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    Timing a '57 312 Y block

    Handiest tool in the box until infrared thermometers became affordable. Three must haves + the sense to read, understand and follow the directions: vacuum gauge, volt/ohm meter and a infrared thermometer.
  2. Tinindian


    No effect on how the engine would run. Probably you would hear more exhaust noise in the car itself. I wouldn't drive a vehicle without a tailpipe any further than the nearest exhaust/muffler shop.
  3. Tinindian


    It keeps the carbon monoxide out from under your car. Without one, if you had a leak in the floor boards, you have a possibility of killing yourself and/or your passengers. The manufacturer didn't put them there for appearance sake.
  4. Tinindian


    This is the type they are.
  5. Tinindian


    Moog M1-484 coil spring lifts. NOS 4 pieces and instructions in original box. Free if you pay the postage.
  6. Tinindian

    Balance wood spoke wheels

    You could balance them on a bubble balancer. You could find an older truck shop that still has the sensor that they place under the axle and then spin the wheel. Front ones are easy just slightly back off the bearings and give the wheel/rim/tire assy a slight spin. Mark the spot on the bottom where the wheel stops. Put a wheel weight opposite. repeat over and over until the wheel stops at random spots. If you don't drive over 50 you probably don't need them balanced.
  7. Tinindian

    Trunk remote release

    1970-1985 Olds Cutlass trunk release including glove box switch. Free if you pay the postage.
  8. Tinindian


    1970-1985 Clymer Olds Cutlass shop manual (rear drive, gas and diesel). Free if you pay the postage.
  9. Tinindian

    Marvel AA needle and seat

    Reasons are funny but to have the engine running well is all that matters.
  10. Well you have been able to eliminate many cars as this one has "Mechanics" U-joints.
  11. Tinindian

    Morgan Roadster spotted in a parking lot

    One of the few and perhaps only manufacturer that has never, ever had to beg or borrow money from a bank, a person or a government. A private company 108 years old totally financed by itself. Buy or borrow the book "MORGAN First and Last of the Real Sports Cars" by Brian Laban. https://www.morgan-motor.co.uk/
  12. Tinindian

    Rear brake drum seal surface tapered

    Poor maintenance in the past?
  13. Tinindian


    Yes, I would part with any or all of them. You probably didn't notice that the WIX WF-5 is about 1/3 the size of the others. It is 3 1/2 wide and 4 1/4 tall.
  14. Tinindian

    hydrostatic fuel gauges.

    Just solder up the lines.
  15. Tinindian

    30 cf emergency brake

    The first Pontiacs had a valve mounted on the lower edge of the dashboard, with a knurled knob to gradually open and close the valve. It was exactly like a weatherhead shut off valve but with a knob instead of the wings. I'm sure you could adapt something like this.
  16. Tinindian

    My grandparents roadster with my mother riding shotgun :)

    Not Pontiac...cowl wrong shape, cowl lamp wrong, moldings wrong and the never had a golf door. Not 28 Buick...wrong door top shape, wrong cowl lamp and placement. Not 27 Buick...wrong cowl lamp and placement
  17. Tinindian


    Maybe the OP's problem is looking for something that doesn't exist. His original post (which he hasn't edited and corrected) was for "dextron" not "Dexron". This problem seems to be getting bigger as we misspell, mispronounce and improperly name more and more of our automotive needs.
  18. Tinindian

    Pittston Car Show Pt2

    Only saw two that I would love to own (red Packard and the Ford depot hack) but sure did enjoy looking at all of your photos. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Tinindian

    Looking for feedback

    Up here in Canada I would always put both English and metric measurements, also imperial and US gallons as well as litres. Well maybe not. On further thinking about it I would use the factory numbers. My sons are 51 and 49. The older one has no trouble translating English to metric or vice versa in his head but the younger one only learned metric in school. A gallon or a quart or a cubic inch does not compute in his mind. In the US of A I personally would use the measurements that WPC used in advertising and operators manual. That would make it really simple and correct, after all we are talking about 1928. Let others like my son for example look it up themselves and convert measurements or ask you. Great looking signs, both of them.
  20. Tinindian

    Make and year please

    From Americar site. Springfield, Ill., in the '40s.
  21. Tinindian

    1910 Stanley 10HP Model 60

    Beautiful restoration of an original car. IMHO the only thing I would have done different would have been Hickory for the spokes, stronger but more flexible than ash..
  22. Tinindian

    Cut this gasket or leave as on piece?

    One piece with a dollop.
  23. Tinindian

    Turn signal sockets

    NAPA has sockets and pigtails in stock up here north of the 49th. https://www.lightbulbs.com/category/double-contact-bayonet-base-sockets http://www.taillightking.com/index.htm
  24. Tinindian

    A trunk for my 1923 buick

  25. Tinindian

    Make and year please

    Thank you. I don't remember ever seeing a '30s Nash in real life; lots of teens, '20s and '50s though.