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  1. Nice job. Check in on it and answer questions, ask questions, etc. I'll chime in too.
  2. There is no 2 door version of this. But I would say it is better looking than 95% of call cars produced in its era.
  3. Are we talking any era? I can list a few from the 30s that might make anybody's top 10 list. Starting with the 20 Grand.
  4. Most dealers will just send you the price if you email them. For 375 I'm going to assume that the restoration is nice but not great. The color holds it back too. A perfect roadster CL sold for over 600k at Hershey a few years ago. The argument that people want cars from their youth is specious. The market for big Brass cars and interest in Model Ts is strong and everybody that knew those cars as a youth are gone. The real issue with the decline in interest has to do with the lack of basic mechanical skills of everybody under 45 has. And yes, I know "everybody" is an exageration but if you go back 50 years, every single 18 year old male could change the oil in a car. How many now can check the oil?
  5. If you are patient you can pick up most individual issues eventually through eBay.
  6. Sorry to go off topic, but the weight thing made me think of one of the all time too heavy vehicles for its intended purpose.
  7. I'll back Rusty up on the flat head Mopar six. I drove one in HS and although not across china, teenagers have a way of stressing engines. Never a single problem, they have a great reputation for reliability.
  8. Ouch, what is the bicycle tire mounted to the sidemount for? Re the Buick, neat car for sure but wood wheels feels like a bad idea.
  9. Without crawling around underneath and knowing full maintence history it is always hard to figure out exact market value. AND I'm not a Buick expert but looking at your pictures that car should be worth 20k or more. I will defer to the real Buick guys here as there are subtle model distinctions that are important - although I know a Century should pull a lot more than a 46 :). One suggestion might be to post this down in the Buick forum below. Not sure how many of those guys are looking at the entire site.
  10. Here is the article on Henry mentioned. ReoRoyaleCoupeArticle.pdf
  11. I wanted to start a thread on Reo Royale. I'm putting it down here in the CCCA forum instead of up in the Reo forum because the Reo guys will come down here but I'm not sure the CCCA guys will go up there! I have always liked the Royale because of its styling and I gravitate towards big straight 8 engines. Introduced in the fall of 1930 for the 1931 model year the styling was 3 or 4 years ahead of the curve. As a 12 year old I have vivid memories of my dad's giddiness when he discovered the two Royales in Bill's Junk Yard down in Rhode Island had a bunch of Model J Duesenberg parts attached to them. Quick Overview. There were basically 3 models, the 8-31,8-35 & 8-52. The second number indicates wheelbase, 131,135 & 152. There were also 1 to 3 coachbuilt bodies put on a 148 inch wheel base which have come to be referred to as 8-48. In 33, the 8-31 became the N2 and the 8-35 became the N1. I think the 52 was dropped. The 8-35 & 8-52 are considered full CCCA classics. The 8-31 was basically a Flying Cloud with the Royale underpinnings. I find the 8-31 interesting because it is a smaller car that got the bigger engine which became a popular performance technique with manufacturers in later years. There were 4 standard factory bodies, a Victoria, Sedan, Conv Coupe (made only in 31 & 32), and a 3 window. At least one convertible Victoria was built on the 8-35 chassis. There was mention of 3 coachbuilt Dietrich cars on the 8-48 chassis. One of those is known to have survived.
  12. Talking to Shawn, the car comes with 2 engines and lots of extra parts. He will be making a list of the parts shortly.
  13. Cord, Do it on the general board. Don't mention in your thread the car is for sale, or at least right away. What might be ok is to say that you have been helping your dad sell some of his cars because he is sick and that you thought one in particular would be worth a thread on the Hamb. I think it will be well received. I'll post to it once you have it up. If you are not a member, be sure to do an introduction before creating your thread. Here is the one I started back in 2005 for my Stutz Special:
  14. What a cool car. I agree do not destroy it in the rally. There are lots of cheaper choices with a similar chassis and would not damage what maybe a one of one car.
  15. So the scuttlebutt that I have heard is that the subject car of this thread from Washington has been sold and is in Colorado now.
  16. Shawn Miller is now advertising a 8-35 Victoria for sale: I know we have guys looking for a car.
  17. Looks like ricosan is selling his car now. I like it a lot.
  18. It was available about 14 years ago for around 300k, maybe a bit more. It has a 5 speed transmission.
  19. We have been posting some MB stuff in other threads and there really should be an appropriate landing spot for some of these pictures and thoughts. Btw, one of the only English speaking websites that I know of where you could find information on prewar Mercedes Benz is the 170-220 forum. There is some great stuff on that site but their focus tends to be around the smaller engined cars so in this thread I would like to concentrate more on the full classic chassis, 290, 320, 380, 500, 540, etc. I've been lucky enough to see and touch many great Classics but the materials, fit & finish on the 1930s Mercedes was one of the best. Also, MB was a leader in technical advances including 4 wheel independent suspension in the 1933 380. The driver activated supercharger on the K,S,SS,380,500k, 540k and 770k to my knowledge is very unique. Only Stutz had tried a similar system in 1929.
  20. Great stuff! So does the car still have the Indy engine in it? I have this vague recollection of them being separated at some point. I would post this over on the Hamb also but not as a for sale. Create a general interest topic with the of the most interesting pieces of info you have along with the period pictures and some of the new ones. This will generate some buzz as the Hamb has lots of traffic and from people you would not expect (i.e. ones with big wallets).
  21. Cool stuff Cord. I'll try to read it all over the weekend. Do you have a timeline for the car's history? Did all this paperwork come with the car when your dad bought it?
  22. You made the right choice by far. As someone that has owned 2 Cougars, they are not musclecars in the way a GTO or Roadrunner is. They are sorta in that T-Bird group if you know what I mean.
  23. Would love to see some pictures of a present 33 8-35 with those features. All that I have ever seen are a couple of period pictures. Not sure how many 33 Royales still exist.
  24. Jeff, those number 5 wrenches can go for a couple hundred bucks. The less info, the more I assume bad info.
  25. I'm sure the current owner of the car would love to have it.