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  1. Railroad truck????

    Some type of quarry truck that was rode hard and put away wet for YEARS I'm thinking a GMC radiator and a dunno motor do you? Only tag was on the side of the dump box
  2. Early truck or modified touring??

    any ideas what the truck is?
  3. Never a common sight - a Pathfinder Twelve

    WHOA Nelly !!!! Bad spot for a tree in the middle of the road
  4. another early machine in my neighbor hood, Saddens me to think these neat machines, were around in my area,,, darn the Germanic ideal to keep things picked up and clean I suppose WW2 scrap drives mighta helped too =-)
  5. Ragman's gonna be late

    1935 Dodge?
  6. big mess

    A Chevy 36? and whats hiding out back?
  7. A Ford on the hook?

    I think it is a Ford 32 to 34 Tandem duals and an International in back
  8. the local doctor's car what is it?

    From Kewaskum Wisconsin
  9. Fifties 8 emblem

    any idea what she was from orginally ?
  10. Saw this on the wall in a Quick-Trip Gas station in Fox Lake Wisc. recently. There's a fella in Brookfield that has a list of the plate numbers for early Wisconsin plates I'm quessing a Holsman?
  11. what could this be for???

    Came with some early brass era auto stuff great part is there were 2 off them cowl lamp brkts???
  12. Isn't there room for a bare bones vehicle like The Studebaker/Westinghouse truck or similar car?
  13. Carbide on a Steam engine???

    The other day I asked a question about a model 106 Gray&Davis carbide headlamp and I believe I saw here or on the internet a picture of an old advertisement for a brass carbide headlamp mounted on the front of a steam traction engine with a Pres-o-Light tank mounted on the barrel of the boiler. I want to show my steam friends and can't find it. Any Help??? Thanks
  14. Prest- O- Light cylinder

    Won't beat around the bush,,,what should I ask?
  15. Model T or Hudson????

    Got this headlamp the other day, looks like Model T to me but has a Hudson lens in it..... one fits the other or ???? Thought I'd ask the experts... Thanks