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  1. Friartuck

    Drilling and Tapping Holes in Chrome Plating

    The simple response is once you drill into the layers of plating, you run the risk of having the plating peeling off over an extended period. However, I suspect the mirrors will have a generous footprint over the mounting area. If you proceed, use brand new (sharp) drill bits and once you've tapped the holes, add a thin lay of clear enamel over the hole to seal the plating layers. you may have to run the tap through by hand if any gets into the hole. Intent is to prevent any moisture from getting under the layers. Others may have different opinions on this. Is this a model with side mounts where lollipops on top of the covers could go? Maybe do some more homework and get many examples of mirrors mounted on your model. Hard to believe Packard would not have put holes into the bracket regardless.
  2. Friartuck

    What should I do with old yellow fabric..

    Tie ribbons around a lot of old oak trees?
  3. Friartuck

    Final Plea For Upholstry Help

    Lately I've been using welt cord from Great Lakes and it appears they carry twin cordage. They do sell by the yard, no need to purchase an entire spool for a one time project. Since I use a Juki 241 walking foot machine which is a Singer 111W based machine, I get my feet attachments from either E-bay or Cutex Sewing Supplies. The foot showed in the Sail Rite video is likely unique to their type machine.
  4. Friartuck

    Water pump packing

    I like the square graphite packing. Miter cut the rings on a diagonal and as Spinneyhill mentioned, orient them so they don't overlap (12, 4 and 8 o'clock). Square packing is at McMaster-Carr.
  5. Friartuck

    Brass Casting

    Bob, You are correct. If a casting option is not viable, I plan to do it in two parts, turn the tube portion down on a lathe and cut out the yoke portion from a hollow thick wall tube.
  6. Friartuck

    Brass Casting

    Looking to have two of the pictured fitting made. Its for a brass bed, the decorative horizontal and vertical tubes at the foot board. I would think this is a simple lost wax casting item. Comments and casting sources?
  7. Friartuck

    Final Plea For Upholstry Help

    For fabric applications, consider vendors like Sunbrella brand which is used in marine and awning trades: And don't forget ebay:
  8. Stay with the 6 volt system. A properly working 6 volt system will be fine. Check/clean connections. FYI, Brattons offers 10 Candle Power bulbs. Brighter than those 3 CP bulbs.
  9. Friartuck

    Trickle charge battery with cables on?

    Hard wire a pig tail so access is easy. Remember to account for polarity and if an exposed connector contact might come in contact with the ground and short. I use MOLEX brand connectors with chassis mount version mounted in a bracket behind the dash. Adopt a convention something like the pointed end is positive. Include a short pigtail to interface between Battery Tender molded connector to the MOLEX. All my vehicles are wired this way, so one charger can be used for any vehicle.
  10. Friartuck

    suggestions on repairing a hole in block

    Superweld in Farmingdale, NY
  11. Friartuck

    Question For Trimacar

    Provide a close up pic of the piece you remove, in essence the cross section, preferably with dimensions. You may be able to use a generic extruded rubber strip from Restoration Specialties, Steele Rubber or Metro Rubber. This is an example of where Karr Rubber may have had your extruded profile, but they are no longer in business. Don't forget to check the hot rod section of any of those companies.
  12. Friartuck

    Appropriate amperage reading at idle?

    Jim, The generator is adjusted correctly for normal driving use. Check the battery level often.
  13. Friartuck

    Cool Weld, Long Island City, NY

    To document this thread for future readers, the owner of Cool Weld in Long Island City closed up approx. 1998 and became one of the staff at SuperWeld. Their specialty is engine block and head repairs/reconstruction. Superweld 111 Gazza Blvd. Farmingdale, NY Phone: 631-694-7989 POC: Roy Santopietro
  14. Does anyone know of a company that resided in Long Island City, New York called Cool Weld. They specialized in repairing cracked heads and engine blocks. What happened to them and where are they now?
  15. Friartuck

    1963 license plate

    Does anyone recognize this plate? Where is TWY? The numbers on the side are 1963.