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  1. I agree with Matt...this just reeks of scam.
  2. On my 64 Electra the knob pulls matched the interior color, Fawn in my case. I'm fairly certain the Riviera would be the same.
  3. The real attraction at Hemi Hideout is the classic neon. I'd pay to see that, not so much the mopars...
  4. Ain't nobody happy unless mama is happy.
  5. Interesting that the modifier of the body put all the passenger doors on the curb side of the vehicle, which makes sense if you think about it.
  6. I stand corrected.
  7. I dunno...ask Sid on his feelings....
  8. Exactly correct Willis. I ran E-Code Cibie's in everything I ever owned that would permit such. I owned a 2010 Subaru Outback for a while and while I couldn't install my Cibie's, I did upgrade the bulbs and installed a pair of driving lights (Cibie' Oscar+ clear driving) and also a set of Cibie' Super Oscar's. All were upgraded to 100 watt lamps, Don't ever leave your high beams on when I'm coming at you....
  9. bass-akwards. Darn auto-correct!
  10. Close Ed...Force through the EXHAUST valves, exhaust through the INTAKE valves. We knew what you meant... :-)
  11. Therein lies the problem. Usually they don't but there was one that did. Our local BMV registrar DID go out of business after numerous complaints about the lack of friendliness exhibited by the employees. In Ohio, the BMV (the one's that issue license plates and such) are politically appointed positions. While I generally don't care for political appointments, in this one case it worked out in the favor of the constituents. There were enough complaints that the "new Governor" gave the position to a different person and removed the previous person that was appointed by a previous administration. This isn't usually done, but I guess there was on exception in this one case :-). New registrar is doing a bang up business since now word has gotten out that they are new and they are nice. Folks use to go to another county to do their business with a different registrar, but now stay local. Sometimes, just sometimes, it does work out...
  12. 'Berta loves them just because they are headquartered in Michigan, right Roberta?!
  13. Probably so, Bernie. I've had to deal with his type for over 36 years. It does make you shake your head sometimes, doesn't it?
  14. Probably not best on this board...PM forthcoming.
  15. Guys, I have been an Insurance Agent owning my own agency for over 36 years. I will say that it is not best to go with a very large, national company, any of them, for your Antique & Classic (A&C) auto insurance, the one that also writes Kia's on a daily basis and tries to convince you they know the A&C market too. They, guaranteed, do NOT have the proper contract to properly protect you A&C auto. While their agent may say they do, you will never know until you have a claim and the adjuster starts talking of depreciation and actual cash values (ACV). My agency is in the top 10 nationally of a very large A&C carrier. We also represent other carriers in the A&C business but the big one, the one you think of most often, the one that has their own valuation tools online, is absolutely the very best in this coverage arena. They really are that good. And, while not the least expensive, they do have the absolute best coverage available anywhere and do know their market to the extreme. They also reinvest into the hobby which is important in my view. To put it another way, it's who I have my own personal A&C policy with and I can choose ANY company for such. That is the "insiders" look into A&C insurance carriers. Dan, I have no doubts of your story. Some people tend to "exaggerate" their problems and that was what I was alluding to, not your reporting of what the gentleman had to say. You are correct, everyone really needs to review their coverages with their agent. Doing so AFTER a claim is not the time to review your coverages. Ben, I urge you to seek out proper A&C coverage rather than your current coverage. I have read that companies policies. You need to contact one of the specialty carriers promptly. I am more than glad to answer questions on this subject and I am not soliciting to write anyone's A&C coverages. In fact, I probably couldn't as I am only licensed in the State of Ohio.