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  1. You need to be highly skilled or wealthy to restore most cars. The nicest car you can afford will also be the cheapest car you can buy.
  2. Reo Royale

    An excuse for them to put some chrome on the engine? Reo was trying to dress the engine up and the finishes in that picture are pretty close to what they are supposed to be.
  3. Reo Royale

    I wanted to start a thread on Reo Royale. I'm putting it down here in the CCCA forum instead of up in the Reo forum because the Reo guys will come down here but I'm not sure the CCCA guys will go up there! I have always liked the Royale because of its styling and I gravitate towards big straight 8 engines. Introduced in the fall of 1930 for the 1931 model year the styling was 3 or 4 years ahead of the curve. As a 12 year old I have vivid memories of my dad's giddiness when he discovered the two Royales in Bill's Junk Yard down in Rhode Island had a bunch of Model J Duesenberg parts attached to them. Quick Overview. There were basically 3 models, the 8-31,8-35 & 8-52. The second number indicates wheelbase, 131,135 & 152. There were also 1 to 3 coachbuilt bodies put on a 148 inch wheel base which have come to be referred to as 8-48. In 33, the 8-31 became the N2 and the 8-35 became the N1. I think the 52 was dropped. The 8-35 & 8-52 are considered full CCCA classics. The 8-31 was basically a Flying Cloud with the Royale underpinnings. I find the 8-31 interesting because it is a smaller car that got the bigger engine which became a popular performance technique with manufacturers in later years. There were 4 standard factory bodies, a Victoria, Sedan, Conv Coupe (made only in 31 & 32), and a 3 window. At least one convertible Victoria was built on the 8-35 chassis. There was mention of 3 coachbuilt Dietrich cars on the 8-48 chassis. One of those is known to have survived.
  4. Reo Royale

    Too late Eddy. You might have mentioned this a year or two ago.
  5. Whitewall overkill

    I think that 75% or more of the cars you see with metal tire covers have un-inflated tires in them. I'm going to guess that the whitewall and blackwall are dimensionally identical, but I don't know that for a fact.
  6. Famous Car

    If you have stopped reading Hemmings like me you probably missed it:
  7. Ford full classic?

    Any of the coachbuilt European bodied Ford chassis would be accepted. There are a few floating around.
  8. 1937 Graham for sale

    That is a VERY desirable car, unfortunately this one seems to have been messed with quite a bit. I think it might have been on eBay a few years ago too.
  9. Whitewall overkill

    Do you know how many Duesenbergs have had their fenders modified to except the wheels, let alone the wheels and tire covers?
  10. Franklin

    In honor of this very cool 32 Franklin coupe that Mike West is selling we need to start a thread for Classic Era Franklin. Somebody needs to step up and buy this. I don't want to hear any complaining that it is expensive getting a CCCA car as Mike only wants 15k for this.
  11. Auburn Speedster paint scheme

    Best of show from Amelia in the speedster class. I lobbied the owner for blackwalls (naturally) but it didn't seem to hurt the car with the judges. One of which is a notorious anti-whitewall guy.
  12. Reo Royale

    280k all in. Should make you Coupe owners happy. An older restoration that still looks great.
  13. Franklin

    How much bump can you get and how easy is it? Are the rods steel or aluminium from the factory? Duesenberg, Stutz, etc used duralite rods which don't react well to time, revs, or just looking at them.
  14. Whitewall overkill

    One of the issues with the tires of the last 40 years is that they are dimensionally different than original equipment prewar. The Lester balloon whitewall that you see on high end Classics restored in the 70s, 80s, and 90s are just not correct and look stupid. There are some much better tires these days (although still too wide) where I will admit the white walls don't look bad. With regard to your Lincoln, since it is on the build card, I might lean towards putting them back on, but VERY tough call for me.
  15. 1950 Dodge Wayfarer Project $1000 obo

    Actually, you see lots and lots of the 2 door and 4 doors, as well as the coupes, and a few roadsters but I would say you NEVER see this style.
  16. It Wins!! Amaxing Buick wins at Amelia Island!

    I saw your Buick at St Johns and thought it was pretty cool.
  17. 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS

    I'm not a tiny displacement sort of guy but that is a really nice car.
  18. It Wins!! Amaxing Buick wins at Amelia Island!

    I was going to say this but I feel like I'm a broken record on the subject (hey, wonder if anyone under 30 knows what that is??). I'll disagree slightly with the rest of your comment. I believe that it does stand out because it is not one of the other "run of the mill" great Classics. Those other cars (J, Packard, Lincoln, Pierce, etc) are awesome, but also frequent flyers at concours events. It is very hard to find something different. Which is why I got in to Reo Royale .
  19. It Wins!! Amaxing Buick wins at Amelia Island!

    Perfect except for the trippe lights and trunk. Agree with the comments that it stands out because of what it is.
  20. Custom bodied Packards

    Wow, I've never seen pull down windscreens before.
  21. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    We have been posting some MB stuff in other threads and there really should be an appropriate landing spot for some of these pictures and thoughts. Btw, one of the only English speaking websites that I know of where you could find information on prewar Mercedes Benz is the 170-220 forum. There is some great stuff on that site but their focus tends to be around the smaller engined cars so in this thread I would like to concentrate more on the full classic chassis, 290, 320, 380, 500, 540, etc. I've been lucky enough to see and touch many great Classics but the materials, fit & finish on the 1930s Mercedes was one of the best. Also, MB was a leader in technical advances including 4 wheel independent suspension in the 1933 380. The driver activated supercharger on the K,S,SS,380,500k, 540k and 770k to my knowledge is very unique. Only Stutz had tried a similar system in 1929.
  22. supercharged Cord

    Priced right. Almost feels like a scam. 1937 supercharged Cord 812 phaeton - $110000
  23. 1939 LaSalle Bohman Schwartz

    I assume going directly to Pebble?
  24. P-A Barn Find

    Regarding commentary on "for sale" threads: 1. I don't have the access to the site logs, but by observation forum traffic is down unless you are a Buick guy. 2. Further empirical data is the number of my friends that formerly posted here but now are spending their time on *shudder* Facebook. 3. Anything that causes interest or conversation on the forum is positive for all members. 4. 95% of the feedback I have seen on "for sale" thread is spot on, and the seller should be paying us for it. Listening would generally save the sellers a lot of time and heartache. 5. Finally, the subject car of this thread is not worth 10k and I doubt it is worth 1k. The sooner the seller realizes that, the quicker he will be able to sell it.
  25. 1939 LaSalle Bohman Schwartz

    What a great car. Thanks for posting all the pictures. I was going to ask for a period pic and then I got to the bottom!