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  1. I.D. Need for a buick badge

    1934/35 series 40 rear centre bumper bolt/badge - found on Australian Holden bodied cars fitted with local ( Aust ) content bumpers which are different to USA series 40 bumpers.
  2. BCA national meet

    Kyle - follow this link and it will take you to our Australian Club magazine covering the Australian National meet held in Western Australia back in 2014. There is an article starting on page 15 detailing travel from Brisbane Queensland to Perth Western Australia in a 1930 Buick tourer. http://www.iseehosting.com.au/members/pdf/buicknewsNov14.pdf

    1936 Special Convertible Coupe ( Century has stainless trim on top of headlights while the Special doesn't ) Probably Francis Cream with tan interior. I'll pay the Smiths but aren't they sisters and not mother and daughter? And what is different about the Smith girls in the Rumble seat between the 2 different angle photos?

    Try this one Ben - Model and year, and the name of the two girls in the rumble seat.

    At least 4 and an overhead hoist!! Looks like lunch for Momma Bear is standing in that convertible just over the Buick hood taking photos.
  6. 1935 Buick 2 door columbus craigslist

  7. 1936 sidemount cover

    This is correct for 1936 - looks like one complete cover and a second ring. Having watched these over many years and this is as cheap as any I've seen advertised - someone should grab it for the buy it now price!! or make an offer. 1936 covers with the correct trim don't come up that often. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1936-buick-spare-wheel-covers/123035619712?hash=item1ca57e9180:g:Jq4AAOSwHcpatFhD&vxp=mtr

    Is that a second CHIPS Officer sitting in the passenger seat? The Officer carrying the Buntline Special revolver ( must be uncomfortable wearing that even seated in a large Buick ) doesn't seem to be part of the conversation between Dean and his passenger which appears friendly. This link will take you to some more detail about James Deans Porche and includes another photo of an early 50's Buick which Dean is taking a lonesome ride in!! http://canadastockjournal.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/james-deans-cursed-porsche-550-spyder.html

    That HAS to be uncomfortable! Is there more of the photo? Looks like it's period and I suggest the car is a 1927 Master Six Convertible Coupe model 27 - 54CC
  10. 55 roadmaster correct door handles ?

    My 1955 Super handles look like the originals on your car - they have no plastic.
  11. A dozen local West Australian members enjoyed a beautiful Autumn day at the annual Classic Car Show at Ascot racecourse in Perth last Sunday.
  12. 1936 oil temperature regulator

    Bill - mine were sealed sealed at each end.
  13. 1936 oil temperature regulator

    Bills right - the 1936 320cu in motor had a water pipe running through the centre of the rocker shaft ( the 1936 233cu in motor didn't ). Below is some information posted about the system a few years ago " your 1936 320 motor was supplied with a factory fitted oil filter from new. I have attached some advertising photos showing detail of the filter. ALSO - and I think unique to the 1936 320 motors was the inclusion of an Oil Temperature Regulator. This device actually circulated water through a tube in the rocker shaft from the rear of the head to the water pump. I have also attached details of this circulating system from the 1936 Shop Manual. The problem is on all other straight eight Buick motors I have had experience with the point at the front of the head where the oil from the filter enters the head and rocker gear is actually a water outlet from the tube running through the shaft to the water pump on the 1936 320. So the entry point for oil on the 1936 320 motor is at the rear of the head ( see photos ). The real problem is the inner tube conveying water through the rocker shaft is almost always rusted out - thus allowing the free interchange of water/oil - oil/ water. It takes a bit to digest and other Buick people I have discussed this with have only been convinced of this system after reading the 1936 Shop Manual. My 1936 320 has been rebuilt and the oil temperature regulating sytem sealed off. It obviously wasn't effective because I believe it was dropped with the 1937 and subsequent 320 motors. Double click on the attachments and they should come up to a readable size -
  14. Dynaflow removal suggestions

    Rear end successfully removed - Ben, Willie and others were correct - it was a binding problem. The only other addition I would make to suggestions is to remove the rear wheels to allow plenty of room to raise/lower the rear end sufficiently to get the motor/gearbox/rear end on a straight plain. This will be influenced as well by year/model and body style - on the 1948 sedanette the rear end had to be dropped low to achieve the straight line between all components. Thanks again to all the knowledgeable people on this forum.