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  1. Well crap....still looking, then!
  2. I don't know if this applies to 68 models or not, but I need a trunk lock retaining clip for a 67 Electra. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. SWEEEEET!!!
  4. Thank god...I didn't want to be driving to GA this weekend
  5. Those holes are usually plugged with rubber plugs.
  6. I would rather have that car than a nut and bolt resto any day. If that truly is original paint, I would be willing to bet that may be one of the nicest original 53 Skylarks in existence. What a cool car!
  7. for sale

    Captured a wild cat today..
  8. If it were just evil, I would toss it in file 13 and buy a metal in line filter
  9. I've been avoiding this thread to keep from trying to buy any of these
  10. These things are notorious for warping and will hardly (or not even) seal when tightened. The last one I did required a pair of small channel locks to tighten enough not to leak. I hate them, but are a necessary evil for originality.
  11. The heater core in the 60 w/o AC is not too bad to get you mention, it comes out via the interior heater box. I've done a couple of them. I hear a lot about the control valves, but the cores I have pulled have all been bad.
  12. for sale

    Thanks, Tom!
  13. for sale

    LOL! I might have to store this for a bit, or work on it a little at a time, as I have a 67 Electra convertible in the garage completely blown apart for paint.
  14. for sale

    I bought it...picking it up next weekend