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  1. pughs

    Stearns Knight

    You have correctly identified the location.
  2. pughs

    Stearns Knight

  3. pughs

    Stearns Knight

  4. pughs

    Stearns Knight

  5. pughs

    Stearns Knight

    I bought this 1929 J-8-90 Limo yesterday. It has a few problems and is partially disassembled but I think it will be worth the trouble.
  6. I am looking for a light switch for a 1927 Stearns-Knight Model F-6-85. It was also used in some Willys-Knight cars in 1927 and 1928. This switch attaches to the steering column on a stalk on the right side below the steering wheel. I need the whole thing stalk and all. Thank you. Steve
  7. pughs

    How to Remove Paint Spilled onto Car

    Thank you for all of the suggestions. The car is a 1970 Jeep Commando that has been in storage for several years. There is no insurance (nick8086) since it has been sitting for so long. A family member just bought it. They are out of town for several weeks. When they get back we will try out the suggestions to see if any of them work. I will post the results. Thanks again and if there are other ideas, please post them. Steve
  8. Does anyone have a surefire method of removing house paint that was spilled onto a car that might leave the original paint intact?
  9. pughs


    The 1930 Dupont Victoria Coupe has been re-restored by it's current owner. here are a couple of photos of the way it looks now.
  10. pughs


    Here are a couple of photos of a 1930 DuPont that I had for a time while selling it for the family of a friend who passed away.
  11. pughs

    Stearns Knight

    Here are a couple of photos of Al Giddings' car before he owned it.
  12. pughs

    Can you identify this @1928 Stutz

    This Stutz belonged to Jean Gorjat of Harrisburg PA before he passed away. I don't know where it is now.
  13. pughs

    Help identifying Stutz car number plate

    M8-24 is a Two-passenger Speedster with Rumble Seat (134 1/2 inch wheelbase). SY32H translates to 30325. 30325 is a 1929 serial number.
  14. pughs

    1927 Stutz AA Victoria "Doctor's Coupe" Found

    This car was used in several movies in the 1970's. It is in "Day of the Locusts" with Karen Black and In can be seen parked on the street in the last scenes of "China Town" where it is sort of a bluish color. I have been watching this car for more than 40 years. When I inquired about it either it wasn't for sale or they wanted way too much for it. Steve
  15. pughs

    Stearns Knight

    This is a photo of my 1927 Model F 4 passenger coupe on the day it arrived at my shop. It came from Illinois although it seems to have spent a lot of time in Boyertown PA before going to Illinois.