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  1. This is from "Americar" on Facebook. I wondered if anyone here could identify the car being repaired?
  2. Once again a picture from Facebook Americar. Deaconess Bedell and (Florida) Miccosukee Indians standing by a car, circa 1945. Can you identify the year and model? 37 Ford and 38 Nash have been guessed. Because of the crease at the belt line, the wheels, the size and shape of the quarter window and the size of the car in relation to the people I think it may be a 42 Prefect.
  3. Dam you guys are good. Quick too.
  4. In Bob's Automobilia catalogue (page 41-42 of Volume #60)it shows the same clutch and brake floor seal from 37-55 and it goes on the pedal so it only seals when the pedal is released.
  5. I always keep a couple of cast off bath towels in the garage. Lots of uses, one in particular is to hang over the wind wings when I am under the car. Several times I have come up and wondered for a moment what was brushing my head/shoulder and stopped coming up. They are long enough to stick one end in the door pocket, and let the other end hang down, if I am under the car with a door open. Cheaper than band aids or trying to get blood out of the concrete. First things I learned in Auto Shops in school (DON'T BLEED ON THE TOOLS OR THE FLOOR).
  6. Thank you. I thought it was a Buick but had no idea what year.
  7. This is the type of situation that should never ever happen. The first thing I do when I get a new (to me) car is to get one or two extra sets of keys made. In fact I won't buy a car from a dealer, new or used, without the dealer providing me with extra keys For me it's a deal breaker. I always have three sets for every vehicle. One stays at home (to be retrieved if necessary), one in my right pocket to use for driving and one set in my left [pocket in case I were to get locked out. Never ever needed the second or third set. I learned this lesson 57 years ago when I locked myself out of my 53 Buick in the winter in Winnipeg. Twenty below and easiest solution break a vent window. Have never locked my keys in a car since and have never lost a key, house or car and I started carrying an house key when I started school.
  8. It's always nice to be home. Did you notice what followed you home? Real nice looking Studebaker.
  9. I bought a new old stock "NOS" radiator hose for my Pontiac I knew it would be unusable but it provided me with an original hose to match up when looking for a modern replacement. The NOS hose was as hard as a board. I doubt if you could install it without breaking it but it suited my purpose exactly. I see the seller still has some and is still selling them so I guess there are still people that need a sample when looking for a new hose. If someone/anyone buys an 87 year old rubber hose and expects to use it on their car they deserve what they get and it is probably a reasonably priced lesson. Caveat emptor.
  10. Certainly not a Ford Model T, way too big a car. That wooden stand is far stronger than any ordinary jack stands you can purchase at NAPA or Harbor Freight. It would hold the weight of the whole car.
  11. Neat to have, too bad you don't have the car as well.
  12. Not an exact answer to your question but my Pontiac is 69" wide. I would think your higher quality car might be a little wider but I think you are okay. Good Luck and happy hobbying.
  13. GM called them a Valve Spring Cage. As has been mentioned on other threads the older valve springs were somewhat weaker than modern springs.These cages surrounded the springs to keep them straight. They are certainly worth keeping. Some one is going to need them.
  14. You probably mean a "Hearse". Hurst is a company that makes shifters. http://www.hurst-shifters.com/
  15. Could someone have been trying to get the timing cover off without lifting the engine a couple of inches????
  16. If you have to pull the head, leave everything else on the engine, start it and run it for a minute, then loosen all the head nuts and start the engine again. Usually juts firing once or twice will pop the head loose.
  17. Your compression seem okay. The reading should be the compression ration, 4.9 in your case times the atmospheric pressure which is 14.7 at sea level or about 13.9 in your location. (5000 ft is .95 of pressure at sea level). So 68 pounds would be expected.
  18. The spring is just to help prevent the conduit from kinking. The original conduit was specially made so that it was exceptionally smooth and never needed lubrication. (manufacturers words not mine). Shortly after these were new, jobbers were making replacement assemblies with a grease fitting as well as a fitting that you could clamp around the original assemblies so you could lubricate them. My original assemblies were never lubricated and lasted about 120,000 miles before I had to make new cables but still using the original conduit. I reused the conduit three times but since I had found a new set of jobber assemblies I put them on at 500,000 miles.
  19. I have a used jobber conduit that you can have for the cost of shipping. It is one designed with a grease fitting. If you want it It's not pretty but unless you drive your car like I do it might last you forever. Several days in a solution of molasses and water (1:10)will make it look like new, well almost like new, at least it won't be rusty. PM me your address if you would like it. I am sure that I have others but I couldn't look for them until at least the middle of June. I am one week past cataract surgery and one week until the next one and am not supposed to bend down or lift or even climb ladders, so it is hard to get to my labeled boxes of parts that I have collected over the last 58 years. Just for your records the number for a complete assembly by a jobber (name unknown) is A39. New tailored linings by Multibestos is T 402 they are 1 1/2 x 3/16 x 16 3/16. Thermoid linings SMW 310D (28-31 Ford truck)can be adapted (three pieces would be needed to reline 2 Steeldraulic bands).
  20. Five times I had my shoes relined by "professionals". Number three said bonded lining was the only way to go but they only lasted 40,000 miles. Number four and number five were totally uphill all the way. The two guys in the shop argues with the factory specs on the two different CoF on primary and secondary shoes and then how can you have leading and secondary when you only have one band in each wheel. I provided them with the information and then the linings and then the argued about the rivets. The last time I did it myself. Far less bother and the last two professionals had died anyway.
  21. If you wanted to stay American a 1960 Falcon or Valiant. Very easy to work on, reliable maybe not as economical as the VW but probably warmer if you live in the snow belt.
  22. Mine are laminated, it shows but not too bad. However I am going to replace both with tempered glass. Some young person was climbing on my running board and used the glass of the wind wing to pull him/herself up Cracked the wind wing right across. .
  23. There is a youtube video of a man using a thin trash bag and just his hands no tire irons. The shop manual for 1931 Pontiac with wire wheels shows the tire being mounted with the wheel on the car. It says doing it this way yu do not need any tools, just your hands.
  24. I was taught that failing definite information the clearance should be ,001" per inch diameter of the journal. I have always removed the nut and filed it so that when proper torque was reached the slot lined up. A Packard mechanic told me this was the correct way. I don't know if it is correct or not but it has never failed me.
  25. It is possibly not the regulator entirely. Possibly your windows are loose. New channel on all three sides will likely fix your problem.. It is possible the spring is weak. You can substitute almost any window regulator spring from any gm up into the 60's. If you go to a wrecking yard get a couple because one might be too strong. Use a good pair of vise grips and a pair of gloves when changing. I had to change the one on my drivers door as that is the one that gets the most use on my car. Not really any point in looking for a correct 29 Pontiac one as they are wound only in two different ways and by looking at them you can get pretty close to the same strength.