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  1. The Lebaron Stationary coupe on the short wheelbase 12 chassis is a great car. I think this may be the only known example?
  2. A 31 Custom Eight Factory Photo.
  3. I think the owner knows he has to go to Ed & John for parts.
  4. So you were able to find the history?
  5. The more I think about it, the more it was probably 400k. I believe it is for sale now for 1.35. Given the 700k for the car at Amelia, 800k is not enough.
  6. Nice job. Check in on it and answer questions, ask questions, etc. I'll chime in too.
  7. There is no 2 door version of this. But I would say it is better looking than 95% of call cars produced in its era.
  8. Are we talking any era? I can list a few from the 30s that might make anybody's top 10 list. Starting with the 20 Grand.
  9. Most dealers will just send you the price if you email them. For 375 I'm going to assume that the restoration is nice but not great. The color holds it back too. A perfect roadster CL sold for over 600k at Hershey a few years ago. The argument that people want cars from their youth is specious. The market for big Brass cars and interest in Model Ts is strong and everybody that knew those cars as a youth are gone. The real issue with the decline in interest has to do with the lack of basic mechanical skills of everybody under 45 has. And yes, I know "everybody" is an exageration but if you go back 50 years, every single 18 year old male could change the oil in a car. How many now can check the oil?
  10. If you are patient you can pick up most individual issues eventually through eBay.
  11. Sorry to go off topic, but the weight thing made me think of one of the all time too heavy vehicles for its intended purpose.
  12. I'll back Rusty up on the flat head Mopar six. I drove one in HS and although not across china, teenagers have a way of stressing engines. Never a single problem, they have a great reputation for reliability.
  13. Ouch, what is the bicycle tire mounted to the sidemount for? Re the Buick, neat car for sure but wood wheels feels like a bad idea.
  14. Without crawling around underneath and knowing full maintence history it is always hard to figure out exact market value. AND I'm not a Buick expert but looking at your pictures that car should be worth 20k or more. I will defer to the real Buick guys here as there are subtle model distinctions that are important - although I know a Century should pull a lot more than a 46 :). One suggestion might be to post this down in the Buick forum below. Not sure how many of those guys are looking at the entire site.
  15. Here is the article on Henry mentioned. ReoRoyaleCoupeArticle.pdf