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    Hello - I am very interested in this radiator. Please let me know how I can contact you directly. Thank you
  2. Shorpy's Mercer picture

    Looks like some customization with the running boards removed, cycle fenders and forward spare mounting. Perhaps the work of George Bentel's shop.
  3. 6th annual Mercer Associates meeting at Hershey

    Also - wear your M E R C E R sweater for the group photo if you purchased one through Clifford Zink.
  4. There will be a new location this year for the 6th annual Mercer Associates meeting at Hershey. Corky Coker has graciously offered to host the meeting at the Coker Tire Tent in the middle of the Chocolate Field. The meeting will be on Thursday afternoon (10/6/2016) at 4PM. Stop by to catch up with fellow Mercer owners and enthusiasts.
  5. Camshaft repair regrinding

    Thanks Ivan - The exhaust roller on #4 cylinder got chewed up and damaged the cam lobe. This may have been due in part to excess wear of the cam shaft thrust bearing (center die cast bearings?) which has allowed it to shift aft 0.125-0.150", or by some mis-assembly of the cam shaft by a previous owner. This is evidenced as the front timing chain gear seems to be in the right plane with the crank and tensioner, and the front tip of the cam shaft is recessed in the bronze cross shaft gear. Either way this would have reduced the contact area and in turn increased the contact stresses. The material from the roller has come off in little chips, some of which have found their way into the pan, so I think I am into a compete rebuild. I also noticed that #4 EXT valve may have been sticky which would not have helped the situation. I have ordered a new set of valves and guides from the gentleman who has made some recently for Fred H. Fred is also in the process of getting new rollers for a client's engine.
  6. Camshaft repair regrinding

    I have a 1920 era 4 cyl engine with roller lifters. One of the rollers was apparently stuck and damaged the adjacent camshaft lobe. I also have a spare camshaft but some of the lobes have significant rust pitting. Does anyone have (successful) experience having camshaft lobes welded and reground to the original profile? Are there issues getting repaired lobes to sufficient hardness? Special heat treat or coatings (parkerizing)needed? Long term any issues with fatigue/cracking? Thanks for any advice/recommendations
  7. Mercer Reunion

    Another great reunion at the Roebling Museum. Many thanks to Karl and Tim, all the other owners who brought cars, the museum staff and everyone else who made it such a great weekend. A few more pics...
  8. Mercer Reunion

    Sounds great; really looking forward to the event. Out and about with the tourists on a recent foggy day.
  9. Mercer Reunion

    Woke up our Sporting this weekend after a long hibernation. Now working to get her ready for the Mercer Reunion meet in Roebling NJ in July.
  10. New Mercer Book

    Received my copy of the book yesterday - it's fantastic. Thank you to all those who made it happen.
  11. The 5th annual Hershey meeting of the Mercer Associates will be held on Thursday October 8th at 4 PM in the Orange field OBN14-17. Note that we are starting an hour earlier to give folks more time to chat. Looking forward to catching up on any Mercer related topics/activities from the past year with old friends. Any new owners are most welcome to attend (contact info on any new owners would be appreciated so as to keep the roster up to date). Please pass along the word to any owners you know who might not frequent this web-site. Stan will have the latest "Mercer Magic" newsletter, Mercer themed swag for sale.
  12. Welcome Mercer Automobile Enthusiasts!

    This website has some photos of the 4 Mercers that were shown at Pebble Beach this month (site also has photos from previous years and other big shows too). http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/gallery/46881/Welcome-to-Pebble-Beach.html
  13. 1920 Mercer Limo

    There is a gentleman in North Dakota who has recently made L-head valves to order, he may have also made valve guides. Send me a PM if you wish contact info.
  14. early Mercer touring for sale at Dragone Auction-May 30

    I understand it did not sell as did not meet the reserve with a max bid of $950K.
  15. Welcome Mercer Automobile Enthusiasts!

    RE: brandanh's note on 31 Mar 2013; I own the 1920 Sporting Chassis # 5304 with engine #5226 which also has the valve cover from engine #6242. i was aware that a Mr. Duby owned the car around 1945. I was wondering if it was originally owned by George Schulz (since new?). Did Mr. Duby then sell the car (directly?) to Joe Faltin in Manchester NH as next owner? Any leads appreciated. Thanks