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  1. greenie

    Please ID older Pontiac emblem

    The emblem has been listed on eBay. I will end the listing and sell it to an AACA member at a reduced price. Please send me a pm if you are interested. Please don’t delay, the listing is a Buy it now. SOLD
  2. I have no clue, Any help appreciated!
  3. greenie

    Please ID older Pontiac emblem

  4. I assume it’s a radiator badge? Anyone know the year? Thanks!
  5. Nice grille center section. Driver quality chrome with fine pits. Emblem has some color loss. Gauge set with Nice speedometer. Other gauges need some restoration. Defroster fan runs but needs new wire or repair the wire wrap. Take the entire lot for $150 plus $25 shipping or inquire about individual pieces. Send PM to hold. PayPal or your check ok.
  6. This Saturday, May 12, the Shenandoah Region hosts its annual car show and swap meet, its 60th year- in Winchester, VA. Saying the weather has been unkind over the past decade or so seems a tremendous understatement. Many droughts have been averted by this event. Right now, the forecast looks good. Plan to be in Winchester this Saturday for this event! Celebrate the great old cars and the nice warm sunshine.
  7. Nice original piece. Great chrome. Reddish-brown paint. Minor paint loss. $50 includes free delivery anywhere in the US.
  8. greenie

    Porsche Only Swap Meet - Hershey, PA April 21

    We arrived early Saturday morning and the parts vendors were already in place with their parts displayed. After spending an hour or so walking thru the flea market, and making several nice buys, we enjoyed the Porsche parking area and the small show field. Nice weather, great event.
  9. greenie

    Spring Carlisle 2018

    Thanks for the great pictures. I was there all day Wednesday, briefly Thursday morning; and Saturday afternoon- but never made it to the Car Corrall. The crowd on Saturday was the largest I’ve seen in years (see the picture). Perhaps the strange weather on Thursday contributed to that. Great start to another season of Carlisle events.
  10. greenie

    Spring Carlisle

    Saturday’s nice weather brought out a large crowd at Carlisle. My son and I attended the Porsche swap meet at Hershey and then dropped in at Carlisle at about 10am. There was actually a traffic jam on Route 11. Perhaps the chilly start to the weekend kept folks at home until the low 50’s brought them out. We bought a headlight for a ‘46 Chevy truck at the Porsche gathering; and a bunch of Karmann Ghia parts at Carlisle. Go figure!
  11. greenie

    Spring Carlisle

    Attended the first day (Wednesday) of 2018 Spring Carlisle. Weather was a bit brisk at 8am, warming to a balmy 53 by 2pm. Wednesday is setup day and many vendors are yet to arrive; but there was plenty to see. A surprising array of antique parts for sale including many pre-war selections. Scattered among the flea market are several AACA award winning cars now for sale. Thursday’s weather may take a step back but Friday looks promising. Check out the view from Mount Carlisle.
  12. greenie

    Look at this nice pair!

    Mirrors, mirrors! Kinda Art-Deco. Unique shape. No casting marks visible. Original, or period aftermarket? And ideas?
  13. greenie

    Palm Beach auction.

    Careful, he has......connections.
  14. Sorry if that made you form a terrible visual. Actually, our space confirmation arrived here in Central Maryland during a little snow shower. It WILL warm up by October, right?
  15. greenie

    Springtime at AutoFair 2018

    Thursday and Friday were beautiful days at the AutoFair. The Hornets Nest Region did a great job as usual. There are many changes underway at the Speedway and many swap meet spaces were displaced as a result, The Green field was especially full of new vendors. Inside the track, a rat rod drifting track lent its own soundtrack to the event. My wife came along this year and performed flawlessly as a parts mule! She’s pictured below with one of our many great buys. She was richly rewarded with a relaxing dip in our hotel’s heated pool and spa; and dinner at a few if Charlotte’s many fine restaurants. The rain chased us home on Saturday morning and no doubt put a damper on the car show. That’s Spring in the Carolinas.