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  1. R W Burgess

    Greensburg Grand National Report/Video

    Unpinning this one guys.
  2. R W Burgess

    Woodie for sale 1949 Chrysler Royal Best Offer Must Sell

    Since you guys have not responded to Matt Hinson's last post, I have gone through and removed some posts that are considered way over the line. Helpful information can be useful to the original poster, but some of the out-of-the-way comments are NOT! Please be more respectful! Wayne
  3. R W Burgess

    The decline of Sears

    * * Greg, what a great gesture! I try to leave everyone with a smile, and like you I thank people for the good work that they do. We all have a bad day every once in a while. A pat on the back goes a long ways! Great job!
  4. R W Burgess


    * * Bob, why do you always try to pick fights with our club? Do you realize that changes can be made by the Board of Directors? You need to step up to the plate and volunteer to help change the problems that you think need changing. Better yet, why not ask to be on the AACA Board? It's easy to make strange statements from the outside, why not try it from the inside and help make changes. I will tell you from personal experience, it is hard work to keep AACA heading in the right direction for the benefit of all members! Wayne
  5. * * Tell me more about the lawsuit! Was it a mistake when they put on Olds engine in my 86 Chevy wagon??
  6. This is a link to the forum thread on the Meet/Tour site. The recent Professional TV video attachment that Steve M just put up is worth the viewing. Good Stuff! Follow the link! Wayne
  7. R W Burgess

    1930 Studebaker President Reduced 38500 paint upgrades

    * That may be true Earl, but I don't ever have time to keep them going. 😃
  8. R W Burgess

    Tax and your cars

    * Depends on the size of the tires on that Ram. I've seen some so big that they would probably not squash a bug!
  9. R W Burgess

    Tax and your cars

    * 😂😄 I bet they love you there. Ha!
  10. R W Burgess

    Tax and your cars

    * * We pay quarterly fuel taxes. Our licenses are renewed each year and we also have to set up the states we expect to run in each month. When the fees are due, we pay the percentage to each state on a form and our home state sends the receipts to the states that we run in. This is different from the Heavy Use Tax, which is paid once a year. Personally, I have been trying to eat less, so that the government gets less taxes from my bodily fluids! 😅
  11. R W Burgess

    1930 Studebaker President Reduced 38500 paint upgrades

    I can not believe this car has not sold?? I realize that some may think it's overpriced, but try buying a car like that and do the repairs and updates and see how much you have invested. Before you say it..... Wayne already has two cars in this era. 😁
  12. R W Burgess

    Tax and your cars

    * * As Ben said, we truckers pay a "Heavy Use Tax" each year. Some Big Box Carriers have signs on their back doors telling you this.
  13. R W Burgess

    Race Car Certification Class 24A

    * * Rick, I am pretty sure you pick the year/era and restore the car to those specs. (engine, colors, sponsors. etc)
  14. R W Burgess

    Race Car Certification Class 24A

    Norm's E-mail address: <normhuttonracing@gmail.com>,
  15. Excellent, can not afford it, but excellent! Thanks for posting!