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  1. ANTIQUE AUTO Magazine ads are open to anyone.
  2. Ok guys, I will take Ed's suggestion and work some day next week to have this car run for 2 hours to heat things up. I will probably turn the idle up high to keep things real warn, and be nearby to make sure it's not too warm. I met Ed in Philly this year and he seemed like a reasonable intelligent fellow (some of my other friends? Ummmm), so I trust him to know something about this. Thanks for all the help guys. I will report later. Wayne
  3. My region sends them out both ways, at no charge, although as Kim said, there are some clubs that charge an extra fee. Personally, I want a hard copy. I do almost all of my reading and research by hard copy.
  4. * The engine is a 375hp fuel injected 327 made in 1965. no inspection plate!!
  5. * If it was a modern car, I would cut it in a minute, tie it up with bailing wire whatever, but I can not force that on an original car. You don't know how hard it is for me to change my way of handling mechanical issues!
  6. Bernie, you can not reach or shoot fluid inside the bellhousing because it is solid. Someone suggested drilling a hole in the bottom large enough to put a punch in, but I just can not force myself to do that. Ed, I have 4 cars down now. A '29 essex with carburetor problems, a 26 Chrysler that had carb problems, now we find that the distributor shaft is worn, the Corvette, an 81 Olds that had its electric drivers window connecting dodinky (ever see one of them?) break allowing the glass to go down into the door. Weather is better now, so things will start to get repaired shortly. I hope.Wait, forgot the 1915 T that had its wheel pass it, plus it has a broken roof bow, darn car trailer, just a few inches too short.
  7. Thank Ed. I have been patient. This issue is now about 4 months old. I will state here now, as most of us know, you can have TOO MANY cars. The more they sit, the worse they operate, especially in unheated garage environments. The problem that most of us have when selling off some of them is that they are never worth we think "our babies" are worth. I will try your "let it idle" deal before too long. Wayne
  8. You reminded me Caddy!!!
  9. Someone spoke of the Corvette on another thread. It brought to mind my '65 coupe that has a stuck clutch. The car starts and runs nice but I have tried a lot of things to get the clutch to release....cranking engine in gear with clutch down....jacked it off the ground starting it in 2nd gear, slamming on brakes (choked motor out).......tried rocking it with clutch released, etc. I am thinking of starting in gear after stopping traffic in front of garage and running hard down the road and hoping the weight will break it loose. The flywheel housing is solid, no bottom plate. Any suggestions?
  10. Most all were a little sloppy in those days.
  11. Simpler times, when excitement was just around the corner!!! http://www.tvraaca.org/corvette1953i.htm
  12. * * David, you and your buddies need to go on more AACA Tours. We actually have ice cream parties on our tours. I got 2 scoops last week in Touloume, Ca for $3.50 on the Sonora California Western Divisional Tour!!!
  13. * * I thought only Chevy and Ford owners HAD to eat pizza???? :-)
  14. * * Really Carl? "Let's SEE if I can tell a tale?" Good stuff, newsletter article material guys!!!
  15. The link below has all of the 2016 National Award Winners. Print and Web winners are at the bottom of the page. http://www.aaca.org/images/national_awards/2016_National_Award_Winners.pdf