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  1. I agree 100%. Most people don't recognize all the good that came out of the space program. The key, of course, is "spending in the right place". I just watched a local FEMA office decide to shut down, and contract the services, and throw tens of thousands of dollars of cubicle walls, desks, and cabinets in dumpsters. A month later, The contractor then moved into the SAME offices, and under the contract FEMA had to supply the office equipment. FEMA then proceeded to buy all new cubicles, wasting our tax money. This is not hearsay, I watched it, it's in the same complex where I rent my storage warehouse for some cars. There, I made it car related!
  2. Wireless Tail Lights??

    Egypt Garage Elights are turn signals only, one central light, $150, but out of stock right now! the other system mentioned, Guy was developing, he was going to have them made overseas and ran into all sorts of problems, I too was on the list but nothing ever came of it. I'd buy a set in a heartbeat, at minimum would want turn signals, but at the end of the bumpers not the middle. Another handy feature would be a manual button to put both lights on when braking in heavy traffic, if this could be made automatic so much the better...
  3. The manufacture of an electrical vehicle causes more pollution than the manufacture of an ICE vehicle. This non-green aspect is offset over the life of the car. This paper explains it well:
  4. Yes, over the life of the car that's true. The manufacture of the batteries puts the electric car in the "non green" column to start with, with the pollution associated with that industry. The electric car gains back this disadvantage and then some over the life of the car. The real problem, though, is the number of new vehicles on the road every day, and the fact that existing vehicles are normally only carrying one person. Mass transit, car pool, people sharing rides, and other societal changes need to also take place, if we're seriously going to reduce emissions and other environmental impact. And if you study the REAL problem, it's not pollution that's going to kill the earth, it's over population. Matt, there is a Golf Collectors Society, I'm not sure about a gold cart club, but as you mention there probably is or will be one. I recently talked to a collector about old pins, he collects the service awards from companies in the United States...all those 10 and 25 year pins they used to give out, some gold and with precious gems in the setting...and he has there's someone out there collecting ANYTHING!
  5. 1954 Dodge Royal 500 Indy Pace car convertible

    I'd think with the documentation mentioned that someone would be all over this. Very interesting car...good luck with sale, or, baring that, good luck with your boys keeping it! Sure wish I had a sack of money and could come look through your stuff, lots of goodies you've listed....
  6. Well, the most overlooked thing about electric vehicles is that the electricity has to come from somewhere. A power plant, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, must be run, or a wind farm or solar array must be used (neither of which are cost efficient from both a capital expense and operational expense viewpoint, at this point in time). So, using electric vehicles doesn't 100% solve anything, it just moves the usage and pollution and environmental impact to a less visible arena. Where the government should be spending money is on mass transit. 85% of the cars on the road today have just ONE person in them, the driver. That is an inefficient use of resources. I have a hard time getting upset about golf cart rental, particularly when the numbers seem skewed. Most golf cart rentals are $15 to $20 an hour, let's say that at the expensive clubs it's $50 an hour. AT the $1.6 million quoted, that's 32,000 hours of rented golf carts. That's a nonsensical number. The Secret Service has a budget of $2.2 billion for 2017, and there has to be some fluff in that to cover unexpected expenses. Keeping it sort of automotive, when were golf carts invented? Why don't we see "antique" ones?
  7. I've had a lot of good transactions on Ebay, and usually if I'm disappointed it's because I didn't read the description thoroughly, or I didn't look at pictures closely enough. I've bought things I thought were one size, and they turned out different (due to no scale reference in picture), I always try to put a ruler in pictures of small items I sell. The worst experience, I bought a model kit, one of the visible chassis, not inexpensive. The seller showed one broken piece on the frame, I figured I could deal with it. I wish you could have seen how he packed it, the main kit was in a box, then the frame was on the outside of the box with the thinnest cardboard you can imagine over it. Needless to say, when it arrived, the frame was in numerous pieces. I asked him whether he wanted to discount price or refund money, since it wasn't insured. The seller got really nasty, saying that a discount would take food out of the mouths of the grandchildren he was supporting, and he had a 2 year old granddaughter who could fix the frame damage, what kind of idiot are you anyway? was so over the top. I just went through Ebay, got a refund and a free shipping label and sent it back, guess he had to pay the shipping.... I like the part number story. "Do you know what time it is?" "I sure do".......
  8. 1933 Packard Provenance?

