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  1. Well, in the Pierce Arrow Society I can discuss ice boxes, since George N. Pierce made them! I would think that anything Crosley would be of interest to said club members.....
  2. I believe he meant Canada is #1 in members for those countries outside the USA......which makes sense.....
  3. I agree with Ed on his comments, there's no reason to attack a seller, regardless of how he or she prices their cars. Yes, we all have our opinions on values, but should keep them to ourselves. I'm guilty of overreacting to a price, too, but will try to be fair.... And, if it's truly a car you want and can have fun with, either to restore or use, then price should NOT be the first consideration. As to the Forum "rule" about including pricing, is that a real, stated, rule, and if so, where would I read it? Or is it just the wish of the majority of active members on the forum? Personally, I think that any "for sale" topic should be locked except to the original listing person, there's really no reason to beat up on sellers, and any question one might have, if really serious, can be PM'd or emailed or called....
  4. I disagree, someone should send him a dumb comment, he doesn't seem to be against, nor above, those.....
  5. John, you now own more green cars with red interiors than anyone else in the world! Nice looking little car, congrats...... Umm, cancel that, should be congrats to Alice!
  6. I'd be interested in the spark plug cleaner. Where are you located? What are you asking for the cleaner? Thanks...
  7. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with you. The problem is that falling in love is often more expensive than one would think....and obviously someone is in love with it, good for them!
  8. Yes, there are diagonal straps between rear bow and the next one going forward. This gives some sideways stability, as you mention, to this area, since all other forces (from top, pads, other straps) are in line front/back of car top. I've also seen cars with diagonal straps from that second from rear bow to the front bow, for additional bracing. You are right in spending time getting the irons and bows in the correct location, that's the foundation of the top, and if not done correctly the top will never look right.
  9. In the late 1970's, bought a 1972 Oldsmobile 442 convertible. They were starting to become collectable even that soon after being built. Great car, in great shape, low mileage. I was a temporary Plant Manager at a plant in Greenville. Mississippi (home to Doe's Eats Steak House, one of the best steak houses in the country, but I digress..) On the test drive, to buy it, I had to be a little sedate in my use of the accelerator. Of course, with the big engine and 4 speed, what young guy wouldn't really put his foot into it, after it was bought, right? Well, if you took off and floored it, it would be very quick off the line, then hmmph hmmph hmmph the engine would lose all power and the car would coast to a stop. Hard accelerate, then hmmph etc. Happened only when hard accelerating..... Took it to local Olds dealer (remember, car was only a handful of years old at the time). They said, oh, bad carburetor, so they changed it. Same thing happened. Oh, then a bad fuel pump, so they changed it. Same thing. Finally, they took off gas tank to check fuel line. The fuel line inside the gas tank had a little nylon sock on the end of it, as a pre-filter for the gas. Every time that big old four barrel started gobbling lots of gas, the little sock would collapse into itself, blocking the gas intake. They removed it and that was it, car would accelerate fine after that....
  10. No problem on not posting the letter, I understand completely, just thought I'd ask! The March/April 2017 Antique Automobile Magazine, page 99, "AACA An Introduction", fourth paragraph, has the line "The club, through its headquarters, publications, Library & Research Center, museum, and membership...." (this may have been changed by the next magazine??) I had seen some references not long ago on the website, but it looks like y'all fixed them, well done! I couldn't "ferret" out another reference!
  11. I've seen Jim's posts for a long time, followed him all over the country it seems....I sure hope he doesn't have those problems on every haul!! Always fun to get a new toy delivered!
  12. Just for morbid curiosity, does anyone have a copy of the letter they can post, if that is allowed? I, like many others, am tired of the whole museum discussion, but just can't help but rubber-neck to try to see the rest of the story. Also, there are still many AACA sites (including the magazine) which still have descriptions of the club, and in the description stating the club operates the museum. Has someone been tasked with changing the wording of said comments?
  13. Our Greg, over fifty years in the old car hobby, a dozen or so cars owned (and I don't think he's ever sold a car), and has never owned a trailer! That said, he has more friends than Carter has little liver pills, and helping him is always a John and I, and others, know....
  14. And I agree with you agreeing with me (which is always a pleasure!) ....and your comment too, high dollar cars have to have the good stuff to bring the right monetary compensation..... I still get a kick out of the way a lot of late '60's Chrysler product muscle cars are restored....I can tell you from personal experience, as a car guy shopping for a new car in 1969, that the fit and finish on Chrysler products was absolutely terrible......and if everything fits and there are no rattles when running or driving on a restored such car, then it's over restored.....I know, still desirable cars, but "perfect" was not a word used at the factory for sure....and never crossed the lips of any Chrysler dealer when the cars were new....
  15. Excellent, and a very distinctive seat treatment.....there were a lot of options back then for fine materials...