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  1. Paul, Would you have the golf door lock assembly with key for a 1931 Packard Tom
  2. Jim, A few years back I received a CD with these photo of an 1931 with original interior. 1931 pictures of original interior Hope these help Tom
  3. Here you go Tom
  4. Been there done this with Firestones. Three setts to finally get a batch that did not yellow. Well not yellow as bad as the first two setts. Next time it will be black-walls for me.
  5. Maybe at one time it had Aftershave lotion in it?
  6. Your digs is similar to Nice place you have there. That is a dream garage for any car lover.
  7. I like that the boy is taking good care of his grey hound wagon by oiling up them wheels. For the make of the car I have no idea.
  8. The Lemont Lions (which I am a member of) participated in the Lemont Kepataw Parade today. Here are a few pictures of my Pacakard along with another members Farmall. Was a nice day for it but the Packard did not like the stop and go of the parade she prefers to be out on the open road.
  9. Hi, I will be going to the show on Sunday but as a spectator, Depending on weather I may take the drive out there in my '31 Packard. 2016 Geneva Illinois Concours d'Elegance Anyone else from the Chicago area attending? Tom
  10. I went to this show also but as a spectator. Have to agree that amount of show cars seemed to be down. But still and enjoyable show to go to. I however did notice the Packards
  11. What 3D and rendering software did you use? That is some mighty fine work there.....
  12. Sweet new ride Like we always say. I wish I had never sold my '70 with the 455
  13. As Matt I use simple green but instead of an SOS pad I use a Mr Clean Magic eraser. Chris, Same issue with the tires I purchased from a different vendor. Took three times to get them right. But as you stated they still yellow but not as bad as the other sets.
  14. For my 1931 Packard I order mine from this company Very happy with it. Did not require any mods to install it. It fit very well. It has some extra holes in not and sure what they are for but they are hidden high up on the pad. They do have some REO
  15. Yes I sure have I have ridden in one and it was in the car I own today the '31 Packard rumble seat. My great uncle owned the car before my father purchased it from him in in 1987. My great Uncle would take the '31 out on Sunday drives and a few us would jump in the rumble seat and he would drive around the Marquette Park area in Chicago. I can still picture it in my mind o the joy and fun we had and the thumbs up from other drivers.