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  1. Tinindian

    Miller Meteor?

    Originally that would have been a beautiful "Flower Car", too bad it has been "customized".
  2. Tinindian

    First time I've seen that phrase in a for sale ad

    Flat refers to a "pancake" configuration like Subaru uses and Corvair and VW used to use. An L-head engine is often/generally referred to as a flat head. A direct cut and paste from Wikipedia says "A flat-six or horizontally opposed-six is a flat engine with six cylinders arranged horizontally in two banks of three cylinders on each side of a central crankcase. This should not be confused with the Opposed-piston engine. The pistons are mounted to the crankshaft such that opposing pistons move back and forth in opposite directions at the same time"
  3. Tinindian

    First time I've seen that phrase in a for sale ad

    It certainly is NOT a flat 6.
  4. Tinindian

    Want info on '38+ turn signal stalk

    Remember to decide on the rear lights before buying a switch. The wires are different in number if you are or are not using double filament bulbs in the rear.
  5. Tinindian

    Any help identifying this car?

    Anybody else notice the similar brown and white shoes on the lady and gent. I was never able to wear two-tone shoes....too clumsy with the polish.
  6. Tinindian

    29' DeSoto won't shut off.

    29' DeSoto won't shut off. Amazing that people don't realize where the apostrophe should be placed. We assume that the OP meant 1929 so to abbreviate it should be "29. I have been chastised for being too critical but how can we remotely help when the information given is incorrect. What if our assumption is what's wrong. I looked at a car to buy and was told that it had oak wheels the owner insisted. They were actually hickory. I then realized I could not trust any of his statements about the car so he lost a sale. Same with "back fire" and "after fire", two totally different things. Same with engine won't shut off or engine runs on, is the problem in the electrical system or is it dieseling? Who would know without the right description.
  7. Tinindian

    Steel or brass core plugs?

    I read here about people using brass core plugs but have never used anything but steel ones myself. In fact I have never seen brass ones in any of our local suppliers. Any that I removed were steel and any that I have replaced have lasted from 20 to 60 years. I also never have used sealant of any kind. Always installed the plugs dry and seated them with one sharp blow.
  8. Tinindian

    for sale 1923 willy overland

    How can a vehicle that has had the bad wood replaced, ruining gear redone (whatever that means), new paint, new uph, new spokes be called "all original". What don't I understand.
  9. Tinindian

    Daily Driver Vintage?

    My Grandfather bought a Series 6-30B Pontiac new in 1930. I took my drivers test in it in 1958 with 99,000 miles on the speedo and it was my daily driver until 3 years ago. It now has 500,000 miles on it. My only tow home was when my pressure plate fell apart the day after I was using the car to pull stumps. I have been in all the states west of the Mississippi, and everywhere in Canada west of Port Arthur and have driven it year round in all types of weather. Of course my advantage was it was a one owner car and I had been familiar with it from 1947. Your Oldsmobile should be able to do this and more. Happy Motoring.
  10. Never a problem with the rods but I did collapse a piston one night after passing a semi and then suddenly backing off the accelerator. The Buick dealer (Patterson Motors) in Moose Jaw replaced the piston and I was on my way home the next day. Made that trip once or twice a month for seven years.
  11. Tinindian

    25 Buick fuel problems

    "Afterfire" in the muffler is usually too rich. "Backfire" through the carb is usually too lean.
  12. Tinindian

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Files were too big had to use two replies. REID001.pdf
  13. Tinindian

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Follow the instructions in the shop manual exactly, and I mean exactly. With the proper linings and when properly adjusted Midland Steeldraulic brakes are excellent. They have a soft pedal and stop the car quickly. From 50mph at night I can stop my Pontiac within the range of my headlights. Half a pedal will lock all four wheels. I am including 5 attachments that may assist you. Midland Steeldraulic.odt REID004.pdf REID003.pdf REID002.pdf
  14. Tinindian

    Replace points in 29' DeSoto K

    My Grandfather had a small pearl handled folding knife. He knew exactly where to use the blade to set the point gap and the spark plug gap. I checked on him a few times and he was always right on.
  15. Tinindian

    1941 Special engine dies when warmed up

    Maybe inches of vacuum?? Well my apologies on further thinking I suppose 21 inches could be written as 1' 9".
  16. Rusty_OToole I had two of them in the 60's, a two door manual and a four door automatic. Both wonderful cars. The only problem with the automatic was the Carter carb. The standard had a Stromberg. I consistently travelled 400 miles in 5 hours with one stop for food and gas. Drove the same trip the year round. Never had a problem in any kind of weather after the first one way trip. The car had 29,000 miles and had only been out of the city of Moose Jaw (25 mph speed limit) once and had sat for ten months. Real difficult to get started, headed out to Winnipeg. It would not run over 45 mph for nearly 200 miles. Loosened up a bit and after a couple more highway runs it would run like scared cat. The four door was not quite as fast but oooo so smooooth. Pavement, gravel or dirt absolutely comfortable, up down or on the level. Maybe not the most beautiful car in the world but as close to perfect as an ordinary person could ever hope for.
  17. A 1953 Buick Special would be my choice.
  18. Tinindian

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    I have checke all my books and pamphlets about Midland Steeldraulic and there are no detailed drawings of the cross shaft or the springs. The one in the shop Manual is no help and the other two that I have show the Series 6-29A with the transmission brake but even these show no detail of the springs or the cross shaft.
  19. Tinindian

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    The only diagram that I have at hand is the one in the Shop Manual and it is not very detailed. I will look through my other Midland Steeldraulic material and see if there is a diagram. Most of the diagrams are of the shoes and cables but I will check.
  20. Tinindian

    motor and flywheel prob

    I think all you have to do is remove the oil pan. Then insert the bolts one by one rotating the crank as required/
  21. Tinindian

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    If you have the emergency brake drum on the transmission the linkage/springs will be different. That would mean you have a Series 6-29A rather than a Series 6-30B. The Series 6-30B caused some troubles in certain parts of the country because the emergency brake worked on all four wheels and was not s separate brake system from the regular brakes. In some Provinces/States this was technically illegal.
  22. Tinindian

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    As PFitz says or put the wheel flat on the ground under the brake drum and lower the car down until the brake drum sits on the wheel. We should all try to be more specific when we talk about "split rims" or wheels with "lock rings". Most truck tire places talk about "split rims" when the really mean wheels with "lock rings". True split rims (crosswise split) are as safe as anything to change but "lock rings" are more dangerous than anything you will work with on your/our antique car.
  23. Tinindian

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    I don't know if these will help. Just some pictures I took in 1984 when I was rebuilding my engine, about 230,000 miles ago. Everything about my brake cross shaft is original except for new clevis pins that I put in in the 70's.
  24. Tinindian

    1955 Chrylser Windsor

    You can never be all things to all people. So why try. Be true to yourself.
  25. Tinindian

    New fuel pump rebuilding kits - thoughts?

    I have rebuilt several fuel pumps as well as many parts over the last 60 years. As far a fuel pumps go I wouldn't even think about a kit since I had this fellow rebuild my pump. I would repair anything other than a fuel pump or a vacuum wiper motor. My time is too valuable. Hal does excellent work on fuel pumps. Hal HoughtonPresidentThe Classic Preservation Coalitionhttp://www.classicpreservation.comhoughton@classicpreservation.com518-374-5078Like memories? Check out my blog at:http://www.classicpreservation.com/blog/