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  1. Can you identify this @1928 Stutz

    This Stutz belonged to Jean Gorjat of Harrisburg PA before he passed away. I don't know where it is now.
  2. Help identifying Stutz car number plate

    M8-24 is a Two-passenger Speedster with Rumble Seat (134 1/2 inch wheelbase). SY32H translates to 30325. 30325 is a 1929 serial number.
  3. 1927 Stutz AA Victoria "Doctor's Coupe" Found

    This car was used in several movies in the 1970's. It is in "Day of the Locusts" with Karen Black and In can be seen parked on the street in the last scenes of "China Town" where it is sort of a bluish color. I have been watching this car for more than 40 years. When I inquired about it either it wasn't for sale or they wanted way too much for it. Steve
  4. Stearns Knight

    This is a photo of my 1927 Model F 4 passenger coupe on the day it arrived at my shop. It came from Illinois although it seems to have spent a lot of time in Boyertown PA before going to Illinois.
  5. Stearns Knight

    Here is a very nice photo of a 1927 Stearns-Knight that I found online.
  6. Lincoln KA/KB

    The car that Ray in CT sold was an "L".
  7. Stutz research

    Ron, Thank you for the photo. I am wondering if there is a clearer photo in existence somewhere. It's hard to really tell much about the paint from this one. Steve
  8. Stutz research

    Smile, If you find the photo of the Robbin-Chrome finish, please let me know. I would very much like to see a photo of it. Thanks. Steve
  9. Stutz research

    About 7 years ago I posted the following: Stutz promoted a new type of finish called Robbin-Chrome at the 1925 New York and Chicago auto shows. Two of the five Stutzes displayed, a phaeton and a sedan (1925 Series 695 Sportbrohm), were finished in the novel Robbins-sourced treatment. The Jan 8th and 23rd, 1925 issues of Motor Age described the Robbin-Chrome as "unusual and distinctive in that a mottled design of no uniform pattern was created on a smooth dark undercoat. An exceptionally high luster obtained with a special varnish gave the bodies a polished marble appearance." Has anyone ever seen this paint? Is there a decent picture of it anywhere? Since you are researching Robbins, if you run across any information about this paint, please let me know as I have been unable to find out anything about it. Thank you. Steve
  10. Need help locating correct Oil Filter

    I am also looking for some vintage filters. Where did you get the great chart? Are there more pages? Will you sell copies? Thanks. Steve
  11. What to use to clean 100 year old car

    Rub on a very thin coat of linseed oil and let dry. Be care with the leftover rags because they can spontaneously combust if wadded up and left out in the air.
  12. Stutz 1928

    Hans, Are you sure you have a 1928 Stutz which would have an 8 cylinder engine. The serial number you supply is for a Series K car from late 1921 with a 4 cylinder engine. Steve
  13. Knight Engines Forum

    8E45E, Thank you for letting us know about additional Knight engined cars. There are probably a bunch more that I missed when I wrote the opening thread. Everyone should feel free to add to the list of cars using the Knight engine. Steve
  14. 28' Boattail Expert Needed

    Check the serial number of the car. Every fake boat tail Stutz that I have seen had a serial number that was definitely from a different body style.The 1927 Stutz boat tail for sale recently by a well-known sales organization showed a serial number that would have been found on a long wheelbase (145") seven passenger limousine. Steve