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  1. Pebble/Monterey?

    Yes, thanks for the pictures. Fabulous cars.
  2. I thought the cover of the latest Air Cooled News was just great. The Franklin club has been blessed with a series of great editors, writers and photographers. We are really lucky to have such dedicated people.
  3. 1921 REO T-6 Touring

    Really nice car at a good price.
  4. Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    Most of the food at antique car swaps meets is so-so or less. Some meets, however, do have some treats worth buying. The Pomona swap meet has some booths grilling carne asada. The aroma alone sells the tacos/burritos. Chickasha used to have some private organization run the food service. They had a rather decent Frito Pie. It's a Texas/Oakie thing. What about other swap meets?
  5. Antique car Insurance

    C Carl, Sorry for the bad luck, but at least you made the tow truck driver's day.
  6. Hilltop High School in Chula Vista, CA. 1968. Fastest car was a black 1963 Corvette fastback owned by a sophomore. Forgot his name. Sadly, the driver was not up to the car and he killed himself in it. Took a curve too fast and went into some trees. On a lighter note, one of my best friends owned a 1948 Ford 2 door sedan (equipped with a 3/4 race cam!). He decided to show off by burning rubber in the parking lot after school. Instead, the rear end and several mounting bolts broke and left the rear axle assembly partially detached from the car. We never laughed so hard in our young lives.
  7. 1929 REO Flying Cloud Brougham, AACA National Winner

    A beautiful restoration at a fair price. These are good-running cars. One small clarification: 1927 was the first year for hydraulic brakes.
  8. I've always had a crush on Ramblers, 1962 in particular. Don't know why, but I think they look cool. Didn't see a price mentioned. Hope it's not too high - these cars are not burning up the market.
  9. English Wheel Recommendation Wanted

    Thanks for the inputs. I joined allmetalshaping.com. Seems like a good site to pick up tips.
  10. English Wheel Recommendation Wanted

    I want to make a set of fenders for my brass-ear speedster. Nothing real fancy -- basically flat over the wheel with a small curve from the wheel then straight down to the running board. I want to purchase an English Wheel to make the fenders. The good ones are $2,000 and up. You get what you pay for. Having said that, I'm looking at the bottom feeder brands - Harbor Freight, Eastwood and Woodward Fab. Is any brand better than the other? Harbor Freight is the cheapest; heard lots of bad stuff. But someone makes an upgrade kit for approximately $400 that supposedly makes it work well (the upgrade costs more than the original HF wheel itself). Kinda leaning towards Woodward Fab but really want opinions on the best way to go. Thanks in advance.
  11. Been taking our '21 Franklin to the Round Rock, Texas 4th of July parade for over 8 years. The crowd always loves it. We also like the Oatmeal Festival on Labor Day in Bertram, TX.
  12. Hackenberger Auction - Norwalk OH - July 15

    Wow! If you're into Rambler, Studebaker and other minor makes, this auction is one to watch. Almost all project cars, so the bidding should be low. If I didn't already have several projects in the wings I'd definitely bid on several. I like the Triumph TR-3, the 3 VW buses, the Fiats (God help me) and the late 50s Studebakers. Like you said, this will be a fun auction to watch. It's funny what people collect. 700 cars, mostly unrestored. You'd think the owner would trade 500 of them for one nice Packard or Stutz.
  13. Sun glare

    I've never had a problem in my '21 Franklin. After reading this thread I realize that's because I have polarized sunglasses.
  14. What Make / Model Car is this

    That photo is a classic.
  15. My kids saw this video clip and instantly thought of me. Thought I would share. Don't you just hate when this happens? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpbOBPa8foY