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  1. supercharged Cord

    When something is too good to be true... well you guys know the rest. Guaranteed not an original blown car. I'll bet if somebody calls you will find out it has a fiberglass body, or at a minimum the engine is seized.
  2. supercharged Cord

    Pictures can lie. If the car looks 75% as good in person as it does in the photos then it should be gone. But the shot of the windshield and the lacing on the top makes me wonder. Also, there is something about those pleats that doesn't feel right. Probably my imagination.
  3. 1031 Exchange

    The new tax law eliminated 1031 exchanges for collector cars.
  4. Boy, do I want this....

    That is a mock-up of what might be. Mixing in about 300k will finish it.
  5. Wanted For 1928 Stutz - Spring U bolts

    Exactly. Actually, since the rear was swapped with an Auburn 2 speed I don't think I ever had those parts. I probably had the front U bolts but do not think I have them anymore.
  6. You need to be highly skilled or wealthy to restore most cars. The nicest car you can afford will also be the cheapest car you can buy.
  7. Reo Royale

    An excuse for them to put some chrome on the engine? Reo was trying to dress the engine up and the finishes in that picture are pretty close to what they are supposed to be.
  8. Reo Royale

    Too late Eddy. You might have mentioned this a year or two ago.
  9. Whitewall overkill

    I think that 75% or more of the cars you see with metal tire covers have un-inflated tires in them. I'm going to guess that the whitewall and blackwall are dimensionally identical, but I don't know that for a fact.
  10. Famous Car

    If you have stopped reading Hemmings like me you probably missed it:
  11. Ford full classic?

    Any of the coachbuilt European bodied Ford chassis would be accepted. There are a few floating around.
  12. 1937 Graham for sale

    That is a VERY desirable car, unfortunately this one seems to have been messed with quite a bit. I think it might have been on eBay a few years ago too.
  13. Whitewall overkill

    Do you know how many Duesenbergs have had their fenders modified to accept the wheels, let alone the wheels and tire covers?
  14. Auburn Speedster paint scheme

    Best of show from Amelia in the speedster class. I lobbied the owner for blackwalls (naturally) but it didn't seem to hurt the car with the judges. One of which is a notorious anti-whitewall guy.
  15. Reo Royale

    280k all in. Should make you Coupe owners happy. An older restoration that still looks great.