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    Allentown Swap

    Hi, John. Likewise I was there around 2007 or so with our old friend Ron Flory. Spent about 30 minutes then left. Nothing of interest unless you are into Chinese tools, modern electrical fittings, polishing supplies, etc. May have changed however I doubt it. Regards, Peter J.
  2. Peter J.Heizmann

    Security certificate for website is expired ?

    Jim, You may want to post this type of query in the Forum Software Questions / Problems topic on the forum index menu page. In the meantime I reported it to the moderators. Regards, Peter J.
  3. Mike, I suggested numerous routes for you to go last and this year with this quest of yours. You did not use any of them (only saying you did which I highly doubt). Going forward I am going to sit back and watch. Have at it and good luck. Regards, Peter J.
  4. Not being rude at all, Mike. Your wording made it sound like you missed cans behind golf carts. Why don't you start a separate thread for all your issues that way none will get lost if all jumbled into the parking issues? Hypothetically if in say 2 weeks you add another complaint about something at Hershey it will not get buried. Regards, Peter J.
  5. Oh well...can't have everything, Mike.
  6. Mike, your original thread titled: Hershey 2017. Swap Meet or Parking Lot / Camp Grounds??? is still here and has not been removed. Only moderators can delete posts or threads and I am not one. With all the phone calls and emails you claim to have sent to the Hershey Region I would think you could at least have a few names of whom you spoke to or send copies of the emails. Trying to help you but without some facts it would be for naught. Peter J.
  7. Ditto that, John. FYI...Mike (a.k.a. 48Wodie started another thread. Why I have no idea other than taking up a lot of space on the mainframe. Regards, Peter J.
  8. Mike (a.k.a. 48Woodie)...why did you start another thread here? You now have 2 threads on the same subject. Again, you said last year and thanked me for the advice to just have a face-to-face talk with the Hershey Region people at their tent. Your answer was nonsense saying you had spoken or contacted the "hierarchy of the AACA". Well this is not the Hershey Region who hosts the meet. Appears you have a "roll around" response to the many suggestions people submitted on the original deleted thread to include not speaking face-to-face wotj the people at the Hershey Region tent. (Last suggestion: Save yourself time next year by using this year's photos. I think it would be really amusing if all these cars, trucks and camper photos will be of the vehicles when they turn 25 years old. Young people will appreciate seeing them...😁 ) Regards, Peter J.
  9. Peter J.Heizmann

    Donation to honor Herb Oakes & Dave Zimmerman

    Lynn & Paul, Thank you for forwarding Hulon's memo. I agree that it would be a great way to memorialize Dave and Herb of whom gave so much to the club. The least we can do. Two checks coming... Regards, Peter J.
  10. Nice article in the Reading (PA) Eagle newspaper today. The Leshers are wonderful members and extremely dedicated to the AACA and hobby as a whole. Regards, Peter J.
  11. Peter J.Heizmann

    Hershey Hangover Tour

    Thank you, Gil and Tracy. Great photos and commentary. Peter J.
  12. Peter J.Heizmann

    bracket for DPC badge

    Looks nice to boot, Steve. That is how I saw them on occasion. Some used brass screws that look nice with the gold colored screen printed area of the badge. Peter J.
  13. Peter J.Heizmann

    bracket for DPC badge

    Ted, now I am confused. You say the brackets are way too small however charlier said he used them for his DPC and HPOF badges. You are quite welcome. Peter J.
  14. Peter J.Heizmann

    Hershey Hangover Tour

    Howdy, Wayne. Jeff and Tracy certainly carried the torch onward not to mention Adam & Marie Lesher, Janet (past AACA President) & John Ricketts, and now not so small any longer Augie and Jack Lesher. Wonderful people to say the least. Their dedication to the AACA is remarkable. Regards, Peter J.
  15. Peter J.Heizmann

    Reading (PA) Article on Hershey 2018 Regards, Peter J.
  16. Peter J.Heizmann

    bracket for DPC badge

    Ted, On the Home Page you will see "Merchandise" in the header bar. Click on it and there are all sorts of AACA items for sale. Look for "Vehicles". Scroll down briefly and you will see 2 styles of brass badge brackets ($7.00 each). May take some modification to suit the purpose however they may help. Regards, Peter.
  17. Peter J.Heizmann

    Unsung inventors

    Very interesting, Mr. Franklin. Thank you for posting it. Cannot forget one Mary Anderson who invented windshield wipers. Your video started me thinking about those little things that keep me up at night such as "monkey wrench". Turns out there was a gent named Charles Moncky pronounced Monkey of Baltimore, MD who invented it. Regards, Peter J.
  18. Peter J.Heizmann

    Post-Hershey Packard truck meet today?

    True, Greg. Not clear where the Packard meet was held. Bobby, Jr's. race shop is at his business "Bobby Gerhart's World of Trucks" located as you come into Lebanon on route 422 west. Call ahead of time and see if Billy is there. As for the Boyertown Museum of Historical Vehicles you will find that very worthwhile. My office was 3 blocks from there prior to retirement. Have a good time...
  19. Peter J.Heizmann

    Post-Hershey Packard truck meet today?

    Put it on your bucket list, Greg. Many interesting racecars and memorabilia from the past. Our very dedicated National Director Norm Hutton collects dirt track vehicles and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject thus in addition to his many assignments he is the Chair of Race Car Certification. In the museum is my favorite dirt track stock car of Bobby Gerhart, Sr. If it is still there it is on loan from the Gerhart Family. (His son Bobby Gerhart, Jr. is a long standing ARCA race driver of whom has had great success with many wins at Daytona.) In my youth before and after my Army hitch I did many pinstripe and hand lettering jobs for anything from firetrucks to dirt track cars. I got to know Bobby, Sr. at the old Reading Fairgrounds 1/2 mile track. Helped out on his pit crew and lettered 3 cars for him after he bought out sponsor A. T. Consoli. Bobby, Jr. (about 11 years old at the time) was constantly at the pit gates asking any of us what his dad is doing or what strategies he is using. Bobby, Sr. made his last race in 1980. Phoned him in 2003 to reminisce, We had a few beers at the Womelsdorf, PA VFW. Glad I saw him as he was killed in 2004 in a crash on E. Chocolate Ave as you come into Hershey from Palmyra. Peter J.
  20. Peter J.Heizmann

    Post-Hershey Packard truck meet today?

    Greg, I do not know if you are still there. If you have a chance a tour of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing museum at the Lattimore Valley Fairgrounds is very interesting. Open 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Regards, Peter J.
  21. Peter J.Heizmann

    Seamus & his 1914 T

    That is amazing to say the least. Wonderful. Nice if he could submit an article for the AA Magazine. Thank you for posting it CarFreak.
  22. BearsFan, this is the AACA Forum as I believe you are aware. You will not receive a response to your complaints here or from AACA National. The Hershey Region is the host that runs it. Send your issues to them. Regards, Peter J.
  23. Peter J.Heizmann

    Search Functions

    Share the same frustrations to the point I stopped using it years ago. Please scroll down the menu page and post your query in the "Forum Software Questions / Instructions" forum. Regards, Peter J.
  24. Peter J.Heizmann

    Hershey 2018 thread in General Forum

    Hi, Chris and Mike. Please respond to AJ Ford's query on Page 2 of Hershey 2018 about Library sales times. Thank you, Peter J.
  25. Peter J.Heizmann

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    Congratulations, Terry... Agree it is a great feeling waking up knowing you are now the scheduler (except in your case when Susan takes charge...😏 ) Yesterday it was 1 1/2 years since I retired. My only regret was I should have done it 5 years ago. Regards, Peter J.