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  1. Restorer32

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Art discovered his Dues in a machine shop about 3 miles from our shop. Those of us who know (knew?) Art remember him as a unique individual. It was visits to his salvage yard here in York, PA in the early 1970's that helped fan the flames of my interest in antique cars. My '32 900 Coupe Roadster came from Art's. Not being a "real" Packard at the time it was not given space in the garage but rather was sitting forlornly in the lines of old and newer cars in the yard. I also wonder what ever happened to the stripped down Dues chassis Art had. It ran but had no body whatsoever. He offered it to Dad for $3500.
  2. Restorer32

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Whatever happened to Art Brummer's Duesenberg ?
  3. Restorer32

    Painting advice

    Of what value is the original paint other than as a curiosity? Does the car still have the original tires? Original oil? If it were the only Packard ever painted tan I would agree. Otherwise I suggest either not painting it at all, although the deteriorating finish obviously bugs you, or have a quality repaint done after stripping to bare metal. If you want to keep a small area, say in the trunk the original tan you could do that also.
  4. Restorer32

    Type of wood used in frame

    Kiln dried ash.
  5. Restorer32

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    In 1979 or so I took a 1920 Overland Touring to Hershey to sell. I put a sign on it "Will not take more than $1695 so please do not offer more". Sure drew a lot of lookers and I sold the car.
  6. Restorer32

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Stickley there is a blast from the past. My first wife's family were the oldest Stickley dealers in the country when they retired in '96. They knew the Stickley family and would visit them in NY every few years. Ex Mom-in-law (still a great friend) just moved into assisted living and had to leave behind her 1932 Stickley dining room suite.
  7. Restorer32

    What should you do with old car paint?

    You could do what we do. Pay Safety Kleen $275 every 8 weeks to pick up your waste.
  8. Restorer32

    Unending patience

    Don't get me wrong. We do a bit of street rod work ourselves. At the moment we are doing a '34 Ford 4 Door that our customer found minus a drive train. Powering it will be a '48 Lincoln 12 with a Wiends blower. It's just that in the case of the truck we are discussing I think it is a shame. You all are assuming the truck was junk when he started. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. As always, just my opinion.
  9. Restorer32

    Unending patience

    Well, he worked hard to save the Coca Cola lettering. Why? Did he appreciate the history of the truck as evidenced by that lettering? Were it mine I would have kept the whole truck as it was but he has every right to do with it as he pleases. Before he started the truck was, presumably, an interesting example of a period commercial vehicle, underpowered and poorly geared. Now what is it? A collection of mismatched parts with interesting logos on the doors? Is it more usable now? Yes. Was a small but interesting piece of transportation history destroyed ? Again, yes. Will it be preserved in its current configuration 10, 20, 30 years from now? Unlikely.
  10. Restorer32

    hard starting

    Also, check the condition of your starter ring gear. Are all the teeth there?
  11. Restorer32

    Unending patience

    Saved the paint, screwed up the rest of the truck.
  12. Restorer32

    Painting Wire Wheels

    Do not powder coat adjustable spoke wire wheels if you ever plan on adjusting them again.
  13. Restorer32

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Dad would only buy clothes where he could deal with the actual owner of the shop. When he was diagnosed with the big C he shopped around for the cheapest oncologist he could find. A character defect? Of course but understandable when you knew that he was abandoned as a child and was on his own from the age of 12. If he couldn't haggle he wouldn't buy. I don't haggle unless I know for a fact that the asking price is unreasonable. I will just make a "take it or leave it" offer. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  14. Restorer32

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Many years ago a Model A Vicky showed up in the Saturday morning paper. Dad and I sped to the address. Literally seconds after we arrived a local collector of strictly A's showed up and walked to the seller's door about 2 steps behind us. Being a gentleman the other fellow said "You guys were here first so you have first shot". We went into the garage and it was a nice car. Now Dad was an incurable haggler. He would even haggle with our family doctor. Dad asked the price of the car and the seller said $1300 as advertised. The collector, who really wanted the car, said, loud enough that the seller had to hear him, "If these fellows don't want to pay $1300 I will". Dad couldn't help himself and offered the seller $1100, which he accepted. The collector left, muttering to himself as he walked down the sidewalk.
  15. Restorer32

    Painting Wire Wheels

    We paint wire wheels on a regular basis. Not difficult at all for an experienced painter.