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  1. Agreed. The boxing indicates 1965-72 timeframe and that fader knob looks 67-68ish to me. Instruction sheet indicates it's for a full-size Olds, 88-98.
  2. rocketraider

    Toronado Dash Removal

    If it's like that stupid Bravada I had the whole dash has to come out door to door and windshield to console, as a unit. You need a 1988 shop manual but I don't know which volume the Toronado dash and electronics would be in- there were about 5 of them.
  3. rocketraider

    1966 Dodge Monaco Station Wagon

    Lordy what a delicious Dodge long roof! Good find Don! Wasn't that bronze a Monaco-exclusive color one year? Or was that a gold? Prob 65 as it was Monaco first year...
  4. rocketraider

    Rear Defroster switch

    I suggest purchase of a 1968 Olds factory Chassis Service Manual- the same one the dealership mechanics used. It has the main electrical wiring and accessory wiring diagrams and can show you exactly how to connect your defogger. Not to mention it covers about any service work your 442 might need. They're usually available on ebay but 68 CSM's for some reason didn't seem to hold up well, so a really nice one may not be cheap. I think you can download a PDF of it somewhere but wiring diagrams almost always turn out blurry on those, so if you can find the hardcopy book, get it. Joe P should be on here soon and can probably rattle off the wiring connections from memory, but he had a shed fire and lost a lot of his service literature. Not only his loss but everyone's in Oldsworld. He had some irreplaceable stuff. Come see us over at too. Lot of 68 guys on there who may have the info you need. My own stuff is packed up 20 miles away so I can't be much help here.
  5. rocketraider

    little car show in France :)

    As odd as they seem to us here in US, I defy anyone to say those Citroen DS are not elegant. Welcome back jeune ami! And thanks for the pics of cars we only hear about here.
  6. rocketraider

    1940 Door Latch mechanism

    Check with Steele Rubber down in Denver NC. They used to offer the ferrule installation tool for those years door and trunk handles and they may be able to say for sure. Personally I would think all the Fisher C cars incl Cadillac would use the same piece, but there was a lot more independence between the GM Divisions back then and Buick often tended to go its own way.
  7. rocketraider

    To "Gold Cad" or not to "Gold Cad"

    John, if you pull the booster apart for rebuild the original finish should be inside. I've always though earlier Moraines were kinda silvery and the gold cad came later. Bendix were painted gray or black depending on carline and assembly plant.
  8. rocketraider

    fender skirts

    Tricky to answer. Even though the Olds 88 is considered a GM "A" body same as the Pontiac, there may be some differences in fender opening shape. I think 49-52 Chevrolet DeLuxe skirts would be same as the Pontiac. I think that Silver Streak looks real nice without them!
  9. rocketraider

    Craftsman "FORD BRAKES" wrench

    Picked up a small toolbox at a sale last week and among the contents was a Craftsman double ended 8 point box wrench with "FORD BRAKES" forged into the beam and the background highlighted in red. Anyone know anything bout these?
  10. 63 and 64 SF scripts and a 64 88-98 deluxe wheel horn cap and turn lever. Good pieces.
  11. rocketraider

    1956 88 no start

    Go ahead and have the starter rebuilt. Could be an internal electrical fault. It's just weird to have that low a voltage at the starter unless something is screwy in the wiring. Check the battery cables too- do a resistance check on them.
  12. rocketraider

    1956 88 no start

    1956 Olds are 12V. If there's only 5-9V at the starter, something is amiss in starter primary wiring. Get a 1956 Olds factory shop manual and study its wiring diagram closely, then compare it to what is actually on the car. I think some buggering has been done or you have a bad positive battery cable or connection.
  13. rocketraider

    1960 Thunderbird

    Never been too crazy about that outfit. They also have Atlanta, Charlotte NC and Dallas showrooms and I think they do a lot of consignments. There'll be a better quality car without all the issues out there somewhere.
  14. I'd be all over that except for two things: I just dumped a couple bills on some unusual 1966 Quarter Century Club stuff and then found out yesterday I owe Uncle a good sized chunk of tax money. And that last put a cramp in my style if you get my drift.
  15. rocketraider

    Oldsmobile Jetfire pictures

    Hallo Eric and welcome! Picture 9 is the 63 car. Would make someone a fun car and you'll learn about early automotive turbocharging systems. Just make sure to keep that tank on left front of engine bay full of what's in that glass bottle at left rear! If only Olds had dropped the Jetfire's compression ratio to the more reasonable 8.75:1 the two-barrel 215 used, from their outrageous 10.25:1 on the 4-barrel, we'd have seen turbocharging take off long before it did. That and if they'd had modern EFI back then.