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  1. GM gas filler door?

    1970 Olds Toronado. Sure wish it was a second type 69!
  2. Weird coating on sockets

    At that tool auction I mentioned going to Wed nite, I bought a big plastic tote of what I thought was mostly junk, but turned out there were a number of Snap-On and Mac sockets in it. Deep, shallow, swivel, and ALL covered with a greenish-white powdery substance with some sparkle in it. You may remember I said lot of these tools looked like they'd been stored badly. These sockets look like impact sockets which would have been black oxide finish. Trying to figure out what the substance is and how to get rid of it. Right now I'm thinking dunk them in a bucket of Coca-Cola or molasses to see if this mess will dissolve, and then run them thru my vibratory tumbler using green resin chips. Any ideas? If they can be salvaged would be shameful to throw them out, but I paid 5 bux for the whole shooting match so I'm not out much if they can't. The rest of the stuff in the tote justified buying it.
  3. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    Went to an auction last night. Settling estate of a deceased GM Master mechanic. I got a few Snap-On odds and ends, stuff I'd always wanted but would never shell out the cash. I have to say I'd never seen Snap-On with rust and pits like a lot of these tools had, but I guess they'd been stored badly. There was a 16 year old there buying up some stuff. Likable kid who's in his first year of high school auto-tech. He tickled me telling about his dad getting into HIS toolbox and then he couldn't find his tools. So sons aren't the only ones who get into other family members toolboxes! And to beat a dead horse, I was in Sears a couple nights ago and the only US made tools I found were some Torx screwdrivers and a couple of flat-blade screwdrivers. Told the kid working there I sure was glad I got all my Craftsman years ago. The corollary? He says "if you have to replace any of them, the China-made stuff is what we replace it with." Oh damn, I thinks to meself.
  4. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    I have tools I've forgotten what they're for. I have tools I haven't used in years because I "altered" them for a specific thing I was working on. I have two Craftsman chests full, and a couple weeks ago I went in HF and found this delicious 72" 18 drawer chest. And I'm thinking, buy this, put everything in it IN ONE PLACE, and sell the Craftsmans on craigslist. Of course we know that will never happen- there will then be THREE tool chests! I've also developed a bad swap meet habit of buying up old USA-made tools. Been grabbing all the Western Auto Wizard brand I can find. It's a disease...
  5. A car guy in Vajenya's Governor's Mansion!

    We in Vajenya are fortunate to have an AACA group in the state that keeps close tabs on any old-car-related issues. Mr Tom Cox (above) and others have done a great job keeping the legislative hounds at bay. I've noticed since that 2007 boondoggle that its sponsor has laid low when it comes to old cars. Maybe retaining his seat by less than 600 votes the next election, and the local car people having an obvious hand in that, convinced him to sit still and shut up.
  6. Several years back me and the GP owner were at Charlotte AutoFair and ran up on a nice 67 Pontiac Ventura 2DHT- a 428 car no less- for reasonable money. When he called the wife I could hear her on the cellphone "You bring another one home you better be prepared to sleep with it!" With two kids still in high school and playing travel sports lord help him if he went after those letters. He's pushing me to get them using that same 401k logic. I said YOU have the significant Doraville car! Plus he knows if I go first they'd go to him by default...
  7. Oldsmobile Deluxe Heater identification?

    Going by the script style, 1935-42. Sorry I can't get any closer than that, Matt.
  8. A car guy in Vajenya's Governor's Mansion!

    Actually Tom I have moved back to Halifax County, about 20 miles east of Danville. And unfortunately no longer able to vote in 14th House District! Let's hope Guvnah Ralph will keep a leash on old car legislative shenanigans! I'm trying to make sure Mr Northam gets info on the two Oldsmobile Clubs also. The way the Olds guys do their National Meets now, it would be good to have the governor's office participation to help the event staging company select a Virginia location. And I know going in who'd end up getting saddled with the grunt work! you'd think I'd have learned by now...
  9. Keep telling myself "Glenn you are now living on retirement money and you should leave the 401K alone for a little while" but lord have mercy I would love to have those. I don't own a Doraville car myself, but a Pontiac bud's 64 GP was assembled there. We always knew that car was a little "off", but its PHS documentation showed it was EXTENSIVELY changed coming down the assembly line. It's a fully loaded car to begin with- has stuff even most Cadillacs of the time didn't have- but it was pulled off the line and had its standard 4-barrel setup changed to date-coded Tri-Power, complete with correct heads and factory cast-iron headers. It was also invoiced to the Doraville assembly plant. We surmise it was a high-level executive's car and possibly the Doraville plant manager's car. Lamar, sell those quick and to someone who understands their significance- so I won't get stupid and buy them!
  10. Virginia's newly elected Governor, Ralph Northam, is a car guy! His nicely restored (a lot by himself) 53 Olds participated in the Inauguration, and rumour is he also owns a big-block Corvette. Never hurts to have car people in influential places, no? Anyone know if Mr Northam is an AACA member?
  11. Ninety eight trim ?

    Inside upper door trim. I know they work on 53 as my folks had one, but may fit 51-55 sedans. Nice pieces.
  12. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all

    And as we say in Oldsworld, Happy "Holidays"! It's cold and overcast here in Southside Vajenya today. We have just finished a shrimp lunch and waiting on tonight's feast. Thankfully no snow when we came out of midnight Christmas Eve Mass last night. We've had white Christmases here when I was younger but I can take my Christmas dry and warm! Keiser, several weeks ago I went to an auction that was selling off the estate of a Gene Autry collector. A near mint cowboy set with two functioning cap pistols, belt/holsters, hat, boots and bandanna went for nearly a grand. Airboddy to they own collecting addictions! I liked my cap guns but to this day the smell of the powder in those caps makes me run for fresh air.
  13. WAWA

    WaWa not this far south yet in Virginia but Sheetz are everywhere. They've developed a habit of being the first to raise fuel prices, sometimes it seems for no apparent reason. When that happens l'll seek out a top-tier fuels station for the same or sometimes lower price. I would personally rather fuel my own vehicle. For years it was a local option- you could be in town and unable to pump your own, but drive five miles into the county and all self serve. I should have bought the collection of 40s Elvgren and Varga prints at my favorite weekly auction a few weeks back, but someone else also knew what they were.
  14. Don't have a p/n as my own books don't cover 80s, but I need a RH parklight assembly for 1983 Custom Cruiser. These are common to 80-85 Delta, 80-84 Ninety Eight and 80-90 Custom Cruiser wagon. Bambi shattered mine and even though park/turn work, it won't pass VA safety inspection. You got anythin' like that Marv?
  15. 1964 Starfire Grille - Paint detail

    The red was actually called Oldsmobile Purple, though it looks a lot more red to me. Find a light transparent metallic red automotive touchup spray bomb and mask as needed. Spray several light coats till you get the depth of color you need. I recommend 3M masking tape as it tends to come loose clean. Clean the chrome with alcohol and 0000 brass wool, then wipe it down with Pre-Kleano solvent or similar before masking and shooting the color. As these things came down the trim line, factory used a brass paint mask to cover areas that weren't to get color. Black, silver and red- a pretty complicated mask job.