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  1. 1937hd45

    BUGATTI Gathering at Lime Rock

    The show is a lot nicer, guess it goes with all the track upgrades. Looking forward to seeing the Bugattis
  2. 1937hd45

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Makes you wonder how a custom coachwork shop ran in the 1920's,1930's, there had to be custom wood framework guys, panel rollers and final fit people. Wonder if it got specialized to the point there was a left rear door expert etc.? Bob
  3. 1937hd45

    BUGATTI Gathering at Lime Rock

    Yes, There is a Mustang class. Google Fall Festival for the details🙄
  4. 1937hd45


    What happens if you decide to buy something?
  5. 1937hd45

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    ^^^^^^^ We'll never know but that may have one of the two J's that came out of the basement storage area of the Branchville Shell station after WWII. Jim Hoe paid $750.00 for the pair, the seller told me that story back when I was in High School. Bob
  6. 1937hd45

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Some time in the late 1970's Dad and I got to sit at an AACA Annual Awards dinner table with Al Fererrara and his wife, what a great guy. When we told him we were from Ridgefield he said he had a Duesenberg that belonged to Bill Oexle at one time, and showed me a photo. It was back in the late 1970's but I remember it looking some what like the Nethercutt 20 Grand. Bill Oexle traded it even on a new Cadillac in 1949 or 1950, guess that was a good deal at the time. If this description sounds familiar to anyone please post a photo and history on the car. Bob
  7. 1937hd45

    You never know what you will see.

    Is that on front of Bill Smith's Speedway Collection? Bob
  8. Back in January my daughter and I toured the Mullin Collection in Oxnard, Ca. most of the Bugatti collection was replaced with a interesting collection of Renault products. As luck would have it Peter Mullin is the featured collector at this years Lime Rock Fall Festival. A half dozen cars from the Bugatti collection I hoped to see in California will be brought cross country and just an hour up the road from me. They plan on having the largest Bugatti gathering in America on Labor Day weekend 50+ cars, and a Bugatti Race on Monday,see you there. Bob This site NEVER ALLOWS a link to other websites so please Google Lime Rock Fall Festival on your own
  9. 1937hd45

    Loyd Young auction

    Interesting to think what the selling prices are on 1932 Ford 3Window Coupes compared to prices on the cars in this auction. Wonder how many went to dealers and will be in tents at Hershey or upcoming auctions? Bob
  10. 1937hd45


    I guess it comes down to liking the cars I own, reading about their history and sharing time with like minded people. I accept the fact the "Late Models" won and won't quit until every one thinks they are the greatest things on four wheels. You'll never remove my memories of happy times in the hobby. Bob
  11. 1937hd45


    Please explain what a 1912 and 1972 1982 or 1992 vehicle have in common on a show field or tour? Bob
  12. 1937hd45

    Loyd Young auction

    Fine collection of cars. I wonder if that 1921 Templar would run the highway at 60MPH, looks like it could. The '22 Marmon. '19 Peerless & 22 Pierce Arrow are good looking "Dark Ear" cars. The '05 Cadillac looks fine also. Bob
  13. I'm happy with the food people across from us. They start to pour coffee as soon as me arrive in out spot. Bob
  14. 1937hd45

    Is this car worth something.

    That is sad to see, I may have been at that Mahwah, N.J. show in 1978, one of the better meets at the time. Bob
  15. 1937hd45


    Ah, the Good Old Days of Hershey remember the blue white red and green fields and the mud, it really was special. Guys would stay open late under the light of Coleman lanterns. Today the lights NEVER GO OFF on the black toped "fields" but almost everyone is off to a motel or inside their camper by 5:00. I swear I'll NEVER get that old. Bob