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  1. rocketraider

    71Riviera questions

    As long as you're balancing your AP stuff with practical knowledge. 50 years ago in 4-H Club the motto was "Learn by Doing". I'm pleased to know you won't be one of these idiots with a master's degree or doctorate who wouldn't be able to make a simple household repair. I have known many ppl with master's degrees who couldn't change out a faulty light switch. I live close enough to Virginia International Raceway that I see a lot of exotics around, though I have yet to see a Pantera come thru here. I did once have to lead a lost Lamborghini Murcielago thru the backroads to get to the track. Guy had to be very aware of road crowns...
  2. rocketraider

    71Riviera questions

    Does your highschool or school district offer autobody or mechanic courses? DK what you might get into trying to enroll in a community or technical college summer program at 15, but it's worth looking into. That's actually not a heinous repair. Cut the rotted metal out and tack weld a piece of sheetmetal in, then do the finish work with GOOD quality plastic filler- the kind you get at a body shop supply store.Then prime, and use closest match you can find in a spray bomb till you can get the car painted. I talked with an 18-year old at a local show yesterday. He has a barn find 67 Cougar that seems much like your Riv. Boys your age are the future of the old car hobby and I will support you 100%. Re: rice-a-roni. I like a lot of the Japanese cars. I owned several Celicas and Supras years ago, and wish we could get the performance variants here. But the picnic-table spoilers, fart-can mufflers and the like make the cars a complete joke IMHO. Yes, more a reflection of the owners than the cars. And yes, you see a lot of modern American-brand compacts dyked out the same way. Those are an even bigger joke. Pfeil, try to remember that not all of us here are in the Republik of Kalifornia. We know that state is very restrictive on what can be done to any vehicle. I am truly thankful to live out in the hinterlands of southern Virginia where we're not subjected to all that eco-nazi shit.
  3. rocketraider

    71Riviera questions

    Ohio is one of the most active old car states in the country so finding like-minded individuals shouldn't be hard. Cruise night season is winding down but hit as many of those as you can, with or without the Riv. You may find a bunch of grumpy old men who wear blinders to any car other than the one they own, but you just might find yourself a mentor who loves cars and loves helping a young buck learn how to wrench- esp if said young buck has proven he likes old American iron and not rice-a-roni. Plus the cruise night crowd generally knows who does quality work at fair prices, and who can find old car parts when the parts store's computer says it don't exist. Get yourself the factory shop manuals for the Riv. They're not hard to find and should be reasonably cheap. You need the 1971 Buick chassis service manual and the Fisher Body manual.
  4. rocketraider

    1966 Mercury wagon restoration problems

    Save that big long roof! 😸 Their like will not be seen again! SUV/crossover my patoot. Those will NEVER have the sheer panache of a big American wagon. My 83 Olds Custom Cruiser recently lapped 400k miles and still runs very well. Looks a little shabby (around here, if it doesn't have an insurance check attached, painters don't want to fool with it) but everything works except the washer pump. Even the remote locking system, which I often wish didn't work...
  5. rocketraider

    What is the value of R12 refrigerant?

    I bought 20 cans of it from private seller last month, $10/12oz can. He no longer owned anything that used it and I thought $10 was a very fair price. JKL, what money are you thinking, keeping it mind it would have to be shipped and probably discreetly? I got my certs way back in 90s when the doom and gloom prophets were saying R12 was going to kill the planet. I still think that ozone hole was a bunch of baloney, and that DuPont had a hand in outlawing 12. Hey, they'd developed 134a which was proven to be less efficient, and couldn't get a market for it because 12 worked so well- its pressure/temperature linearity made it the perfect refrigerant. Add in patents e.g. ROYALTIES were expiring, and we see why they wanted to force 134a on us. And now the doom and gloom crowd has had to find other things to make us feel guilty for being successful as a species. It is positively shameful the way humans drive themselves mad with self-imposed and self-imagined guilt. The medieval flagellates had nothing on modern man.
  6. rocketraider

