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    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    Actually "The objective of AACA judging is to evaluate an antique vehicle which has been restored to the same state as the dealer could have prepared the vehicle for delivery to the customer. This includes any feature, option or accessory shown in the original factory catalog, parts book, sales literature or company directives for the model year of the vehicle". Assuming the diesel engine referenced above was NOT factory authorized (I hope it was) and we allow it on to the show field then why would we not also accept it with a small block Chevy?
  2. Restorer32

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    Not just documentation that it was delivered with a diesel but also documentation that the engine was factory authorized. Even a factory list of accessories showing the diesel would be perfect documentation.
  3. Restorer32

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    As it stands now your outside mirrors would be fine since they were sold by the dealer and had Olds parts numbers and are shown in the factory accessory booklet. Perfect documentation.
  4. Restorer32

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    Problem is it's a slippery slope. If we start allowing period correct but not factory authorized accessories where does it stop? I guess it depends on whether AACA is an organization that hopes to preserve automobiles as they left the factory or as they were often seen on the streets. I have no answer.
  5. Restorer32

    Calculating compression ratio...

    Exactly the method we use. Hardest part is finding a place to store that fragile burette when not using it.
  6. Restorer32

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    First new car I ever bought was a '68 Beetle. Still have the invoice. $1801 plus $75 for a radio. It actually was not a very good car. Later I drove a '69 down to the Dead Sea in Israel in 100 + degree heat. 5 of us in a Beetle. Would have made a good commercial for the air cooled engine.
  7. Restorer32

    cylinder head

    Cummins Diesel engines built in '98-'99 with a large 53 cast into the sides of the block had a bad habit of the water jackets cracking just above the pan. Mine developed a 10" crack just after it went out of warranty. Out of desperation I "stitched" it using 3/8" bolts sealed with Loctite. Worked well and lasted about 6 months until I could afford a new engine. There is nothing mystical about the stitching process. We have it done by our local NAPA machine shop and have never had a failure.
  8. Restorer32

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    If it was an authorized accessory by the factory and this is provable by factory literature then it would be accepted in AACA judging. My guess and it is just a guess is that it was an option provided by a non-factory authorized aftermarket supplier. Will be interesting to see how this shakes out. The ad provided certainly doesn't look like a factory supplied ad.
  9. Restorer32


    Cadillacs of the 1950's or early 1960's at least did not have hardened inserts. We put hardened seats in every engine we do, mostly to ease the minds of the owner's. Amoco Super Premium never had lead.
  10. Restorer32

    cylinder head

    Actually on most of the engines we work on we have cracks stitched here locally. Never a failure. I was just pointing out that properly welded repairs are fine too if that's the way you want to go. Stitching is indeed less expensive, generally faster and less "final". We just recently had a jug for an ALF engine stitched. We do always have them pressure tested.
  11. Restorer32

    Do You Remember When Edsels Were New? What Did You Think?

    It could very well have been a '58. Actually I wasn't a car guy at that stage of my life.
  12. Restorer32

    Do You Remember When Edsels Were New? What Did You Think?

    Neighbor family had what I guess was a '59 or '60. His Son would drive us neighborhood boys to our High School football games. I only remember that it was green and one of the push buttons in the center of the steering wheel had a habit of popping out and falling on the floor.
  13. Restorer32

    cylinder head

    A properly done weld by an experienced cast iron welder is the best way to go. Years ago we had a 1928 Autocar exhaust manifold that was broken into 2 pieces. A shop in Long Island welded it and ground the welds until they were invisible. The manifold is still on the truck.
  14. Restorer32


    Forum members are invited to stop by and say hello. We will be at spaces RWO 8-18. Talk nice and you can even use our private, clean Porta Potty if needed.
  15. Restorer32

    Phishing scheme

    If anyone here gets an e-mail from do not open it. It is a scheme to grab names and passwords.
  16. Restorer32

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I am still amazed that James Young, custom body builder, still built fully wood framed bodies in 1949. And I mean a lot of wood. I have pics of the James Young shop taken in 1949. You can see a worker beating out a new inner fender well with nothing but a hammer and dolly.
  17. Restorer32

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Bentley in the 1940's hired left handed upholsterers to work with right handed ones to make it easier to install interiors.
  18. Generally PA begins to dry out around Labor Day. There have been many more Hersheys with perfect weather than with rain. It's just that folks remember the rainy ones. I base my observation on 50 years of Hershey attendance.
  19. Restorer32

    1959 Thunderbird

    Need driver's side rear quarter window frame casting. Convertible only we believe. Thanks! Respond here or to
  20. Restorer32

    Chrome powder coating vs real chrome

    If you like silver paint you will love power coat chrome.
  21. Restorer32

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Should read " he has had at least 7 cars professionally restored". He also sends cars to shows, most recently a Nash at the Auburn AACA Meet, just to support the clubs, even when he cannot himself attend.
  22. Restorer32

    Loyd Young auction

    The Milburn is sort of a lower entry level electric. I thought 55k was all the money for one.
  23. Restorer32

    Loyd Young auction

    I guess the buyers hadn't heard that the old car hobby is dying, if not this week then certainly in the next couple years.
  24. Restorer32

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    I will have to strongly disagree with you. We have some of those "checkbook restoration" customers and I can tell you most are just as fanatic about their cars as the fellow who restores a Model T in his garage. And most are very knowledgeable about their cars. They do expect their cars to win because they spend inordinate amounts of money to make their cars as accurate as possible. We took a long time customer to his first Hershey, in fact his first experience with AACA. He had gone thru well over 100 cars in his hobby experience and has had at least cars professionally restored. The joy in his eyes when his car won a First Junior was the equal of anyone's. And No it wasn't a high dollar car, just a meticulously restored car from the 1940's.
  25. Restorer32

    Possibly the greatest car sale story of all time

    Many years ago an older collector whose name some here would possibly recognize was given the same ultimatum. "Either the cars go or I go". His response "I can always get another wife, Duesenbergs are hard to find". I think the end came when she found the blankets off their bed covering the Dues or maybe it was a sore point that there was a Dues and several 16 cylinder Cads in the garage but they had nothing to drive to the grocery store except an old tow truck.