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  1. Starter Generator wiring

    Maybe this will help. Leif in Sweden.
  2. What car is this?

    Renault Dauphine late 1950, early 1960s. Leif in Sweden.
  3. 1924 Buick master six

    Same cylinder block parts number on the 1924 and 1925 Master. Leif in Sweden.
  4. Any thoughts on this vehicle?

    Auburn 1927 and Packard around 1923. Leif in Sweden.
  5. Help me ID this car?

    Yes I saw that too but the windshield and the cowl lights more looks like 1928 or ? Leif in Sweden.
  6. I.D. this brass-era Buick?

    The front fender with the lip more looks like 1911 Model 26? Leif in Sweden.
  7. Help me ID this car?

    Maybe Oldsmobile 1928 F28? Leif in Sweden
  8. 1955 Buick Paint code 9F ?

    Thanks Al. I think that tell why the 1955 plate are stamped with 9F as the 1954 plates are stamped.But still wondering why HOMETOWN BUICK used this 1955 plate.They have an explanation on everything on the 1955 plate but not on this 9 digit. I was asking this question just becuse I `m helping a 1955 owner to identifying their 1955 plate. Many thanks Al. Leif in Sweden.
  9. 1926 Buick Coupe Kansas city craigslist - plus more cars

    The Patrol Green and Patrol Cream only seems to have been used on 1927-24 and 25 models,after that ,this paint code was gone? In 1926 the Texas Brown seems to be used on this 54 models. But I`m wondering about the rust on the head light houses,what I think they have been nickled on this model ,as well as on the other ser.50 models? Leif in Sweden.
  10. 1955 Buick Paint code 9F ?

    Have been trying to find out what the paint code 9F on a 1955 Buick meens. F stands for Colonial Blue ,but how about the 9 ? Leif in Sweden.
  11. 1926 Buick Coupe Kansas city craigslist - plus more cars

    This`s a Master model,probebly a Contry Club Special Coupe 54C. 128" wb ? Leif in Sweden.
  12. Engine to identify

    As Ron Lawson says, it looks to be a 1926 Dodge. Leif in Sweden.
  13. Mystery car

    As bivar say, looks to be a Moon 1925. Leif in Sweden.
  14. I was told it is a Buick

    Willys Knight 1925.
  15. Another mystery vehicle - In New Zealand.

    Here is a 1935 Morris, looks right. Leif in Sweden.