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  1. My advice was SELL SELL SELL!
  2. Coincidentally I off the phone with my sister. She wanted to know if they should trade in their 2001 Cadillac or rent a garage and keep it as an "investment".
  3. In 1953 Dad took us on a trip from south Central Pa to central Tennessee to visit his brother. I was 5 but still remember the 3 day trip down routes 11 and 15 in the '48 Cadillac Sedanette. For months after Dad bragged about having no breakdowns and only one flat tire. Now I could leave the house at sunrise and be in Gallatin, TN before sundown, at least in the summer montha.
  4. Part of a runningboard mounted spot light? The tab could be to hold a wire.
  5. We are looking for a set of air bags for a '60 Cadillac Biarritz but I guess that is something else entirely.
  6. We made ours out of layers of bendable plywood glued together then covered with West System epoxy.
  7. We advertised on this forum for a 1933 Chev engine. Received a reply from who offered to sell us such an engine for $1500 delivered to our front door by USPS. Where do you put the stamps on a '33 Chev engine? Of course he wanted paid by wire transfer. The pics he sent were obviously from someone's restoration photos as the engine was obviously rebuilt and repainted and was on an engine stand awaiting replacement into the chassis. He gave his location as Antioch, Tennessee. When I told him I had a friend in Antioch who would come and pay for the engine he of course disappeared.
  8. If you need them we can supply you with new cast aluminum runningboards for your Milburn.
  9. A few years ago a customer of ours bought a '37 Cadillac 4 door convertible that had sat for 20+ years and entered it in the Great Race from Philly to Calif. We were given 2 weeks to prep this basically worn out museum car. Yea, 2 weeks. We changed the tires, hoses, belts etc. We got the brakes working properly. Patched up the frayed wiring harness so he had lights, installed a good speedo and odometer, patted him on the back and sent him on his way. He managed to finish with much help along the way, including flying in another transmission while he was stranded in the Midwest. Moral of the story? Give yourself sufficient time to properly prep and test whatever vehicle you buy.
  10. One sure way to tell is to take it apart and look at the spiral groove cut into the center shaft which is supposed to "screw" any stray oil that gets on the shaft back into the engine. We used one of these dists on an ALF speedster we built. The firing sequence of that overlapping rotor is a mind bender to understand.
  11. Oops. Sorry about that. Uh, er...I meant the first one we have done a frame up restoration on. Of course we remember yours. How have you been?
  12. I actually have no idea. I am trying to help out a friend of a European customer we have whose engine is cracked beyond repair.
  13. Ok thanks. I will give them a call.
  14. That just screams scam.