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  1. The Franklin Automobile Collection at Hickory Corners auctioned a 1930 Franklin Dietrich Speedster via sealed bid. The bidding closed June 12, 2018. Does anyone know what the vehicle sold for? The car was beautiful. Hope it sold for a high price. I wonder if selling the car via sealed bid resulted in a lower price than if it had been an open auction.
  2. RansomEli

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    Yes, please stay connected to this forum. Your upholstery info and advice is greatly appreciated. Especially since I'm starting to upholstery one of my Franklins.
  3. RansomEli

    Need advice on buying slip roll tool

    Thanks for all the advice. Gary, I've been following your fabrication adventures and found them extremely useful. Following your advice, I contacted a local fabricator. He can do my tank just the way I want it (in 16 Gauge) for about $250. Stainless would be double that amount. He will also work with me on customizing the gas caps and fillers (I'll have two). You guys were right. The quote was much less than I expected. And they will do a better job than me. For now, no purchase of any machinery. I'll post photos of the finished product. Thanks, all of you, for the expert advice.
  4. RansomEli

    What should you do with old car paint?

    In our city, you can open the lids so the paint dries out, and then take them to the city recycling center. They do this once a month.
  5. Need some tool advice. I prefer to do my own restoration work: mechanical, bodywork & paint. So far so good. Now, I'm advancing to another level: fabrication. I'm building a 1913-ish speedster. Want to build a round 30" x 14" gas tank. From my initial research it looks like I will need a slip roll tool to build the tank. About 20 gauge steel. I can have one made starting at $1,000. Cost goes up depending on what I want and how fancy it is. Been doing research on this forum and uncovered some really good advice. Here's my dilemma (albeit, a nice one). I'd prefer to fabricate the tank myself. I'd have to buy a 30-inch slip roll or a 3-in-1 combo shear, brake & slip roll. Prices start at about $700 and go up real fast. I know that I can buy for less but those tools are seemingly junk - not worth the $$$. And I can't afford to pay $2,000. Is there something in the $600-1,000 range that will do the job for me? Or am I better off just paying someone to manufacture the tank for me? Like I said, I'd prefer to do it myself but don't want to waste my money on expensive yet substandard tools. I'm also looking for a bead roller. Same predicament except at a lower price level Is there anyplace to buy used equipment at the 'hobbyist' level? Craigslist is real hit and miss. National firms over the internet seem to target heavier equipment. Any recommendations or advice is appreciated. P.S. My regular job involves software verification and validation for medical devices. I find working on my cars extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. Two days working on my Franklins is the equivalent of a week in Hawaii. Really.
  6. RansomEli

    Fourth of July Parade Pics?

    Whoops. Forgot to mention the car. 1921 Franklin 9B touring. Restored in 1956. Was "brassified" at that time. I haven't had the heart to change it back. Half of the upholstery is original.
  7. Went to the Round Rock, TX, Fourth of July parade. Had a blast decorating the car and talking to people. Anyone else drive their old car in a parade?
  8. RansomEli

    Hemmings Cruise In's

    I'll second scott12180's feelings. You go to a car show and all the good spaces are taken up by the Mustang/Corvette/hot rod crowd. They get there super early. Meanwhile, I drive my '21 Franklin to the show, get there about a half-hour early, and find I can get a space in the very back row in the dirt. I really can't complain, but I will. Seems to me there should be some special parking reserved for us early cars (say, pre-30).
  9. RansomEli

    Sad duty

    Yes, thanks for helping. There are lots of people in the car hobby who go out of their way to be charitable to others in need.
  10. RansomEli

    A haunting question

    About 10 years ago, my wife took a picture of our Franklin. When the film was developed, the car showed an occupant in the empty car. I swear, the car was empty when she took the photo.
  11. RansomEli

    both flashers blink on dash

    First thing, check your bulbs. I agree with Medd448; when both blinkers blink you have a bad bulb. Check this first, then go on to the other checks.
  12. RansomEli

    Helpful graphic for car peeps. 🚗

    Laughed out loud. Thanks.
  13. RansomEli

    FOR SALE: 1992 Chevrolet Camaro convertible

    I've owned 2 third generation Camaro convertibles with the 5.0 engine and 5-speed transmission. They are great drivers. The smaller V8 and manual transmission make it a very fun car to drive. I currently own a 1989 convertible RS and will probably keep it forever. Easy to work on, easy to get parts. And it's a Camaro. This one is worth looking at.
  14. RansomEli

    1965 Alpine Sunbeam

    That is a great deal. Unless there is something terribly wrong with the engine or there is structural rust, someone should snap this up.
  15. RansomEli

    Book recommendations

    There are two Franklin books you simply must have: - The Franklin story by Thomas Hill Hubbard ($30) - Vintage Franklin A History of the Car In Its Time by Mark Chaplin and Sinclair Powell ($50) Very readable, very interesting. I bought my copies through the Franklin Auto Museum in Tucson, AZ. franklinmuseum.org/