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  1. Hello, Bob. Re-read Wayne's post # 8 above... Regards, Peter J.
  2. Now it is starting to sound positive, Earl. Wish the best... Peter.
  3. Hi, Earl. I wonder if Dave Chiotti (past AACA Director) lives anywhere near the car or could offer some assistance. Just a thought... Peter J.
  4. I fully agree, Jim. Why the OP did not ask the Museum directly about changing the name is beyond me. This thread was fading so nicely until it was resurrected...please trust Steve and the Directors to handle it. Peter J.
  5. Have not heard that it is going to change, John. Did you hear something to the contrary or do you want "what if" ideas?
  6. My thoughts, John? What has anything going on with NASCAR have to do with 25 year old vehicles and older on this AACA Forum? Peter J.
  7. Share the same opinion, Grog. To each his own. The responses so far remind me of someone buying a house next door to the respondents and they sit there critiquing the new neighbor's furniture, car they drive, and so on... Bottom line the vehicle made someone proud along the line.
  8. Hi, Doug. Well, to say the least it was a blast. As Marty Roth so notes going to meets to see friends and have fun became addictive so it was easy to do it in answer to your question. Received my first one at the Eastern Spring Meet in Johnstown, PA in 2001. The last at Fall Hershey in 2016. There were 3 years of which I did not show the car. Also received 4 Repeat Senior Grand Nationals with it. Finally retiring the 31st of this month and the plan is to start driving the car more. As for showing I got it out of my system except for Fall Hershey if the weather is good. Not interested in getting into judging however always had more fun working in the support area of meets (Family Booths which promoted the AACA, Library, and back then the Museum) plus membership booths. Regards, Peter J.
  9. Have 37 Preservation chips with a 1972 Triumph TR6. Regards, Peter J.
  10. Doug, I think your idea is great. Personally I believe you should go ahead and video some CJEs as a learning curve if you will. Steve noted (and I know from past experience working with him that he has a lot on his plate especially just after the Annual Meeting) that he needs some time before tackling this. This would give you some time to record a few CJEs, obtain input from judges on the Forum as to what they see to improve it, and so on. It would give Steve and the Committee some initial ground work to digest and improve for the final product. My 2 cents and thank you for your initiative. Peter J.
  11. Curti...nice of you to think to post this for new members or new people browsing the forum. It is starting to drift off topic which is the norm lately. Regards, Peter J.
  12. Now that is a collectors item, Matt. They were made by a long standing DF'er David Devine (sp) who went by "novaman". Good guy who would do anything to help someone in need in the AACA. Peter J.
  13. No, not this year, Wayne. Maybe next year. Regards, Peter J.
  14. Curt. "Discussion Forum". Hope that clarifies it for you. The DFers was coined by our late super friend to many and past AACA President Ron Barnett (Father Ron was his handle) who along with Peter Gariepy championed the creation of the whole of this AACA Website. They had a real battle to convince the Board back then however were of course successful. Al is correct. We originally met for lunch at the old St. George's Restaurant. It has since been closed, torn down, and office buildings are on the site today. Regards, Peter J.
  15. Hello, Eric. Yes I was a day late and a dollar short. Now that you mention it I do recall the Chrysler franchise. Alas...still have the TR6. Regards, Peter.