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  1. 50jetback

    The Wide Variety of Buick Dashboard Designs

    1936 dash layout ( Factory RHD )
  2. 50jetback

    Where is the rear brake hose on 56 Buick

    If it's like earlier models its really a middle brake hose - at the front of the torque tube.
  3. 50jetback

    1950 Buick torque ball

    Sorry Ben - I thought the Dynaflow and Standard transmission Torque Ball Retainer were the same. Had a look at my parts book and they list many.
  4. 50jetback

    1950 Buick torque ball

    Ben, I used one of these FATSCO Transmission retro fit torque ball retainer kits with the vulcanised seal to get away from the original copper sprayed metal on metal seal ( or in our case none seal!! ). https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1948-1952-Buick-Dynaflow-Torque-Ball-Retainer-Seal-Kit/280446917124?hash=item414bf05a04:g:~rwAAOSw8GhZf1Wb or this one which is cheaper still and free postage in the USA https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1948-1952-Dynaflow-Transmission-Rear-Stop-Leak-Seal-Kit-Torque-Ball-Retainer/310578977206?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20140106155344%26meid%3D525b9cb23a3b4d4c9e9dab467e62c1e5%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D10%26mehot%3Dag%26sd%3D280446917124%26itm%3D310578977206&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  5. 50jetback

    1935 buick S.40 HELP!!!

    Did you replace the water baffle?
  6. 50jetback

    1955 322 engine problem

    Thanks for the responses so far. I can't add much more at the moment. The person inquiring is a F.I.F.O ( fly in, fly out worker in our mining industry - many of our mines are in remote areas so workers will be flown to the sites and live in camp conditions working 12 hour shifts for maybe 14 days and then flown back home and have maybe the next 7 days off ) and is at present on site so I haven't had a chance for further discussion as yet. In general terms he has told me he has tried the obvious - new plugs, plug leads, compression test ( all within 5% ) but I will get a more definitive list from him during his next time home. I did ask about distributor wear and he said it was worn on the shaft/bushings. I had thought this wear would have resulted in a more generalised misfire across both cylinder banks but Aaron 65 information indicates it may be more noticeable on the left hand bank and I would be interested in further thoughts re this - Willy?? In the meantime I'll keep compiling the list of your suggestions so Rob ( the inquirer ) can spend some quality time in the garage with his Buick on his next break.
  7. 50jetback

    1955 322 engine problem

    This is a query received by our local club - anyone have any suggestions as to what may be happening here? " I am having difficulty with my Buick. The motor in my 55 Century is a Nailhead V8 322 CID. The vehicle had an ignition problem and it will run but struggles under load. My timing light shows that the 4 cylinders on the RHS all spark as should. However the 4 on the LHS show that they break down intermittently or sometimes don’t spark at all. I have replaced the Distributor cap, rotor button, points and condenser, leads and spark plugs. To no avail. However when I changed back to the old rotor button it improved slightly. I have spoken to friends who are mechanics and have tried advancing the timing etc. They both said it is very strange. Any suggestions at this point would be appreciated ." Anyone heard of a similar problem?
  8. 50jetback

    Front horns mounting for 35 Buick

    This may help
  9. 50jetback

    1936 Buick radio and speaker

    Paul, Do you have the correct speaker with the central mounting bolt which screws into the hole indicated in Greg's photos?
  10. 50jetback

    1936 idle screw sits on

    I was waiting for other replies as I'm actually having a little difficulty in this area on my 1936 Century. It is the cold idle control and it is a thermostatically operated cam fitted to the intake manifold heat jacket. It provides a fast idle speed during warm up and should disengage after the motor has warmed and will keep running at idle speed. It should be free moving. The 1936 Shop manual gives instructions on how to set it correctly. Mine tends to stay on too long and I have been turning it back manually to achieve a slower idle position once the engine has warmed up - I suspect the thermostat spring is not functioning correctly. Hoping some others will lend advice re setting correctly.
  11. 50jetback

    Who's Going to Denver

    The Coors is really enticing, but the tyranny of distance means I'll be a no show! https://www.travelmath.com/flying-distance/from/Perth,+Australia/to/Denver,+CO
  12. 50jetback

    36 Radiator Ornament

    Last usable one around $425 ( May 18 ) which seems to be the norm. They do come up - put a notification request on eBay.
  13. 50jetback


  14. 50jetback


    1928 28-54 Sport Roadster 128" wheelbase ( Master ), production 3,853 units And a link to a nice example
  15. And maybe a H V McKay SUNSHINE cattle gate?