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  1. That may be too far gone to repair. Snyder's Woodcraft makes beautiful steering wheels at relatively reasonable rates. His work is considered top-notch in the Franklin Club. Snyder's Woodcraft618 South Spruce St.Nazareth, PA 18064Home: 610-759-4642Work: 610-759-4276
  2. Jan Arnett, I joined the Facebook Speedster group and you're right - it does have lots of helpful tips and pictures. Thanks.
  3. Edinmass, I thoroughly agree with you. These forums should be apolitical. We can get that stuff on plenty of other websites. If we want to get irreverent, we can always comment on '63 Ramblers for sale in the Classics section or "concours restorations" with velour upholstery
  4. Olympic, Lots of great tips and advice given above. Please let us know what happens and what you find out.
  5. From the ad... "Looking for a Reo Model B from 1905-1907. Condition not an issue. Original or kit car. Price based on condition. All offers welcome!" I never knew there was a REO kit car. Replica Olds, maybe. But not a REO.
  6. First car I ever drove was my father's '54 Ford 2-door. 6 cylinder with automatic. It had a sea-foam green paint job courtesy of Earl Scheib ("I'll paint any car for $29.95"). Took my drivers test in a tan 1966 Rambler American with 3 on the tree.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I was wondering on how to bends and curves.
  8. Am going to fabricate/prototype a speedster body for my car. Planning to use derogated cardboard. Is there anything special I should use instead? I also want to mock up a gas tank, so need something that will bend into a curve easily. What do you guys use?
  9. This weekend I picked up my latest purchase - a 1923 Franklin chassis. It's my raceabout project.
  10. Haven't seen too many T6s for sale. This one looks nice.
  11. Final set of Bakersfield photos.... Model A speedster 4-seater. Not for sale. A Grapes of Wrath Model T. Solid rubber tires. Every part was worn-out or abused. But it ran like a top, even with the frayed ignition wiring. A real crowd pleaser. Not for sale. Didn't get much info on this engine. Thought the owner said it was a stationary engine and used on blimps. A real conversation piece. Speedster anyone? And finally, you can't visit Bakersfield without paying homage to Buck Owens and his Crystal Palace music hall and saloon. His custom El Dorado is mounted above the bar --- IMG_1760.MOV
  12. Even more pics.... 1930 La Salle. $42,000 Car wasn't there, but the poster offers a 1917 REO touring. What's special is that the REO is a Barney Pollard car. Make offer. 1913 Excelsior motor cycle. $38,500 1926 Dodge roadster. Runs & drives well. $10,000!!! 1914 Model T Runabout. $11,500. I thought this was a bargain. If I bought it I would drive it as-is.
  13. Some more Bakersfield pics and info on cars for sale: 1909 Model T Ford. Restored 25 years ago. engine never started. Priced at less than cost of restoration: $45,000 1915 Model T Delivery Hack. Runs well. $6700 or best offer. Can't take it home! 1912 Buick Model 29. $48,500 OBO 1910 Maxwell. $27,500 obo California touring top (first one I've seen for sale at a swap meet). $200 1916 REO $22,000 19?? Imperial touring. Did not see a price.
  14. Some photos taken from Bakersfield on Friday. I found the prices on both cars and parts to be fairly reasonable. In fact, a couple of the cars were real bargains. The first set of pictures were display cars - not for sale. A Studebaker touring and sedan, 1906 REO and 1912 Franklin. All very nice cars. As for variety of parts, when was the last time you saw a 20hp Stanley engine for sale?
  15. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our Franklins running. A wonderful club to belong to.