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  1. Pebble/Monterey?

    Anybody lucky enough to be heading to Monterey next week? Bob, you making a return visit?
  2. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    This fantastic Ascot was at Pebble this weekend. It won a class award and something else.
  3. There is little conversation on these fantastic cars so I want to start one. I don't know much about the Silver Ghost other than the design lasted a long long time. The PI & II are more in my wheelhouse as they were dead in the middle of the Classic era. Springfield RR were made from about 1920 to 1931 in Massachusetts. I believe all the PI and PII cars were LHD. The PII chassis were built in England and shipped to the U.S. for body and assembly so I count them as "American". I know some forum member own these and I'm hoping we can get some first hand impressions. I know build quality is fantastic. The engine is huge, but not geared to be a speed demon. Although the later PII "continental" chassis were supposedly good for 90mph. I don't know that the U.S. shipped models had that specification. To kick things off, here is a car I really want. Sort of shame the took it apart. A very rare opportunity to acquire one of the small number of left hand drive Phantom IIs produced, in this case being a very attractive Sports Saloon in part dismantled state, ready for a relatively light restoration. The car was delivered new to Canada, and has remained there for its entire life until now. Some of the photos show the car as it arrived, partly dismantled by the last owner in preparation for restoration, and others with it loosely 'hung together' to give an indication of the car’s handsome appearance, which includes louvred bonnet, rear-mounted spare wheel, quarter bumpers, etc, etc. As you can see, there are many components included with the car, including nicely re-chromed bumpers. A fascinating project, probably never to be repeated. Click the video link below to see footage of the car arriving here, and pictures after partial re-assembly.
  4. Old 1930s bugatti

    Correct. A fishing expedition. Also, the rest of you guys should know this car well since we have discussed it to death on the forum.
  5. Pebble/Monterey?

    Best of Show.
  6. Pebble/Monterey?

    From the show.
  7. Pebble/Monterey?

    Hey Bob, not sure. Didn't talk to the guys.
  8. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    We have been posting some MB stuff in other threads and there really should be an appropriate landing spot for some of these pictures and thoughts. Btw, one of the only English speaking websites that I know of where you could find information on prewar Mercedes Benz is the 170-220 forum. There is some great stuff on that site but their focus tends to be around the smaller engined cars so in this thread I would like to concentrate more on the full classic chassis, 290, 320, 380, 500, 540, etc. I've been lucky enough to see and touch many great Classics but the materials, fit & finish on the 1930s Mercedes was one of the best. Also, MB was a leader in technical advances including 4 wheel independent suspension in the 1933 380. The driver activated supercharger on the K,S,SS,380,500k, 540k and 770k to my knowledge is very unique. Only Stutz had tried a similar system in 1929.
  9. Pebble/Monterey?

    From today.
  10. Are Packard Tachs rare?

    I was having this discussion over in the traditional hot rod forum. I've always thought these tachs were as rare as hen's teeth. Until today I had seen 3 in the last 25 years, and today a guy showed me one he put in his car that came out of a boat. They fit in the glove box where the clock would go on the 39/40 packard.
  11. White Cars

    Yes. That is a factory picture. Ed Minnie owns the lap robe from that car.
  12. White Cars

    Don't forget the world's most expensive (and unattractive) Brunn bodied Pierce Arrow.
  13. Pebble/Monterey?

    Hey Curt, yes. RM is selling a black speedster which brought huge money last night. I think close to 7 figures. I thought I took a picture but I guess I didn't.
  14. Pebble/Monterey?

    A few more from the RM auction.
  15. Pebble/Monterey?

    More from today.
  16. Pebble/Monterey?

  17. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    From Pebble.
  18. Are Packard Tachs rare?

    This is an early 120 Darrin with the tach.
  19. Pebble/Monterey?

    For you Bob.
  20. Reo Royale

    Moving up to a Royale from the Pierce?
  21. Reo Royale

    I wanted to start a thread on Reo Royale. I'm putting it down here in the CCCA forum instead of up in the Reo forum because the Reo guys will come down here but I'm not sure the CCCA guys will go up there! I have always liked the Royale because of its styling and I gravitate towards big straight 8 engines. Introduced in the fall of 1930 for the 1931 model year the styling was 3 or 4 years ahead of the curve. As a 12 year old I have vivid memories of my dad's giddiness when he discovered the two Royales in Bill's Junk Yard down in Rhode Island had a bunch of Model J Duesenberg parts attached to them. Quick Overview. There were basically 3 models, the 8-31,8-35 & 8-52. The second number indicates wheelbase, 131,135 & 152. There were also 1 to 3 coachbuilt bodies put on a 148 inch wheel base which have come to be referred to as 8-48. In 33, the 8-31 became the N2 and the 8-35 became the N1. I think the 52 was dropped. The 8-35 & 8-52 are considered full CCCA classics. The 8-31 was basically a Flying Cloud with the Royale underpinnings. I find the 8-31 interesting because it is a smaller car that got the bigger engine which became a popular performance technique with manufacturers in later years. There were 4 standard factory bodies, a Victoria, Sedan, Conv Coupe (made only in 31 & 32), and a 3 window. At least one convertible Victoria was built on the 8-35 chassis. There was mention of 3 coachbuilt Dietrich cars on the 8-48 chassis. One of those is known to have survived.
  22. Colored Pre-War Photos

    About 75% Chevy and Ford.
  23. Reo Royale

    This car is for sale in the Reo Club Newsletter.
  24. 1913 REO

    Listen to this guy right here. I just finished the chapter of his book where he takes his 1910 REO and drives from RI to the western end of LI. That is a true car guy! Brave too.