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  1. Ethnol ruining rubber fuel lines

    Ethanol must be powerful stuff if adding just 10% to a tank of gas can cause such misery.
  2. Packard Rebuild Input ??

    If you run a series of diagnostic tests here is what will happen. All your measurements, be they compression, leak down, oil pressure or any other parameter will yield results somewhere in between "as new" and "at the end of its useful life". The only thing this will accomplish is to make you even more apprehensive about driving it as is. You will constantly fret that something might let go at any moment. My suggestion is to run NO tests. Assume the engine is in new condition. A Drive it carefully and with respect for its age until something happens that indicates a full rebuild is necessary. This isn't an exotic engine and parts are available. Alternatively, pull it down and do a complete rebuild now while you have easy access. Parts and labor won't be any cheaper 5 years from now.
  3. "She"?

    Because they break our hearts ?
  4. Duesenberg Concept

    Please explain how it was built "under the auspices of Augie Duesenberg" beings as Augie Duesenberg passed away in 1955.
  5. Pot metal

    We use clamps and a heat gun. Heat then bend slightly over several days.
  6. wooden bodies

    We love West System.
  7. top irons for wooden bodies

    I enjoy Forged in Fire as we ell.
  8. Title

    The VIN will tell you country of origin, manufacturer, division within manufacturer, weight/horsepower, platform (pickup, van, etc), Model, Model type (2 door, 4 door etc), engine, year, plant and production sequence. Of course only useful on cars new enough to have an actual VIN.
  9. Title

    Did you know there is a "secret" number in every VIN? If you go thru a sequence of adding, subtracting and multiplication of the other numbers in the VIN as directed you will arrive at the "secret" number. If you don't the VIN is fraudulent. Google VIN interpretation. It is interest what a VIN can actually tell you.
  10. What are your thoughts on this car?

    Reminds me of those plastic boxer games from the 1960's. I had one called "Block Heads". Two opponents wearing outsized boxing gloves. Pull the trigger and punch until you hit the right spot and your opponent explodes.
  11. wooden bodies

    We've built several sets. Buy 1/4" bendable plywood (yes, bendable plywood is available from any wood specialty company). cut out the base from 3/4 ply. Make a cardboard pattern of the seat as you would like it. Cut out several pieces from the bendable plywood. Glue and nail the first piece to your bottom form. Then glue and staple 2 more pieces, liberally coated with glue to the first piece. You now have a curved seat 3/4" thick. Clean up with a sander. Nothing difficult about it.
  12. What are your thoughts on this car?

    So he managed to ruin both a Cord and a Hupp before giving up.
  13. Number 12 Screws, Aaarrgh!

    We probably order from McMaster Carr once a week on average. If we place an order by 5 pm we have the items by 11 the next morning. They actually have a UPS shipping station inside their warehouse, We couldn't live without them. Here's a secret tip. If you need an odd sized screw or whatever that they don't list in their catalog they will do a search and if the product is available anywhere they will find it and sell it to you. We have used this service many times to find odd sized fasteners. It's a bit tough to get their 4000 page printed catalog but once you are a regular customer and know the secret hand shake they will send a new catalog every year. Happily the catalog is now online for you younger folks who don't know the joy of actually holding a huge catalog in your hands like those of us who grew up with the Sears "wish book".

    I can verify that this is indeed what the owner says it is. We have made a number of these over the years in polished stainless. If someone buys it we can supply the missing parts. It is missing the rear bow, the irons that attach to the rear bow, the hinge mechanism that attaches the top to the car as well as the wood pieces that set in channels that form the hinge mechanism. Same top for all '36 and '37 110 and 120 Convertibles.
  15. GM factory authorized generator to alternator update kits

    You answered your own question. "That car didn't come with an alternator".