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  1. Questions about an old car

    Man, you're right, it just doesn't get any cuter than that on four wheels! Funny how in that picture there's no way to gauge size, that could be a picture of a toy or a huge car, or anywhere in between, from the perspective! I just looked at website, 71 inch wheelbase, it's, as they say, a microcar......
  2. Vague 1927 Dodge Touring Steering

    Here's the other thread, if you read through it, you'll see a link to steering box adjustment instructions....good luck
  3. Vague 1927 Dodge Touring Steering

    I just went through this with my '27 Dodge Brother's fast four cabriolet. About 10 inches of play in the steering, a good friend rebuilt mechanicals on car, but to drive it was a real challenge. No amount of adjustment would help, totally worn out. We were lucky enough to locate a very good box from Myers Dodge parts, and it's going in now. On another post on this forum, someone described the method to adjust the box, search "Dodge steering" and you may find it...
  4. I've never seen traffic, bumper to bumper, on south bound I-81 in Virginia like I did this morning, and told my son that it had to be eclipse chasers......good for them, 81percent won't do, need to have that 100 percent experience!
  5. Questions about an old car

    I was using the term Gogomobile generically, and not specifically calling out the brand, which technically was a "Goggomobile"....I should have used a different term....the point being that discussing computer codes on an "antique car" forum either amuses or aggravates me, depending on my mood at the time...
  6. 1936 Pierce-Arrow

    My temptation runs deep, very nice car, see some issues here and there but nothing crazy. If you're having second thoughts, get it out and drive it, and weigh the money received versus the pleasure of ownership. It's a simple choice from that point. I've had a lot of cars over the years, and some that I've had offers on I just smiled and said no thanks, and a couple of those are still with me today..
  7. 5000th birthday

    I have written a book, 26 chapters and 75,000 words, already edited, just don't know how to get it published. Stumbling block with a lot of publishers are the pictures, a lot of small guys don't do color pictures for a book. One of these days I'll get it printed! I use to travel for business a lot, and those hours in a hotel room meant plenty of time to write....
  8. Questions about an old car

    What? That's a strange comment, there are numerous AACA "types" on this forum who not only own, or have owned, high wheelers, and we still like them. I owned a beautiful Sears Autobuggy for years. This is a fascinating car, rare, although rare doesn't translate to big bucks. Depending on current condition, I think this car is in the $18k to 25k range. Giving it to AACA Library, NOT museum, is a wonderful idea., and you could "write it off", whatever that means! Now, if your comment concerns the AACA forum and questions about computer codes and electronics, I agree, the forum is drifting away from true antique cars and lots of comments about power accessories and computer systems. Big bone of contention and discussion, but discussing how the power top switch works on a 1992 Whatsit Gogomobile is not my idea of an antique car forum.
  9. 1913 REO

    They both work shockingly well? Damifino, and I've even searched the web..... I agree that someone will end up with an interesting Horseless Carriage at a good entry level price....
  10. 5000th birthday

    Congrats! Think how many WORDS that might be! With an average of 20 word posts, then it's 100,000 words! If one is wordy, and I'm not naming names of course, then it might be half a million words or more! Fun stuff!
  11. As a side note, some early cars had steel spoke wheels which looked like wood one of the sad events of my life, I saw a burned up 1906 Autocar that I tried to buy, it was stored in a doctor's clinic and the clinic burned to the ground....yet the spoke wheels were intake, with ashes all that particular 1906 Autocar had steel spoke "wood style" wheels....and yes, they were the thin pressed steel kind, they may even have had a seam on the backside of each spoke...
  12. 1910 Reo parts wanted

    The "woven" panel on the Reo is interesting. My friend Greg has an all original 1910 Reo, he's studied the panel, and thinks it was somehow pressed in a die when made, and just appears to be woven. To duplicate with a die would be very difficult. I keep thinking that one would need to literally weave the pattern, hold it in place, and "set" it with a marine epoxy like West Systems. It would still take a little handwork, but unless you can find someone to carve one for you, a difficult thing to replicate. His other thought was to take an original and make a mold, then cast it in fiberglass or some material, then paint with woodgrainish paint.....
  13. 1910 Hupp adventure with magneto

    Well, finally found a shop in the Northeast that will take on the cam bearing project. I talked to numerous well-known Babbitt shops, all saying either can't or won't do it, and stating what a crazy way to install a cam. Finally found someone who has a reputable shop and talks like he can make it happen, very well versed on bearings... Does anyone have any specifications for locating the cam and gear in the housing? I've taken measurements from the mounting surface for the cam plate to the root of the driving gear on the crankshaft, but sure would like to know if someone has some corroborating measurements. I would think a tight fit, then adjust with gasket thickness on the mounting flange. And no, I did not take measurements as I should have before disassembling.... Any information or thoughts appreciated....thanks David C.
  14. Another interesting thing, if I'm looking at picture correctly, is that these aren't made for clincher tires. The rim bead appears to run straight up and down. In addition, 1.5 inches across is a really small and odd size, and the 19 inch rim size is small for a wood-style spoke wheel. I agree, fascinating! My first thought is that they're European, as they are so contrary to what is usually seen, size and construction wise, in the US....
  15. 1936 Pierce-Arrow

    Ed, I keep telling her we need a car that will easily tow the Travelodge trailer! And, we don't have a car that color! Very nice car.....