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  1. Still Too Much Time On My Hands

    Time to call American Pickers
  2. Gas in a 6.3 litre diesel

    We've done the opposite. Accidentally put diesel in a '16 Pullman tank.
  3. Looking for career advice

    I really felt bad for the young fellow with severe OCD. I realized he had to go when I found him out in the drive way rearranging the stones. He would spend time arranging the community tool box. Even down to lining up the screwdrivers by size. Of course the other guys began to play with him. He would get all the screwdrivers arranged, the guys would mess them up on purpose and he would have to rearange them again, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. He just couldn't help it.
  4. Looking for career advice

    He was a good worker, hated to lose him. I suggested he get an account at the local bank just so he could cash his check but he refused. Our checks were drawn on a bank 50 miles away so for the few weeks he worked for us he would drive to that bank just to cash his check.
  5. Looking for career advice

    No but maybe we should have. He might have worked out better than the young fellow we hired who was pathologically OCD. Maybe even better than the fellow who refused his first pay check saying he didn't believe in banks and insisted on being paid in gold. He actually quit rather than accept a check.
  6. A few days with a Packard

    In light of the evidence presented my vote says LeBaron.
  7. Looking for career advice

    I once had a job applicant phone me to check on the status of his resume. I asked him to come in for an interview. He replied that he could not since he was in prison and wouldn't be released until the end of the month. I asked why he was in prison (privacy laws were less strict then). He replied that he was sentenced to 60 days for assault. I asked who he assaulted. He replied "My ex boss".
  8. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Disregard "10 hours ago..." above. I hit the wrong key apparently.
  9. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    We can make you a set of top irons in stainless as well as the proper steam bent bows if you can find someone to loan you an original set we can use as patterns. PM if interested.
  10. A few days with a Packard

    Please don't shoot the messenger but there is another possible explanation. Could it have been a coupe that was cut down to make a convertible? I agree with Trimacar that the top looks a bit awkward and there is something strange about the belt line, at least to my eye. Late 1960's early 1970's there was more than one "restorer" who made his living chopping coupes into convertibles. Lack of landau bars is strange.
  11. '39 Packard V-12 timing cover

    Contact Michael Gregory, PM me for phone #
  12. '39 Packard V-12 timing cover

    Well, the good news is there is now someone reproducing these, both the '32-'34 version as well as the '35-39 style, at what I consider a reasonable price for the amount of work required. Thanks everyone for the leads. Several months wait time until the current batch is finished but we are happy to wait. Now to order that $500 timing chain. The Packard 12 is not for the faint of heart.
  13. '39 Packard V-12 timing cover

    We night be interested in the tooling if it's still around and we can find contact info for the fellow.
  14. '39 Packard V-12 timing cover

    We might be interested in the tooling.
  15. '39 Packard V-12 timing cover

    Yep, ours (actually a customer's, wish it was ours) has 2 pencil eraser size holes corroded thru behind the impeller. Also the areas that seal against the tubes that direct coolant into the block are very badly corroded. The tubes themselves, pressed into the block, are almost corroded away. Very nice original car but she's dead in the water for now.