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  1. From the Blue Ridge Mtns of Virginia ...

    You seem to have a knack for finding nice original 71's The good thing about these cars is the fact that they're still very affordable, and not terribly hard to find in this condition. I have such a huge soft spot for these.
  2. Help ID'ing this fender louvre

    71-72 Riv cornering lamp
  3. Car Club Question

    None of our local chapter members are paid for their services/time. Sometimes it seems like that's what it would take to get someone to do the job though!
  4. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

  5. The COE 57 is a photoshop job.
  6. Need help to I.D. this intake manifold

    Here are a couple photos of the mysterious intake...someone sent these to me earlier this year asking the same question. It APPEARS that it's a pre-70 400/430 intake. Someone with better eyes may be able to confirm?
  7. 2017 national meet photos

    We bought out the Sears next door of all fire extinguishers in minutes.
  8. Lancemb's 57 Roadmaster Facelift

    That car looks worthy of a Gold Senior award, I reckon.
  9. 1967 Buick Sportwagon GS400 'clone' done!

    Saw it at the national meet this week....awesome car, Chuck! Great to meet you, too.
  10. Let's Talk 1960 Buick Power Brakes

    Go with Joel's advice. I did the same on mine. I didn't have sticking brakes, but I did tear the booster apart and cleaned it up. Not a terrible job. Since that seems to be the only thing not replaced, I would look at that first.
  11. Buick Super Riviera 1958 - P6tu

    IF the rusted spot on rod does not interfere with the seal, you do not need to replace it. All the rod does is displace the fluid.
  12. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    ALL the fun!!
  13. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    The 57 RM coupes are just so cool. Very excited for you, Lance!
  14. 1957 Tail Lights Roadmaster Super

    Frank may be able to bring them to the meet if you call ahead. (assuming he has them)
  15. '58 Super on CL

    I'd put it closer to 8-10k...nice looking car though.