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  1. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Thanks Victorialynn2, I hope they will find time on their way home for a quick stop. Have been receiving a number of pictures of the meet by text, problem is I am not sure how to get them from a phone text message to the web. Will post some once I get it figured out.
  2. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Thanks for the offer, I have relayed it on to him. He has to be at work monday morning so may be a little short of time on the way home. Ken
  3. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Belongs to my grandson. He has been working on it for 1 1/2 years getting it ready for this trip. New brakes, tires, wire harness, gone through the transmission, overdrive and rear end. Engine ran so nice (other than head problems) it was last on the to do list. And yes it is a real nice survivor. He started north of Seattle early monday but developed a piston rattle by Medford so the decision was to put it on the trailer for the remainder of the trip and save it for touring at the meet (its touring now as I write this). Ken
  4. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Correct. C17 Airflow on it's way to Chico, California for the 55th National Airflow meet.
  5. kbeach

    Help identifying a steering wheel

    This should help. Notice the latch and knob (lower left) on the second picture. Believe some or all of this is missing on DJ1WHITE87's wheel.
  6. kbeach

    Auto Theft Devicey

    Was at a car show in the early 1960's where a fellow very proudly displayed one of these on his Model T speedster. He forgot about it by the end of the day but was quickly reminded as he went to drive off. That device made a big slice in his fender before he could stop.
  7. kbeach

    Help identifying a steering wheel

    Aftermarket fat man steering wheel.
  8. kbeach

    stutz fenders wanted

    1926 - 27 (AA) are not even close. 1928 (BB) have an extra brace, early 28 are a two part and later 28 one part. Both will fit the later M chassis and few would notice the difference.
  9. kbeach

    Help ID Truck in the Photo

    Model T Ford about 1920(?). Think you are correct about its use.
  10. kbeach

    Spicer Gear

    Power take-off (PTO) for a truck. Most trucks with a four or more speed transmission would have a plate on the side which could be removed and replaced with a PTO to run a dump box, winch, or ?
  11. kbeach

    1947 Chevy Fleetline

    www.fillingstation.com is also a good suppler.
  12. kbeach

    1918 Scripps Booth headlight bezel removal

    If they are like the early Chevrolets, rotate the bezel counter clockwise to release then pull forward. Should only twist about 1 inch or less to release. Ken
  13. kbeach

    Vintage Chrysler dash

    Thanks for the information 28 Chrysler So does WPCHRYSLED convert to 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 or start with 0 and end with 1? Does this apply to all years of Chrysler that used the FEDCO ID? Similar to Stutz FEDCO ID but they used DESCHWABLY to convert to numbers - D = 1 and Y = 0. How many other car makers used the FEDCO system? Ken
  14. kbeach

    Wanted For 1928 Stutz - Spring U bolts

    Thanks Bellytank Sent you a PM
  15. kbeach

    Wanted For 1928 Stutz - Spring U bolts

    Thanks edinmass and AJ for taking the time to respond. Please let me know should you run across any. Ken