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  1. Good reason to go to Hershey

    As a long time Hershey vendor, and eBay seller, I have always appreciated my customers from Canada- they constitute a large segment of my buyers of early Chevy truck parts. I try to give them a nice discount recognizing their travel expenses and the currency exchange rate. As far as eBay sales, sometimes they have a friend south of the border; but asking for a direct shipment apart from the eBay international service is a good idea.
  2. Great old Jadson catalog, circa 1932. Lists valves and guides for nearly all US makes, from Auburn to Duesenberg to Willis. Great shape. Includes separate bi-fold for the Jadson adjustable valve for the Ford Model A. Price is $20 which includes shipping anywhere in the US. Send PM to reserve.
  3. Maple Grove Fall Swap Meet October 28

    Great day with clear skies and calm winds. We arrived at 8:30am and departed at noon. We picked up some nice '38 Chevy truck parts including a rust/free rear fender. There are 2 wheels for our '46 GMC truck; a nice '70 Bronco air cleaner; and even a Studebaker gauge cluster. Yes, you have to wade thru the speed parts, but the antique stuff typically trades at great prices. The picture shows the haul as we unloaded at home.
  4. Found this at the Maple Grove Fall Swap Meet today, on a great weather day in central PA. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Ethanol Free Gas at Convenience Stores...

    We don't have an outlet in North Central MD, but we drive to York Sorings, Pa- where Paul's Garage operates a 24-hour fuel island. It's on our way to Carlisle and Hershey so there are plenty of times to gas up. The old cars run better and you don't have to worry about leaving it in the tank over the winter. Let's use the corn to feed cows and people.
  6. I am not connected with this event, although I attend every year. Located in Mohnton, Pa, this is a great swap meet in the old time style: No prepaid spaces, everything arrives at daybreak and is gone by 4pm. $5 gate admission for spectators includes free parking. Located at the NHRA sanctioned drag strip, the vendors bring a mixture of modern speed parts and antique car parts of all kinds. Plan on spending 2-3 hours passing thru one time, then go home and mow the yard for the last time. After this, it's time to hibernate until next March!
  7. What did you buy at Hershey?

    With my friend at home tending to a family issue, I was stuck in my spaces the entire week, selling '41-'46 Chevy & GMC parts. For the first year in decades I wasn't able to walk the entire swap meet field. On Friday afternoon, I decided to close up at 3pm and take a spin around the car corral. I ended up behind the Guant Center and decided to walk thru the Orange Field to get back to our Green Field spaces. At the first Orange Field space I saw, there was a complete 1946 GMC grille assembly; and the matching headlight units. After a brief and cordial negotiation, I picked them up and headed back. That's the magic if Hershey, I guess. BTW, my college age son joined me Friday after class and we opened for business on Saturday morning. We managed to make a few sales until we finally closed up at noon and headed over to the car show Field. I was again surprised to talk to folks that arrived Saturday morning after working all week. They were happy to see some vendor spaces still open.
  8. There are still a few of us that think Saturday visitors deserve a shot at the swap meet! It's going to be a beautiful day.
  9. Hershey sleeping...

    Back in my "camp in the Chocolate field" days, a small group of us hardy souls would use the permanent restroom building near the club tent as our fresh up spot. There are 3-4 sinks in there, just perfect for that quick washcloth bath and hair washing. And of course get those teeth brushed and shave! All this takes place from about 5:30 to 6:30 in the crisp morning. When you exit, there is a single food vendor who opens up to serve coffee to the overnight rescue squad fellows. Try it this year, you might catch a glimpse of the real core of our Club, and our hobby!
  10. Das Awkfesht Fescht Car Show Pictures Part 3

    Thanks for the great pictures. Certainly one of the best east coast events. The swap meet has been in decline over the past several years. Anyone check it out this year?
  11. Finally got a round to it, 1945 ? GMC 3 Ton

    Welcome to a very small club. Of course, Chevrolet made nothing as heavy duty as your truck. There is precious little information available for GMC's of this size. Several years ago, GMC had a book published by Krause Publications : "GMC- The First 100 Years". It has a few pictures of trucks such as yours. You might also check out the website- "Old GMC I have attached a picture of my '46 1/2 ton, itself a baby compared to your truck. I have some of the parts you'll need to restore your truck. Send me a PM or make the trip to Hershey and see the parts there at spaces GAI 18-19. Good luck, and post some pictures as you bring it back into service.
  12. 1951 Cadillac Horn Button

    Nice old Caddy horn button. Appears to be copper, with fading green patina top coat. Great for your driver, or easy restore. $25 includes free delivery to the US. PayPal or your personal check ok. Send PM to hold.
  13. Chryslers At Carlisle 2017 Part Two

    Thanks for the pictures. We were there on Friday- to take full advantage of the swap meet. We got some great stuff, but we couldn't get back to see all the great cars on Saturday. The folks at Carlisle Events do such a great job with this show.