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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Great shot, looks like width not height was a small problem in the lift setup. Bob
  2. Thanks for the Tour David, I'll always remember the first time I drove through the Shenandoah Valley, gave me a total understand why people fought so hard to keep it. Bob
  3. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    My dad saw them in use in NYC in the early 1920's, wonder when the last of the horse drawn units were in service? Bob
  4. Yes, Very nice history lesson, and it made up for the license plate info. Bob
  5. Painting a not quite antique

    Learn to get primer to lay flat, you sure don't want orange peel in the last sealer coat. Bob
  6. cleaning out warehouse

    I'd like to have a Coupe some day, thanks for posting the link. Bob
  7. HELP With 1955 Nash Ambassador Custom

    It is fun the help people with car problems for one. Bob
  8. Define replica

    Thanks Matt, I'm sure there are more than the two of us with that same outlook.Bob
  9. Define replica

    Glad you admit it, most of the Shay stickers have fallen off by now, so how is John Q. Public to know?. Bob
  10. Ron, Please post as much Kissel info and photos as you can, these were the dream cars when I first joined the hobby in 1960. Hope those port holes were saved on the botched top. Bob
  11. Define replica

    If they are not fake Model A's why did the make them look like a 1928 1929 Model A Roadster from 100 feet away? Just wondering. Bob
  12. Painting a not quite antique

    Depends, do you care what the finished product looks like? Bob
  13. eArtist Peter Helck with his son driving and grandson guarding the picnic basket, at the Local meet here in Ridgefield, Ct. some time before 1965. It was common for him to drive Old 16 down Rt22 in New York state to the meet, an easy hour long trip. Great Days, sure was a pleasure to see so many truly great cars just a mile from home. Bob
  14. Good pair of goggles and I'm ready to ride! bob
  15. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    Are those the new 2018's in the Buggy Factory parking lot? Bob