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    Passing the torch

    Please allow an old man to brag a bit. After 37 years of restoring professionally the business was turned over to my 35 year old Son Devon two years ago. I still come in every day and do a bit of upholstery and woodwork but for the most part I just get in the way. At last week's Hershey we showed a 1960 Eldorado Biarritz which was the first full restoration run completely by my Son from start to finish. Happily it was well received and garnered a First Junior Award. I can now rest easy knowing the business is in good hands
  2. Restorer32

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    If you do polish that head it will be a "never again" experience.
  3. Restorer32

    Third Rock Rambler

    Ramblers, though fine cars, have gone from being somewhat of a joke to being collectible. It's good to see.
  4. Restorer32

    Clutch repair - 1922 Oldsmobile

    If the car is not driven often it is a good idea to fabricate a prop to hold the clutch pedal in when not using the car. We have done this many times with earlier cars with cone clutches which are notorious for sticking.
  5. Your best option is to beg someone to loan you an original and use it as a pattern to have one cast. We have made many Packard step plates over the years by using originals as casting patterns. The shrinkage is negligible,
  6. Restorer32


    Waiting impatiently for the Hershey awards to be posted. It never gets old.
  7. Restorer32


    Yea ! Hopefully now my heart rate can return to normal.
  8. Restorer32


    tapping fingers on desk impatiently...
  9. Restorer32

    Need Help with 55 Buick Treadle Vac

    Do you have pedal when the car is off?
  10. Here's one that is a mystery to this day. We removed a head from a '33 Cadillac 12 and on top of one piston was a rather large shard of glass, way to large to pass thru the spark plug hole. Best we can figure it was put there accidentally by a previous owner or on purpose by an aggrieved spouse during a rebuild.
  11. Found a small bag of white powder in a stored fire truck. Called the police thinking it was cocaine. Turned out to be saltpetre.
  12. Found a 1921 York, PA Bicycle License holding turn signal wires onto the bumper of a Model A Ford. The license was like an aluminum cable tie and worked well to hold the wiring in place. Also, in a Healey 3000 we found a large and very much alive RAT. The car had come in from storage in a barn so the rat was truly a "barn find".
  13. Restorer32

    Clutch repair on 1922 Oldsmobile

    We are 8 miles north of the Maryland/Pa line along Interstate 83. Feel free to e-mail me at or phone at 717-515-8617 any reasonable hour.
  14. Restorer32

    This must have been in my car a really long time.

    While restoring a '59 Caddy convertible we found a pair of tickets from the CACTUS DRIVE IN THEATRE in New Mexico or Arizona, I forget exactly. Provided a valuable clue as to the previously unknown history of the car.
  15. Restorer32

    Clutch repair on 1922 Oldsmobile

    We would be happy to help you but we also could not give you an estimate due to the unknown scope of the work. Is it simply an adjustment? Is a new clutch disc required? Does the flywheel need resurfaced? Is the throwout bearing useable? Does a new pilot bearing have to be sourced or machined? Does the engine or differential need to be removed to get the trans out? Asking for an estimate on a job like that is like asking "How many undiscovered planets are there in the solar system?" or "How long is a piece of string?". Absolute worst case I wouldn't think you're looking at more than $1000-$1500. If it's simply a bad disc it could be considerably less.
  16. Restorer32

    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    I have yet to see a car advertised as "medium rare" though I have seen a few advertised as "well done".
  17. Restorer32

    Old Cadillac or poor fake????

    My first instinct said refrigerator door as well.
  18. I hope to have my ashes scattered in the Red Field, seriously.
  19. Great, now next year we will have to come up Monday. 😕
  20. Restorer32


    Many years ago a well known restoration shop (not us) found out the hard way that brass melts below the temp required to fire porcelain. It was a Duesenberg manifold they learned on. Several years ago at Philly I had to correct a forum presenter who, in answer to a question from the audience, suggested that brass be used to fill pits in a manifold before porcelainizing.
  21. Restorer32

    Steam Powered Packard

    I drink a glass full of dihydrogen monoxide every day and it hasn't harmed me yet. Was watching a "building off the grid" show the other evening and they wanted to install a naturally occuring dihydrogen monoxide collection system but it turns out such a system is illegal in Colorado.
  22. Restorer32

    '42 Packard 120 Crank

    Need a rebuildable crank shaft for a 120 engine. Ours id cracked beyond repair. I am not sure what year 120's would interchange.
  23. Restorer32

    '42 Packard 120 Crank

    Problem solved. Thanks, especially to Ozstatman for the lead.
  24. Restorer32

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    After 37 years my Son took over the restoration biz 2+ years ago yet I still come to work every day. Not quite as many hours but I'm here doing what I can. I hoped that not being the decision maker would be less stressful but it's not. Very proud of my Son and don't tell him this but he is better at restoring cars and day to day operation of the shop than I ever was. If I ever get to the point where I don't look forward to Monday mornings I guess I will fully retire. My 51st Hershey next week and I'll be there talking to customers and potential customers. There truly is no cure for the antique car disease.
  25. Restorer32

    Getting old I guess

    Do you have a Handicapped placard or tag? If so they cannot by law refuse to allow you to use it nor can they even ask the nature of your handicap. I have become something of a warrior for Handicapped Rights since I have become handicapped myself.