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  1. Peter J.Heizmann

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    Joe, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed battery technology. Check it out here: Regards, Peter J.
  2. Peter J.Heizmann

    Do You Like Bugatti's? Interesting read!

    Hello, West. I agree. I also like the quality of photos taken on an overcast day. The details of the cars really jumps out. (that's why I learned quickly how to download photos and did not want the threat of anyone's grandchildren showing me how to do it... Regards, Peter J.
  3. Peter J.Heizmann

    Do You Like Bugatti's? Interesting read!

    Thank you for posting this, Wayne. I found it to be a very nice article and I found his background to be very interesting. I must tip my hat to him for his success, too. I also appreciated the author's down to earth writing. I like how he came across overall. Aye aye, Wayne. Peter J.
  4. Peter J.Heizmann

    What is the largest antique car show in the world?

    Agree that there is nothing wrong with it just the comparison to Hershey being the largest antique show versus the Power Big Show in Sweden. I believe 28pontiac has it correct about the Woodward Dream Cruise being the largest car show of modifieds, rods, rat rods, originals, and so on. The funniest caption on one of the photos in Sweden was the cops look the other way concerning drinking. Only rule is the driver must be sober. Hershey Park security and Derry Township police will not turn the other way if the driver eats too much chocolate. Again, no comparison between Hershey and the Swedish show in my opinion. Regards, Peter J.
  5. Peter J.Heizmann

    What is the largest antique car show in the world?

    Yes Sweden does buy up nice American cars but we are comparing largest car show in the world to Hershey's largest antique show. Click on this photo link of the Vasteras, Sweden. Certainly is not an advertised "antique" show.
  6. Peter J.Heizmann

    What is the largest antique car show in the world?

    Your article is here: Looking at the title: "World's Largest American Car Show". Very little pre-WWII vehicles. Tout mostly 1950's and up cars. Looking at them a majority are not even original with many mag wheels and such. Kids hanging out the windows with hands on the roof. Googled more Swedish and European car shows with non in the same league as the AACA or Hershey. Yes 17,000 however "very few" that fall within the 25 year and older as they came from the factory. Check list on Hershey to compare with your "friend's" article: 1. Around 1100 vehicles 25 years old and older. (no mag wheels or kids hanging out the windows, etc.) 2. 9000 or so vendors (How many at the Swedish meet?) 3 Over 250,000 visitors (How many visitors at the Swedish meet?) 4. Over 1,000 cars in the Car Corral again 25 years old and older as they came from the factory. (Do the Swedes have a Car Corral?) Your photos in your last post show some of the nicer cars. Looking at their website most are modified thus not in the same "antique" category as the Hershey Show or the AACA for that matter. In short the way I see it we comparing two different venues and thus the question does not mean anything to me. How about the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise? That too is one big "open" category venue not in the same league as Hershey. John, I know you will say I am criticizing which is not the case. Simply put you are comparing largest car show with largest "antique" car show so it means nothing in the long run. However I would still like to hear from people as to just what is the largest "car" show. Regards, Peter J.
  7. Peter J.Heizmann

    53rd Annual Duryea Day (2018)

    That is what makes Duryea Days unique. The creativity of modified co-mingling with the purist' Last year I had the TR6 in the Foreign Car class of course and right in front of me was a really neat Rat Rod. The owners creative mind was amazing. I sat there for quite awhile and the owner was busy all day talking with visitors. Nice to witness as he was on cloud nine interfacing with visitors. Again, thank you, Peter J.
  8. Peter J.Heizmann

    53rd Annual Duryea Day (2018)

    Thank you very much for posting the photos, Charlie. Very nice. Some quite unusual or seldom seen marques there. Always like the variety of vehicles at Duryea Days. Perfect photo day for you. Overcast really diminished sun glare and brought out the vehicle detail and colors. Regards, Peter J.
  9. Peter J.Heizmann

    1966 Mercury wagon restoration problems

    I too encourage you to restore it, Pete. Have a lot of memories for this car. My father bought one new in 1966 the year I graduated from H.S. That Super Marauder 428 was really powerful especially on a big boat station wagon. Could easily burn rubber so I heard. Dad's was sort of a dark charcoal color with burgundy interior. Regards, Peter J.
  10. Peter J.Heizmann


    There you go, John. I agree with that. As Matt and I suggested contact the applicable Director and Officer. Reminder: addressing Directors in general on this open Forum will not go anywhere. Contact them individually via email or letter for "action". The Directors are very busy and really do not monitor this site looking for issues. Another thought. Why don't you sort of spot check other Regions or Chapters to see what there policies are concerning losing members due to emailed newsletters. Ask if they lost any members who do not utilize computers. Regards, Peter J.
  11. Peter J.Heizmann


    Agree, Matt. As is the norm such resurrecting of old threads will eventually die off. I just take issue when someone reads too much into a subject and makes it sound like a crisis. Peter J.
  12. Peter J.Heizmann


    John, you are getting off topic. Earl Beachamp's comments were directed at the newsletter judging team and the ease back in the 2006 era to judge numerous newsletters. His comments were not directed at general membership of Regions and Chapters receiving their newsletter electronically or hard copy. I also stated that I found it to be more convenient when I judged newsletters but that is just my preference. As Steve mentioned this mindset has changed and yes it is 2018 so I would not be doing it. Again, that is just me. Whenever you use state "...what I heard" I take that to be hearsay at best. Who are "they". It makes it sound rampant throughout and it really is not. As for saying we are losing members by eliminating hard copy I do not buy it. I cannot imagine a Region or Chapter throwing out those members who do not have access to email by denying them a hard copy (i.e..."George. You have been a member for 35 years and there is the door. We are not going to print a hard copy for you just because you are too old for computers.") When I was the Chair of Development & Support Eastern Region I visited very small and rather large Regions and not once could detect such strictness as you are alluding. Yes, there may have been isolated cases however I cannot picture it to be rampant. When you hear of scenarios as you state please contact the AACA Membership VP, D&S Chair, the AACA President, etc., so it can be addressed. Regards, Peter J.
  13. Peter J.Heizmann


    Neither did I, Wayne. I was on the review team around 2008 if I recall. If this email idea was the new norm at the time I would have quit and that is something I have never done in all the AACA assignments on my plate. It was so easy and convenient to read the hard copy and have the score sheet downloaded on the computer in front of me. Frequently I had to page back and re-read a certain subject just to be sure I was fairly scoring a topic. It was nothing to receive 10-12 newsletters weekly in the area I was assigned. Regards, Peter J.
  14. Peter J.Heizmann

    2018 Reliability Tour

    Hi, Wayne. Thank you for posting these photos and videos. Really nice. Also great photos of Pam and Steve. Regards, Pedro.