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  1. Clarification is it Bust or Burst of Mercury

    Agree with keiser31 - 27-8 REO automobile, not truck. The ones I have seen have been nickel plated and have a softer look. The chrome seems flashy in comparison. The face looks a bit puffy - almost as if it's had plastic surgery. Nice ornament but too much for me.
  2. 1964 Karmann-Ghia convertible - For Sale

    Dave, Thanks for helping the widow out. In my opinion it's going to be tough to sell at that price. You might show her eBay's list of 'sold' Karmann-Ghia convertibles. The selling prices are significantly lower. If she wants to sell quickly, the price is too high. If the car is a nice restoration then it's worth waiting for the right buyer.
  3. vacuum tank problems

    And please let us know what happens after you ship the tank back.
  4. Can you help me?

    Welcome to the world of Franklins. You will find that Franklin owners are very friendly and willing to share their knowledge. As Scott recommended above, the best thing you can do is to join the Franklin Club. You will get access to numerous articles, diagrams, factory drawings and a large, indexed Q&A database. Half of the questions you have are probably already answered there. What part of Poland are you located? My mother was born just outside of Krakow.
  5. Justin, you do realize the original post is 12 years old.
  6. Mishmash of Parts and Vehicles

    "It is all worth a lot of money to collectors and it can sit here. Don't contact me if you are not a serious purchaser who is ready to pay what it's worth." What do you bet that, whatever offer you make, it will be too low? I've run across lots of sellers like this. They just don't realize how much work it's going to take to restore a part.
  7. Need title for news article

    Thanks to all for the suggestions. My wife picked two winners. The editor will have final say: lump's Classic Lovelies Repairing Lovely Classics Gunsmoke's Lipstick and Dipsticks
  8. Reo Dealership in Tiffin Ohio any Information ?

    One thing I can think of is to read newspaper back issues and look for advertisements by the dealership. Many libraries will have newspapers stored on microfilm. Depends on how big the town is, how long the newspaper stayed in business, and whether anyone bothered to microfilm the issues.
  9. Painting a not quite antique

    1.3 tip is a bit small for primer. That's for your final coat. Most paint guns also provide a 1.7 or 2.0 tip for primer. Just a guess, but it sounds like you did not thin the primer enough. Maxing out the gun and still getting a rough primer coat means you're not thinning the material enough. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of. We've all made mistakes, which is how you learn. And don't forget to keep your air supply moisture-free.
  10. My wife is writing a news article about women (senior citizens) who work on their classic cars. Problem is, she can't think of a good, snappy title. The titles I offered were not suitable for print. They were very funny, however. Can anyone come up with a good title? Remember, this is a family website. If nothing else, this will keep y'alls amused for a few hours. Winner will get a free cup of coffee at Chickasha (must be present to win).
  11. APX. 1915-1920 Touring car wanted

    engineguy63, If you've had a significant back injury, make sure you test drive before you buy. 1915-20s cars do not have good brakes and you really have to push hard on the mechanical brakes to make a decent stop. I don't just use my leg to brake my '21 Franklin, but put my whole body into the process. You might want to consider a slightly later car with four wheel or hydraulic brakes. Just a suggestion.
  12. Painting a hood matte black

    TexRiv_63, Yes, that's the color I'm looking for. The hot rod satins seem a bit too flat. I'll check some muscle car parts websites. Thanks.
  13. Painting a hood matte black

    I want to paint a hood matte black, similar to a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302. I have a few questions: Is there a matte black paint I can buy? I checked TCP Global and they don't carry matte black. I don't want satin black or hot rod black. Am I better off buying a can of black and then using a flattening agent? Once the paint is on, how do I create it? I'm assuming no clear coat. But does the paint take a wax? Thanks.
  14. Who has painted/dyed a vinyl top?

    Ditto with the SEM products. You need to buy the SEM cleaners/conditioners in order to prepare the vinyl properly. The conditioner made the vinyl slightly porous so your dye will penetrate the vinyl and not just lay on top. My results were great. You get what you pay for. One piece of advice: Spray light coats - don't try to cover the material all at once. If you spray too heavy you'll fill in the vinyl grain texture and ruin the top.
  15. Cord

    Something is funny. The auction company estimates the retail value of the car at $1,000. High bid is $23K.