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  1. Nice pair of dash clocks. Not tested and most likely not running. One missing fuse cover. You get both for $50 plus $13.70 shipping by Usps priority mail. Free delivery to Hershey an option. Send pm if interested.
  2. The trailer is loaded and ready for Hershey 2018! Hopefully our weather will settle down just a bit. Our plan is to arrive on Tuesday and set up Wednesday morning through Saturday noon. Look for us in the green field at spaces GAI 18-19, under light post 118. We are bringing rear and front fenders, windshield frames, windshield cranks, runningboards, gauge clusters, headlight assemblies, and plenty more. See you in Hershey!
  3. NOS and NIB. Leech-Neville model 4862-FS. Tested and works fine. $75 with free shipping to the US. Pick up in my Hershey space and get a $10 rebate!
  4. AC cable number CC-5. New in box. See application chart in picture. $35 plus $13.70 shipping to the US. Can deliver to Carlisle or Hershey and save you the shipping.
  5. greenie

    Mecum Auction Harrisburg PA Aug 2-4th

    A few antiques there and more than a few cars with AACA badges. Was a good place to escape the rain for a few hours. The cars are spread throughout the complex, segregated by the day the will sell. Make sure you explore all the different sections to see all the cars. There are not enough seats in the auction arena, so walk in spectators may not be happy with the seating arrangements. We spent 4 hours there today looking at the cars; and then drove home and watched the auction in the DVR!
  6. greenie

    Flooding in Hershey (again)

    Look on YouTube under “Hershey flooding”. There is a drone video showing RT 39 at Swatara Creek. The area of the ill fated “yellow field”, looks a bit ....wet. There is also a video of the 2017 Fall Meet by a group that calls itself “Aeraflix”- interesting drone video shot over the swap meet field and the Saturday car show. Hopefully they won’t repeat their stupidity in 2018.
  7. greenie

    Recognize this heater control?

  8. At a local junk shop. Any ideas?
  9. greenie


    We are going past the show tomorrow to attend the first day of the huge Carlisle Mopar show. We might swing back in on the way home to see the swap meet. Can anyone comment on how many vendors were set up today(Thursday)? Of course, we’ll be back Saturday morning for the show. Thanks.
  10. greenie


    A little known fact: all Yugo’s had a rear window defroster. (Hand warmer)
  11. Ok, I am Fairly sure this is a ‘39 Buick headlight. But it’s front is flat on one side. Saw a ‘39 Buick st a show today- headlights were perfectly round. Was there a model that used this strange shape? Is the (missing) lens also squared off??? Thanks!
  12. greenie

    Please ID older Pontiac emblem

    The emblem has been listed on eBay. I will end the listing and sell it to an AACA member at a reduced price. Please send me a pm if you are interested. Please don’t delay, the listing is a Buy it now. SOLD
  13. I have no clue, Any help appreciated!
  14. greenie

    Please ID older Pontiac emblem