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  1. 2018 NC Region Spring Meet

    sound like fun
  2. 2018 Charlotte Meet photos

    I didn't get to make the show, thanks for posting all those photos.
  3. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    The Hospitality made me want to consider moving to Mobile. Beautiful place and people.
  4. parts 1940 Super-8

    updated to add more prices and deleted many items that have been sold, I plan to be cut up what left and to the crusher the balance by May 1st. If you need body pane, cowl, roof, A or B pillars; i can cut out any pieces you desire. We clear out the 1940 parts just do not have the space for bare body shell and chassis. 127 inch 4 dooe sedan
  5. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

  6. 1971 Cadillac Eldorado Conv 31K Miles

    Nice car. Joe in Washougal. Wa
  7. I want to extend a well deserved "Thank You" to the host;"The Deep South Region" and in particular to their Chairperson: Charlotte Dahlenburg It is only day 2 with the car show schedule for Saturday tomorrow. The host club, people and activities are beyond anything I could expected. I already seen close to 100 cars at last night private viewing.
  8. 2018 Grand National Registration

    what is the nearest hotel to the host hotel, since you indicated it is booked. Is there parking to stop and pickup our packets on thursday or friday morning , and place to park if we going on the Frank Lloyd Wright tour or is sold out too. or do we need to take Uber to Hotel. Make a huge difference on signing up for activities. We found lodging 1000 feet from host hotel Quality Inn thanks joe
  9. AACA National Winter Meet - 2018

    I am looking forward to seeing Mobile. and the Missouri battleship too. Anyone needing a room mate, I might be able to share a room. Wednesday through Saturday. i not planning on renting a car, so i be looking for carpool to the Missouri Battleship Thursday morning.
  10. FOR SALE 1946-48 Brockway Truck

    That was a nice looking truck when new
  11. '83 Oldsmobile Toronado Looking For A New Home

    Looking for one with digital dash. Any chance your has it
  12. Beware

    I had a similar issue on the 42 limo Packard. Both here a s Ebay. Look carefully at email return addresses a s never click on links
  13. Check Those Lug Nuts

    Lost two trailer wheel one side. Lucky no accident. Ruin one wheel never found the other. I think it was loose lug nuts or a not loose inside the recently installed second axle brakes. Carry extra torque wrench now
  14. Vancouver Washington to Alabama

    I need to get a 148 inch factory seven passenger Packard sedan shipped after New years. 5000 pound car, 19 feet overall approximately, doesn't run, roll OK, Will try to get it running, working on getting it started.
  15. Need towing Portland, Alabama

    moved to need towing: I need to get a 148 inch factory seven passenger sedan ship after New years. 5000 pound car, 19 feet overall approximately, doesn't run, roll OK< working on getting it started.