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  1. The Fall 2017 Rummage Box is Out!

    Thanks John. We consider the AACA Forums as the same as our club newsletters, only far more popular reaching more people. We need to cover the "World Audience" with what we have to offer for the hobby. The newsletters are great too, but they get read mostly by the local members, then again some regions do not even share the Rummage Box. So, if there is any way that we can reach our audience? Go for it!!! Wayne
  2. * * Share this with everyone guys. This issue shares some great experiences that members can, and do have with our Hobby! Wayne
  3. Lots of info this month Matt. Thanks, Wayne

    I think you guys have thoroughly beaten this "horse". Time to move on!
  5. Generator 917

    * * * You saw it in Wellsboro, Pa this year Marty? Howard does not let an incorrect generator keep an antique car off the road. The Chrysler is still running with a "look-a-like". I will be driving it a little this afternoon as the final trip for 2017, scaring the local people!
  6. Generator 917

    Howard, post this on the Chrysler "General Forum" too. There was a gentleman there that wanted a generator. Thanks, Wayne
  7. 2018 Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance and AACA

    * * Congratulations Philip!
  8. Another Home Run For The Magazine ...

    Ahh, to live in wonderful Virginia. Eh Andy?
  9. I'm back!

    Good to hear from you Amp!
  10. 2018 Eastern Spring Meet??

    WOW, The Chesapeake Region has outdone itself to have all of this work done so fast, all of the tours, the tea shirts, and extra planning that has already been done just amazes me. This thing about a trailer fee really befuddles me though? "Since the trailer fee is a profit center a better question might be: Is it fair and inclusive to ask those who must trailer to subsidize the show so it can keep the price lower for those who don't have to trailer?" I have no idea what the trailer parking charge will be, but I have over $50,000 invested in a tow vehicle, $20,000 + in a trailer, so I am happy to pay a small fee for protection for my equipment. I do not expect a region/chapter to do all of this work and not make a profit. I have hosted a National event myself and do realize the work involved. Also, with all of the money we have invested in our show cars and other equipment, a small fee is meaningless to me. If the cost hurts me, I would find a small scale hotel to make up for the shortages. Wayne
  11. 1941 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Sedan

    * * Really nice Tom!
  12. What did you buy at Hershey?

    * * A virtual ghost town now. just driving through there seeing the sidewalks and no buildings is really strange. * Wayne
  13. Moderators Needed

  14. Moderators Needed

    You have to use good judgement when altering posts, as you would with anything involving being a Moderator.
  15. Moderators Needed

    X, yes you can alter the posts as you see fit.