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  1. This tour next week still has openings. "Late Wayne" just got his room reservations yesterday, so I know there is lodging available. This is a beautiful part of Northern California with much to see. Wayne
  2. http://www.aaca.org/images/meet_results/2017/2017_SE_Spring_Meet.pdf
  3. Hey guys, is it possible to see how many judging credits a person has on the web site? Wayne
  4. Here is one of my early examples taped in the Annual Meeting 2 years ago. It would be advised to have a tripod to use for CJE's as a shakey camera will be noticed in my free standing taping below. Check it out. * * *
  5. * * Make that most of the time for me, while the wife is still not sure that you know what? She's starting to think, "You're right NASCAR is starting to suck."
  6. * * Isn't that called a vacation???? :-)
  7. Good job, Matt!
  8. Looks very nice!
  9. * * Earl Beauchamp and the ODMA was too. I am sure he will chime in on this.
  10. Those rams are supposed to be Special?? This one leaves a lot of undesirable emissions! * * *
  11. A space, every now and then, would be helpful too!
  12. The elevators are more fun. you never know which floor the doors will open on. "Look left and right??? No one there??"
  13. "roll eyes"!
  14. "roll eyes"!
  15. Not yet, Bill. Remind me and I'll get you a copy in a couple weeks.