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  1. 1925 and 1927 Buick Standards

    Both are "McLauglin-Buicks" cars.(Made in Canada) Leif in Sweden.
  2. What year heater?

    To me it looks like 1930 up to 1940. Leif in Sweden
  3. 23 Buick rear light

    Seems to be 2 different 1923 6 cyl.parts list books ,this is how it looks in my book. Leif in Sweden.
  4. Who knows what this old cowl is from?

    To me it looks like a Studebaker 1922 Special Six, the cowl seems to have suicide front doors. Leif in Sweden.
  5. Smith headlight lenses 8-7/8"

    Yes, but the make on 1924-25 Buick are OSGOOD lenses. Leif in Sweden.
  6. Smith headlight lenses 8-7/8"

    No one with a headlight lens parts book who can help? Leif in Sweden.
  7. Car Badges

    Do you really meen you want info on all those badges? Put them 1 bay 1 and ask for help ! Cutting was a company between 1909-1913. Leif in Sweden.
  8. Need help identifying an old frame

    I can`t see any cantilever rear spring on those photos, and the rear axle is not a any Buick of the 1920s. Leif in Sweden.
  9. Smith headlight lenses 8-7/8"

    A friend of mine bought those Smitch lenses for his 1924 Buick Master but they didn`t fit becuse of the wider inner diameter on Smitch lenses. (se picture.) Leif in Sweden.
  10. Smith headlight lenses 8-7/8"

    Anyone has a catalog that can tell what car those Smith headlight lenses 8-7/8" will fit on. (NOS lenses.) Thanks in advance. Leif in Sweden
  11. Twenties touring ID?

    I don`t think many others have seen it either? If this show the emblem ,just wonder how it really looks? It isn´t easy to find an "American" car when Googling! Maybe someone else can post a photo of the American emblem! Leif in Sweden.
  12. Twenties touring ID?

    Here you can see the rivets on the frame on red 1923 American car, similar as in PFindlay's older car picture. Leif in Sweden.
  13. vacuum tank problems

    olympic,the shop has done a bad work,to test the vacuum tank they need to test it with vacuum and a gas tank just to see if it works properly.To fill up the tank with fuel and see if it leaks isn`t enough.
  14. Twenties touring ID?

    It looks to be an American car make, made in 1921-22? http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/car-of-the-week/car-of-the-week-1923-american Leif in Sweden.
  15. Big car

    1920 Cadillac model 59 I think with a water bag? https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/393924298638047887/?autologin=true Leif in Sweden.