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  1. * * * Thanks 28 Chrysler. Your post is certainly more useful than making fun of a fellow with his first challenge of new/old car ownership!
  2. Here is the Hemmings Article for this vehicle. Interesting history!! https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/06/22/auburn-boattail-speedster-takes-first-best-of-the-best-aaca-zenith-award/?refer=news
  3. * * * Love the accessories!!!
  4. See ya in Hershey
  5. Charlie, I had just recently got back from California for the Western Tour to support that event as Board liaison. Spreading funds to cover the year is hard at times
  6. * * Thanks Pedro! Bob, I just wanted to remember our past DFers, and wonder where some are that I know are still around. I have not seen Novaman on here in a long time, for instance. HVS always got my attention with some of the things that he would say. He promised me a "deep" conversation a long time ago, and of course as time went by, it never happened. So, another little history lesson from a past AACA President missed.
  7. OH! Forgot,,,,, it's Thank an Adminstrator Day!
  8. Ahh, the old forum days of Rants and Raves. I just googled something and this thread from 2002 came up. I was reminded of the rants and raves just last week, when the rodder question came up. There is always some that love to argue. Hey, I put myself in that group at times. As a reminder of this thread, the HVS signature is from one Howard V Scotland, a past president that said what was on his mind. Read his comments. If we don't remember and save our history, we are destined to repeat it. Wayne PS, I know that Ron Barnett and Howard Scotland have passed away. Does anyone know about Ron Springstead?
  9. You can not offend me, but as usual some make comments that the original owner may not think kindly of. Who knows, the owner that purple car make frequent our forums.
  10. * * That's a perfect reason to attend AACA Meets. You get to see what you like. On the other hand. You don't go into someone's home and make fun of his furniture. You keep those opinions to yourself.
  11. * * What if it was the last surviving Model A car, Woodie? Is it still ok to rod it? I think what most people here forget is that it is "history" that is being changed when cars are modified. It's not about the money, it's about preserving history so that our grandchildren and their grandchildren can understand where the auto industry began. * * That's what I like about AACA's most recent new class, HPOF! "Historical" Preservation of Original Features!
  12. * * * I think JV is on the right track here, with this web site anyway. * *
  13. ANTIQUE AUTO Magazine ads are open to anyone.
  14. Ok guys, I will take Ed's suggestion and work some day next week to have this car run for 2 hours to heat things up. I will probably turn the idle up high to keep things real warn, and be nearby to make sure it's not too warm. I met Ed in Philly this year and he seemed like a reasonable intelligent fellow (some of my other friends? Ummmm), so I trust him to know something about this. Thanks for all the help guys. I will report later. Wayne
  15. My region sends them out both ways, at no charge, although as Kim said, there are some clubs that charge an extra fee. Personally, I want a hard copy. I do almost all of my reading and research by hard copy.