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  1. Go with Joel's advice. I did the same on mine. I didn't have sticking brakes, but I did tear the booster apart and cleaned it up. Not a terrible job. Since that seems to be the only thing not replaced, I would look at that first.
  2. IF the rusted spot on rod does not interfere with the seal, you do not need to replace it. All the rod does is displace the fluid.
  3. ALL the fun!!
  4. The 57 RM coupes are just so cool. Very excited for you, Lance!
  5. Frank may be able to bring them to the meet if you call ahead. (assuming he has them)
  6. I'd put it closer to 8-10k...nice looking car though.
  7. Those rochesters are infamous for the bog. I have given up on several of them and just dealt with it.
  8. He Carl, thanks for bringing this back up. I've been using the cover on the Skylark since it arrived last Summer/Fall. It fits really it was tailor made for my car. It's much lighter material than the others I have bought. It is staying supple and not staining. It keeps the rain out and breathes well. I use a bungee cord across the bottom of the car side-to-side to keep it from flapping in the wind. Big thumbs up to Barney's recommendation.
  9. That's a heck of a way to create a vacuum leak!
  10. Wow! Nice and solid.
  11. I am doing a 67 Electra, and apparently the quarters on the 67-68 cars are notoriously rotten. I have been unable to located good sheet metal. Cutting and fabricating for me, here.
  12. Well crap....still looking, then!
  13. I don't know if this applies to 68 models or not, but I need a trunk lock retaining clip for a 67 Electra. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks!