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  1. A package deal with the Franklin?
  2. I think you intended to say in the bolded section that states allow antique PLATES to be used for the purpose of maintenance outside of holidays and weekends. Half of my cars have standard registration and have have antique. Theoretically I could take one of the ones with regular registration to work every day for the summer. There are no laws stopping you from using an old car every day. Yet.
  3. The landau irons, low windshield and Victoria body are all European, although Rollston, Dietrich and Waterhouse did build similar bodies but with suicide doors instead of front hinged like this picture.
  4. Definitely a European body. I'm going to guess German based on the folded size of the boot (top).
  5. To play on your metaphor without getting in to trouble, the first thing I always look at is the roofline and greenhouse height. You can change the wheels and tires but you can't change that, unless you are chopping.
  6. I don't know that Ray Dietrich ever did a bad design. One of the guys on the forum studies body design (Steve) and he explained that the reason that car looks right. Hopefully I don't mess it up but 3 things and maybe he can chime in with a better explanation: 1. Note the edge of the radiator sits on the front axle while the back of the roof sits on the back axle. With your basic sedan, that rear line is always after the rear axle. 2. The 3,2,1 side light principle. The front door glass is 50% bigger than the rear door glass which is 100% bigger than the back roof line. Finally the height of the green house is very low, especially for 1931. The body on this car is set back 4 inches and that extra length is in the cowl which extends the hood. That doesn't hurt either.
  7. Here is an ad for a sedan circa 1964
  8. Without getting too political, if you are a boob and run your own business you usually are not collecting a pay check for too long. On the other hand...
  9. The harsh words are gold. The worst thing that could happen to a younger person interested in the hobby would be a black hole project.
  10. Standard auction operating procedure is to never reveal the current owner. If they did that, then potential buyers would not bid and wait to buy the car directly from the owner after the auction.
  11. Wow. You have done pretty well to be hanging around this hobby and not get caught on a car! Next car I make money on will probably be the first
  12. Bob is the MAN. He's the one that pointed me to the Cusik-Schumacher special that ran in the Vanderbilt Cup and eventually got me to the origin of my Stutz. Frank, the best thing my mom ever told me (and I was about 12) was that 99.9 percent of the stuff you worry about never happens. I started keeping track and she was right. Of course, that doesn't mean something you are not worried about doesn't come up and bite you in the rear end!
  13. You are right about the proportions not being conveyed. I'm not sure why. If I bought the car, I think I would do the following: 1. Change the wheel and brake drum color. 2. Add a pin stripe 3. Add the rear spare cover or maybe double the rear spare. If I was selling the car, I think I would just try #1, as when you are selling, putting money in to items that can be considered "taste" issues could be counter productive.
  14. Bob, that looks like a great show. I'm going to be on vacation with the wife so unfortunately I won't be able to attend. Frank, it took me 10 years of going by Bob's spot at Hershey looking for him before I gave up. Then at Pebble Beach last year this good looking dude shows up and introduces himself as Bob. We you get the Nash running Ed and I will come down you can drive us around the yard sitting on milk crates. Will be my first ride in a prewar Nash. I have a few I need to tick off the list.
  15. Good words of advice Frank. I try hard to only post positive comments. If you knew me you would know that doesn't come naturally :). Of course, I do have hard time controlling myself with regards to my disdain for whitewalls, trippe lights, doodads, and guys that walk around a high end car auction with a NADA price guide in their hand.