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  1. For Sale 1922 Paige 6-66 7 passenger sedan

    Not necessarily a good comparison as Buick and Olds are not accepted by the CCCA.
  2. Duesenberg Concept

    So the Duesenberg Concept car is for sale. I always thought it was pretty cool when I saw it at the ACD museum. It is a real coachbuilt car from the 1960s. Price is high I guess but when you figure what some dream cars go for maybe not completely insane. 1966 Duesenberg Concept Car, the last real Duesenberg. Only one prototype produced. Massive size and ultimate luxury, every option imagineable. This Duesenberg was created under the auspices of Augie Duesenberg and designed by Virgil Exner and built by Ghia. The provenance is excellent from day one. First time in over 50 years that this car is publicly being offered for sale. It was on display at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg museum for 30 years until it went to the Bortz Auto Collection where it has been for the past 15 years. The car is still almost completely original and check out the video to see how nice it drives down the road. MUSEUM QUALITY WITH LESS THAN 500 MILES ON THE ODOMETER! A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of automotive history with complete provenance. The luxury and amenities are hard to imagine until you actually drive this car. True Duesenberg luxury and comfort whether driving at highways speeds or a relaxing Sunday drive to the country club. Excellent show piece for any serious car collection or museum. Serious inquiries can call Joe Bortz 847-668-2004 cell 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. CST Price: $475,000 obo
  3. There is little conversation on these fantastic cars so I want to start one. I don't know much about the Silver Ghost other than the design lasted a long long time. The PI & II are more in my wheelhouse as they were dead in the middle of the Classic era. Springfield RR were made from about 1920 to 1931 in Massachusetts. I believe all the PI and PII cars were LHD. The PII chassis were built in England and shipped to the U.S. for body and assembly so I count them as "American". I know some forum member own these and I'm hoping we can get some first hand impressions. I know build quality is fantastic. The engine is huge, but not geared to be a speed demon. Although the later PII "continental" chassis were supposedly good for 90mph. I don't know that the U.S. shipped models had that specification. To kick things off, here is a car I really want. Sort of shame the took it apart. A very rare opportunity to acquire one of the small number of left hand drive Phantom IIs produced, in this case being a very attractive Sports Saloon in part dismantled state, ready for a relatively light restoration. The car was delivered new to Canada, and has remained there for its entire life until now. Some of the photos show the car as it arrived, partly dismantled by the last owner in preparation for restoration, and others with it loosely 'hung together' to give an indication of the car’s handsome appearance, which includes louvred bonnet, rear-mounted spare wheel, quarter bumpers, etc, etc. As you can see, there are many components included with the car, including nicely re-chromed bumpers. A fascinating project, probably never to be repeated. Click the video link below to see footage of the car arriving here, and pictures after partial re-assembly.
  4. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    John, Do you know if anybody is making the wheel disks?
  5. Ed's post may be the smartest thing he has ever said. I will not buy a car without rock solid "provenance". That word can mean a lot of things but for me it is independently verifiable pictures, paperwork and history. Some of it can come from the seller, but to be trusted, it needs to come from somewhere else.
  6. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Ok. I see now that your car has the center hung doors while the Avon has suicide for both front and back.
  7. Duesenberg Concept

    So Ed, name a coachbuilt car in the 60s that you like.
  8. Duesenberg Concept

    Two guys on the island, anybody else swimming ashore?
  9. "She"?

    I don't understand why guys name their cars at all. You would think they owned a boat.
  10. Duesenberg Concept

    Thanks West! You are good company on a lonely island. I think the key thing to remember is the era and the key thing to forget is the price. The latter is perhaps coloring some opinion and former is only fair.
  11. A year later the car was still being advertised for sale.
  12. Joe, you don't say which operating system you are running on or which version of firefox. I'm running firefox on both Windows 10, Windows 7, and Ubuntu Linux and for the most part is works fine. Once in a while the forum is very slow, but I'm not attributing that to my browser. I'm assuming it is the host provider or my network provider. One thing you could try is making sure that your firefox install is up to date. 56.01 looks like the latest version.
  13. Duesenberg Concept

    I guess I stand alone. I like it. I also like the first couple years of the Stutz Blackhawk and also Glenn Pray's 8/10 Cord. But I like them in the context of the period they were built - the 1960s/70s.
  14. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Auburnseeker has a build thread going and I looked around for a general garage/barn thread and couldn't find one. It would be interesting to know what everyone has for garage or barn space. Since I was in my teens I dreamed of having a dedicated car barn or garage. Life tends to get in the way of these things and then you end up with the choice of having the car/cars or the garage. My dad built a dedicated garage finally when he was in his late 70s. He went pre-fab and it can hold 6 cars comfortably with space to work and a full 2nd floor. I had plans and engineering for a barn that will comfortably hold 10 cars. I really don't know what it will get built.
  15. Duesenberg Concept

    I completely disagree. I like it. Compare it to other 1960s sedans, not something from 40 years earlier.
  16. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    A factory photo of an Avon. Could even be John's car originally.
  17. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    I assume this is in the "continental" configuration? Are the American shipped PII's in this configuration I wonder?
  18. For Sale 1922 Paige 6-66 7 passenger sedan

    Great car and great history! I think direct comparables will be hard to find but unfortunately the restoration costs on most cars are never recouped.
  19. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Problem is that except for the Brewster Newport they are all RHD cars for English market. There were only 146 or so LHD American delivery cars. Those bring a premium in the states.
  20. Those Cords are pretty cool.
  21. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Question: What is the most expensive P2 you can buy? Answer: The cheapest P2 you can buy. Actually, that may not be true. I wonder what the least expensive P2 is you an buy these days that will actually run and drive. If this one purrs like they say it does they should take some picture outside.
  22. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Pete, I think Ed is talking about pure speed and muscle. If you had to win a race with any stock American prewar car wouldn't you go with a Model J (I won't even say SJ)? Even though it was 1928 technology a Model J Duesenberg tuned correctly is very very fast, even by 1938 standards. Refinement, drivability, steering braking, etc, we can probably find 20 better pewar cars that would also maintain 65 mph.
  23. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    2 man doors, 2 garage doors? Looks big.
  24. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    And since when does that stop anyone on the Internet? Ed, outline why you prefer the P1 to the PII? I would imagine as Pete suggests that the rear end should have a higher ratio.