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    Re bodied Packard 1108

    Robert, post some progress pictures for us please.
  2. Yeah, that sounds like a smart observation. Must have been me!
  3. Ditto. Unrelated, but people need to take a hard look in the mirror and think about what they share to the rest of the world. As far as the marketplace in general, I feel that if you can't sell a car using cl, ebay, hemmings, marque specific forum, or land auction, then maybe the car isn't worth what you think it is. Harold, I would start with marque specific forums with maybe a link to a CL ad. For better cars, eBay and Hemmings. For even better cars, give it to one of the dealers on this forum.
  4. alsancle

    1932 Marmon Sixteen sedan body - $6500

    That car was on CC a while ago posted to the Hamb back in Feb. I identified it for them but also pointed out that I thought it had almost no value.
  5. alsancle

    53-56 Caribbean

    I want to start a thread on the Caribbean. We have had 5 of them going back 50 years. We being my dad, I've never got my own. But right after I got out of school when I was walking around with 2 months of uncashed paychecks in my wallet (those were the days) I decided I had to have my own. I really wanted a 53 and I looked at 4 or 5 cars over the course of a year before I gave up and bought a GT500 Shelby. In retrospect, the Shelby was a smarter idea, but I still keep my eyes open for my own 53 or 54. I have two funny stories from the looking process. 1. Tom Mix was a well known car guy that owned Foreign Motors in Mass for years. He as friendly with my dad and had been advertising a complete 53 worthy of restoration for at least 5 years in Hemmings. I want to say at the time he was asking around 5k. At this time, 20k bought the best one in the world, and 10 brought a decent driving car. So my dad calls Tom and we take a ride out to visit him. Met him in his office and chit-chatted for a while before he took us out in the yard to see the car. The yard in back was dirt and there were lots of cars in various states of falling apart. It was really like a junk yard. So we are walking around and Tom and my dad are reminiscing. We are standing in the same spot for a couple of minutes and my dad asks Tom when we are going to get to see the car. Tom says "You are standing next to it". 1/2 buried in the ground was something that might have been a 53 Caribbean but honestly I couldn't tell. We figured out pretty quick why he had been advertising it for that many years without selling it. Always wondered if anyone rescued that car. It was really far gone. 2. Another Hemming adventure was a car down in Georgia. My dad swapped phone calls with the guy and he sent us 5 Polaroid pictures and the car looked great. The seller told us we could drive down and drive the car 1000 miles home to Mass no problem. This was also a 5-6k car. So before we make the 20 something hour drive, we figure we should get someone to look at it for us. So one of my dad's buddies gets the idea to call the local chief of police and see if he can recommend anyone local to look at the car for us. The Chief was a great guy and said he happened to love old cars and he would personally go inspect it for us. So, he reports back that the car is a peach and we would have no problem driving it home. So my brother, dad and friend and I pile in to my dad's wagon and drive 22 hours straight down to this little town in the middle of no where down by the Florida/Georgia border. The town reminded me of something out of a Burt Reynolds movie, we stopped in to pay our respects to the Chief on the way in to town and he came to look at the car with us. Well, ended up being the chief was the seller's 2nd cousin and the car was almost as bad as Tom Mix's with the exception that it would run if you banged on the starter with a hammer that was always conveniently nearby. We told the chief we need to go have lunch and think about the deal and promptly got out of town quick. 46 hours down and back, 30 minutes looking at the car. The nice one we still have, a 3 owner car from new with maybe 40k original miles. The rougher car we sold at Hershey a dozen years ago and my dad bought that in the early 60s. If you happen to own it reach out to me as I have some paperwork for it.
  6. alsancle

    53-56 Caribbean

    I’m interested but I don’t think that’s what you mean. 🙂 is it complete? There are a few hard to find pieces on that car.
  7. Sounds like good marketing. I doubt he will care. Post some pictures. We have a local one every Thursday but I have never managed to make it.
  8. alsancle

    1928 Cadillac Fleetwood Town car

    I think if you pm Linus you will get a response from him.
  9. alsancle

    1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    I think it will move soon. I'm laughing at myself because I'm peeing all over the tires and when you look at my avatar you can't see the car past the whitewalls. I need to buy some blackwalls but that is 1,800 bucks for a car I have to push around.
  10. alsancle

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Auburnseeker has a build thread going and I looked around for a general garage/barn thread and couldn't find one. It would be interesting to know what everyone has for garage or barn space. Since I was in my teens I dreamed of having a dedicated car barn or garage. Life tends to get in the way of these things and then you end up with the choice of having the car/cars or the garage. My dad built a dedicated garage finally when he was in his late 70s. He went pre-fab and it can hold 6 cars comfortably with space to work and a full 2nd floor. I had plans and engineering for a barn that will comfortably hold 10 cars. I really don't know what it will get built.
  11. alsancle

    32 Buick Coupe

    Might be a 7500-8500 car. Is it a 90? There are 7 hood doors.
  12. alsancle

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    That reminds me of Hershey in the good ole days.
  13. alsancle

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Isn't there an exterior installation layer then can put on post and beam construction so that you don't lose the appeal? Otherwise, you are correct, not good for north east.
  14. alsancle

    1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    Curt, just to clarify a bit, whitewalls are like a brunette wearing a big blonde wig. At least the tires on Tom's Lincoln have a decent trade pattern. I could probably live with them if I had to.
  15. alsancle

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I vacillate between wanting something I can stick 10 cars in (I'm not sure what is a worse idea, the 10 cars or the barn that big) and building something smaller and appropriate for my lot that will only 3 or maybe 4 cars. I love the look of this, but it would only hold 2 or 3 cars. I guess I could bump the dimensions on the length. Just a loft, not real storage upstairs either. But it would look GREAT sitting in my back yard.
  16. alsancle

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

    I think Ed is flying around right now. When he's done goofing off I'm sure he can chime in and tell us if John still has it and what he wants. I know they took that car on a Texas Pierce tour where the temps were scorching and had no issues.
  17. alsancle

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

    If you guys know John & Ed this car is dialed in and has been driven all over the place. I think they might still have it.
  18. alsancle

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

    I'll second the motion that Ed/John's sorted 29 is a much better deal at 35k.
  19. Now that is a REAL musclecar! 😄
  20. alsancle

    Classic Car Restoration Software

    Agreed. It can be very demoralizing.
  21. alsancle

    Classic Car Restoration Software

    Consider a way to import and export projects. I won't get involved with any cloud based tool that "owns" my data.
  22. alsancle

    Classic Car Restoration Software

    So its a cloud based tool? Can I export or download my entire project, if so what format does it come out in?
  23. alsancle

    1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    Swap those tires out for some Bedford blackwalls and the car sells tomorrow. As a neutral third party, I have seen this car in person and it is very cool.
  24. alsancle

    1934 Packard 1108 Dietrich Victoria project

    I'm the guy on barn finds trying to explain to everyone that the car has new coachwork. I guess people think it is possible that something that would be a 7 figure project (to start) would just pop up on eBay.
  25. alsancle

    Darrin custom 1942 Lincoln Continental

    Neat car. Keep us posted on your progress.