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  1. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    Just read the above post, went to get a cup of coffee came back in the office/junk room and almost stepped on a envelope with this stamp on it. The Wright Flyer, is that odd or what? Bob
  2. Brass Era Mystery

    There was a Stoddard- Dayton chassis that I looked at about 20 years ago around Millbrook, New York, an active Forum poster owned it. No Radiator, No engine, No transmission. I passed on it and I believe it was parted out. Bob
  3. Think their driving skills will improve in the next 5 years?
  4. Remember the good days on the Forum when the talk was about ANTIQUE CARS, ya know the 25 year old and older ones?
  5. That is why there are cubicle wall and office furniture lobbyists in Washington, driving expensive (non electric) automobiles. Bob
  6. I just accepted a $2.00 offer on an eBay item I listed at $999.00, when listing things late at night be careful were the decimal point goes. Bob
  7. Soon to be 67 so I can't see ever owning an electric car in my lifetime, far too many other thing in life to afford and enjoy. Bob
  8. Brass Era Mystery

    Thanks for posting the photos! Seeing a Stoddard Dayton engine running is a real joy. Stearns made a nice looking Town car as well. Bob
  9. Need a good 1933-36 Willys 77 front axle, no rust pits, springs too if you have them. Bob
  10. Can you identify these items? (More will be added)

    Do these parts get advertised for sale some were? Bob
  11. Brass Era Mystery

    What a great find! No hole for a steering column, so it must have had a near upright column inside, or behind the firewall, should be a good clue looking at old photos. I'll dig through my stuff and see what turns up. Bob
  12. Car Ads which don't include the price

    I think it was back in the 1960's that we would stop at a dealership on a Sunday and just look at the cars, not any more. Bob
  13. Car Ads which don't include the price

    I'm not in the market to buy anything, but seeing the price on cars you do have an interest in at least lets you get a feel for what they may be worth. Bob
  14. 1933 - 1936 WILLYS 77

    Looking for a nice solid 1933-36 Willys 77 front axle, good non rust pitted one. Thanks. Bob
  15. Classic car stories - thread

    I hope this thread takes off, I always find the stories about the cars ownership to be as interesting as the car itself. Sad to think that many of the stories of the Brass Era cars have been lost. Bob