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  1. 1937hd45

    Car Logo Quiz...

    It froze my computer at #42 with two incorrect. Bob
  2. Congratulations! Sorry I missed meeting him and the '14 T, Wonder what route he took, will make for a good story. Bob
  3. 1937hd45

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    All three generations are in that post Hershey depression. Something isn't right with my right leg so walking wasn't normal. I didn't cover the whole swap meet, and didn't have as much mad money as normal, on top of not having great stuff to sell. I did buy a hand full of original Bugatti parts, so can't complain that much. I'm planning of 2019 being a really great one, my 50th in a row, the 1912 T will be on the show field, and the whole family will be there. Bob
  4. 1937hd45

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Seeing my 6 year old Grandson Wheel & Deal was the highlight of Hershey 2018, he missed last year due to the arrival of his younger brother and talked about it all year long. He got to ride down on Tuesday and help set up the space, too bad I didn't have any quality stuff this year. We were loading the trailer on Sunday and that rocking horse fell out of the junk in the garage, he asked if it was going to Hershey. I told him it was non automotive and didn't fit in with the car stuff. This is the direct quote from a six year old "Put $20.00 on it and see what happens."...……..he got $10.00, the hobby will do just fine. Bob
  5. 1937hd45

    RM auction at Hershey

    Thanks for posting the link, never understood the prices T Speedsters and Great Rabe Specials bring. Bob
  6. 1937hd45

    1911 Streets of NY

    Thank you! Hope you find more and post them. Bob
  7. 1937hd45

    looking around Hershey this year

    Other than using a checkbook as a tool, please explain what Joe or Josephine Average can do "restoring" a 25 year old car, and why is the Late Model stuff pushed on them and not true old cars? My last 25 year daily driver got driven into the ground, paid $500. got three years out of it scrapped for $200, do I miss it? No. Bob
  8. 1937hd45

    looking around Hershey this year

    My Grandson is 6 years old, missed his first Hershey last year, talked all about it for the past year. He rode down with us on Tuesday, added to his Pre 1930 Hub Cap collection and license plate collection this year. He drove my '12 T up the road at the age of 4 sitting on my lap. I plan on helping him rebuild a Model A Pickup, and he really wants to help with the '39 pickup project. Too many fine cars & trucks and their parts to bother with late model stuff. Bob
  9. 1937hd45

    looking around Hershey this year

    YES! Go to the HAMB lots of swap meet coverage, as good as being there. Bob
  10. 1937hd45

    looking around Hershey this year

    This was my 49th Hershey in a row and I wouldn't know what that late model stuff looked like, most vendors bring real old car parts. Bob
  11. 1937hd45

    looking around Hershey this year

    Thanks for posting the photos! The Pope & Lincoln would be my two picks. Bob
  12. 1937hd45

    Why? Why?

    Thanks, that is really funny stuff.
  13. We were on our spots at 7:30 Tuesday, packed up Wednesday evening. In the old days we would have stayed through the rain in hopes of sun on Friday, but there weren't the buyers as in the old days. We'll be back in 300 days. Bob
  14. Grandkids helping pack up on Wednesday, ride home in the rain Thursday was uneventful. All in all a good time, our favorite restaurant changed ownership, we won't be going back, family dog will be with us next year, along with the '12 T for the Saturday show. The next 300 days will fly by. Bob
  15. Ok, so the parts get washed, that is a problem? Bob