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  1. OK, so I've been reading about the very early 1950-52 Powerglide transmissions, and I don't quite understand the operation. Everything I've read states that they don't shift automatically, like the later ones. Does that mean they start out in high gear, unless you first shift it to low gear to start? I'm just not comprehending, please explain, thanks!
  2. trimacar

    Chrome powder coating vs real chrome

    Matt, I understand your angst. I've been a hobbyist in the antique car world for 54 years now, I started when I was 13. It's difficult to be a hobbyist, and be in a restoration related business or dealer, at the same time. There are just too many variables, people have too many different ideas of what the hobby should be. My advice is worthless, of course, but in your position as a purveyor of cars, I thing that you need to step back and just not comment on real world situations such as this. No offense meant, it's just a no win situation. Some guys are going to paint or spray chrome bumpers, and the criticism of same means you've PO'd a guy. That guy has friends, if your name ever comes up, then he'll criticize you. Way back in my retail sales days, we called it the "Rule of 200". Whether you think so or not, everyone knows and can influence 200 people. Those 200 can influence another 200, so all of a sudden you've pissed off 40,000 people. Sounds silly, but the old car world is a small universe. I was with some friends a week ago, said I'd gotten an email about such and such that they'd be interested in. They not only knew the sender of the email (and had history), but also knew the whole story...and this was a RANDOM discussion. You always come up with nice cars for sale, and seem successful. I hope you take this as constructive criticism, you've gone to the dark side a few times here recently and it's being noticed.
  3. trimacar

    How does one clean wool upholstery?

    As a trimmer who's been asked this question a few times, I'd say that "just remove the upholstery" sounds optimistic. You'd have to disassemble the seat, undo the sewing on each end of the pleats, remove the padding, clean, and then get it all back together again. Lots of work, and in the end you'd find you'd do more damage than good as you disturbed rotted cotton thread and such. Dry cleaners use chemicals in enclosed tumblers, I'm not sure it would be good for your health to use the same chemicals in the enclosed's not really "dry cleaning", and in searching for chemical used I love the last sentence in the description: "Perchloroethylene (PCE, or tetrachloroethylene) has been in use since the 1930s. PCE is the most common solvent, the "standard" for cleaning performance. It is a most effective cleaning solvent. It is thermally stable, recyclable, and has low toxicity. It can, however, cause color bleeding/loss, especially at higher temperatures. In some cases it may damage special trims, buttons, and beads on some garments. It is better for oil-based stains (which account for about 10% of stains) than more common water-soluble stains (coffee, wine, blood, etc.). The toxicity of tetrachloroethylene "is moderate to low" and "Reports of human injury are uncommon despite its wide usage in dry cleaning and degreasing"." I answered Marty long ago, as he states, just use the suds and clean cotton cloths, don't get the wool very wet just damp to try to clean, and patience. My sister says that they have patience for sale on Amazon, but I can't seem to find the link. My numerous doctors seem to have a lot of patients, but that's a different story....
  4. If you're going to cancel because of iffy weather, you'd just as soon do it now. Interesting weather is always a possibility that time of year in Hershey. It's just luck of the draw how Mother Nature treats us. Will we have weather at Hershey? Absolutely! Will it be good or bad? No way to know until you live through it....
  5. Want to buy a 1952 or 1953 Chevrolet automatic transmission. Prefer one that's in good operating condition, but will consider one needing rebuild. thanks
  6. Looking for a 1952 or 1953 Chevrolet automatic transmission, prefer good condition but would consider a unit needing rebuild. thanks
  7. trimacar

    Loyd Young auction

    Interesting prices, thanks for posting...looks like some strong prices, I think the Elcars should have gone a little higher...Milburn brought good money, as did Pierce....that 27 Packard seems to have brought more than it should have.... All in all, still demonstrates that there IS interest and money in early cars... If anyone on the forums bought a car, let us hear from you!
  8. trimacar

    Model 20 Steering

    I haven't looked at my steering gear for a while, but seems there's a pin that holds the pinion gear, and also acts as a stop for the steering as it hits the rack gear....
  9. trimacar


    I think I stepped in that once, looks damn familiar!
  10. trimacar

    Model 20 Steering

    Sounds to me like the rack and pinion weren't set up correctly, and is off a tooth or two. with front apron off, which may require removing hood and radiator, take front capoff that shields and holds pinion. center wheels, center pinion, re-install pinion so it's equidistant both ways, moving steering column as needed. you should be able to fix, very simple mechanism....
  11. trimacar

    Loyd Young auction

    Even though numerous of the cars are of what I call the "bastard years", too young for HCCA and too old for the popular 30's cars, I bet the prices are high. These are quality cars, owned by a person who had excellent mechanical skills. The overdrives in many of them make them great road cars. I don't think the "little demand" will diminish the prices on these, and would expect the rare and high quality Elcars to do quite well....
  12. trimacar

    Loyd Young auction

    Those are some very nice cars, and very well photographed on that last site listed. There'll be good money brought at that auction, in spite of all the "gloom and doom" that states that no one buys old cars anymore!
  13. trimacar

    thoughts on seat belts

    Matt, I mostly agree with you, and there have been several discussions about adding seat belts to cars. One automotive engineer pointed out that a seat belt is not a stand alone accessory, the car has to be designed to accommodate not only anchor points but many other safety factors. For example, most old car seat cushions just lay in place, and are not bolted nor fastened to anything. The force of a seat coming loose with one strapped in a seat belt is also a grisly visual. I think the only real advantage to having a seat belt in an old car is to keep you in place, and in the case of a driver, more or less in the control position, in minor wrecks. Being ejected from a car usually leads to very serious injuries. On a side note, I had a friend come to me with some seat belts he wanted to modify to fit his car. He wanted me to cut them to a specific length and re-sew. I refused. In today's society, if you modify belts, or for that matter install them in your car and later sell the car, then any injury related to that piece of equipment becomes your liability. I would not want to be in court and be asked what certificates I had that qualified me to modify a seat belt.
  14. trimacar


    I agree, I miss those days too. The mud and hay and grass, while at the time seemingly a pain in the aspirations, was actually much easier to walk than the asphalt. As far as comfort to your feet and knees, that is. Oh, and I guess age has something to do with it. However, I can walk around a field of grass sort of OK, but put me on the concrete floor in a Walmart and I give way quickly. Age will get you. Both my knees will be replaced, one in January of next year, so know age is creeping up....
  15. trimacar


    Our son, now 22, was in his early years when we still had a space on the old White Field....rain of course, maybe he was 5 or 6, and his most fun was stomping in the water puddles! Your perspective changes, I've been towed out of the Blue Field with a tractor (but what great spots, everyone coming from the Hershey town direction went by your spot, thousands!), made a run for it out of the White Field, and slogged through hay in the old endless Green Field (the one where the porta-johns were great at the far end, very few people ever got there!)... So, all nice asphalt now, but a lot of character and memories gone. Improvement and ease of movement doesn't always add memories as it should...