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  1. Eddy, I'll ask him today. The complexity of the P1 is something you hear a lot. I'm a big believer in "doing what you know" and there are only so many cars you can get comfortable with in in one lifetime. The other thing about Packard is a guy can start with a $1500.00 110 and work his way up the ladder to a 3.5 million dollar Dietrich Split windshield and never leave the marque. I don't know if there are any other manufacturers were you can quite do that. You are usually stuck at the bottom, middle or top of the range.
  2. A picture of the Packard.
  3. Frank, I'll try to remember to ask. If he was big in the CCCA then my dad would know, but if he was more of a pure Packard guy then maybe not. Did you see the 31 845 Roadster on eBay? I'm not a green fan but the green on that car looks fantastic. JV, always interesting how we gravitate to a particular place. I think the T is probably popular for just the reasons you may not like it. Have always liked the P1 Springfields and they have felt "reasonable" for some of the lesser body styles. The 2 convertible sedans that Gullwing was selling were pretty cool. But, having never driven or tried to maintain one I'm just observing and do not really know anything about them. I assume given your location you have been over to Mr Laferriere's place?
  4. Is that your Saloon?
  5. A 4 door limo on a 380 chassis? I'm not sure they made very many or any of those. There are very few 4 door bodies on the 380/500/540 chassis because it is really not that long. If they did make one it would be priced less than this car.
  6. The Model T crowd is everywhere, but is that considered brass?
  7. Some years look better than others with the fender lights. Ed can give more detail but Pierce was using ball bearings for the spring shackle mounts instead of bushings, just to give you an idea. The problem I have is that while American styling was hitting is high water mark (in my opinion) between 32 and 36 Pierce was turning out some awkward visuals. Not all of them, as there are some really good looking ones, but many. That said, I would love to have a PA some day. I had a shot at this one and should have bought it but Ed didn't push hard enough.
  8. 1. Agree on the white brake covers, might be able to improve quite a bit with maroon just on those. 2. The green car above has 2 major advantages over the subject car, 1. Its a club sedan not a open rear quarter sedan, 2. Wires vs Wood spokes. Generally agree with everybody's comments.
  9. Ed is a build quality elitist because of Pierce Arrow which had the greatest build quality of any American manufacturer but not the greatest style. He comes around eventually on style. Also, he's the only guy I know that can look at the hinges or door handles from 40 feet away on any Classic and tell you the manufacturer.
  10. I would say that 1/2 of what I consider my good car friends started off as "internet buddies". Would you agree that within about 10-12 posts or so you can figure out if you like someone?
  11. It seems that "customers" or "clients" or even "bosses" or "employees" can become friends over time when mutual respect becomes clear to all parties.
  12. Eddy, 3 window or club coupe?
  13. Frank, any car guy that wouldn't love either of these two is not a car guy. Theoretically the CCCA should accept my Stutz as it is documented by a professional body builder who advertised and built a series of cars. It was done on a new chassis which I also have documentation of. Not a home build. But regardless, if it was done by somebody unknown but prior to WWII I would love it just as much. If it was done in the 40s or 50s I would still love it but not quite as much. I could equally love those two Lasalle's if somebody finds either one
  14. As someone who had a 49 2 door special deluxe plymouth foisted on him in HS (thanks Dad!!!) I can tell you it is the styling followed by power plant. Everybody called it the pumpkin. Car was 100% reliable, but 55 was just about the top end. The wayfarer roadster and the business coupes have a pretty strong following. You will probably pay 15k plus for a running wayfarer and 20 plus for a nice one.
  15. The boat tail is cool. If we are doing Lasalle show and tell here is another one.