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  1. real61ss

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Yep, i dont watch much TV but i look forward to seeing this show. As for that Model A, hindsight is 20-20, Next time i decide i want to get a Preservation with it, I think I'll call up to Headquarters and see what your schedule is before i enter it.
  2. real61ss

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    10,000 comedians out of work and you still try'n to be one! Seriously, next week should be really good, supposed to be about Ray Hendrick and the flying number 11 modified. Ray was a good friend and a modified legend.
  3. real61ss

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Watched two episodes, good shows
  4. real61ss

    Saint Ann's Car Show 2018

    Where is this church? Im a member of St. Ann's Catholic Church but its not this one! I doubt i could convince anyone at my church to have a car show
  5. real61ss

    Portawalls question

    Im late to this discussion bur Ive had plenty of experience with Port A Walls when i was a teenager working at the local Texaco station in the early 60's. I wouldnt put them on a wheel borrow! Wore my thumbs out trying to push them down on the rim and get the puckers out only to have them pucker up on the opposite side of the wheel.
  6. real61ss

    1957 Corvette Fuelie

    Zip has a website for ordering parts and they list thier contacts but i doubt they list any cars for sale on it. I was in there last Saturday and the 57 was setting in the show room. If you called i would ask to speak to Andy
  7. real61ss


    I have enjoyed reading this thread, I've been showing at AACA National Meets now for a little over 25 years and have been fortunate in the awards dept., AACA has been very good to me, I have never been to a conqours event but thats about to change as my car was accepted in the Hemmings Conqours Event at Lake George, NY. Im really looking forward to it, hope i'm not disappointed !
  8. real61ss

    1957 Corvette Fuelie

    Zip Corvette in Richmond. VA. has a 57 fuel car, black with a silver cove and hardtop setting in thier showroom for sale
  9. real61ss

    2018 Eastern Spring Meet results

    Paula, Absolutely one of the best planned meets that i have attended in my twenty years of AACA membership. Great rate on rooms at a first class hotel, great restaurants both inside the hotel and nearby. My wife and i showed 3 vehicles and if you plan another meet we will be there for sure. Thank you and your region Tommy & Debbie Nolen
  10. real61ss


    Great meet, big thank you to all that were involved. Great location Agaib, thank you
  11. real61ss


    Charlier, Thanks, i got one of those letters too. See you there
  12. real61ss

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Steve, i appreciate your response and i will abide by whatever rules the board decides to have, this one just took me by suprise because i had not heard any talk about it. It does shorten the time frame for a car to reach the GN level thought because the car that got its Sr. at Hershey in Oct. had to have recieved its Jr. somewhere earlier that summer . Its all good, we shall see how it works out
  13. real61ss

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Say this isn't so! I had not heard this but if that is the case a guy could join AACA at Philly, show his car at the Winter Meet, get his Jr. then go to Charlotte and get his Sr. then go to the GN Meet in May and have his car go from nothing to GN 1st in 4 months. Then he sells the car and we never see him or his car again, as a long time member of AACA, I don't see that as a good thing, all he did was use AACA to quickly enhance the value of his car. AACA won't even recoup the price of the trophies he won.
  14. real61ss


    What is a trailer parking system?
  15. real61ss


    We are attending also, wonder how many vehicles are registered. Im sure it will be a great meet! Wow. Little Hershey!