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  1. kbeach

    What Kind of Car Does This Trunk Belong To?

    After market. How about some measurement (l x w x h) and location?
  2. kbeach

    Torque tube transmission 2

    Chevrolet 1941-48. Check for casting numbers and date.
  3. kbeach

    Dealing with Extreme Surface Rust

    Molasses will not touch paint, oil, grease etc. A few years ago I used some aluminum wire to suspend rusty parts in a 5 gal bucket of molasses mix. Checked on it a few days later and found all items laying on the bottom and no aluminum wire. Checking for white metal before tossing a bunch of parts into a molasses bath may be a good idea.
  4. kbeach

    1931 chevy rumble seat springs and seats/parts

    Do you have the rumble seat lid? thanks Ken
  5. kbeach

    Need help to identify this car

    Hard to tell year as only view is of the back end, but it does have flat fenders and brass bezel on tail light so more likely 1915 or '16.
  6. kbeach

    eBay Motors

    Well that lasted quick. Just tried it and it broken again.
  7. kbeach

    eBay Motors

    Looks like they finally got it fixed.
  8. kbeach

    What does this frame go to? Model T?

    We have owned a 1916 (parts car) and a 1917 Chalmers 6-30 5 passenger touring. Both had a front cross member like the one in your picture. Check the front left frame horn to see if there is a small brass tag with the vehicle number on it. Not sure just what is on the back of the frame - spare tire mount or home made trailer hitch?
  9. Thanks Victorialynn2 and Keiser31 for making this happen. It was a big boost for my grandson in his interest in old cars (my son also). Ken
  10. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Thanks for your comments Matt. At the Airflow meet, Nathan was asked what his attraction to Airflow was, his response, "because its a car I can drive at freeway speeds". The rest of what you said is just a bonus. Ken
  11. The first (outside) ring of numbers is the speedometer, the next ring of numbers (in the middle) shows the engine rpm's in high gear and the inside ring of numbers is the engine rpm's in overdrive. More of a sales gimmick to demonstrate the reduction of wear on the engine by using overdrive.
  12. kbeach

    Weaver Auto Crane

    Adding location would help.
  13. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Victorialynn2 you are a genius! New phone is different from the old but much easier to use (thank goodness). Managed to download a few pictures. Hard to find ones that are good clear cars only. Last count for registered cars was 31 but I do not know final. First picture is of engine compartment of the C17 taken morning of departure.
  14. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Thanks The problem is none of the grandkids are around. I programed mainframe computers for 25 years and loved it, but this new stuff? - - not so much! Just got a new phone last week. could do it ok with the old one so I know it can be done. I'll play with it after dinner & see how it goes.
  15. kbeach

    Keiser missed this one

    Thanks Victorialynn2, I hope they will find time on their way home for a quick stop. Have been receiving a number of pictures of the meet by text, problem is I am not sure how to get them from a phone text message to the web. Will post some once I get it figured out.