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  1. rocketraider

    A literature item I bet you've never seen before

    That is what I'd call an exceptional find, Diego... Who are you writing for now, or are you freelancing?
  2. rocketraider

    Antique olds club 2019 National meet

    I personally think a WHOLE DAMN LOT of cages in this group need to be rattled. This is second time they've pulled some shady dealings on magazine editor. But, as I prefer to remain OUT of the politics and workings of the clubs after the sour taste my last term as OCA Zone director left me with, I'll let 'em do as they wish.
  3. rocketraider

    car show in the south of France

    That Gordini looks hairy with those Webers... I like that Opel Speedster. It's a shame GM wouldn't sell it here. But as we all know, thanks to the USA's arcane safety and emissions laws, the Europeans and the Japanese get the good stuff and we get the watered down versions of their factory hot rods.
  4. rocketraider

    unknown tail light housing

    Reminds me of a Mama story... she and her cousin Margaret were downtown shopping when the finny Mopars came out. They were coming out of the local Belk department store when one passed and Margaret said "Lord, Mae, will you look at the hips on that car!" In this world of bland and boring aerodynamic shapes I'd like to see a new car with something distinctive like those Mopar fins.
  5. rocketraider

    Final Plea For Upholstry Help

    Didn't Restoration Specialties handle welting at one time? Seems I remember buying some from them at a Carlisle show many years ago for one of the Oldsmobiles.
  6. rocketraider

    Antique olds club 2019 National meet

    There's nothing on the club website and I can't remember if I saw it in latest R-to-R. That may be a sign I get too many car magazines...
  7. rocketraider

    decode vin on 84 it a true Hurst car?

    The above decoder shows it to be a 1984 Hurst/Olds. Most of them had a dash plate inside showing the production number. Also visit and for more info on your car.
  8. rocketraider

    car show in the south of France

    I love it when this boy goes to a car show, because we get to see all these cars that, while as common there as Fords and Chevys are here, we never get to see! Thanks for the photos, jeune ami! A question? Why do you never put in a pic of your Buick at the show?
  9. rocketraider

    1965 Buick Wildcat GS

    Droolworthy... Bud and I found a 66 Wildcat GS in a salvage yard near Oxford NC 20-plus years ago. I normally don't want to fool with a junkyard rescue but that car made me think about it.
  10. The story of Chevy engines in 1977 Oldsmobiles is interesting. Short version, Olds had committed to sell Pontiac, Buick and, yes, Cadillac 350 and 403 engines. Those Divisions no longer had large-displacement V8 engines to haul their still-hefty products around, and Buick didn't have a V8 at all in 1977. They bought OLDSMOBILE engines to replace them as they were sturdy, easy to meet emissions and powerful for the time and, in the case of the FI Seville 350, easy to modify. The Cad 425 was not a good fit for the X-body Seville (didn't know it was a Nova in drag, huh?), the X-body was already adapted to the small-block Olds engine, Buick and Pontiac were getting out of the V8 business (because of emissions), so the Olds was deemed best fit for the Seville. So- pretty obvious B-P-Cad liked and wanted the Olds engine enough to buy them over Chevrolet, which had more engine-building capacity than they knew what to do with. With all these commitments, Olds found itself without enough V8 engines or engine building capacity to supply its own cars. To their credit, they honored those sales commitments and stooped to buy engines from Chevrolet for 88s and Cutlii. Chevy had outrageous engine building capacity that often ran at less than full capacity due to their own car-building limitations, and there were a lot of Chevy-Olds dualled dealerships and service departments. So, win-win for everyone, until that reporter saw the Chevy engine in a Delta 88 at the NY auto show. Do I want a Chevy-powered Olds in my fleet? No, but the cars weren't as bad as they were made to be in spite of Chevrolet's soft cam problems in those years. I'd rather have one with the Olds Diesel in it just to be different. And as someone pointed out, all GM intermediates with inline sixes had Chevy 250s. There were a number of 1975 Oldsmobiles built with Pontiac 400 engines too, but Pontiac was esteemed as a "step-up" Division within GM so owners of Olds so equipped didn't grumble much. Far as Olds engines in 80s full-size GMs, Federal emissions standards dictated that more than anything else. The Chev 305 and Olds 307 were the only V8s emissions certified for B and C body cars. So blame the Feds for a lot of GM's engine-swapping shenanigans. It's what happens when bureaucrats get into things.
  11. rocketraider

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    Your key is 80 degrees. A lot of computerized stuff operates screwy above that temperature. Makes you wonder how any of it functions in an automotive environment. Also as stated do basic alternator output voltage and amperage checks- with the added electrical load of the ramp and lift, if it's not putting out enough voltage and amperage to operate all this computerized mess, you'll have trouble. Last resort replace the ECM computer. Sometimes they're just bad from the day they were made, and Chrysler seemed to have the worst reliability with them. An uncle had a K-car T&C wagon that behaved much like your van and it was horribly unreliable until he made the dealership change out the ECM. After that, as Ozzy Osbourne said, no more tears.
  12. rocketraider


    Mitch, you have a PM.
  13. rocketraider

    Slim Jim Throttle valve adjustment HELP

    Hope you get lucky and Dave still has some of the tools or is willing to make up some more. Saw on Classic Oldsmobile that Steve Westlake (Oldskeeper) is going to make up some too so we should have a good source for these obsolete essential tools. Maybe I should clarify that SJ, PG and TF all operate off THROTTLE VALVE pressure. I know the other two are torque converter transmissions.😸
  14. rocketraider

    The decline of Sears

    After being in Danville VA since 1936 the local Sears is closing Aug 18. Liquidation sales started last month. I went in there mid-March and remarked then I thought that store would close by year's end. There was hardly any floor merchandise out. South Boston VA had a Sears hardware that often had things the big mall store in Danville was out of (and that was frequent in the last few years). It closed last summer. Lynchburg VA hasn't had a Sears in nearly ten years. Liberty University bought that end of River Ridge Mall. A town the size of Lynchburg with no Sears was unthinkable at the time. Closest one now is an hour away in Greensboro. My concern is if I buy some big-ticket item how and where will I get service? When I was in there in March I remarked to an associate that I was glad I bought all my Craftsman stuff when it was still US made. He says, well, if you have to replace it, this Chinese stuff is what we'll have to give you. No, because swap meets are full of vintage US-made Craftsman and other brand tools that have a lot of use left. And sadly the Chinesium at Harbor Freight and Northern Tool has the same lifetime warranty as Craftsman, and I've never had any hassle returning stuff there. O how the mighty have fallen. Sears, the inventor of mass-merchandising mail order, has let that upstart Amazon knock off its crown. Personally I won't fool with Amazon on general principle (I like to SEE what I'm buying in person, and to interact and build some relationship with a real live salesperson) but I'm one of a very small minority.