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  1. 1922 Dodge Brothers Touring Car

    Breaks my heart. I went to a forum on collectible cars at pebble beach last week. Unless this was a Mercedes gull wing or a Ferrari V12, It could be smelted down to an ingot and be made into a Tesla.
  2. The price may be a too high.
  3. 1933 Dodge What??

    This car has been on Ebay. The rear part of the body is fiberglass.
  4. try this link.
  5. 1933 Dodge 6 driving Peking to Paris rally

    Beautiful car! The body must have been built by an independent body builder, (Holden in Australia), probably wood framed. Dodge did not build a roadster in 1933.
  6. I'm pretty sure the wheels are 1932 Plymouth.
  7. 1930's Hupmobile wire wheels

    Four nice wheels 19" with ratty caps. weigh 140 pounds for shipping. Shipping to east coast is $140.00. Lessor distance is less cost. Bob 510 474-2533
  8. I need a pair of aprons to complete a project car. Any condition considered.
  9. Bakersfield Swap photos

    that was space 78. Tom Lane, phone 661 706-5263, is the contact for the swap he would have the seller's information.
  10. Brass Carburator

    I am thinking this is related to a Detroit lubricator carburetor. The components also appear similar to the Stewart carburetor which may have combined with Detroit Lubricator at some time. The float bowl cover is of the design for the 1915-1916 Dodge Brothers carburetor.
  11. Bakersfield Swap photos

    The engine is said to be a 1921 Sterling truck. The Sterling name is cast into the aluminum valve covers.
  12. Bakersfield Swap photos

    Photos of each isle about 1:00 PM Friday.
  13. Looking for Bob Scafani's phone number

    My phone is 510 474-2533 address: 1491 Cypress Drive #1096 3183 Forest Lake Road Pebble Beach CA 93953
  14. Hello Al, I tried to send a PM. I have two lock rings. email me Bob
  15. 25" 5 or 6 lug disc wheels needed

    Budd made 25" disc wheels for a few years in the late teens. They are extremely rare, and usually in poor condition. I had some many years ago that were used on the winner of the first great american race 1915 Dodge. On the other hand Dodge five lug 24" wheels are available.