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  1. wldavis

    1959 Mercury Montery front brake drums

    misterc9, So, this Mercury has the optional 3" brakes, but they were offered for the front only ? The front brake drums are the 5X5 bolt pattern and the rear is 5X4.5 ? Or does this car have 3" brakes all around ?
  2. wldavis

    In honor of Father’s Day

    My dad (b. 1915, d.2013) with his 1941 Nash and in his USMC uniform during WWII. The best dad a son could have.
  3. wldavis

    1959 Mercury Montery front brake drums

    future, i received an email from Kanter Auto Products in Boonton, NJ. I thought about looking for 3" wide drums for your car as they had an advertisement for brake parts. Yes, they do offer a 3" wide drum for your car. But, you should contact them to make sure the drum has five studs on a 5" bolt circle.
  4. wldavis

    1959 Mercury Montery front brake drums

    NAPA Auto Parts shows brake shoes in the 2 1/2" and 3" widths for a 1959 Mercury Monterey, but only drums in the 2 1/2" width.
  5. wldavis

    1959 Mercury Montery front brake drums

    future, I looked on Mac's Antique Auto Parts website and they show two different brake shoes; one is 11 1/32" by 2 1/2" wide and the other is 11 1/32" by 3" wide. This makes me wonder if you have a "police" or "taxi" or "heavy duty" brake option on your Mercury. Or is your Mercury a station wagon ?
  6. wldavis

    1936 Plymouth P2 De luxe spark plugs

    Carlton, NAPA has (among others) Autolite #295 - non-resistor plugs or #306 - resistor plugs. I have used both of these in my car with no problems. I'm pretty sure these and other brands are available at most auto parts stores.
  7. Carlton, Beautiful car. It is just stunning !!!!
  8. wldavis

    1938 DeSoto C/L MN $6,000

    Not my favorite (favourite). I lean towards medium-dark blue or medium-dark green. This car appears to be a good buy.
  9. wldavis

    Finishing wood wheels

    Looks great, Rich !!!
  10. Beautiful car, Keith. You have really made this car into a nice driver. Don't forget to post photos when you are out and about.
  11. wldavis

    Antenna Location?

    Maybe Len has his wife keep curlers in her hair when they go for a drive !!!
  12. wldavis

    50's ? Plymouth hubcap?

    Roy, I have seen these painted two different ways (if painted), but I think your item is correct for a 1951 or 1952 Plymouth Cambridge or Concord model. Photos show the caps on 1951 Concords.
  13. wldavis

    Unidentified Ford bumper guard, new but what year?

    Pete, This is as close as I could come to a match...1939 Lincoln Zephyr front center bumper guard.
  14. wldavis

    Can you identify this 1912-era vehicle?

    What is that draped over the steering wheel ? Looks to be leather-like....
  15. wldavis

    Plymouth 31-32 PA - PB Transmission small parts

    Have you checked with AMS Obsolete in Georgia ?