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  1. That's good to hear! I've been not so lucky, I guess, as they didn't work in my '27 fast four, and I've had troubles with Egge supplied pistons in two other engines rebuilt in the last decade. I do understand that there can be contributing factors to parts not working correctly, particularly "custom" manufactured parts.
  2. Be a little careful with this one. If you go to properties on the picture, you'll see the source is a website that, if Googled, turns out to be linked to a certain Peter Pebbles, a well known scammer.... Now, Mr. Ford1935 might be on the up and up, but the picture is from the Internet, and not from a good source. is the link that the picture is tied to....
  3. Hi- welcome to the forum, and glad to see another old car being brought back to life, regardless of continent! Please continue posting pictures of progress, we all love to see that, as sometimes our own progress on projects is well short of our personal expectations! Am glad to hear you've booted the boot, what a great project...
  4. We used AirBnB to get an apartment for a long weekend in Boston. Beautiful place, fairly priced. When we left, I took one last look around the apartment to make sure we had everything and all was exactly as we found it, and it was. Two days later get a nasty email from owner of apartment, that we'd put a big gouge in the floor of the entryway. There was an upright hat rack, apparently it appeared the rack had been tipped over and hit the floor. I told her that I was 100% positive we did not do it, as I'd checked before we left, was anyone else in the apartment after us. Yes, a cleaning crew. Aha..... So, long and short of it, we paid for half the repair of something we didn't do, and still got a bad review on the site. Be VERY CAREFUL when you rent privately, as it's your word against theirs......
  5. I would agree with you, I would also say that my wording is faulty. I should have stated that "the market value of a car is totally independent of the MONEY SPENT on restoration". I once bought a 1955 Nomad from a friend, he had $4500 invested and, being the nice guy that I am, that's what I paid, a nice restored car in the 1980's. I was more into earlier cars at the time, and I didn't realize that the car was probably worth $3000 or so. I soon found that out, but time is the great equalizer, and I just waited until the value of the vehicle surpassed the price paid, and eventually sold it without losing anything. There are some cars that are more valuable than money spent restoring them, but that's the top one percent of the top one percent of collector vehicles. (and yes, I meant, mathematically, to repeat the phrase "top one percent"...) The old adage is, never consider anything you have to feed or paint an investment.
  6. It's hell getting old. That's right, my Suburban doesn't have a bed in it, unless I'm buying a mattress.......sheesh.....
  7. I was at Mark Hyman's warehouse last week, and saw the Avanti he has for sale. Very nice car, as mentioned big bucks in the Avanti world being asked for it. I understand the reasoning that 100K in restoration so it SHOULD be worth a good portion of that, but in real life the market value of a car is totally independent of the investment in the car, and that holds true for investments both less and more than market value. Thus, if a guy finds a great buy on a car for $10K, but market value is $20K, then you can't go to him and say "Gee, I'll give you $12K since you only have 10 in it...." I feel the same is true of $100K investment, if market value is, say $35K, then that's market value, and you would hope to find someone who'll pay a premium for a fresh restoration. I'm no expert on Avanti values, but have followed them, and know what some recent private sales have been. I still feel that car, being an R1, is a 15-20K car, but I could be wrong. Thanks guys for the positive comments. I think I do all right as long as I don't mention air pressure in tires, some of you long term forum members might remember that one!
  8. I'm confused, isn't that what this truck is, model year 2005 with Duramax and Allison as stated? Or are you saying it's NOT a Duramax? I believe 2005 was also the year they quit putting the larger gas engines in the Suburban, mine is a 2001 3/4 ton big engine that I found a few years ago with 36K miles, I was very lucky!
  9. I didn't mean that your car was "odd", I meant that when you restore the interior of an Avanti, you'll find a lot of odd things that take time to fix....from the way the seats are covered (there are deep pockets between main cushions and sides) to the way parts and pieces fit....and a lot of pieces are hard to come first glance I thought dash pad had a crack in it, but it appears instead to be just the design and way the light is hitting it..... I was not negatively criticizing your car, it looks great, and I'd love to have it myself! I know you'll find it a good home if that's where you're headed.....
  10. Ed, Ed, Ed.....thanks, I think! This is a crossover collectable, as it appeals to Pierce people, oil memorabilia collectors, and lithograph can collectors. It'll be on Ebay soon, not a huge fan of the way that site is run, but it sure reaches a huge consumer group.....
  11. Agree, price is why it hasn't sold. That's silly money for that car in that condition, a price in the 20's would be more appropriate. For money being asked you can buy a very nice, higher horsepower, brass car.
  12. I, too, have always marveled that these cars don't bring bigger bucks in the market. Being an R1 hurts the value, the R2 supercharged is the more desirable......without the repaint, excellent original paint, maybe high teens, with the repaint, I believe 12-15K is tops. Then again, find the guy who has to have it, and one never knows. Great cars. Frame condition and hog trough as mentioned are critical, and interior is a very difficult one to do correctly, a LOT of odd things inside this car. Close ups show some issues. Good luck with finding a good home for it.
  13. Nice can, some defects, email me for pictures of all sides. Not quite as bright as photo, displays well and may clean up. $650 including shipping in continental US. This is a much harder to find can than the 1 gallon flat supplied with the 20's cars. thanks 540-5332885
  14. I found a 1913 Cartercar for a local collector, and he ended up buying not only that car (a very nice one), but also a couple of parts cars from an auction out west. The story has some twists and turns, and involves me acquiring a 1969 Camaro convertible from him, and subsequently acquiring an 1898 Pierce bicycle from the seller, but that's another story! Although I'm guilty, one of the things that sticks with me, and is mentioned above, using your collector car as a shelf is a sad state of affairs. A friend of mine told me that was really showing little respect for the history of the car, and every time I'm tempted to put something on one of the cars, I hesitate, remember his words, and try to find any other flat surface.
  15. The 1929 Electrolock had only one terminal, see diagram. Wire went from coil to top of switch, then one wire to distributor. You could probably use the 1930 switch, just isolate one wire to use and ignore the others....