    71Riviera questions

    There's PLENTY of rumbly mufflers that sound better than a Cherry Bomb (which is basically just a glasspack painted red)! Look into Walker DynoMax for one; I know a lot of guys using them and very happy with them. I used to like Flowmasters but anymore they have a drone at cruising speed that gets on my nerves after a few miles. You might find that a local muffler shop stocks a good generic turbo style muffler, for less money than name brands, that will sound good. The key to a car like a Riv is subtlety. Dual pipes with a rumble at idle that turns into a snarl under acceleration. Not something "barky" like glasspacks.
  7. rocketraider

    1963 comet

    Growing up, my folks had a 60 sedan for a beater and I remember it had a "Mercury COMET" badge there. I'd like to find a nice UNMOLESTED 60-61 2-door as I like the cat-eye taillights better than the round 62-63. But all I find anywhere close by have invariably been modified in ways I can't stomach. I would accept a 200 or 240 engine over the anemic little 140/170. Paint it the right colors and you have an invisible upgrade. But please no 302 or 351, which seem to be the "upgrades" of choice.
  8. rocketraider

    Help identifying a 1901 merry olds

    Wow. Cool project. Shame Joe Merli is no longer with us because even though he dealt mostly in the "real deal" CDO, he understood these too. I think finding someone familiar with go-karts is your best bet on the clutch and other drivetrain issues. Your boy will have a ball with this thing once it's sorted out.
  9. I took the '42 Philco and a glass battery jar to the local history museum a couple years ago when they wanted a display on early communications in the county. I had placards explaining both the radio and the battery-generator sets and was told that those two items garnered more interest than anything else in that display over its 3-month duration. Keep in mind a lot of folks in rural southern Virginia didn't get electricity till the mid-to-late 50s and people were stunned and amazed by the battery radio and the farm battery. If I ever get around to it I guess I'll have to get a 90v power supply made for the Philco. Unfortunately my good friend who kept my tube equipment going died of pancreatic cancer in June 2016.
  10. rocketraider

    59 pontiac fouling plugs

    The lead additive may be causing it esp if you're seeing heavy white or grayish deposits on the electrode and insulator. I have a 1963 Oldsmobile Tech Bulletin addressing spark plug lead fouling on Starfire engines. To wit: Starfire engines normally came with AC R43 plugs which are a little on cold heat range side. If these engines were subjected to a lot of low speed operation, the 43 had a tendency to lead foul. Factory recommendation for this condition was to use AC R44 which is one heat range hotter and would burn off the deposits before the plug fouled. Or you could just use yer high-performance engine for what it was intended... 😸 You're sure those end carbs are shutting off when not in use and not letting excess fuel thru? If condition continues, I'd be inclined to replace points/condenser with a Pertronix ignition, get a slightly more powerful coil and open the plug gaps up to about .040. All hidden and no one will know it's there except you and whoever installed it.
  11. Philco branding tells me they're for battery operated home radios, which were very common in years before rural electrification. I have a 1942 Philco "Farm Set" console that uses such batteries (an "A" and a "B") and they are FAR more than 6 volts. Try 90v on the "B"... Most "A" were 1.5v IIRC. Go on some antique radio forums and they can probably tell you exactly what you have. Some of these type batteries were also used on master synchronous clock systems, in which a "master" clock sent signals to all other clocks in a building to ensure they were all set to same time. Fascinating what they accomplished with (at the time cutting-edge) technology.
  12. rocketraider

    1965 Buick Wildcat GS

    And the above, my friend, is a high compliment! 😸
  13. rocketraider

    A literature item I bet you've never seen before

    That is what I'd call an exceptional find, Diego... Who are you writing for now, or are you freelancing?
  14. rocketraider

    Antique olds club 2019 National meet

    I personally think a WHOLE DAMN LOT of cages in this group need to be rattled. This is second time they've pulled some shady dealings on magazine editor. But, as I prefer to remain OUT of the politics and workings of the clubs after the sour taste my last term as OCA Zone director left me with, I'll let 'em do as they wish.