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  1. Restorer32

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    Actually, the company I found to fabricate the curved glass we need only does laminated safety and said if they could do tempered the tempered might actually cost more. Surprised me as well. If you know of a company that produces custom tempered curved glass please post contact info. We only found 2 companies, both architectural glass businesses, that would even quote on the glass we need.
  2. Restorer32

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    Same here in Pa.
  3. Restorer32

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    One of the curved windows in our car was indeed Plexiglas or Lexan. We didn't realize it until we started to remove it.
  4. We have had several '50s Buick brake boosters rebuilt by Power Brake Exchange in Pittsburg, always with good results.
  5. Restorer32

    My neighbor's new/old truck....

    They were chased away by the Marlins.
  6. Restorer32

    My neighbor's new/old truck....

    Cars are where you find them. Years ago we restored a '19 International that was found on the 4th floor of an abandoned toilet paper factory in Philly. Our customer was in the trucking biz and one of his drivers noticed the vehicle peeking out from a building that was being demolished. Our customer hustled to Philly and bribed a crane operator to lower the vehicle onto his trailer. Keiser does seem to have a knack for seeing antiques wherever he looks.
  7. Restorer32

    '49 Olds Woodie

    Car is sold. Thank you.
  8. Restorer32

    '49 Olds Woodie for sale

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Thank you.
  9. Restorer32

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    I would be interested in seeing how a glass blower goes about making a curved glass window. Some curved plate glass is available for china cabinets but only in limited sizes.
  10. Restorer32

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    Our customer is concerned about safety re the plate glass in the Rauch and Lang since he intends to drive it and wants laminated throughout. Thus the high price of the relatively large curved glass pieces.
  11. Restorer32

    Buick packing nut removal

    If properly tightened the pump will leak a drop now and then when running but will be dry with the engine not running.
  12. Restorer32

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    Re curved glass...we are restoring a 1918 Rauch and Lang electric with curved side glass similar to the Kissel. Best price we can get on 4 pieces of curved laminated safety glass is $3100 for the 4 pieces. Hopefully Ron's glass is usable as is.
  13. Restorer32


    My mistake. Your # is correct and is for the female. The male is 1091K16. I must not have been wearing my bifocals.
  14. Restorer32


    Try McMaster-Carr. They still sell the Alemite pin type fittings and couplers. What you need is part # 1091K2 on page 2248 of their catalog # 124. Pricey at $37.32.
  15. Restorer32

    1934 Packard 1108 Dietrich Victoria project

    Also the car advertised has no cowl ventilators as originally built. Totally new body but nevertheless would make a beautiful, if fake, car.