

    I can recommend Grove Radiator in Neptune, NJ (Central NJ). Don't let the photo on their website mislead you. They can perform delicate work.
  8. Manufacture part from CAD file?

    Perhaps search under the terms CNC Machining and Hog Out. There seems to be a bunch of them, specializing in low quantity like 1-2 pieces. This actually might be the better way versus sand casting.
  9. Manufacture part from CAD file?

    I agree with Gary on querying the foundry first. Cattail is one that has done small quantities for the car hobby. Print out the file as a plastic part and use as a pattern. One detail I notice is your spacing between the squares on the step. You may have to widen the spaces between them to account for detail that gets lost during sand casting. There are some companies printing in metal directly from a file, however, I'm doubtful that the detail is there. Print a pattern and cast as usual. Curious, what program did you use to create the file?
  10. How do Backup Lights work on a 1931 Reo Royale

    Lincoln had a spring loaded plunger push button type switch located on the back of the transmission. When the tranny is in reverse, the tranny pushes a rod out.
  11. 6 volt LED bulbs

    I haven't seen anyone comment about the flasher relay with LED's. You need to get a heavy duty or electronic flasher that will flash at the same on-off rate regardless of the type of bulb used. Since the LED draws significantly less current, installing LED bulbs may not make the standard flasher relay "toggle". The type needed is an electronic relay and they are available, but ask the right questions when ordering.
  12. 1935 Cadillac Charging Issue

    Glad to hear you got the generating circuit operating properly. The Delco Remy reference is a valuable document. Thanks for posting it. I'm trying to understand what you did to solve this problem. Did you clean the contacts inside the regulator?
  13. Posing photos

    Use graphic software such as Paint Shop Pro or other Raster Graphic type program to manipulate your images such as rotating, cropping, the image before posting it to your thread. FYI, You can use Powerpoint to insert a pic into the slide, make any annotations such as arrows and descriptions, and then save as a .JPG image (use drop down menu in SAVE AS). Try it, it may help.
  14. Interior Trim Hardware

    Interior trim hardware is still available:
  15. Constant Force Spring

    Thanks for the responses. This is a phonograph spring. If I were to anneal it, could I accomplish using a torch till dull red and back off the heat gradually, say over a 10 minute period? How long is enough? Tinidian, where did you acquire the spring for your project? It looks new. What is the difference between blue spring steel and stainless?