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  1. Restorer32

    Inflatable paint booth

    Is Mass a waterborne only state?
  2. Restorer32

    Inflatable paint booth

    Sometime when you have nothing better to do research EPA, OSHA and your state's rules regarding painting at home. I will give you just a taste...It is illegal to paint ANY cars at home for profit. You can paint up to 5 cars/year as a hobbyist. It is illegal to paint ANYTHING automotive outside a paint booth. Don't believe me? Do your research or ask your local paint supplier when his next EPA/OSHA seminar will be held.
  3. Restorer32

    Inflatable paint booth

    I am a Councilman in a small town. My Brother is our Codes Enforcement Officer. Makes for some interesting conversations.
  4. Restorer32

    Delco Knee Action Shocks!!!

    Are you sure they aren't lever action shocks rather than knee action? The two terms are often confused. '
  5. Restorer32

    Wanted black lacquer car paint

    Black lacquer is still available from our local PPG distributor. Lots of lacquer still used in women's nail polish.
  6. Restorer32

    Inflatable paint booth

    You might want to become very good friends with your local Codes Enforcement Officer asr. well as your insurance carrier.
  7. Restorer32

    Ring Gear RIvets

    OK. I get it. Like shucking corn. If the bolts move they will shuck their threads.
  8. Restorer32

    Ring Gear RIvets

    "Shuck"? A new word to me. Is that like the PA Dutch "rutch" ?
  9. Restorer32

    Ring Gear RIvets

    We would do ( and have done) as FriarTuck describes above.
  10. Restorer32


    Be very careful when dealing with SMS. Sometimes what they do have doesn't exist.
  11. Restorer32

    Does it even have to run?

    In a previous life I did archaeology at the Philistine city of Ashdod, 11 miles north of the Gaza Strip in Israel. Pieces of Roman amphorae as well as more common Roman pottery was so common that they were piled up and sold as road fill. We would take a piece of Roman pottery up to the staff archaeologists and they would say "That's modern" and toss it on the pile. The Romans shipped wine in large amphorae to their troops stationed in the area. Virtually every amphora had a type of stamp on the handle that indicated the year the wine was shipped making it easy to date nearby artifacts. We were interested in much older material, 1500 BC and earlier, before the invention of fired clay brick. Ashdod was one of the 5 Philistine cities mentioned in the Bible that received plagues. None of that locust or boils stuff for the residents of Ashdod. Their plague was hemorrhoids. But I digress... i i
  12. Restorer32

    Does it even have to run?

    If you owned an irreplaceable Roman Amphora worth several hundred thousand dollars would you use it to serve your guests lemonade since that's what it was made for ?
  13. Restorer32


    Lots of suppliers of horsehair on e-bay but 'taint cheap.
  14. Restorer32


    Your car is missing quite a bit of wood in the top actually. Not just cross bows.
  15. Restorer32

    34 Packard brake assist selector valve assembly ?

    Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner ! Part # 202430 is a vacuum clutch control valve bracket for 10th thru 14th Series Packards.