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  1. test post

    test post edited test post test post edit 3
  2. Note From the Administrator Of The AACA (and this) Forum.

    Bans are not typically discussed out in the open. In this case i felt compelled to justify my actions publicly due to a few individuals in particular taking it upon themselves to damn me for it, and accuse me of bias. The "noise" associated with this ban has pretty much gone away. In hindsight I should have banned him earlier. The drama he created in the forum and elsewhere would have been a lot less has i just gone with my gut. But i hesitated in the hopes of being fair and balanced. The fact the that forum is humming along without him, and no one seems to be missing him pretty much says it all. Peter
  3. Note From the Administrator Of The AACA (and this) Forum.

    Let me add my 2 cents: Moderator's Job Keep forums on topic Keep forums civil Make sure people are following the rules of the forum It's really that simple. You as forum users need moderators to moderate. As many of you have seen on other forums, lack of moderation leads to bad feelings, lack of participation and many times, the closure of the forum (and all its benefits).
  4. Note From the Administrator Of The AACA (and this) Forum.

    This forum is filled with people with different opinions. Your implication is that people get banned for it. Your massive overgeneralization is wrong. Name one other person who has been banned, let alone banned for having "different" opinions. If a member who is a "good source of info" can not be civil and follow the rules, he stops being a "good source".
  5. For those that don't know me, I am the forum administrator and head moderator of the AACA forums. I helped built and maintain this forum as my contribution to our great hobby! With that said, I try to keep a low profile around here. I suspect virtually none of you know me, or care for that matter. That's perfectly ok with me. Recently however I've had my integrity and motives questioned. I want to set the record straight. A few facts: I started these forums for the AACA in 1998. (yes, 20 years ago) I added the BCA forum (including Reatta) in 1999. (at the request of them BCA President Al Eichelberger) . (sp?) I've maintained these forums FREE in all that time including 4 major upgrades, 6 server platforms, and countless minor updates, changes and additions. In all the years of running these forums I've banned only a handful of people (not including spammers) Side note: I'm also the webmaster (paid) for and For those of you who feel I am in the wrong, I encourage you contact me. If you'd like to speak directly with my bosses you can find them here: Antique Automobile Club of America - Board of Directors. For those that have supported me in the most recent activity in the Reatta forums - THANK YOU! Peter Gariepy AACA Forum Administrator and Moderator 520-247-5918
  6. Editor missing in forums

    New members are limited to 10 posts a day for the first month to stop spam.
  7. How warm is it where you are?

    Only 80 on Monday. Brrrrrr.....

    Hows this!?
  9. Locomobile Society Website
  10. Stutz Engine?

    (Webmaster - someone emails this to me) "My brother and I are cleaning out a house in Zephyr Cove, NV, and uncovered what I think is a Stutz engine, perhaps from a Blackhawk. It's a six cylinder, overhead cam, with two spark plugs per cylinder, with a distinctive finned exhaust manifold on the right. I'm able to rotate the flywheel. Could you provide info sufficient to confirm that, and let me know if there would be any interest in it? "
  11. Car in the movie - Dreamland

    What is this car?
  12. 1961 Dodge Retail Price Reference Book - FREE Must have a 1961 Dodge. You pay postage. (less than $5?) Peter