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  1. ted sweet

    Heading to USA

    TURKEY RUN in daytona
  2. car season here is over. snowed some friday and roads are covered in salt
  3. shelter logic but the ones that are good to store a car in cost more than 500
  4. ted sweet

    Pollution Controls

    do really think any aaca judge would now that info about such a obcsure car?
  5. ted sweet

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    next question is what amount is car insured? i have seem the need for a total repaint result in collectors cars being totalled
  6. so they change to way you want and the area you keep posting of is completely empty
  7. i took this pic but have no contact info
  8. ted sweet

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    only 936
  9. ted sweet

    ford mustang air cleaners

    sliver one 30 plus shipping. blue one 40 plus shipping
  10. ted sweet

    carter carb from a mopar 318

    40 dollars plus shipping.
  11. ted sweet

    Stromberg Carb

    40 dollars plus shipping. i believe its from a mid 1960s chrysler
  12. ted sweet

    bracket for DPC badge

    those brackets are way too small for a dpc badge
  13. my car at hershey . i would also like to think everyone that makes this show possible
  14. ted sweet

    bracket for DPC badge

    There is no way to mount DPC to my 1991 Chrysler. does any make a bracket to mount to the license plate area?? Ted
  15. i got there at 915 and i could see my breath