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  1. Pebble/Monterey?

  2. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    From Pebble.
  3. Are Packard Tachs rare?

    This is an early 120 Darrin with the tach.
  4. Pebble/Monterey?

    For you Bob.
  5. Reo Royale

    Moving up to a Royale from the Pierce?
  6. Colored Pre-War Photos

    About 75% Chevy and Ford.
  7. Reo Royale

    This car is for sale in the Reo Club Newsletter.
  8. 1913 REO

    Listen to this guy right here. I just finished the chapter of his book where he takes his 1910 REO and drives from RI to the western end of LI. That is a true car guy! Brave too.
  9. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    Cord, well done.
  10. Need list of 1929-35 stutz owners. Leads?

    Send an email to With complete description and pictures and it will get forwarded out to the club. Ed is correct. Stutz engines are like Graham superchargers. People threw out the car but kept the engine. So there are quite a few engines/heads floating around. The DV32 obviously brings the money. As an M head this is more desirable than an AA or BB, but they really don't bring a lot of money as the need is thin.
  11. 1936 Pierce-Arrow

    Nice car! Do all the 36's have overdrive or only the twelves?
  12. He got a free Chrysler

    Straight 8 is nice. Will he be able to get title?
  13. Nice. On the collectiblility chart, is the 40 like the 32 in terms of being THE year? I never understood the nuances of the 38,39,40,41.
  14. I know they have always called this a "concours" but I'm wondering what the level of car they are attracting. The one time I went it was a nice show, although sort of in the middle of nowhere. But definitely calling it a "concours" was a misnomer.
  15. 1928 Buick Coupe wire wheels side mounts boulder CO craigslist

    The "Buffalo Wires" simply refer to wire wheels made by Wire Wheel Corp of Buffalo. They tended to be on high end cars. Stutz, Duesenberg, etc. Nice car Btw. Good deal I think.