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  1. Wedding Bells in Wisconsin early 30's

    on the original Happy Coupe photo there is a radiator cap ornament of a chief's head looks after market though.
  2. '20s ignition coil, what is it for?

    Hello and thanks for looking, Any ideas what it fits. Thanks.
  3. Wedding Bells in Wisconsin early 30's

    OK here is my lil "fill in the questions" story, The boys went out one day with the folks touring car (unknown year make)notice the guy in the center is taking a pull of liquid encouragement. one of them meet the lil lass standing in front of car 2 a Pontiac. (unknown year) So they feel in love and had the wedding party come out to the folks farm 5 cars L to R ..1) 1929-30 Chevrolet 2) unknown 3)Buick year unknown 4&5) 1928 Chevrolet's Then they loaded up their fishing boat on top of their (Dodge ? year? and went on their honey moon to Slinger Wisconsin,,,,,, the neon Crosley sign in background was still there the last time I drove thru Slinger
  4. Blatz beer cabover what is truck year & make?

    thinking 1936 era,,, can't tell what make of cabover
  5. Used to snow in Wisconsin

    couple of photos taken from my neck of the woods back when it snowed. The truck is a milk-can hauler and the car is a Buick? What year is the Chevy roller?
  6. saving an early fuel saver accessory

    Found this rummaging in a box of nuts and bolts. The box was melting in the wet and dried things out. Thought I would share and see if anyone knows the age for it. See on the end it says for 6 or 8 cylinder cars
  7. Stewert speedometers - what do they fit please?

    So we got the one on the left remaining. I removed bezel in search of a serial number or model number in order to identify to no avail. In my research I found out the Alemite joined ranks with Stewart along with Warner so is that why the stylized A on the back of housing.... THANKS for all effort BRAD
  8. Now Oddball Horns, What do the fit????

    No more than 3 but, for now, one. I looked up patent numbers stamped on back and found out it is a Schwarze horn. Was it OEM for anyone or aftermarket? THANKS for everyone's effort!!!!
  9. 2 more speedometers then thats it!

    Final speedometers in my stuff,,,, the little one on left was made by Northeast Appliance Rochester NY An interesting note the unit has a light blue"plastic" strip riveted to the body. Was it back-lit orginally? the other Stewart is larger 4" face
  10. Stewert speedometers - what do they fit please?

    Craig G I look closely on the right one and did find a "178" lightly stamped on mine. I then removed the 3 machine screws on back which took off the 3 point mounting bracket, too find nothing underneath other than an adjustment screw Any Ideers
  11. Selling out my stuff. What do these speedometers fit, left to right please? Thanks!
  12. Tachometer adapter device?? 1960s

    Came in with some Model T Ford stuff and I don't think its for that! Has cast 5007 on aluminum, also stamped 3-61 in same area.
  13. Railroad truck????

    Some type of quarry truck that was rode hard and put away wet for YEARS I'm thinking a GMC radiator and a dunno motor do you? Only tag was on the side of the dump box
  14. Early truck or modified touring??

    any ideas what the truck is?