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  1. Well then, Woodie why don't you contact the Hershey Region who organizes and runs their meet? You are repeatedly asking the same old questions to the wrong gallery. This is the AACA Forum not the Hershey Region Forum. The AACA supports this and all meets however the host Region runs the Meets to include any organizing and logistics. I might add do not assume the Hershey Region monitors this AACA Forum for questions related to them. Ted, the guy just wants to beat the topic to death Peter J.
  2. Peter J.Heizmann


    papafarm...I would contact the region for some facts. Last time I was at the Gettysburg Meet there was a decent amount of vendors. Also Hershey is large however there are others that have many vendors (The Hornets Nest Region meets at Charlotte come to mind where the vendor area is packed on the infield of the track). Go to the the people running the venue for facts. Hate to see you not come only to find out the vendor area was decent.
  3. Peter J.Heizmann

    Bump a listing

    I still advise making a post in the Forum Software Questions/Software. Have seen many posts made in the General Forum over the years where well intended people offer all sorts of advise only to totally confuse the OP. Your call Supercargirl.
  4. Peter J.Heizmann

    Bump a listing

    keiser31...all you have to do is click on the Forum Software Questions/Instructions" section. Scroll down on the menu page and there it is. Gets Moderator attention.
  5. Peter J.Heizmann


    Make sure you are logged in. On the top of the page to the right of the Antique Automobile Club heading you will see a bell shape then a snail mail envelope. Click on the envelope.
  6. Peter J.Heizmann

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    Hi, Charlie. Possibly the junk car ordinance however the expansion of the power transmission operation is currently where the cars were parked. I recall some sat there for years and suspected at the time he wanted the usual top dollar until the cars just rotted away. Peter J.
  7. Peter J.Heizmann

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    Remember Fritz very well, Dave. He must have become grumpy in later years. Some guy stopped to wander through the car lot on a Sunday if I recall. Fritz showed up pointing a pistol asking what he was doing? After that his trouble was compounded when electric utility Met-Ed who either owned the land or took it by eminent domain thus putting Fritz out of business. Old cars are very popular in the Birdsboro area. I see the Mascaro Museum as a good fit for the area. Regards, Peter J.
  8. Peter J.Heizmann

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    Hi, Charlie. Nice to hear from you. Agree. That is why I noted that "Not certain" in my original post as I have not heard anything lately myself. The museum would a lot better for Union Township in my opinion. What type of exotic cars they have remains to be seen. Looking at the race track and club house layout on the sign one had better have very deep pockets to belong. Regards, Peter J.
  9. Peter J.Heizmann

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    Hi, Dave. (I think I hit send at the same time as you). You are correct. Just thought I would post the article to give people a heads up that this may be something nice for them to visit when in the area. Add it to all the other auto related venues such as the Boyertown Museum of Historical Vehicles (20 minutes North of Birdsboro), Simeone Museum (Philadelphia), etc.
  10. Peter J.Heizmann

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    Hello, Phil. J. P. Mascaro is a huge trash hauling business in Eastern PA. They are also a huge supporter of various community projects and charitable organizations in the area. Not certain if plans are still in the making however they own around 600 acres in just outside Birdsboro where an auto race track is/was planned (there is an architects drawing on a sign along Route 724 showing the road course). A country club for race and sports car owners to have a blast on a road course track to include a clubhouse similar to a golf country club. Regards, Peter J.
  11. Peter J.Heizmann

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    Below is from today's Reading Eagle newspaper. Birdsboro is about 8 miles East of Reading, PA and about 50 miles East of Hershey. Regards, Peter J.
  12. Peter J.Heizmann

    Hydramatic repair

    Sent you a PM...
  13. Peter J.Heizmann

    Hydramatic repair

    Hi, Bob. Living in the Reading area I have a few sources to contact tomorrow to see if they may know anything. I will get back to you. Peter J.
  14. Peter J.Heizmann

    Nash Times magazine 2002

    I would also try the AACA Library too. Contact Mike Reilly who is the catalog librarian.
  15. Peter J.Heizmann

    Saw this very nice 1969 Lincoln Mark III today....

    Thanks for the clarification, John. It was a bit confusing.