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  1. alsancle

    Glidden Tour -- Twin Falls, Idaho

    I was heading north on 75 through Shashone and I saw quite a few cars going south. Did not realize it was a Glidden tour.
  2. alsancle

    Hershey pictures?

    Different car, same colors.
  3. alsancle

    RM auction at Hershey

    The black one had a mechanical shifter in place of the vacuum. It was dinged and dented everywhere and when they went to drive it on the block it stalled at least 3 times driving it from the tent. The other car was just odd in a number of ways. I could see 120k for the black one and a bit more for the green one.
  4. alsancle

    RM auction at Hershey

    Black one was about as worn as a car can be. Green one was nicer but funky color, added rumble seat, seat cushions looked weird, almost like they can from another car, dash was a mess...
  5. alsancle

    Pierce Arrow

    Yeah, I mentioned to Chris that they were missing a lot of the history. I'm happy someone bought it that wasn't me.
  6. alsancle

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Hershey is about socializing for me. It was nice to see you Steve, I apologize I was in pack mode for my dad. I really only looked around two booths. The first was because a tag on a file sticking out of a box caught my eye. A great moment for me as found 2 photos very near and dear to my heart. The other booth I bought some coachbuilt renderings for Stearns Knight that I had been passing on for years but finally gave in.
  7. alsancle

    Pierce Arrow

    So somebody stepped up at the Hershey auction. Hammer at 135 so 150 ish all in, with another 300-400k to go.
  8. alsancle


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  12. alsancle


    A close coupled version of the V7.
  13. alsancle


    Ok, so who knows something about Cunningham? I know they had a big ass V8 of their own and then went to Ford chassis in the 1930s. This one was for sale at Hershey. This is a 1928 V-7 which was ridiculously original.
  14. alsancle

    Lincoln 1932 KB 5-Pass on Auction

    It was getting a lot of exercise this week. It hammered at 90k so 100k all in. Good money for a nice car.
  15. alsancle

    1936 REO Flying Cloud

    You need to join the Reo club They have the info on getting your build sheet.