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  1. Bhigdog


    And some others spend theirs paying off a legal judgement and a divorce after their wife runs off with the now rich accident victim's lawyer................Bob
  2. Bhigdog


    Good idea. Makes it easy for the victims lawyer to find you after the accident and for the insurance company to know where to send the letter advising of the pending fraud investigation..................Bob
  3. Main Haulmark offices in Indiana Have a customer service #. I left a message Thursday and sent an EMail asking for information how to get a replacement. No call back. Called all day Friday. Long silence then busy signal. Called the plant in McAdoo (20 minutes away) busy signal all day Thursday/Friday. Called a couple of dealers who were guessing at what to do. May drive to McAdoo next week. Likely get thrown out. VIN and GVW placard is/was nothing more than a mylar sticker on the side of the tongue in the weather and road dirt. WTF?................Bob
  4. Easy enough and may come to that............Bob
  5. I,m trying to get a replacement vin sticker for my haulmark unreadable one. Haulmark and wells cargo are the same company. For three days now they either dont answer the phone or dont return calls. No answer to emails. Im not happy..........bob
  6. Way nice truck at a decent price. Doesn't hurt it says HD. Someone once told me he could sell a turd if it said HD on it.................Bob
  7. Not to hijack the thread but a "trailer aid" tire changing ramp is a MUST have. Makes the tire change a breeze. Only hassle is the semis whizzing by at 70 MPH. I HATE TRAILER TIRES..............Bob
  8. I carry 3 mounted and one unmounted spare. Having just one spare sucks. When you have a blow out 300 miles from home and put your spare on. Now you are 300 miles from home with NO SPARE. Been there, done that , no fun.......Bob
  9. Bhigdog

    1956 Convertible oil-liquide?

    Wondering how you purged the system of both old fluid and new unwanted air. Keep in mind the cylinders are double acting and fluid and/or air have to be purged from both sides of the piston. Very doubtful type of fluid changes the rate of travel as much as you say........Bob
  10. Agreed.................Bob
  11. Bhigdog

    Seat belts

    Great idea. Others more familiar with your car hopefully will offer some guidance..............Bob
  12. Now you've given me a wake up call, Charlie. I've had my trailer inspected only once in the 12 years I've been towing with it. Guess I'll spring for the $30 inspection fee. The guy at the inspection station said other states can't enforce not having a PA sticker since it's not their state's law violation. Might be B.S., Don't know........Bob
  13. Googling around I found a new Intech 24' modestly optioned for $1000 per foot. And as they say: Taxes, tags, and delivery not included...............Bob
  14. Bhigdog


    I hear what you are saying Wayne. On the other hand, until recently and in the last 20 years I've used E-10 in my 6 collector cars, mowers, leaf blower, weed trimmer, chain saws, generator, etc etc. The only problem I've ever had was recently the accelerator pump cup in my Olds carb shriveled up after 10 years. If it was leather even that likely would not have happened. Since the Valero gas station 3 miles from me put in non ethanol pumps I do now use that in every thing except my daily drivers. On the third hand, if I had to drive any distance I'd likely use E-10 and not fret about it. My condolences to your washer............. .............Bob
  15. Bhigdog


    angst. noun: a feeling of persistent worry about something trivial. The biggest problem with E-10 fuel seems to be all the angst it causes.................Bob