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  1. working it. The setting is "unlimited" yet for some reason its still forcing 2mb. May be the new host. Will keep you posted.
  2. Signature images contain hardcoded HTML and simply pointing to an image in the wrong location. They need to update their HTML to point to the image again.
  3. ok. dumb question... what "numbered posts"? (guess i never paid it much attention. and no settings have changes... so not sure why they'd be gone
  4. try now. There is another threat with why it stopped working
  5. testing images...
  6. A NOTE FROM OUR NEW HOST.... "As you may have heard on the news, Amazon Web Services suffered an outage today that impacted a significant portion of the Internet, including your Invision managed community. We have been closely monitoring the issue and unfortunately, very little information has been shared at this point by Amazon. This also impacted our support email systems so we are just now receiving your message so please understand our lack of response was not intentional. It appears AWS is now restoring normal operations and our services are also seeing restoration. Although well beyond our control, we deeply regret any inconvenience caused to you and your users. We look forward to a quick resolution and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, to the best of our ability, once service has been restored. Thank you for your patience." IN A NUTSHELL... Waiting for Amazon to fix the issue.
  7. FYI: Google Webmaster Tools report shows MASSIVE performance Improvements on the forum. Woohooo! (see the green chart)
  8. Tom, I see all your past threads here: Everything appears to be intact. What is missing? Peter
  9. looks like the problem has been addressed.
  10. thanks for the update. I'll see what I can do.
  11. Here are photos posted without a problem. NOTE: Im on a Mac as well.
  12. Be patient.
  13. Im on it.
  14. I have no way to test this. Let me know who had the problem so i can contact them.