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  1. Light bulbs

    If it is a mercury switch it's contained in the socket base itself............Bob
  2. 1957 buick special power brake booster

    Are you sure you have the proper brake shoe linings. There's been numerous threads here about improper linings and difficulty stopping. On my 57 Buick I went through 3 sets of shoes before I found a set that worked well. I had to send the shoes to a brake specialist. Modern linings just don't work well. BTW, also post this in the Buick forum section......................Bob
  3. 1956 Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir

  4. March April The Antique Automobile

    BINGO! What do I win?...............Bob
  5. 57 body bolt length ?

    No biggie. Nothing special about them. Measure the pad, add the distance from the mount bottom to the floor or top of the rear kick up and add an inch. Or.........Mount the body and measure. Again, easy peasy. Did you save the body mount shims? Likely they won't go back the same. Mount the body and shim as required to get to best average level on the frame and call it good to go. Just like they did at the factory................Bob
  6. 57 body bolt length ?

    In the past they have been, shall we say, less than fastidious in the accuracy, fit, or even suitability of their parts. Hence the "good luck". Bob's has gotten good reports although I've never dealt with them. For the bolt length let your ruler be your guide and visit your local hdwr store for grade 5 bolts. Use the $ saved to buy an adult beverage.........Bob
  7. 57 body bolt length ?

    Good luck with that...............Bob
  8. Prebent brake lines

    The more or less immutable Law of Repro is: "If it's re-pro it's going to need re-work".............................Bob
  9. Buicks to disappear?

    Today's cars within given price brackets are pretty much all the same, little more than a commodity. Might as well buy them by color.........Bob
  10. Buicks to disappear?

    I think they all should have their name in big block letters on all four sides so I can tell them apart....................Bob
  11. Painting a Car

    I think most folks here are saying the same thing only phrasing it differently. Most understand, and I think agree, that with a paint job you typically get what you pay for. Yes, there are outliers like the crappy $25K job and the near perfect $5K job. I also think most understand and agree not every car needs or wants a "flawless" paint job. I also think we all understand and agree there are large differences between urethane, acrylic, lacquer and that will affect both the price and appearance of the finished job. I also think we all hope for the best for the and his Packard. By now his head must be ready to explode. This has been a most entertaining and informative thread and I've enjoyed flapping my gums here. Peace Brothers..................Bob
  12. Painting a Car

    Not sure what you disagree with. The guy that's getting his Bugatti Royale repainted likely can and certainly should pay for the "best" flawless paint job. The guy with his 1971 BelchFire 8 maybe not so much. Insisting that anything less than perfection on a car that never had it in the first place is somehow wrong or inferior smacks of elitism. Actually that "flawless flat surface" you strive to achieve is incorrect over restoration on the vast majority cars ever made. So.........While I also appreciate the skill and effort that goes into a "flawless" paint job I also realize that most production cars never wore one and most old car owners of average means can't afford one. So the next time you stand at the front of the average proud owners car and get the reflections just right, try not to sneer. It likely is more "correct" than the "flawless" job sitting next to it............................Bob
  13. 1955 Firewall cover finish

    I googled it. Looks good. I say almost anything except smooth painted metal will be fine.............Bob
  14. Painting a Car

    You miss the point. I'm didn't say the extra 10K is not earned in time and materials. I said the extra 10K spent chasing every last detail might not be the best deal for a lot of people and likely is not cost effective for the car under discussion. For many folks the extra 10K might be financially onerous and add very little to his enjoyment of or value to his car. So yes, he should have lowered expectations, but that doesn't preclude him from getting an entirely acceptable job with a happy ending............Bob
  15. 1955 Firewall cover finish

    Rattle can rubberized undercoating.............Bob