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  1. 1967 Golden Anniversary!

    Look for my article about this car coming in the September Bugle.
  2. Tail Light Fiasco

    The Wildcat lens is longer than the Le Sabre lens, so that wouldn't work.
  3. Tail Light Fiasco

    Le Sabre bezels will bolt in, but as mentioned the Wildcat has three tail light bulbs per side, whereas the Le Sabre only has two. The Le Sabre bezels are different than the Wildcat, so if you retrofit those in, you will end up with an extra bulb from your wiring harness just hanging behind the bezels on each side, closest to the reverse lights. The third bulbs you would not be utilizing are for parking light function-they do not connect with the brake lights or turn signals. In my opinion, the extra illumination of the Wildcat tail lights is what sets the car apart-I would keep looking for a used set-you may have to wait awhile, but they do come up for sale occasionally. Try checking eBay or Craigslist. Not to dissuade you from using LeSabre lights, but maybe you could get those until you can find the correct replacements. Anyway, it is your car-you'll do what you think is best.
  4. Tail Light Fiasco

    '67 and '68 lenses are one year only designs. No one is reproducing the '68 Wildcat lenses as of now and NOS are virtually non existent.
  5. 2017 BCA Meet Registration sent back undeliverable

    OK Thank you very much. I will give you a call. Since the post office is being this difficult, I don't want to risk missing out on getting registered. Hopefully this isn't happening to a lot of other people.
  6. I sent in my registration for the 2017 BCA National last month, to have it submitted before June 1st. I sent it to the EXACT address listed on the registration form. Today it came back with a sticker "Return to Sender not deliverable as addressed unable to forward" I don't think I should have to pay a $15 late fee if I have to register online now. Anyone else have this happen?
  7. 68 Wildcat Convertible Qtrs

    Have you tried looking for quarters off of a 1968 Le Sabre? The 1968 Wildcat and Le Sabre share the same basic B body from the firewall back. The biggest difference is that the Wildcat has brackets in the rear wheel wells for the fender skirts, which can be retro fitted to a Le Sabre's rear wheel wells. Also the mounting holes for the Wildcat letters on the rear quarters are different than the mounting holes for the Le Sabre scripts. Wildcat letters could be retrofitted to a Le Sabre's rear quarters to look factory as well.
  8. victor manifold gaskets 1931-1935 models 80-90

    I know someone who is interested in these-would you consider $30 for both sets?
  9. I filled out my BOD ballot, put a stamp on it and sent it on it's way. A few days later the ballot showed up in my mailbox, undelivered. I asked about it at the post office and they said that since my name and address appears on one side of the ballot with a bar code above it, the post office equipment scanned the wrong side by reading the bar code and sending it back to me. They said to black out the bar code so it will get sent to the right address. Not sure if anyone else has had this occur, but I thought I would pass along the information to those of you that haven't yet mailed your ballot in, so that gets there on time. Regards, David
  10. 1967 Golden Anniversary!

    Always loved the '67's- had a Le Sabre years ago. Just got this all original Limited this year.
  11. WTB 1968 Wildcat Coupe

    Hi John No I haven't found a 2 door yet- yes I am interested in seeing pictures whenever you have time. Regards, David
  12. Buick Taillight Lens?

    That bezel/lens lens is for a '69 Wildcat. The above picture is of a '69 Le Sabre that someone has retrofitted with Wildcat tail light bezels. The '69 Le Sabre bezels do not have that crosshatch pattern.
  13. WTB 1968 Wildcat Coupe

    Longtime '68 Wildcat collector and enthusiast looking for a 1968 Wildcat hardtop coupe. Would like to find the best example I can. Either an incredible original or correctly restored to factory specs. No projects or 20 footers. I'm interested in turn key, pristine #1 or #2 condition cars only. Loaded would be nice, but must have a minimum of factory air. Prefer no vinyl top and other than black interior, but will consider all exceptional examples.
  14. 2016 Buick Club of America 50th Anniversary Event

    Just got my confirmation letter today. Really looking forward to it!
  15. 2016 Buick Club of America 50th Anniversary Event

    Check was cashed on 5/26