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  1. R.I.P Cars and Parts

    I had no idea. That is why I asked. Will make a point of looking him up down the road. Thank you, Peter J.
  2. R.I.P Cars and Parts

    Do either you or West recall Jeff Broadus of Car Collector. I had entered me TR6 in the 2003 Burn Prevention Councours d' Elegance held at Lehigh University. Jeff happened to come by and we had a great conversation. He certainly was interesting when discussing the many vehicles in attendance. Regards, Peter J.
  3. Wonderful job as usual, Matt. Peter J.
  4. 501c3

    Twigs...Welcome to the Forum. Yes, both the AACA and Library & Research Center are 501c3. The shared address is: 501 W. Governor Road, Hershey, PA 17033 Steve Moskowitz may have more direction for you so hold off until he responds. Regards, Peter J.
  5. John, Who stated this? I happen to know they do read comments and do the best they can to improve the Fall Meet with the resources they have.
  6. Strausstown Lions Car Show 2017

    Could be one of a few reasons. They could be a Studebaker club that does not want to be judged or a draw as you suggest or maybe they self-judge club member's cars (quite a few local show I have attended have a marque club hold their own meet within a local meet). As usual, cutlasguy, very nice photos. Thank you. Peter J.
  7. Hershey - Night at the Museum

    True, Steve. David received a proper answer to a logical question. Bottom line I wish the Museum well going forward if for any other reason Howard Scotland and especially John Meyer who gave and did so much for its success. To me the Museum is just another Hershey attraction. Go visit it if you want or do not visit it if you want. End of conversation. Peter.
  8. Hershey - Night at the Museum

    Why in the daylights does this dead horse topic keep resurrecting? Some folks seem to enjoy firing it up I suppose. Peter J.
  9. Hurricane

    Based upon what we all are seeing through news media I would think more precedence would be for asking anyone who has some basic housing for the people first. Somehow cars are like any other material thing that takes second place in a catastrophe like Harvey. Peter J.
  10. Hershey week long parking

    Dale, I would highly recommend that you phone that museum in advance for details. That way there are no surprises should you be turned away for just showing up.. Regards, Peter J.
  11. Need someone in Binghamton, NY area to look at a car.

    Well said, Carl. Steve-V: I just sent an email to the President of the Chemung Valley Region who is a very good friend to the AACA. He is on the Library & Research Center committee The region is in Elmira, NY along the Southern Tier of NY State and about 45 miles or so west of Binghamton). Asked him to check out this thread for a possible assistance. Will let you know when I hear from him. One does not have to be a specialist of any one marque. If Steve simply wants overall condition or any very obvious alterations from original, etc., it is very easy for anyone to describe the condition. I did it twice over the years. One was a very poor condition large late 1970 Buick that was so deteriorated a blind man could tell it was ready for the crusher with very few parts that were reusable. The other was a mid-1950's Chevy that needed restoration but doable and the gent in Texas bought it based on my inspection as it was as advertised by the owner. Regards, Peter J.
  12. Car number not on Grand National badge

    Hi, Doug. Russ' original query of course was the plaque that goes on the car. I am not sure about the current 'trophies". If I recall the plaque must come off the car if their is a change in ownership. May apply to the "National 1st Prize" plaque as well. I may be wrong but the rules state that both can be returned to National HQ, stamped "Retired" then returned to the owner for a nominal fee. Read the on-line rules book or phone HQ in Hershey. Regards, Peter J.
  13. Car number not on Grand National badge

    You are welcome. Peter J.
  14. Car number not on Grand National badge

    Here you go, Bob. The current plate on the far right replaced the little tabs that were once the Repeat Senior Grand National awards. Regards, Peter J.