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  1. mickthecat

    Unknown small gas tank c 1950

    Someone told me this was from a 1950 VW Beetle. It is quite small, maybe five gallons max. And I have no idea what this little clip mechanism is that's attached to one side. Has the large filler neck like an early Bug. Any ideas?
  2. mickthecat

    Spindles c. 1912-18?

    Another long shot... From a high-end make.
  3. mickthecat

    Cowl lamp ca. 1913-15 - any ideas?

    This is a long shot – here is a cowl lamp with a brass body approx 4-1/8 diameter overall. From a fancier car. Note the side marker lens and aluminum mounting nut. Anyone recognize this?
  4. mickthecat

    Early suspension parts - can you identify?

    Thanks for your help. I tried listing some of these parts on a well-known online auction site, but, not surprisingly, I didn't end up getting rich.
  5. mickthecat

    More early suspension parts

    More unknown suspension parts... Shackle parts - apparently from a more common make. Spring bolts? U-bolts. More U-bolts.
  6. More early parts that are not Model T Ford. Any ideas? 1. Early leaf spring shackle, missing some parts 2. Another Early leaf spring shackle - I'm guessing the Alemite fitting was added later? 3. Knee-action shock part? 4. Same part, bottom view
  7. mickthecat

    Small Parts c. 1920-1950

    I think the far left one is a late Model T body Part. The middle one is marked 6975B. The far right one has no markings on it. Any ideas?
  8. mickthecat

    My grandfather's car in Washington DC

    No cowl lanterns, which suggests this car was equipped with electric start. That makes it no earlier than 1920.
  9. Is this automotive related?
  10. mickthecat

    Oil Thermostat?

    This showed up in a box of Model T parts but obviously this fits something else. I'm guessing it's a bypass for an oil cooler, but not sure what car it fits. The cap comes off to reveal the bellows. Any ideas?
  11. Any ideas on this one? My guess it's 1920's or earlier. Looks like some sort of drive coupling, and not a very efficient one. The bore is about 9/16". Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. mickthecat

    Front Axle c. 1920 What is It?

    Found this on CL, wondering what it might fit and what it might be worth. I'm guessing 1915-1925 (demountable rims, no front brakes.) The hub bolts might be a clue - there are a lot of them. I briefly discussed price with the owner - I think he's overly optimistic.
  13. mickthecat

    Unknown Headlight Rim c. 1925

    I thought at first it would be a Model T Ford aftermarket item, but the OD is just a little too small. OD is approx 8 7/8", ID is 7 1/8" width front to back is 1 3/8." Any ideas? Is it worth saving?
  14. mickthecat

    Valve Spring Parts?

    I found a "Sealed Power" box marked "12 VS-262R", which contained these parts. Any ideas what they are, and does it do any good to save them?