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  1. packards42


    Harley people were great just add to our show checking all the bikes out
  2. packards42


    Weather look to be hot. I hope there lots of judges. I hope I can find my judges parking sticker
  3. packards42

    Judges Newsletter - Hershey judge registration

    Nice write up by all the authors. Very insightful.
  4. Remember Packard used capitol I for the number 1
  5. packards42

    32nd Annual Check The Oil Show & Auction

    Wow. Nice items wrong coast
  6. packards42

    Shape of Speed Portland Art Musuem

    I just attend the lecture by the curator Ken Gross. He spoke abouyt every vehicles' history from design through some of the restorations and history of the orginal builders and sponsors. fantastic hour long talk. I hope they release a video of it. Ken had a book signing of the book "Shape of Speed" produce for the show: "after the lecture/ What a rare oportunity to get the bood and have a signed copy. Eight more cars/motorcycles of the 1930's to 1942 display at the Portland Art museum. I plan to return again when I have more time to veiew the cars, as I had to get home for a Father's Dar Family function.
  7. packards42

    Rare Mercedes 1000SEL (W126) for sale

    Pictures please Is it Pullman?
  8. packards42

    Thanks To all you fellow forum members..

    Great to here from you. Joseph
  9. June 16 through Sep 15. The Portland Art Museum will host 19 of aerodynamic vehicles from The 1930. I will post the link soon. I don't know how my phone. I visiting tomorrow for a lecture and viewing.
  10. packards42

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Nice story. I been budgeti g a barn too. What tbw building permit cost
  11. packards42

    Need towing Portland, Alabama

    Above plus rear section of matching frame and body no wheels. Around October to end of the year
  12. packards42

    Corvair Rampside

    I live near Portla d Oregon across the Columbia River in Washington State. Sorry guys no public information. Contact through AACA Forum private messaging
  13. packards42

    Grand National in Greensburg

    Here is the Mrs. Walter P Chrystler 1935 Limo.
  14. packards42

    Grand National in Greensburg

    I glad you may it home safely. We enjoy getting the opportunity to assit in the repacking effort. My phone and camera when dead after judging, I will see what pictures I can get from my wife collection. SHe said she never seen so many outstanging car. She want to do my son's 1979 Camaro now. As usual the optional tours were great. The garage tour on Thusday was outstanding, and the bus to Fallenwater (Frank LLoyd Wright)) was outstanding day with lunch on Ohiopyte. here a couple photos from FallingWater (Fran Lloyd Wright)
  15. packards42

    Corvair Rampside

    A running not rust out drivable Corvair Rampside. Blue ideally like my Father's. My dad love his Corvairs had 1/2 dozen over the years. Private mail me. thanks