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  1. Bhigdog

    pin removal suggestions

    Assuming you have an O/A torch, and assuming the acetone/ ATF doesn't work, have an assistant press the pedal while you watch the clevis to see if the pin is frozen in the yoke or in the rod. Heat the frozen area while you or your assistant blow a stream of air from your air gun on the threads. That should keep the pin cool enough to prevent damage. Steel is a relatively poor conductor of heat. You may have to go to dull red heat. Failing that the pin may have to be drilled enough to allow it to collapse. That may involve some disassembly. Ain't old cars a hoot?..........Bob
  2. Bhigdog

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    Yup, Agreed. lots-O-ways to skin the cat. I always come out ahead in my restoration projects too. Of course my in house shop rate is thirty five cents an hour........Bob
  3. Bhigdog

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    That car is readily restorable. Find a good frame. Find all the sheet metal. Maybe $10K for all the mechanicals. Have all the chrome done for maybe $10K. $10K for Misc. Another $10K for the paint. Course it would be lucky to fetch $20K on a good day......................Bob
  4. Bhigdog

    Babbitt BearingTolerances

    About 20 years ago I had a friend pick up a rod knock in his Jeep up in Quebec, 1000 miles from home. Old school mechanic in an old school gas station took the journal down 0.010 with a file and emery cloth. Told my fiend to keep it under 60 MPH and he would be good to go. He made it back home OK and drove it for a few months afterward. I'm guessing there aren't too many places like that left..................Bob
  5. Bhigdog

    Brake Hoses....

    Likely a good choice would be to buy them from your local NAPA store. The theory being that you could look them over before buying and since NAPA depends on repeat business from the local tradesmen they do a better job of vetting their suppliers than an internet dealer. Just sayin..........Bob
  6. Bhigdog

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    The older Gustav Stickley pieces were really hot 20 or so years ago. The market has really cooled in the last few years. The one I had was literally a barn find left behind by the previous owners of my Dad's farm. It sat in a corner of the barn for 30 years until I inherited it. The mice did a spectacular job of cleaning the springs. Not a trace of the leather covering or stuffing was left. Probably made about a gazillion mouse nests. Thankfully they never touched the wood. The dealer never asked about the history. Just looked it over, pronounced it a "strong piece" and said "8,000"............Bob
  7. Bhigdog

    What should you do with old car paint?

    Do what everyone around here does. Dump them along the road that runs through my woods.............Bob
  8. No need to remove the upholstery. The chain is attached with a screw as is the bezel. If your car already had ropes the attachment plate and screw holes are already there. Find them with your finger tips and a large sewing needle......bob
  9. Bhigdog

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Good for you and thank you for your service.............. We rent a beach house near camp LeJune for a week in the summer. When I rented it the first time the young girl at the office asked if I was a "military" man. I said I served but that was a long time ago. She said that was fine and I was entitled to a %15 discount and knocked about $500 off the price. When I thanked her she looked me steady in the eye and said "you deserve it".. Still makes me feel good.................Bob
  10. Bhigdog

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Thus enabling the sellers to ask a high price, hoping for a wind fall, with the knowledge they could still make a sale at the end of the day. Another bargaining anecdote............. I was selling an antique Stickly setee. I had an antique dealer drive up from Philly to look at it. He made me a "fair" offer of $8,000. I might have got more from another dealer but maybe not. I told him I would think about it. His answer was he would pay that price at that moment. If he left he was no longer interested in the piece at any price. I helped him load it in his van....................Bob
  11. Bhigdog

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Boys, boys, boys............ To haggle, or not to haggle? That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous sellers. Or to take arms against them and haggle. And by opposing, end them. ( So sorry Will ). Another haggle/don't haggle anecdote.......... I was buying $700 item at a Sears outlet store. I asked the sales person if they "could do better" on the price. He said no he can't but if I used a Sears card they would knock 5% off at check out. BINGO! $35 off for asking. When I got to check out turns out my card was expired. Lady says if I let her renew it she can give me a $50 to used against the purchase price. KA-CHING! Another $50 off. So by politely asking for a better price I received an $85 discount I would never have even known about. So If you non hagglers are happy I'm happy and will continue to reap life's little rewards by politely asking for a discount....................Bob
  12. Bhigdog

    Need advice on buying slip roll tool

    You are correct. My mis-speak. As do I. I just like to skin cats................Bob
  13. Bhigdog

    Front Brake Concerns / This Car is Baffling!

    Not purest at all. "Pure" has nothing to do with it. If the car was stock and in good condition he would not have to be seeking the high priced help of a PROFE$$IONAL to get it to operate in a satisfactory manner . It would operate, drive and stop just fine if it was left as designed and manufactured. But if you are convinced that highly modifying a perfectly good automobile so that now you need the help of a PROFE$$IONAL to get it to perform as it was intended to that's OK with me....................Bob
  14. Bhigdog

    Need advice on buying slip roll tool

    A 100 gallon propane tank measures approx 14.5 x 48 inches and is thick enough to weld and take any amount of abuse. Seems like that might be good core to start with. Just one way to skin the cat......bob
  15. Bhigdog

    Need advice on buying slip roll tool

    Why buy the cow when all you want is a gallon of milk? Have a local shop shear and roll the sheet of your choice and take it from there. Likely less than $100. Have them roll 2. Almost as cheap as one and you'll have an extra when you screw up the first one. Have them cut and flange the ends too. How's your TIG skills? Quite a few ways to skin this cat.......Bob