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  1. parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    Cool, thanks!
  2. Looks very solid and may be gotten on the road with very little effort! Price is reasonable at $6600 currently.
  3. 1958 Caballero

    That is awesome. This is one of the most satisfying times for me during a restoration. Once the paint is on, it's such a lifting moment.
  4. parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    Looking for the trunk lock clip that holds it onto the lid, and a decent battery tray. Thanks!
  5. 1972 BUICK GS STAGE1 20,703 MILES

    There were no Stage1 Rivs in 71 or 72. There was a GS engine specifically for the Riv GS and Centurion for those who chose that option. The engine code would be WA. No WS blocks in Rivs. And you wouldn't have been able to order a B4B from the factory. There was an over-the-counter Stage2 package available, but the factory would not install it. This package included a B4B. It is remotely possible that someone might have ordered just the B4B and the dealer installed it. Without proper documentation, it is just another aftermarket intake that someone tossed on in their garage 25 years ago.
  6. Thanks to those who held down the BCA booth all weekend. Mike and Nancy Book, Alan Oldfield, Melanie Mauser, Roberta Vasilow...I think I saw Don Adams hanging out there for a while. I heard we were successful in recruiting several new members, and many more prospects. Awesome job! I apologize to those who I missed... I'm hoping it was worth the trouble to set this up...maybe next year we can get a better spot
  7. Congratulations to our very own Phil Roitman for winning best Buick of the show with his freshly restored 73 Gran Sport Stage1 4 speed! The car is gorgeous and it couldn't happen to a better person. I neglected to get many photos of the event, and I completely missed getting any of Phil's car.
  8. Little things mean a lot

    I love it when the fuel gauge problem is just a ground!
  9. Thank a BCA Member

    I wouldn't even know where to begin. I think nearly everyone here on the forum that makes discussion contributions should be on the list. As for special thanks... Crin Dima (no longer a member) is the one who pushed me to come to a meeting in 2003. It was a fateful day Hank Deglman for taking me under his wing and mentoring me, keeping me enthusiastic about Buicks and the club. If it weren't for him, I may not be doing what I'm doing. Brian Laurance for showing me that there are others that are just as, or more, fanatical about 71 Centurions. Ted Becker for his total willingness to allow me to borrow his trailer for the last two years. I finally own it, now Kristina Richards (director of our chapter) for being the first really enthusiastic director of the chapter in a very long time. I could do this all night..
  10. November Bugle 2017

    Terry, this is uncharted territory for the club...for the new performance division, too. We are working on the details of how this is all going to work out. Don't expect it to happen overnight. By the way, signing the BPG onto the BCA as a division instantly grew the club by 55 members with the flick of a switch. As soon as the details can get hammered out, you can expect many more.
  11. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    When I did the springs on the limited with no front end weight, I made a spring compressor and used a combo of that and some orange ratchet straps from home depot. It was scary. I hate front springs
  12. Since you have factory AC, I recall that the actuators are attached to the AC evaporator housing, am I correct? That would mean you have to get to the inside of that box to unbolt them. The NON-AC cars just have one actuator that is attached to a metal bracket as Chris said.
  13. November Bugle 2017

    I really don't care WHAT I'm parked next to at the show. It's the "who" part that matters the most. I love striking up conversations with folks I've never met at the national meet and talking about their cars. But once the judging is over, you will rarely find me at my car...unless I'm stuffing parts into the trunk from the swap meet. I'm cool with whatever people want to do with the parking situation, as long as it doesn't kill the judges. They are already giving up a good portion of their Saturday (most likely vacation time) to schlep around all of our cars and sweat bullets for people who will never be happy with the score they give your car
  14. 1960 Buick 401 Black Carburator

    People cut down the dividers in the intakes all the time, so it probably doesn't make much of a difference (if any) without the dividers on the plate.