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  1. Just a suggestion of a possible temporary fix. I have one door latch on my Pontiac that pulls into the door and won't come out. In my case it is just plain worn out. I find if I don't turn the handle hard or all the way (just enough to open the door) it doesn't stick. When stuck in the door I turn the handle gently and press in with one finger and ease the latch up. It seems when worn it opens too far and slips down so it can't get out by itself. Perhaps this idea might work on a Dodge as well. Good luck
  2. Remember that the guys that spend time looking these things up for you at NAPA or your favorite parts store love someone who drops off donuts or donut-holes or the like. My local guy has also been the intermediary in lending my wheel pullers to other customers. What goes around comes around.
  3. blandoll@hotmail.com quoted me $225.00 for my Pontiac.
  4. Even riding the brake slightly while driving through the water helps. Makes it so the only place in contact with the water is the edge of the lining.
  5. Congratulations, now the real work begins.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M35_series_2½-ton_6x6_cargo_truck The M35 2½-ton cargo truck is a long-lived 2½-ton 6x6 cargo truck initially used by the United States Army and subsequently utilized by many nations around the world. Over time it evolved into a family of specialized vehicles. It would not only inherit the World War II GMC CCKW's famous "Deuce and a Half" nickname but forge its own legacy. The M35 started as a 1949 REO Motor Car Company design for a 2½-ton 6x6 off-road truck. This original 6-wheel M34 version was quickly superseded by the 10-wheel M35 design. While the basic M35 cargo truck is rated to carry 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg) off-road or 10,000 pounds (4,500 kg) on roads, they have been known to haul twice as much as rated. [according to whom?] Trucks in this weight class are considered medium duty by the military and the Department of Transportation. plus more on the site I have several pictures of the M34 (Beaver) but have no information on the M35. Happy hunting
  7. Many cars were exported to the "Colonies" from Canada because we were a "Colony" and there was a great difference in import tariffs if the vehicle came from outside. Many cars were shipped "knocked down' or "completely knocked down" to lower these tariffs. The more local labour that could be used more welcome the product and the lower the tariff. A completely assembled car from the USA would have had the highest tariff.
  8. Bernie you have said a mouthful and are absolutely correct. The first time I overhauled the engine in my daily driver it cost me 2.5 months wages, the second time was 1 month wages and this last time it was 21 times more expensive than the first time but was less than I months current wages. The total for 58 years of driving 138/year or .016 cents per mile. Not very much to keep my dream of driving my Grandfather's car as my daily driver for my entire life. Need more money, work harder/smarter and make more money. Some one once said "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it". When we shop for a new (to her) car for my wife she knows how much money she has or is willing to spend. We road test a car with me driving and I let her know if it is a good car or not. She negotiates (but usually has already written a cheque between the road test and the office) finally after the salesman has made a few trips to the manager and they haven't agreed yet she shows him the cheque and says it is good for five minutes only, take it or leave it. In five minutes we get up to leave and have been almost off the lot sometimes when they have accepted the offer. Twice they didn't and she told me it didn't matter how much she liked the car, it wasn't worth that much to her. Dreams are wonderful but reality is where we are.
  9. mercer09 More information and facts here, http://www.heraldsun.com.au/business/toyota-to-shut-down-altona-plant-with-thousands-of-job-losses/news-story/763b7e389d8977e7caa804e773726b6e
  10. The part of the handle that shows looks like GM 28-30 but the reveal is odd as keiser 31 said.
  11. Amen
  12. At least they keep a lot of stuff out of the landfills.
  13. A ruler in the OP's picture would certainly shed a little or a lot of light on the subject.
  14. A side marker or parking light. Thousands of them during the thirties and fourties. Often mounted on the driver's side fender and left on at night to let others know there was a parked car in the roadway back before street lights were common. Often green to the front and red to the side and rear.
  15. A local welding shop "allowed" a welder in their employ to use their equipment to weld my manifold on his own time. They said it was because they did not want to be responsible for loss, damage or future warranty if he did it on their time.