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  1. March April The Antique Automobile

    * * "What you ".." guys doing"? Did you forget your "are" Mr. Fields? To make fun of our Club's fine magazine, when you made a serious error in your first sentence takes some nerve. The worse part of this whole thread is that if there is something to be said that's not exactly nice, one would do it personally, not out in public, especially on the AACA Forums. You know how to contact Mr. Peterson. I have been reading our magazine for many years, and in the past I have personally been an AACA editor myself for over 8 years. I always make it a point to thank anyone that would personally take on the task of becoming an editor, as it is sometimes a thankless job. I will also say here that West Peterson is doing a fantastic job, and our club is proud to have him as our magazine editor. Thank you West. Wayne
  2. Repro Batteries

    * * Mr. Green is using the proper procedure to alert buyers without causing the club liability issues. Please message each other for actual company names. Thanks, Wayne
  3. If you're having a slow day.......

    * * He did hit a few nerves along the way Michel. He was never as bad as Hartmann though. Bad as this was, back in the day with Rants and Raves, (I know I keep bringing it up) it was a 24 hour job keeping the "hammer posts" down. Gosh, I miss those days! Actually, it was a way to get rid of steam, and that place was hot. I miss so many of those old folks now. You'd meet them in person and think they were impersonators!
  4. If you're having a slow day.......

    As you read through the pages, you may notice our executive director making a point, before he even became our Director. There are some very good points here, and some out of the way comments, but that's the way it was in the old days. (I still can't find Rants and Raves. )
  5. ...Check this out from back in 2002 of our forum history. Some of it is hard to read, as forum updates have screwed up the smilies. Dave@Moon from Cincinnati posted this. Wonder where he is nowadays???
  6. AACA Swap Meet Howard County Fairgrounds, MD

    WOW! I did not know that Howard King owned the whole County?????
  7. Are there any tours in California in 2018???

    * * This information is incorrect, from AACA anyway. You can host EITHER a Tour, OR a Meet. You ARE NOT required to do both. Marty can help you get going in the right direction. Yes AACA in Hershey can also help you get your Tour together. Personally I try to go to each AACA Tour in the West to further my love of AACA. Don't turn us away yet. Wayne
  8. I miss the DFers!

    * * Yes, but all of your well off city slickers love you Padgett.
  9. I miss the DFers!

    * * Gee Padgett, I thought all AACA members were over 70??? I need to get my mess together and share a couple of stories back when I was younger and trying to fit in with the older establishment!
  10. I miss the DFers!

    I believe that would be Mr. Ricketts. MARTY
  11. I miss the DFers!

    * * I will add some more memories this weekend John. I have a couple of stories.😄
  12. I miss the DFers!

    Replying to this post to bring it to the top!!!!! Since we had some interest in this. I also searched for the Rants and Raves Forum, but could not find it. Web Site updates are the pits sometimes.
  13. 2018 Philly General Meeting Questions!

    * * As you can see everyone came away from Philly this year HAPPY! I still have a smile on my face.
  14. Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    David Devine can send you the original pattern I would think Howard?
  15. 2018 Philly General Meeting Questions!

    Fruit cup at floor level eatery was only 5 Bucks!