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  1. Spindle reinstalled opposite side from original

    Are the "caps" special, most of them are "welch plugs" available anywhere. Many people talk about staking them in but I have always just dimpled them in the middle. Never had one leak or fall out and have done thirty or more king pins.
  2. Spindle reinstalled opposite side from original

    It could affect your alignment. That is why I always mark everything with punch or letter marks as I disassemble. Today I guess digital cameras would work as well in many instances.
  3. It's not flat like the 29-30 Pontiac. With no filler hole it must be something in the 33-35 era.
  4. Oil Bath Air Cleaner - '40 Buick

    Use it as it was designed. Other than a bit messy to clean when required it is a superior filtering method.
  5. Can't be certain without measurements but looks like Series 6-29, Series 6-29A and Series 6-30B Pontiac.
  6. door lock removal

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure one of us can help you but it would help if we knew what year and model of car we were removing the "lock cylinder" from.
  7. What is this "springy thingy?"

    You guys should have been around in the 50's and early 60's when GM was trying to remove static from their cheap radios. Buick Sonomatic radios never seemed to have any trouble but Chev and Pontiac were often terrible. The worst cars were the v8 Corvettes. They had condensers, static thingies and shrouding around the distributors. Many tune up guys and mechanics could never seem to get the shrouds back properly and of course we were working with the early carbon core wire. What a mess. Thank God for FM.
  8. 1929 DeSoto project,windshield wiper questions.

    This man has windshield riser rebuild kits for 29/31 Pontiacs. I think the mechanism is the same as yours. Maybe if you contact him and see his parts or sees your regulator you can decide for sure. Gary Wallace email chev 4 cyl @ charter .net (leave the spaces out)
  9. unmarked lates 20's hubcaps

    Series 6-29 Pontiac for the hub caps. One series only, the true 1929 Pontiac. Tail lamp looks like the correct one . group 2.679 828741 5.25 Lamp Assembly, tail and signal (chrome) O/8 30-31, P/6 292-30-31. The Door Assembly (bezel to those that do not know the proper GM nomenclature) can have either a bar in the middle like this one or just two half round parts to hold the mounting screws. There are several tail lamps that look the same but are all slightly larger. The bracket looks like part of the bracket assembly for the same cars. It was spot welded to the tube that holds the tail lamp.
  10. Brake resurface

    Any reputable brake shop should be able to reline your shoes, either with bonded or riveted linings. You should research what was the original type of lining and the COF. If the shop doesn't know what COF is you maybe should look for another shop. Your shop manual should tell you what type of brakes you have. In order to have the best brakes possible you need to get as close as you can to the original.
  11. What is this "springy thingy?"

    https://www.google.ca/search?biw=1280&bih=918&ei=PGFyWo_CMIHgjwPjl4joCA&q=front+wheel+static+collector&oq=wheel+static+collector&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.0i22i30k1l2.7136.15165.0.18082. Go up to forums and search static collector. There are several posts about these.
  12. '26 disc wheel inner tubes

    At one time you could order tubes from the vintage tire people and tell them what stem you wanted/needed on the tubes. The vulcanized the proper stem and as far as you would be converned they came that way. By the way: ALL valve stems are either vulcanized on to the tube or are clamped into the tube. There is no other way.
  13. '26 disc wheel inner tubes

  14. 1951 Studebaker Engine Woes

    As an aside you really don't need a timing light. It is easy to set the timing, close enough to run, without a timing light. Line the marks up and at that point the points should be just starting to open. Once it is running an warmed up with two fingers on the fender you can advance or retard the timing until it runs the smoothest. Our best tune-up man in the GM dealership where I worked used a timing light sometimes but usually just set it statically. He always took the vehicle out on the road with a screw driver and a wrench and did a fine adjustment on the timing and the carb on the road. He had the least come backs of all our tune-up mechanics.
  15. 60 year old freeze plugs in single digits

    While working in a GM dealership in the prairies in the 60's I saw two Oldsmobile engines badly cracked in -45 degree weather and the "Core plugs" were totally intact in the block.
  16. richierich152

    Welcome, there are many people here that will help you in your project. If I may I suggest you go back and edit your post, take you name out of the title and put in something like "1948 intake manifold needed". Start a second post with "1948 "interior and trim". Also list both of the posts above under "Parts Wanted" at the beginning 5 below "General Discussion". If someone is just skimming the posts or doing a search having your name as "title" will not catch their eye. Good luck with your project. Pontiacs are great cars and the straight eight is an excellent engine. My Grandfather's 1930 Pontiac has been my daily driver since 1959 and now has 500,000 miles on it. If you have half as much fun/enjoyment from yours as I have had with mine you will have a fantastic time. You should join http://www.poci.org/
  17. Carburetor 38 Century

    I thought someone else might have mentioned it but no one has. It looks like the inlet fittings both have some kind of sealer or teflon tape on them. This might be why some things are plugged inside. I was always taught that one should never use any type of thread sealer on this type of fittings. If the don't seal themselves then you either need new fittings or a new housing, no exceptions I was told. Not specific for this carb or any specific car just general proper mechanics.
  18. Combined fuel water temp gauge

    Perhaps you would get more responses by posting this under "Parts wanted" rather than "Cars Wanted"????
  19. 25 Buick Clutch

    A clutch alignment tool or a spare input shaft is a must. I was able to use a small socket (to fit the pilot bearing) and electrical tape around and around the extension to fit the splines. Then I got an alignment tool from a local transmission shop that I knew. A plastic one comes these days with every clutch kit. Lo a behold a free one from a 327 chev fit my 1930 pontiac exactly. The guide bolts are an excellent idea, they really save the back. Good luck.
  20. Kingpin retainer pin

    I went out for a walk after posting #13. While walking I thought/wondered if I had that backwards. Not only is Grimy right, he is faster than I am. Sorry guys.
  21. Kingpin retainer pin

    Two manufacturers of lubrication fittings were "alemite" and "zerk". Originally they were different types but eventually both types were made by both companies and have been that way for years. For right or wrong I was taught that the twist on fittings with the two pins were zerk and the push on or in fittings were alemite originally.
  22. 30 Pontiac hood latch bumpers

    Check out the lacing for the cowl and rad, also the mirrors that mount on the door hinge pins. Their tool to remove the pins is fantastic. Lots of the windshield parts are exactly the same.
  23. 30 Pontiac hood latch bumpers

    Bob's Automobilia has HL231 (hood latch pads) @ $2.00 each. They are 5/16" high and 13/16" in diameter.
  24. I beam on 1936 english small ford

    On my son's 41 Dodge PU a local machine shop sawed vertically into the king pin hole from the end of the axle. They then squeezed the ends of the axle together, welded it and bored a new hole. This was 30 years ago and cost him $175.00. He does not own the truck now but it is still on the road and has never given any trouble.
  25. New guy, old car

    If the plugs are out and nothing is seized up it should turn over pretty easy by turning the fan. Seems like you have an engine that you can drive with. How much do you pay your assistant mechanics??? Good luck with the rest of your project.