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  1. RansomEli

    Richard G. Weis Auction

    Thanks for the notice. The format should give maximum exposure and maximum bids. I recommend also placing this notice in the General Discussion section, too.
  2. RansomEli


    Nice work, guys. Wonder what the Eleanor clone would look like with a 2" chop. No one's ever done that. Would look really mean.
  3. RansomEli

    1929 Essex Super Sedan 4 suicide doors

    Go for it! You can never have too many cars. I have several unrestored cars-in-waiting and so does everyone else on this forum. It's a good thing. You don't have to worry about buying/restoring your next car - unless you see another one. Face it, you can have $2,000 Cdn rotting in your bank account or you can have a '29 Essex in your garage (or thereabouts). But don't resto-mod it. Keep it as stock as possible. You'll feel a lot better afterwards. Good luck. 1913 Franklin raceabout project in the back shed 1908 REO Model G project in a trailer
  4. RansomEli


    There are several threads in this forum about people who have replaced/rebuilt vacuum tanks and then had some small problems. The advice given is worth reading ahead of time. The knowledge base and the people who give advice here continues to amaze me.
  5. RansomEli

    New member saying hi

    Welcome to the AACA! I've always been a Rambler/AMC fan but never got to own an AMX. Beautiful paint job. That shade of green suits your car perfectly. Is the car a 4-speed? Would like to see pics of the interior.
  6. RansomEli


    I have an electric fuel pump on my '21 Franklin. Use it only to fill up the vacuum tank reservoir when I haven't driven it for a while. I alway run on my vacuum tank. Have done so for over 18 years with no problems (knock on wood). The secret is, if your vacuum tank is running well, then leave it alone. Check previous forum posts. There are several vacuum tank rebuilders people recommend. Get it to work and then leave it alone. Good luck. Let us know what happens.
  7. You can see the handicapped permit through the front windshield. It's hanging on the rear view mirror. Although I do agree with billorn's comment above.
  8. Notice he is taking up two parking spaces. I hate that. Park your car farther out in the parking lot.
  9. RansomEli

    Painting Wheels

    Second that. Gloss. Flat will look wrong when you look at the rest of the car.
  10. RansomEli

    Gus and the Model Garage

    Thanks for the links. I enjoyed reading about Gus when I was a kid. Nice to know I can read them from the 20's
  11. RansomEli

    1990 convertible buick reatta

    Nora, What Zimm63 said. How much? Where is the car? What is the condition of the engine? How well does it drive? Thank you.
  12. RansomEli

    1932 club sedan at Crum auction

    'Old car fan' took notes of the auction prices. He reported the car sold for $29K. No info on who bought the car.
  13. RansomEli

    Loyd Young auction

    Kudos to the auction company for obtaining such strong bids. Their marketing efforts paid off. Sometimes you will see very weak prices at such an auction. Of course, the owner's name and quality of the cars helped quite a bit, too. It's nice to see that the estate's beneficiaries will share in the fair market value of the cars and parts.
  14. RansomEli

    Anyone Here Install Their Own Glass?

    I broke 2 windshields trying to install them in my 1980 Chevy truck. Finally hired someone and he did the job in under 30 minutes. There's skill involved. I didn't have it and didn't want to break more windshields trying to learn. Some things you're just better off paying for. Rebuilding automatic transmissions is another one.
  15. RansomEli

    Loyd Young auction

    Old car fan, Yes, please let us know the auction results. A very nice, eclectic collection of cars. The parts auction should be interesting, too. A 1905 Cadillac engine, two Franklin engines and tons of interesting stuff. Wish I could go.