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  1. Autumn Buicks

    Dirty Buick...but it was out yesterday for the first time in a month since moving into the new place.
  2. This showed up in the driveway tonight... Mint green over Gulf green (57 spring color)
  3. 1960 Buick 401 Black Carburator

    Carb cores run about $200 or more...then you have to rebuild them with no guarantee the core is any good.
  4. 58 Special, not mine $13k

    For a 4 door sedan? It's more like half that $ more than $10k if in great shape
  5. Great air cleaner seal

    I have used the SoffSeal air cleaner seals several times now, and they are excellent. You don't have to buy it from CarID. I think I ended up getting my last one from The Parts Place.
  6. Great air cleaner seal

    These are cheap on ebay...|Make%3ABuick&epid=1854421361&hash=item35fe9a1937:g:SAIAAOSwSX9XBSu-&vxp=mtr

    I don't want to ever again, either.
  8. MrEarl's stuff @Hershey

    I'll take the oatmeal creme pies.
  9. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

  10. Vacuum advance

    The bummer about a 54 is that it isn't simply a rubber vacuum line. It's one of those horrible steel lines with a threaded fitting at each it would be tough to simply attach or detach at a moment's notice. I would do the suck test, or pull on it manually...then hold my finger over the opening to see if it holds. If it holds vacuum, then it will release when the finger is released.
  11. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Seems like you have to get the engine nice and hot to properly adjust those idle mix screws.
  12. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    If you can't poke through with a screwdriver, let it be
  13. 1962 225 Limo

    Great car!!
  14. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    I bought a pile of the rectangular barrel clips last year at Allentown. Took everything he had. These were impossible for me to find when I was putting my 58 back together.
  15. Spare tire well 1957

    I guess Scott Z's well didn't work out?