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  1. My dad inherited every issue of National Geographic from about 1900 to 1960. Boxes and boxes. NOBODY wanted them, especially the local libraries. On the other hand, I have gone out of my way to collect prewar issues of Motor and Automobile Topics, as well as every issue of Road and Track from the 40s and 50s.
  2. The speedster bodies included a boat-tail, roadster, phaeton, and sedan I think. So there was a boat tailed version, one of which brought 1.8 million bucks last summer. Later on in 34 there were the pontoon fendered Lebaron speedsters of which I think there are 4 or 5.
  3. Somebody is making those Detroit Lubricators.
  4. Curt, that is because you have Auburn burned in to your mind. "Speedster" in Packard terms means hopped up engine, high speed rear end and some special bodies that were sleeker than standard.
  5. The picture with the deck is recent. The picture without I'm going to guess is Hershey sometime in the last 30 years.
  6. Look at the horns.
  7. No deck? Otherwise looks identical. You sure it isn't the Murphy with the deck removed? I'm I missing something?
  8. Ed is the blonde. Since I'm shy I fortunately have my back to the camera. I wonder what happened to that Derham 12? I really liked that car.
  9. If you look at the last entry in the thread, you can see a post date which will show you when there was last activity. You can see Keiser31 posted in 2011 so the thread is very old.
  10. That is because the auction was 8 years ago
  11. That is a neat car. Like most projects it is probably on the old 20-30 year schedule. I have contacted guys that have bought my cars to see how things were going. One of them I was absolutely shocked at the amount of time and money that went in to it (which was why I sold).
  12. Here is one that is free if you go get it soon. Steel on Porcelain frame?
  13. Here is another prefab metal one that was moved.
  14. The low windshield is a great feature on these Nash bodies and I have always liked the convertible victoria body style. My general rules for picking colors: 1. Canvas should be black or tan with a preference for black. Colored tops are out (my dad is the master of this one). 2. Mono tone body & fenders to make the whole look synergistic. If you feel obligated to two tone, goes with darker color on the fenders. NO Metallic. I don't care about fish scales I know they used them but rarely and they are incredibly fine. 3. Dark colors on the wheels if painted. Consider body color. The wheels should be darker than the fenders. 4. Consider period colors in general. Colors go through fads and picking the lastest fad (think red in the 80s) and you date the car to when it was restored. If you know the original colors and you can stomach them consider it. I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I have a car that was factory red (including the chassis) with period documentation talking about it. I could not bring myself to paint the car red. I have mixed emotions about painting raised body mouldings different than the body. Often pin striping does a better job. The more different colors you use the greater chance the body is viewed in disjointed pieces instead of a holistic or harmonious single piece.
  15. You missed a great one here: