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  1. Wanted For 1928 Stutz - Spring U bolts

    Thanks Bellytank Sent you a PM
  2. Wanted For 1928 Stutz - Spring U bolts

    Thanks edinmass and AJ for taking the time to respond. Please let me know should you run across any. Ken
  3. Need 4 front and 4 rear spring U bolts for a 1928 Stutz. These are 5/8 x 18. Thanks for any help
  4. Miscellaneous parts to ID

    Mark Do you have measurements for the bezel with the three lens ? I have an interest in purchasing it if it is for sale. Thanks Ken
  5. Thanks - a little too far for me to go. t
  6. 1950's Allen Motor Analyzer

  7. Need help identifying transmission

    Four speed out of a Ford truck?
  8. Making Plastic knobs

    Thanks jpage, from your suggestion I was able to find D&D. Curti I will send you a PM Friartuck came up with the information I was looking for - Alumilite.com and Don Fowler was the vender. But I may have the steering wheel done by a professional. Thanks again for everyone that responded to my question. Ken
  9. Making Plastic knobs

    My grandson is learning how to make knobs on his 3D printer but I will need to make the rim on the steering wheel. Thanks for the information and fast reply. Ken
  10. Making Plastic knobs

    Last year at Hershey, a fellow had a stall with examples of steering wheels, knobs etc. that were recast using a type of plastic or acrylic. He was selling the products to do this yourself. I took all the information with me but promptly lost it. Does anyone know who this was or where I can purchase a similar type of product to make the mold and finished item? Thanks Ken
  11. 1934 Chrysler CU airflow parts

    Do you have a vacuum brake booster cylinder? Thanks
  12. Booster install

    Sent you a pm with pictures. Ken
  13. Booster install

    Have my grandson's C17 parts car on a lift and can supply pictures pictures this weekend if that will help. Ken
  14. Stutz Headlight Shells

    Do you know what years your headlights are for? Possible to provide provide pictures? Thanks