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  1. Tinindian

    What does this frame go to? Model T?

    As I have no idea what vehicle it was from I would suggest it goes to the crusher.
  2. This is a larger copy of my avtar. Me on the runningboard of my Grandparents 1930 Pontiac (my daily driver since 1959) taken on Toronto Street in Winnipeg in the summer of 1947.
  3. Tinindian

    Exhaust vent for shop needed.

    In the 60's about thirty of us working in the shop, machine shop and parts department of a GM dealership ended up with lead poisoning. Three actually were admitted to the hospital, by ambulance. It was a 40 bay shop with great large overhead doors at each end and a six foot square duct with a 6" diameter exhaust fan in the ceiling of the machine shop. A separate 6" squirrel cage fan was connected to hoses at each bay that could be put over the tailpipes. All city and workers compensation inspected but it wasn't enough. I took 5 years before the level of lead in my blood was acceptable. I realize lead is not a problem today but CO2 is. Make sure you are safe.
  4. Tinindian

    Early 50`s Buick Brake Preformance

    If the parking brake cable is properly adjusted it will lock up your rear wheels and stop the car. The thing to remember if you need to use the parking brake as an emergency brake is to pull it all the way on as quickly as you can. That way it locks both rear wheels and you don't skid sideways. If you are only using it to stop you can pull it on gradually.
  5. Tinindian

    41 Buick Speedometer

    After you have found out why your cable broke and are installing a new one make sure to lubricate only the bottom shirt of the new cable. The lube will work up the cable. If you use too much lube it goes all the way p and gets into the speedo head and gums things up.
  6. Tinindian

    water Jacket 49 dodge

    Flat or dished core plugs are technically called "WELCH PLUGS" the cup shaped ones don't seem to have a specific name. I have installed them for years and never ever used a sealer and never had one leak even though some have been in place for over 60 years.
  7. Tinindian

    Are these both Ford “Model T”s?

    Home > AACA General Discussion > Photo and Video Forums > what is it What is it? Follow 5 Post photos of vehicles or parts you wish to identify. next line down....first pinned sentence. Help Identify Guidelines - one thread per vehicle By Peter Gariepy, January 18, 2009
  8. Tinindian

    Book recommendations

    Thank you very much.
  9. Tinindian

    Are these both Ford “Model T”s?

    Help Identify Guidelines - one thread per vehicle is the guideline on the "What Is It" part of these forums.
  10. Tinindian

    thermostat is there a housing needed on flat 6 engine

    I'm not trying to be a cranky old man, just trying to educate. When dealing with repairs to antique/vintage vehicles it is important to have the correct verbage in the question or else you can get led astray. A flat six would be a Porsche or a Subaru engine. Also refered to as a pancake engine. Sure looks like a "flat head" or "L head Chrysler engine as keiser31 said. You probably have a newer style thermostat. Original style thermostats are available.
  11. Tinindian

    Book recommendations

    I have always been a fan of Franklin Automobiles since I helped rescue a Model 10 Franklin in Winnipeg in the early 60's. I remembered the car running well and being for sale in the 50's. Price too high so it sat and deteriorated. Ended up being bought for very little as the interior was trashed, al the glass was broken and most body panels had holes in them. I have never been in a position to own one but what book would you fans recommend that covers all of the Franklin cars? Thanks for your suggestions.
  12. Tinindian

    What grease and fluids do you use?

    This has been discussed here hundreds of times. Do a search for "grease" and then for "oil" and any other combinations of your question and you will have a weeks reading. Some responders have stopped retyping their responses. If you get twelve responses you will have fourteen opinions. I will share what I have used that has given me 400,000 happy miles on a 99,000 mile car that my Grandfather bought new. When I started driving it , it burned oil and he was using 40wt oil. I was working in a GM dealership and the consensus was to use lighter oil to stop burning. Over two oil changes I went back to 20wt oil, the smoking stopped and the consumption went down to a quart in 800 miles. When I rebuilt the engine the first time I ran 10wt oil for nearly 100,000 miles and then went to 20wt and never added between changes. I followed the same process after the second overhaul but changed the interval between changes to 3,000 miles or about every three months. A lot of my driving was on highways and interstates at 50-55 mph. I always used premium detergent oils. Always single wt until the last ten years as single wt became hard to get in many places so I now use 10/30. People suggest that I would have done better with different oil or weights but I think when I get over 160,000 miles between overhauls on a 1930 engine I am doing the right thing. IMHO and that is all this post is. I am sure someone will post the link to a multipage scientific paper about engine oil that everyone should read. I have it somewhere but cannot find it right now. Found a couple. Here is one link about oil http://www.widman.biz/Corvair/English/Links/Oil.html https://www.penriteoil.com.au/locator?country=usa http://www.widman.biz/Corvair/English/Links/Oil.html Happy motoring
  13. Tinindian

    locomobile 38 bearings zinc or bronze?

    The man that re-did my main bearings cast new bronze backing because he said no matter how carefully you remove them they get distorted. He always quotes for new backing and Babbitt and has never had a come back.
  14. I'll go to my grave never understanding how 6 Volts can travel to were ever they have to go, but TWELVE Volts ( TWCE AS MANY) can travel to the same places in wire HALF the size. Don't do that soon. Maybe my explanation will help. Not twice as many, twice the pressure. Like the difference between a 1/2" garden hose and a 1" garden hose. They can both deliver the same GPM but the smaller hose used twice the pressure to do it.
  15. Tinindian

    1918-20? Simms-Huff Starter/Generator Sought

    It is okay but you can also use PM private message. Hold your cursor over the persons avtar, a dialogue box will come up giving you three options. If you chose to send a message then what you send and what the other person replies is just between you two. A lot of users don't wish their email addresses to be out on the public forum. Only members can access this message feature and as long as you reply using the forum neither of you know the others email.