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  1. Leif Holmberg


    When googling Chevrolet 1929-1930 Australia they seems to have been built down there. Leif in Sweden
  2. Leif Holmberg


    Just wonder if those cars are Austalian built cars? Leif in Sweden
  3. Leif Holmberg

    Mystery disc wheel touring car

    Splach aprons on Buick those years was similar too. Leif in Sweden
  4. Leif Holmberg


    I don`t belive that,this car has probebly been built in this way later?Never seen a similar Chevrolet. Leif in Sweden.
  5. Leif Holmberg


    It has probebly being a "Landau" car ,and got a new upper rear end from a Pontiac,but look at upper part of the doors,they have a curved top at the glass opening! Leif in Sweden.
  6. Leif Holmberg

    Mystery disc wheel touring car

    Looks close to 1923 Maxwell. Leif in Sweden.
  7. Leif Holmberg

    Oil Pressure to rocker arms?

    1924 was the last year without oil preassure on the rocker arms.Why I asked is becuse a lot of people don`t tell what year-model the question are for,and that`s importent for people who want to help to answer questions in this forum. Leif in Sweden.
  8. Leif Holmberg

    Oil Pressure to rocker arms?

    And everybody knew what car you have? Leif in Sweden
  9. Leif Holmberg

    Mystery Radiator 1915-1920 Vintage

    Not Buick. I was Wrong ,the radiator it very much looks to be a 1915 Model C Buick. Leif in Sweden.
  10. Leif Holmberg

    Mystery Radiator 1915-1920 Vintage

    Looks close to 1912 Cartercar. Leif in Sweden.
  11. Leif Holmberg

    1920s Firestone wood wheels NOS

    Sorry Layden B,it was me that copied that from "face book",don`t know if this Mark are on this forum? Leif in Sweden.
  12. Leif Holmberg

    1940 Buick rear gears

    You can use those Buick parts up to 1955 and get a ratio as you are asked for. .From 1956 it`s another splines on the pinion shaft. Leif in Sweden.
  13. Leif Holmberg

    1927 wood trim

    swin10. Are you sure there should be wood on the dash on your car? Never seen that on a 1927 Std model? Leif in Sweden.
  14. Leif Holmberg

    1920s Firestone wood wheels NOS

    ‎Mark McClure‎ till 1920s antique automobiles, brass era cars, orphan makes 10 tim · I found this on FACEBOOK but couldn`t copy,therefor I took a photo instead. Leif in Sweden. Firestone "Clincher" Wheels - NOS 500 $ League City, TX I keep digging thru my stash and continue to find old parts .... Here is an unused , never been unpacked or mounted , set of Firestone "Clincher" wheels , in outstanding original condition. I suspect these were intended for Model T's , but they have not yet even been drilled and bored for the metal hubs and bearings. Here's a rundown of the specifics: 19 1/2" Outside Dia x 2 3/4" wide 12 Spokes 6 "Firestone" Cleats Date Stamped "FSP Co. 5 / 6 / 1924 28x4 These will be sold as a set only - I will not break up the set or open the original packing. Although new old stock and the wood spokes are virtually mint , I can not verify roadworthiness of these wheels. Please review the photos to determine your application requirements. Questions or request for additional photos are welcome. $500 plus shipping. (two 81) 68two-8548 Call , Text , FB Msg. League City , TX 77573. Thanks for viewing , Mark.
  15. Leif Holmberg

    When Did Buick start using a locking ignition switch?

    1923 4 cyl.models had the key as we are used too,but the 6 cyl 1923 had the key in front as Simnut show too. Leif in Sweden.