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  1. The 32 was a road patrol vehicle. I have seen pics of it before. Manuel in Oz
  2. 1908 Hoosier Motor Club meet

    Pic no 3. First and third cars could be Nationals. Manuel in Oz
  3. Mystery roadster

    Overland in front. Can't read what it says on the radiator. That is a big roadster behind. Manuel in Oz
  4. Ragman's gonna be late

    Yes 1933-35 Dodge truck. There is damage in the front too. Manuel in Oz
  5. Last photo of Grandpa's cars

    It could be a Canadian Meteor. Manuel in Oz
  6. Where does the driver sit on the donkey wagon? Manuel in Oz
  7. 1931 Plymouth PA Wheel PCD

    Otherwise called the bolt pattern.
  8. junk17

    Would anybody have the serial numbers for the earlier cars? Manuel in Oz
  9. What Is It? 2017/03/22 0942

    Hawk or Snipe? Manuel in Oz
  10. Interchangeable Radiators

    Thats a handy Nasco catalogue you have there Rob. I have often wondered if 1930s Dodge cores/rads are the same as other members of the Chry family. I have a 1933 Dodge and have often wondering if a Plym rad is the same. Cheers, Manuel in Oz
  11. Sports Car ID?

    You have to sign in to open that link Manuel in Oz
  12. Any help would be appreciated!

    It sure does look like a Chevy. The badge is pretty clear. Manuel in Oz
  13. Help ID these cars

    From here No 6 could be a 34 Ford or Dodge or Plym. Hard to tell as the front is covered by the tree. No 5 is a Model A with later wheels, which makes me think no 6 is a Ford as the wheels look the same. No 3 could be a Chev or GM vehicle. Manuel in Oz
  14. Dodge Brothers winged emblem

    Hi Gayle, Is it for sale. I have an old Dodge. Cheers Manuel in Canb
  15. chalmers book

    Any more info on the book Doug? Manuel in Oz