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  1. Binders for The Antique Automobile

    Dave, I would advise that you phone AACA HQ for a quick answer...717-534-1910. More times than not queries such as this are overlooked by the proper authority. Who knows. If the binders were discontinued HQ may have some in storage. Regards, Peter J.
  2. Agree, John that there are some very nice areas of NJ especially in the Sparta area (prior to retiring I had a very good account and the company owner lived in Sparta). As for taxes I think if one can afford to pay for a property in NJ such as what was posted that the cost of taxes is a moot point or close to it.

    Phil, This is obviously an old thread. If you want an answer or help simply scroll down the topics menu to: The chances of getting assistance by asking for help to those not in the know will not work. Hope it helps. Regards, Peter J.
  4. Carburetor Identification and Value

    Joe, He is asking for identification and fair price. With your carb experience any ideas on this? Regards, Peter.
  5. Carburetor Identification and Value

    Mark, I firmly believe that the "314-1" means a grade of 314 bronze and the "-1" is the casting impression number on the foundry pattern (impression numbers are important in order to trace back a defect. Tells the pattern shop which impression needs re-gating or other steps to correct the problem.) Regards, Peter.
  6. Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    Hi, Dave. Yes we did have a DF meeting at the Fall Meet. Has been many years now. Our old friend Ron Flory (deceased on 3/30/07) and I used to arrange it however it slowly went into the history books when people would commit to attending only not to show up. Too many other things to do at Hershey I suppose. Would meet in Class 5A (motor scooters, etc.) Regards, Peter J.
  7. Why do some online photos fuzz out plate number?

    Hi, John. Hope all is well. I can attest to this. Many years ago I was on the "new I-78" heading east in New Jersey. Some of you may recall that I-78 came to an end at the current Plainfield, NJ exit where you were forced to head down to Rt. 22 to continue into New York. This lasted for years due to environmentalists protesting the highway construction. Anyway on one trip I saw highway signs affixed to an overpass at Plainfield. I recall it stating "Autobahn, a direction arrow to go straight for Munich and so many kilometers". I pulled over out of curiosity and spoke with a cop who said BMW was shooting a TV commercial. Regards, Peter J.
  8. AACA Auburn Meet

    Hello, Tim. 13Caddy is new and apparently mistook the "Activity Request" section of the magazine insert to be the "sign-up" form. On the Activity Request card in the magazine sleeve you are simply checking off what meets you are interested in attending. Send it in to AACA and when available they will send you the meet sign up form plus the meet brochure which notes officials, hotels, functions during the meet, etc. As Auburn is in May I would guess the "On-Line" registration and the snail-mail paper request would be available in early to mid-March which gives you plenty of time. Regards, Peter J.

    Yes, John any club sees people either quitting or dying then they are replaced with new members. The AACA has been down to around 59,000 a few years ago then rebounded to around 61,000. As for being helpful I am curious for what reason? Another point is membership renewals are wrapping up for 2017 so I would check back in say the 1st QTR of 2018 for more accurate numbers if it is all that important to you. Merry Christmas.
  10. Caution: Thieves Preying on "Offerup" Users

    Various police stations around here have them and across the U.S. of A. Sorry situation but sign of the times.
  11. Caution: Thieves Preying on "Offerup" Users

    John, I was just confused when you stated "I believe one person"... So, E Pad must be the guy. Agree that the danger is there however it is so common via Craigslist, Facebook, etc., Goes on daily unfortunately. Look at all the police stations that have Safe Areas at the station to meet a potential buyer and seller while under watch.
  12. Caution: Thieves Preying on "Offerup" Users

    Have any idea where or when? Or are you guessing? Do a "search" and dig up the link if you find it so we can check with the poster for their experience.
  13. R.I.P Cars and Parts

    I had no idea. That is why I asked. Will make a point of looking him up down the road. Thank you, Peter J.
  14. R.I.P Cars and Parts

    Do either you or West recall Jeff Broadus of Car Collector. I had entered me TR6 in the 2003 Burn Prevention Councours d' Elegance held at Lehigh University. Jeff happened to come by and we had a great conversation. He certainly was interesting when discussing the many vehicles in attendance. Regards, Peter J.
  15. Wonderful job as usual, Matt. Peter J.