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  1. That photo is a classic.
  2. My kids saw this video clip and instantly thought of me. Thought I would share. Don't you just hate when this happens? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpbOBPa8foY
  3. I'll help you start selling them. Do you have one for a 1923 Franklin?
  4. Mark, Great advice. I have to replace all four tires on my Franklin and was worried about screwing up the rims and lock rings. Silver Rustoleum is a tough paint and will always be a perfect match when future touch-ups are needed.
  5. Brasscarguy, Are you selling everything as a unit or are you willing to sell individual parts?
  6. Our '29 and '21 Franklins are named Scott and Zelda, respectively. We also own two 1997 Toyota Paseo convertibles - don't ask why, it's a long story. We call them Thing1 and Thing2. What names have you given your cars?
  7. You might want to consider purchasing an infrared temperature reader. You point the device and can read the temperature. Very useful in determining blockages in your radiator, engine or hoses. Might be a good place to start. Good luck and let us know the results. P.S. I'll add one item. Worked on a 1918 Buick that wanted to overheat. Turns out the radiator hose was not a straight tube but was "crinkled". Replaced with a straight hose and the overheating problem went away. The Buick did not like the flow disruption caused by the non-smooth hose. Probably not applicable to your '30 but wanted to mention just in case.
  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Very helpful.
  9. Bob, I live in the Austin area and regularly drive my 1921 Franklin (with Antique plates) on long weekend drives as well as for occasional shopping or dining trips. Never had a problem. TxDMV says antique plates are for: "Motor vehicle that are at least 25 years old AND a collector's item. The motor vehicle must be used exclusively for exhibitions, club activities, parades or other functions of public interest. Motor vehicles displaying Antique plates may not be used for regular transportation or advertising. The motor vehicle may be driven to and from a location for routine maintenance." Just be able to show that your car is equipped with the safety features when it was new. My '21 doesn't have a brake light - I was prepared to show proof but the DMV inspector never asked."
  10. Auburnseeker, That woodgraining looks pretty darn good regardless of a first attempt. What tools or woodgraining package did you use?
  11. That may be too far gone to repair. Snyder's Woodcraft makes beautiful steering wheels at relatively reasonable rates. His work is considered top-notch in the Franklin Club. Snyder's Woodcraft618 South Spruce St.Nazareth, PA 18064Home: 610-759-4642Work: 610-759-4276
  12. Jan Arnett, I joined the Facebook Speedster group and you're right - it does have lots of helpful tips and pictures. Thanks.
  13. Edinmass, I thoroughly agree with you. These forums should be apolitical. We can get that stuff on plenty of other websites. If we want to get irreverent, we can always comment on '63 Ramblers for sale in the Classics section or "concours restorations" with velour upholstery
  14. Olympic, Lots of great tips and advice given above. Please let us know what happens and what you find out.
  15. From the ad... "Looking for a Reo Model B from 1905-1907. Condition not an issue. Original or kit car. Price based on condition. All offers welcome!" I never knew there was a REO kit car. Replica Olds, maybe. But not a REO.