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  1. 1930 Gardner Roadster - Pebble Beach Entry

    Great car. The colors are tasteful and I also like the blackwalls. I think the 29 Gardner touring car on the same chassis went to Europe. Maybe we will see it at Pebble in a few years.
  2. Olds W30 trying to contact owner VIN search PA.

    Given privacy laws there is no way to go through government entity to find the owner. I'm not sure where all the 442 guys hang out, but posting there (whatever forum that is) with a description of the car may get you leads as to who has the car now. You will need to say something like, "I have paperwork on a blue 70 W30 4 speed that was originally from New York, owned by such and such"
  3. 1925 Buick coupe

    Very nice.
  4. What a difference new tires make.

    Love it! Have done the shaving routine as well as weights. Latest thing is beads? Anybody try that?
  5. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Well, I did pick the best looking one. At least one of the 500ks has a setback radiator and look pretty cool. The trunk on the one RM is selling does not help it.
  6. The one time I sold a car in 4 hours I realized I had underpriced it by 25-35%. But a deal is a deal.
  7. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Not fair to compare with what Ed would think of as a phaeton. Much better looking.
  8. Here we go.......

    I'm always shocked by the amount of traffic on a Sunday.
  9. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    I thought auctions.
  10. Here we go.......

    I have done central Mass to Akron more times than I can count. My mom grew up there, then soapbox derby, then stopping by to see a friend whenever I'm passing through. I assume you are going straight down 80 to 81/84? I also understand about not having another restoration in you. My dad just finished his last car, but it took him over 50 years.
  11. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    Just my pet peeve probably, but this "Considering selling my ..." always annoys the heck out of me.
  12. Best Muscle car from 1963-1971 ERA

    All semantics I guess but I consider the L88 Vette and 427 Cobras to be sports cars and not musclecars. Generally a muscle car needs to seat at least 4 or it is a sports car to me. Nobody mention the AMX as that messes up my argument. I like all musclecars, but prefer a 4 speed, and if it came with straight cut gears like a rock crusher all the better!!!! As someone who graduated a little later than some of you I missed out on the street 1/4 mile races. By 1982 there was very little of that left in my town. Also, my GTO sounded great with headers and the original mufflers which were shot, but I'm not sure how fast it actually was. I had 2 inch boost springs in the front so it had the right stance and look.
  13. Best Muscle car from 1963-1971 ERA

    The GTE sounds nice on paper but in reality was severely detuned and 1/2 of them didn't even have posi rear ends and ALL the 427 cars were automatics. That said, I still like them and they are king of the Cougar pile. The undisputed king of all muscle cars was the 68 and earlier solid lifter cam 426 HEMI. GTO's were cool (I have fond memories of my HS/College days with my 69 400/4speed conv) but the Hemi was king. These days I'm partial to Shelby Mustangs too.
  14. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    Cord, I'm sorry to hear about your dad's health. I agree with the previous posts. Bring in an auction company, allow plenty of lead time with good online advertising. One that allows online and phone bidding would be required. You may not achieve full retail but will do very well.
  15. PreWar Mercedes Benz

    A person in the know told me yesterday there will be 3 at Pebble.