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  1. trimacar

    Leather Hides

    Wow is right! That's a new one on me, the wire reinforced burlap was used on a lot of cars, fascinating that it's available again. Thanks, interesting stuff!
  2. trimacar

    Leather Hides

    I've had good luck with Coast to Coast leather, you may have to buy through an upholstery shop as they sort of like to sell wholesale. You can buy Marshall springs that are individually covered springs, but they're not strong enough for a car seat, they're more for home furniture. I do not know of anyone that sells proper seat cushion springs that are pocketed. I've restored a lot of sets of these springs, very time consuming to restore correctly.
  3. trimacar

    1931 Chevy Independence

    I'm reading the post as the car has received a newer engine and front and rear axles, and he wants to sell the original engine and parts. There are lots of Chevy engines and drive trains available, as people have found out that Fords are too expensive and the 31/32 Chevy even has better lines, easily made into a hot rod. A shame, but that's the way it is....
  4. trimacar

    wrd- original model A vicki

    Well, a lot of visual clues say it's not ":unrestored", but looks like a nice solid car. What are you asking for it, and where is it located?
  5. I too have used Librandi's and been very happy. Long lead time but quality work. As far as cost goes, it's best not to talk about that, a small box of parts can end up costing thousands. For pot metal work, I'd highly recommend R&D Finishing in Elizabethton, Tenn, They'll save detail and do a great job......
  6. trimacar

    Where to begin the process of selling?

    Bobcopy, hope you've stuck with us through this discussion. Unfortunately, you haven't hit the lottery, but you do have what seems a good solid car which can find a good home. Good luck with sale, set a price and go from there....
  7. trimacar

    Where to begin the process of selling?

    Which begs the question, is the 14.9 miles showing SINCE the restoration? Those NON-SKID tires look nice, but they also appear to have some mileage wear on them. The problem these days is that a 1960 restoration is almost 60 years old, so it may appear to one as an "original" car, because that's what we think an "original" car should look like. I too thought the green paint was an indication that the car has had work done to it. None of this detracts from the car, it's just not a mega dollar original car, it's a good old Dodge, and might bring 10K, or 12K on a very good day. I know of a local early 20's DB touring that had been for sale for a few years at $7500, good running and driving and looking car, just no interest. It's not called a "slow four" for nothing.
  8. trimacar

    WTB Cord or Auburn

    You might do better to request a car with an ACD Club certification, rather than "numbers matching". When I was having my '37 Cord certified, it was found that the engine had been swapped for another identical Cord engine, probably at the factory service center in the early 1950's, there was a group that kept the service on the cars going. This doesn't really hurt the value of the car, and it still received it's certification. The head "judge" of the certification group told me that so many of the 810/812 Cords have replacement engines that it doesn't affect certification, and club members just shrug it off as part of the history of the car. If you want supercharged, you would want to confirm that the car was originally supercharged (a LOT of standard cars were converted) and the engine number begins with "FC", which designates supercharging. Also, make sure all the supercharger components are present and working. I know of someone who bought a "supercharged" car, and all the guts were missing, it had the wrong cam, and so forth, a VERY expensive thing to correct. Good luck in your search.....
  9. trimacar

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    That Model T was in Greg's back yard when I moved to Virginia and first met Greg, and that was over 30 years ago, it had weeds around it then.....great that Nathan, a young man, will be getting it back on the road!!
  10. trimacar

    1938 Packard Su 8 4 door sedan

    Model 1603 I assume? Some clearer pictures of engine, and additional pictures of interior, might help your cause. Great driving cars, I had a 1603 sedan which led to me buying my current 1604 convertible coupe. Nice suspension and center point steering make this one of the best driving 30's Packards out there....
  11. If he could really do that, you'd think he'd have a "Jay Leno Classic Car Emporium" to sell all the cars he bought at half price. I appreciate your experience, Alsancle, but I can tell you it matters not a whit who I sell to, here's the price, pay it or walk, or make me a close offer. Bill Harrah had a network of buyers, so often it was well after the sale that someone realized their car went to Reno....
  12. I believe this is a very interesting car, albeit in my opinion quite ugly. As mentioned, it does suit the time period perfectly, and it would be guaranteed to draw a crowd at any meet it could attend. If it's been sitting for a long time, I'd budget $5K for replacing seals, cleaning gas tank, rebuilding carb, and on and to value of car as it sits, Hagerty says a perfect car is $47K, good car is 27K, fair car is 14K. Judging from that, I'd say the car in question is a 20-25K car. It would be very tempting, as an owner, to think it's worth a lot more, but I believe this car has a very limited market.....
  13. I assume your remark was tongue in cheek? I know of someone who had a fellow call him about a car, he told me it was "a lawyer for Jay Leno, since Jay didn't want to be identified".....which was pure conjecture of course. Jay can find his own cars, I'm sure, and I'd be willing to bet an ersatz Stutz is very low on his list, if on it at all...
  14. There was one sold at Mecum Indy 2016 auction, appears to be the correct size for an "original reproduction" as they are called, $500.....
  15. If you want to read more, here's an interesting article. There were more reproductions made in the 1970's, apparently, so research any purchase carefully.