    Nice collection of cars! Thanks for posting pictures.
  9. Battery Voltage Drop

    I'd add that this separate ground should go to one of the starter motor mounting bolts. Over the years, connections between frame members become corroded, so often it's a tortuous path for the electricity to go from batter, through frame, through engine mounts, to starter ground. The 6 volt systems worked fine when car was new, or they'd never have gotten them out the showroom. Proper cables, proper ground, and a starter in top notch condition (not just "good enough") are the keys to happy starting. I've added a separate ground cable to the starter on two of my cars (and had starter motors professionally rebuilt) and it's made a huge difference in cranking speed. It's time, corrosion, and starter motor wear, not design, that's causing most starter issues. Try it, you'll like it....
  10. FS- 1932 Franklin 3 Window Coupe W / Rumble Seat

    That would be a great car to restore, and I have to admit you're somewhat brave to put it on Ebay with no reserve. Hopefully it will reach your 12K and beyond, if not, someone's going to get a smoking deal. Unfortunately I can also see this going the hot rod route, it's such an attractive body style. Good luck with sale and hope it finds a good, non-SBC home.....
  11. Probably not my best Christmas memory, but a fun one I hadn't thought of for a long time, until I saw this thread. In the 1980's I was living in my hometown of Alexandria, Louisiana, so even December wasn't unbearably cold. A friend across town asked if I'd be Santa for his kids, he even had a full blown Santa suit. I was always a plus-size guy, so I guess that's why my name came up frequently when who'd play Santa was asked. I put on the outfit, and for fun, got out my '38 Packard convertible coupe. Top down, Santa drove to his house and entertained the kids. Santa had so much fun, smiling and HO HO HOing and waving to everyone on the way to his house, that Santa left there and drove around town for a couple hours, smiling and waving and yelling Merry Christmas. It was a blast......
  12. 1925 master roadster Original upholstery material

    I meant a picture of the leather you are looking for. Embossed patterns are usually not available over the counter, so to speak. There are companies that will make runs of leather, usually a minimum of 10 hides, which is much more than one car needs.
  13. Car Ads which don't include the price

    Amen and hallelujah ... I believe it is the rare individual who doesn't know the dollar figure they want for an object, and if one knows the figure, then state it. Recently I was discussing an antique artifact with the owner, who claimed they "had no idea what it's worth". After I expressed interest in the item, and a few back and forths, the owner then stated "Oh, but one just like it sold on Ebay, and another at such and such auction, so it seems they bring....." So yes, they DID have a pretty good idea. I will say that the artifact was right there in my hands, very desirable, and the price he quoted was slightly below full retail, so I did get it! I once found out about a car for sale, I was very interested. I called the owner, and though I repeatedly asked for some idea of price, he went on and on about rarity, condition, and so on....for almost an hour. He finally, when pushed, named a price...that was just about three times market value. I'd say he wasted my time, but it was actually ME who wasted it, I should have demanded in some way a price before listening for an hour....
  14. 1925 master roadster Original upholstery material

    Post a picture please. Is this the patterned leather that Buick used in a lot of early twenties cars?
  15. Anyone know about setting up a museum?

    There is some talk that the IRS changed that, by refusing to allow Harrah to move the cars into a trust. The collection was not owned personally by Bill Harrah, but rather it was kept as an asset of the Harrah's casino. Thus, when the time to sell came after his death, the casino was sold to Holiday Inn lock, stock, barrel, and cars. As is well known, there was such an uproar when the announcement came that all the cars would be sold, Holiday Inn crawfished slightly and the city of Reno was able to acquire some of them for the current museum, cars either gifted or money raised to purchase. Crawfished means "backed up", a reference to how they swim, to those of you not from the deep South!