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  1. 56 front license plate bracket

    1957 has a different front bumper,just wonder if they brackets style looks the same.They have different parts numbers. Leif in Sweden.
  2. 1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    Not easy to read ,but somebody "over there"probebly have a Studebaker with those "gothic" gauges? after that # 1,399,413 serial number. Studeboy I think you are a member of a Studebaker club? couldn`t you ask for a picture ? A week ago asked a Stude guy here in Sweden who owns a 1925 and 1926 but without luck so far. Yesterday I spent another 2-3 houers to figure out what it`s,without any luck! Leif in Sweden.
  3. 56 front license plate bracket

    The plate is up and down. https://www.webstore.com/item,pgr,56-1956-BUICK-SPECIAL-FRONT-LICENSE-PLATE-BRACKET,name,70723536,auction_id,auction_details Leif in Sweden.
  4. buick rear axel bearings 1955 special where to find

    The "best price"isn`t always the best buy?There are a lot of bad copies on the maket?As "old-tank" say "Some of the replacements are Pacific Rim junk that only fail miles from home." Leif in Sweden.
  5. Please help identify these cars

    Here are pictures of 1916 and 1917 Grant cars,the front on the 1916 looks very close to the asked car question,and the wide top on the yellow1917 Grant looks like the asked cars top in my opinion? Leif in Sweden.
  6. 1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    How about pictures of the gothic designed instrument from your parts book? I have spent 2 houers on Studebaker dash gauges on the internet this morning and didn`t find anything other than the the ones similar to the earlier picture with the oval shape and rounded gauges. Leif in Sweden.
  7. 1928 Buick Master removal of starting crankshaft cap

    Cut it off on the length,it`s brass? and you can weld it together again.? Leif in Sweden
  8. 1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    dictator27,you are saying 1925-6 Standard six.What make is it you meen? For me that`s Buick? Leif in Sweden.
  9. Please help identify these cars

    I was thinking of Scripps Booth too, but couldn`t find any pictures on the www of that car with such a "wide"top.? Leif in Sweden.
  10. 1928 Buick Master removal of starting crankshaft cap

    Maybe "welded" or rivets here on this washer? Leif in Sweden.
  11. 1928 Buick Master removal of starting crankshaft cap

    This`s how it looks inside. Leif in Sweden.
  12. 1928 Master Engine identification

    The head on your engine looks to be the right green color on the engine this year. Leif in Sweden.
  13. 1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    This is 1924 and 1925 gauge cluster Studebaker. "studeboy" just try "googling "Studebaker those years and you will see the oval shape are the same for several years but more or less gauges! Leif in Sweden
  14. 1928 Buick Transmission removal - advise needed

    If you have removed everything from the torque ball(4 bolts) ,then you you just need to remove all the bolt and nuts that hold the flywheel house upper and lower.Yes there are some dowel pins too,but no need to remove those.No need to remove the 6 fly wheel bolts. Leif in Sweden.
  15. 1928 Buick Master removal of starting crankshaft cap

    It looks that you need more force.This`s how the "cap" looks. Leif in Sweden.