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  1. 1936 Reo

    Yes, kudos to Mark for bringing us info on REOs for sale. Keep up the good work. The only request I have is for lower prices. Can you work on that for us?
  2. Grimy, I saw your Pierce Arrow at the Blackhawk Cars & Coffee last year. I worked a temporary computer consulting job in the Bay area fro 6 months last year. One Sunday I decided to go to the Blackhawk Car Museum for Cars & Coffee. Was not impressed with most of the cars, but yours really stood out. It was parked near the front and you were idling the engine for the audience. A beautiful car that was easily "best of show". Lots of Porsches, several Ferraris (whose owners knew nothing mechanical about their cars), and a bunch of decent stuff. Nothing brass or antique - except you. Thanks for showing it.
  3. Looking for things to do after work..

    In San Luis Obispo, make sure you attend the Farmers Market. Don't know which day it's on (used to be Thursdays) but worth attending. Good prices and if it's strawberry season you have to buy a flat. Absolutely delicious. While there, make sure you get some original Santa Maria-style BBQ. Beef ribs or Tri-tip. Also try the unique pinquito beans. When visiting SLO, I always stop at British Car Repair at 640 Marsh St. They have several British cars for sale and I also like to peek into the repair area to see what interesting cars they are working on. Walk around downtown SLO. It's a very relaxing experience.
  4. For 2018, I am absolutely resolving to: Replace the tires on my '21 Franklin touring. I bought new tires 5 months ago but have been avoiding the task. Gonna be ugly with a lot of cusswords, but I'm going to do it. Tires, tubes and liners - however long it takes. Get my '29 Franklin sedan up and running again. Need to adjust the steering and do a complete brake job. Have most of the parts and advice from Franklin Club members. Looking forward to this task. My year will be complete if I get this done. Looking forward to cruising the Texas Hill Country backroads when everything thaws out again. Looking forward to Bluebonnets, Franklins and BBQ.
  5. Franklin events for 2018

    The Louisiana tour seemed a good one. Would like to know if that is being repeated.

    Terry, You are not alone. Google "geo metro wheel bearing failures" to find a bunch of links pertaining to your problem.
  7. New purchase - 1984 Datsun 720 Pickup

    Those older Datsun/Nissan and Toyota trucks last forever. Easy to maintain with good fuel economy. We own a 1998 Toyota Tacoma and always get people coming by asking it we want to sell the truck. Kinda like in the old days when you had a Model A beside the house.
  8. Turn signal retrofit.

    Clever. I like it.
  9. Brighter Headlights ....Again

    Let us know the difference after you install them on your car. I've heard good things about Uvira on this forum.
  10. Frankly, I like the idea of an open forum. I don't need a directory - if I want to contact someone I do it via private message. The appeal of the AACA forums is its egality. No hidden classifieds, no hidden forums. Don't change a thing. P.S. Webmaster(s): you're doing a great job.
  11. Looking for someone to wood grain my instrument board

    Thanks for sharing the article. Has anyone used the Grain-it technologies system? How does that work?
  12. 1927 Reo Fender ?

    If I was drunk that's what a '27 REO rear fender would look like. Price is darn good.
  13. 1930 Reo Flying Cloud

    Thank goodness I have no more room for cars. Otherwise, I'd be making a road trip.
  14. "She"?

    Probably because they are objects of our love. Although my two Franklins are named Scott and Zelda
  15. wooden bodies

    Thanks for the great advice!