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  1. Bhigdog

    Fall Carlisle Pictures 2018

    Part of the problem is newer cookie cutter cars are seen as a commodity, little more than an appliance. Who collects and restores appliances? As the available pool of cars worthy of interest and collecting, along with the people to do so, die off through attrition the hobby will contract and be a small niche player............Bob
  2. Bhigdog

    Craigslist Score

    I bought the same unit for $150. It was fun for awhile but took up a lot of room. Finally parted out the unit and saved the bottom cabinet. That turned out to be the most usefull part....bob
  3. Bhigdog

    Shift lever spring -37 Special

    If all else fails........ McMaster-Carr....................Bob
  4. Bhigdog

    Lucas, Rolls pliers

    Used for grabbing red hot shorted wires and ripping them off of terminals. Often sold with a Lucas fire extinguisher as a set...........Bob
  5. About 2 dozen hershey kisses in every place imaginable........bob
  6. Bhigdog

    Need Help with 55 Buick Treadle Vac

    It's unlikely they did that so before I disassembled the unit and likely voided whatever guarantee there is I think I'd give them a call and discuss the "sleeving " of the cylinder. You mention that you have a shop manual. Review the power brake section to give yourself the knowledge to ask intelligent questions..........Bob
  7. Bhigdog

    Need Help with 55 Buick Treadle Vac

    Apple has a good reputation but a treadle vac has a displacement type master cylinder where the piston does not contact the cylinder walls. It does not require sleeving and, since it is tapered, is not sleevable. On the outside chance that apple removed the taper in the bore and straight sleeved it that quite possibly altered the piston's fluid displacement schedule accounting for the low/weak pedal.........Just saying...........Bob
  8. Bhigdog

    Old Cadillac or poor fake????

    Put it on EBay as a........... BARN FIND..........Bob
  9. Bhigdog

    Vintage NOS Dodge Parts

    Unknown purpose for an unknown vehicle and even if known there are likely NOS or NORS stock of known application and source available. Likely worth about what you paid for them. Might make neat hoop ear rings though...........Bob
  10. Bhigdog

    Ford 8N sputter and die

    Fuel flow problem. If you've established good flow to the carb next logical place to check is the carb. At least they are accessible and simple.........Bob
  11. Bhigdog

    Vintage NOS Dodge Parts

    Not a clue but I doubt military packaging would state "Dodge" rather that use it's military designation such as M-37 especially since there often was several equipment sources but all built to the same spec...........Bob
  12. Bhigdog


    Bloomberg are all saying he relinquished the CHAIRMAN position and ASSUMED the CEO position. However the internal politics work out he now has a person, besides the board, whom he answers to. In theory he always answered to the board but as chairman he had sway over the agenda. Now someone else will be calling the tune. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Musk dances to it. Obviously I know precious little of the inner workings of Tesla but I'm going to stick with my previous call. The WSJ should have more to say on Monday. Not having much skin in the game I really wasn't following it. Now I'm curious to watch it play out. It should go well with my breakfast coffee time read........Bob
  13. Bhigdog


    Resigned as chairman. Remains as Chief Executive Officer. Oh yeah, and coughs up a $20,000,000 fine. How much does his tweet work out as $ per word? If that's correct, rather than fake news, Mr. Musk goes from the big expansive idea man to the guy that has to actually make it work. Not good. Don't know how his empire is structured but I don't see him able to answer to anyone else. I see the other parts being spun off, Mr. Musk taking control of them, and Tesla itself merging with or being swallowed whole by a bigger fish. May or may not auger well for the stake holders but I see a bumpy ride........Bob
  14. Bhigdog

    Binding rear quarter window on 56 2 door HT

    Mouse nest.........bob