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  1. mpneroz

    Found this nice Chrysler Grill

    Thanks, I kind of thought New Yorker. Any idea of value? The lenses are no good but the stainless is really nice for the age.
  2. mpneroz

    Found this nice Chrysler Grill

    Certainly not perfect, some dings but where do you find stuff like this any more? It was just lying on the ground like that. I wish they made stainless trim like that now, lasts forever!
  3. Need help identifying what I believe is an early to mid 50's Chrysler New Yorker or Windsor grill found pretty much intact. Stainless is in nice shape especially given the age. Found it at my honey hole yard last week in a barn. Would like to flip it but need positive identification first. I wish I could find grills this nice for my cars! Mike
  4. What would the CID of the engine be? What would the engine be common in? I gotta think that the engine is not too common any more. Someone might need something?
  5. Yeah, the car is for sure a 1956 and it looks like the 1957 is pretty similar. The engine is pictured, CID were they? The carb is there and the plug wires on it are yellowish see through, you can see the inner wire inside. The car is older than what I collect so it is out of my wheelhouse. The owner of the land is a really nice old guy. I enjoyed talking to him. He has a lot of old trucks out there too, quite a few International pickups, Scouts and Travelall's.
  6. I found this gem in a field. There also are some other Newport/Windsor cars there too. Let me know what you may need, I can look. The owner of the property lets me pull parts and is really a great guy to deal with.
  7. Thanks, I knew it was off an off the wall car. I think the engine is a Rambler piece. While it is not the prettiest design it is pretty complete. Someone looking for parts would benefit I am sure.
  8. This appears to be a 57 Hornet 4 door? It looks like one of the combo cars when the makes were merging. it has that (AMC/Hudson) combo look to it. It is a little bit out of my wheelhouse as I am more into the 60's stuff Engine bay is very complete. It has bumpers and a grill It has a continental tire kit on the back that looks factory. Don't get me wrong there is weather damage but the car is fairly complete. Interior is largely there even the steering wheel center emblem is in place. I will add more pictures. I found a honeyhole junkyard loaded with unusual old cars. I could live in there!
  9. Found an excellent black Riviera dash pad in a car I found at a car sitting for years. Not cracked, probably should be vinyl sprayed to use. I want to remove it without damaging it. My 66 Wildcat has 2 pins in the lower corners where it turns down but there are visible screws as well. Need some tips for safe removal before I dig in and start. This car also has power window electrical parts.
  10. I pulled this from a 4 door straight 6 Buick that I came across. The center button is in excellent condition for a plastic part this old. It has great color and looked nice in the car. Asking $25 for a real nice used part that somebody has to need. I also have a complete 6 cylinder head with valve cover pulled from the same car.
  11. mpneroz

    1966 Buick Wildcat 2 door coupe parting out

    How is the rear bumper? Looking for one.
  12. I have for sale a really nice plastic steering center button pulled from an early 60's Buick. It looked great in that car. The plastic is clear, colors in the emblem are nice and it is not cracked. Car was in the woods under a canopy of trees closed up which protected it from the rain, sun and snow. It is not perfect but this is probably as nice an emblem as you could reasonably expect non NOS for a car this old. I am asking $35 and will ship USPS in a padded envelope. This includes shipping. I have already sold stainless and engine bay parts from the car and I am shortly going to list the head with springs, valves/springs and shaft from the straight 6 engine.
  13. mpneroz

    Looking for 75 - 78 Plymouth Fury 2 door parts

    I decided to pass on this car because of limited parts availability and the fact that it was a little "too crispy" in places. It would have needed doors, a trunklid and a pair of quarters. Interior was nice but the body work necessary to do this combined with the parts it needed worked against it.
  14. Beautiful instrument cluster with nice chrome for early 60's Comet. I pulled it from a 2 door sedan and was amazed at the condition. Not NOS but as damn close to it as a 54 year old junk yard part can be. Face clear, chrome is nice, all plugs and even the bulbs are in it. Back of the cluster is not rusty at all. Have not had much luck selling on this forum in the past so I put it on Ebay at a very low starting price. I would end the listing for someone who made me a fair offer, don't particularly like Ebay. I hope someone can use it. I wish I could find stuff this nice for my cars. Obviously it was not tested but how do you find stuff like this any more? A true testament to the quality of the chrome process they used. Mike
  15. Have the opportunity to pick up a 75 Fury based Roadrunner very reasonably. While it is not a high dollar collectible it is unique for sure. It runs and drives but the car needs sheet metal. It has enough to consider picking it up but needs better quarters possibly doors. It would not be worth the labor hours to have the quarters pieced together and I don't think the end result would be very good if I went that route. Floors are good and the frame is solid trunk floor needs a couple of patches. The car is a 360 auto on the floor with a nice black interior but parts are an issue. I found one locally but the car was rusted to heck and useless other than minor stuff. Anybody have anything or know of one? Mike