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  1. Winning bid: US $6,450.00
  2. Looks like a very well taken care of Reatta available on Ebay for those interested...
  3. E-85

    I also use only Pure Gasoline in all vehicles below 2002 that were not designed to burn ethanol ... including all yard tools and Marine vehicles. Every Gasoline station around me all have 100 % pure pumps for this reason.
  4. What's your favorite Reatta advertisement?

    another ad for the convertible,,,,wish I could find another ad that shows the convertible in a compete view..... anyone find one?
  5. What's your favorite Reatta advertisement?

    Really liked the Motorweek review of the 1990 convertible, thanks Frogware! Here are a few print ads I like:... I also have these framed in the garage..
  6. This is an in-depth video that should be standard viewing for all new owners to get to know all about their very special handcrafted Reatta
  7. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction 2018

    Not as much as I had hoped....I attached the auction:
  8. Buick Reatta body gap size..?

    Thanks. I have seen a few other Reatta that have a smaller gap area between the hood and bumper area as shown. Just wondering if there was a factory standard measurement or if it just depended on how the vehicle was put together by hand.
  9. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    What do you use to get your taillight lense so clear and smooth?
  10. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    Did you ever hear a response back?.. I wonder if I were to purchase their mufflers how hard and $$ it would be to find a local garage to shape some stainless steel pipes to retro fit?
  11. Replaced my convertible visor clip today with the one I received from Jim Finn without issue.... then took the Reatta out for a sunny day drive.
  12. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction 2018

    Ronnie: I believe the only Reattas that had this style wheel in 1990 from the factory was the Select Sixty and they were painted white. My guess is that the owner swapped out the original 90 wheels with 1991 rims.
  13. Mecum Auction

    I just checked the auction results and the Select Sixty SOLD for $ 25,850.00... I thought it would have sold for more with only 240 miles...
  14. On the docket for Thursday January 18th! A no reserve auction... hope to see encouraging bidding. Lot #633 - One of 2,132 convertibles built in 1990, this Reatta is powered by a GM 3800 V6 engine backed by automatic transmission with a fully independent suspension and front-wheel-drive. This car has been shown at two concours events and has been climate-control garaged its whole life. The front windshield, brakes, battery, wheels, and tires are all in great condition and the non-smoking interior has been well maintained. The paint has been regularly polished and waxed, and shows very well with the original white convertible top. With 14,366 original miles, this vehicle has had no previous collision damage and includes a protective, chip-resistant, padded vinyl front end bra and custom-fit car cover. Highly detailed undercarriage.