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  1. Fellow stopped by yesterday trying to sell a set of 4 Model T wheels, rims and tires. The tires appeared as new and were Wards Riverside brand sold by Montgomery Ward. How long ago did Montgomery Ward cease operation? The fellow had a wildly inflated idea of the value of the wheels and tires.
  2. I almost feel guilty that I can roll out of my own bed in my own house at 6:00, shower, dress, watch the news, have a coffee and jump in the truck and be at our spaces in the Red Field by 8:00.
  3. No, I think their name actually included Long Island but it's been at least 20 years.
  4. I can't seem to remember their name but it wasn't Superweld.
  5. We restored a '28 Autocar. The exhaust manifold was broken into two pieces. We had a company on Long Island do the repair. It was expensive but the repair was invisible. It has held up for more than 20 years so far. It can be done if you find a welder with the right equipment and skill set. In your case probably easier and less expensive to find an unbroken manifold.
  6. There are several other businesses that operate the same. The majority of those "Donate" boxes you see in store parking lots are for profit businesses. Goodwill is so large it now operates almost like a franchise. When pressed they say they provide a needed service by employing people who might be unemployable elsewhere. To date their records show that their actual monetary donations to charity are zero. Lots of Goodwill "donations"show up on E-Bay.
  7. I also believe non profit museums must keep a car or any other substantial donation a minimum of 2 years before they can auction it. I see no reason you could not buy the car but it would be up to the museum to provide you with a good title.
  8. For those who do not know Goodwill is not a charity. It is a for profit business that donates nothing to charity. The owner of Goodwill has become very wealthy. Doubt me? Google it.
  9. Good, then you know what's involved. In a casting that long shrinkage will be a factor. Maybe you can sell a couple heads to help spread out your cost. It's getting harder and harder to find a foundry that will do small orders.
  10. Actually, what you need is the best pattern shop available. Is this head hollow? Size? Material? Do you have a head that can be destroyed to get the measurements on the inside? It's not as simple as finding the best casting shop possible. If the head is hollow you are looking at several thousands of dollars for the pattern and core box. Be prepared, this discussion will likely almost immediately turn to 3-D printing. Casting your head is the easy and cheap part. The pattern work is the difficult and expensive part. We have castings done on a regular basis so we know of what we speak.
  11. Very nice indeed!
  12. If the car you are importing was originally made in the US and is old enough to be exempt from emissions regulations the process is fairly simple.
  13. So it follows then that your Son's "braces" will be extremely inexpensive, right?
  14. Will you settle for tolerance rather than respect?
  15. Yes, really. I guess you need some kind of sense of humor to do that job.