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  1. real61ss

    Grand National in Greensburg

    Absolutely great show!!! Thank you to all those who worked so hard to make this event happen. Saw lots of friends and lots of beautiful cars. Thanks again.
  2. real61ss

    2018 Grand National Registration

    John, I'm sure, I was just ribbing you. We will miss seeing you this weekend, what about Gettysburg? think you will make that?
  3. real61ss

    2018 Grand National Registration

    Ata boy John, you showed him 😁
  4. real61ss

    Auburn AGNM-2019 May 30-June 1

    You got it......Annual Grand National Meet
  5. real61ss

    61 ventura for sale

    I owned the car up until about a year ago and I know who ownes it now. You may contact me at
  6. real61ss

    ODMA 2018 Old Dominion Meet Photos - 27-28 April 2018

    Well, they should be posted on WWW.ODMA.AACA.COM but they aren't. Don't know who the webmaster is. Mark probably knows
  7. real61ss

    Auburn meet

    Great show Steve, we sure enjoyed and will surely be back next time. Thanks for all you do for us.
  8. real61ss

    Where do you get your air?

    Most small compressors won't pump enough pressure to pump the tires up. I take my trailer by the garage that does my regular auto repairs. My trailer tires are inflated to 110 psi.
  9. real61ss

    Auburn meet

    I received the pass to get on the property this pass Saturday
  10. real61ss

    NC Region Spring Meet at Petty's Garage

    Great photos Annie, thanks for sharing
  11. real61ss

    Auburn (Quality Inn)

    You might try the LaQuita in Fort Wayne, that's where a lot of us stay, they have an elevator.
  12. I just put 4 of the Goodyear American made Endurance tires on my trailer a few weeks ago. Had been using the Chinese made Goodyears Marathons . I have 2 trailers and use 16 inch wheels on both. I have Goodyear G614 tires on the other trailer, they have been trouble free so far but they cost almost 400 each.
  13. real61ss

    2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    I agree with the post above, great meet! That you to the Deep South Region for stepping up and origaninizing such a wonderful meet in a short period of time. Thank you
  14. real61ss

    old walker floor jack

    I have that same Hiem Werner Jack that bought new in 1965, paid about 65 dollars for and I would love to have the Jack restored.
  15. real61ss

    Tag Question

    I agree with Bob, only takes a minute to take it off, then you can't loose points because of it.