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  1. You are bringing a non driver ????? Are non drivers now allowed on the show field? Was there a rules change?
  2. Chronic back problems have limited my ability to walk and thus my ability to judge, dammit!
  3. Customer's trailer was stolen from his house. Luckily his '31 Caddy v-12 Roadster was not aboard at the time. The thieves painted the red trailer green with house paint. The trailer was eventually found. The insurance company paid us to remove the green latex paint.
  4. It is already too late. Nothing short of a repaint will repair your deteriorated paint.
  5. Title laws are very state specific. Be very careful when buying a car with a less than perfect title.
  6. Check out our web site We are 8 miles north of the MD line in PA. Show quality work at non metropolitan rates.
  7. We've used the stretch wrap several times and it always worked well. We buy it from McMaster-Carr in 100 mile rolls. Well, anyway it seems like it's 100 miles on a roll.
  8. Oops, I see my question has been answered. That seems like a lot of money but not so much for the amount of machining required.
  9. Can you tell us the total cost of your U bolts?
  10. Too bad we're on the other side of the country. We have done dozens of these type repairs. Don't be surprised if the damage turns out to be more extensive (and expensive) than you anticipated.
  11. In 1987 we borrowed a teens Yellowstone Park White Bus from a long time AACA member (Wil Markey), now passed. We loaded it with kids from my Son's day care and drove it is the parade marking the 150th anniversary of the founding of our town. A good time was had by all/
  12. Assuming you are on the East Coast of course.
  13. It costs about the same to ship a car to Europe as it does to ship one to California.
  14. If you are looking for someone to replicate rubber for your window you likely will not find anyone unless you order a large quantity or are willing to pay thousands of dollars for the tooling..