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  1. FS '49 Olds 6 cylinder engine

    Here are some pics. Free delivery depending on where and how far.
  2. Questions about an old car

    That's if the vehicle is sold before the 2 or 3 year waiting period. After that it does not apply if the appraisal is within reason.
  3. Questions about an old car

    Most cars, especially those that are difficult to sell, are donated to museums for the tax benefits. As an example, a few years ago we had a customer donate a car to the AACA Library, knowing full well it would likely be sold, as it was. The owner was able to list the appraised value of the car as a charitable donation on his taxes and the library benefited from the sale of the vehicle. What is the difference if a car owner sells his car outright or donates it to a museum that sells it, usually after 2 years? In both cases the car gets back into circulation. In the later instance the museum or other charity benefits and the owner is not saddled with selling a car which, as we all know, can be a time consuming chore. Often the appraised value is more than what the car would actually sell for. Depending on your tax bracket donating can make good sense.
  4. FS '49 Olds 6 cylinder engine

    Anyone?? Price reduced to $200.
  5. Questions about an old car

    There is a high wheeler event (basically a low speed race) every year at the AACA meet in Hershey, PA. I'll bet your grandfather and his Duer participated in this event years ago. A great way to honor your grandfather would be to donate it to the AACA Library and Research Center. If you did so we would happily volunteer the services of our restoration shop ( to get it running and see that it participated in the high wheeler event.
  6. Questions about an old car

    At least no one will ever hot rod it.
  7. Cars That Made America

    Every Ken Burns documentary I have seen has been outstanding. Not Larry
  8. Would love to help if you were closer to Pennsylvania.
  9. FS '49 Olds 6 cylinder engine

    Can post pics if any interest. Transmission included. If no one buys it I'm going to sneak up to Steve Moskowitz' home and drop it in his yard. Let's see if he's hard hearted enough to scrap it.
  10. Cars That Made America

    If only Ken Burns would do a comprehensive series about the early history of the automobile and how it impacted society. Up until only a relatively few years ago there were still folks living who started life before the automobile became common. Look how far we've come in 120 or so years.
  11. Cars That Made America

    I did learn something from the show. Apparently if you were anybody important in the teens, twenties and thirties you had to wear a brightly colored cravat. As a college prof wrote on one of the papers I submitted, the show was at best "meaningless twaddle".
  12. FS '49 Olds 6 cylinder engine

    Complete engine with starter, carb, exhaust manifold etc. Asking $250 but will listen to any reasonable offer. We need the room !
  13. Cars That Made America

    I gave up on the "History" channel having any credibility when they began broadcasting programs featuring ghost hunters and investigations into haunted houses. Sadly I think we are slowly entering a new Dark Ages.
  14. Cars That Made America

    It is fun looking for mistakes like the wide white wall tires, about 17 or 18 inch, standing along the wall in a scene from the teens.
  15. Cars That Made America

    I'll watch until the first mention of the Tucker Convertible prototype then I'm out.