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  1. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    This fantastic Ascot was at Pebble this weekend. It won a class award and something else.
  2. Old 1930s bugatti

    Correct. A fishing expedition. Also, the rest of you guys should know this car well since we have discussed it to death on the forum.
  3. Pebble/Monterey?

    Best of Show.
  4. Pebble/Monterey?

    From the show.
  5. Pebble/Monterey?

    Hey Bob, not sure. Didn't talk to the guys.
  6. Pebble/Monterey?

    From today.
  7. White Cars

    Yes. That is a factory picture. Ed Minnie owns the lap robe from that car.
  8. White Cars

    Don't forget the world's most expensive (and unattractive) Brunn bodied Pierce Arrow.
  9. Pebble/Monterey?

    Hey Curt, yes. RM is selling a black speedster which brought huge money last night. I think close to 7 figures. I thought I took a picture but I guess I didn't.
  10. Pebble/Monterey?

    A few more from the RM auction.
  11. Pebble/Monterey?

    More from today.
  12. Pebble/Monterey?

  13. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    From Pebble.
  14. Are Packard Tachs rare?

    This is an early 120 Darrin with the tach.