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  1. odd piston & rod

    My 1944 Clawson and Balls catalogue does not list a DA 51 B. It does list a DA 51 A which is for a Wisconsin engine. It is shown as c to c 8 3/8" bore 1.752 width 1 1/8". Hope this is some help.
  2. The steel spoke wheels were used on many single cylinder cars. The wood spokes often loosened with the power impulses.
  3. 31-32 Plymouth temp gage

    Sixty seconds to type search and copy and paste from "Google". The Temperature Gauge Guy Roy Martin 172 Laurel Hill Drive So. Burlington VT 05403 802-862-6374 or www.williamsons.com
  4. Pontiac Engine paint

    http://www.pontiacpower.org/enginecolor.htm I have never seen a Pontiac engine gray from the factory.
  5. Best functioning carburetor for early car

    Amen to trimacar's post.
  6. Front Axle c. 1920 What is It?

    Reverse Elliot spindle, 12 spokes, 12 hub bolts and 6 rim bolts could be Oakland or Buick???
  7. Year and Make please

    Another site insists that this is a Ford. I'm sure it isn't. I should know what it is but cannot remember. Thanks in advance.
  8. Grandmother again, not much to work with on this one

    Somebody will pop up with the answer. Good luck.
  9. my grandmother in a 26 dodge?

    Thanks guys. This was posted under Marmon and since someone said it wasn't a Marmon I said it should be posted here and the first two answers would be you two. Damn you guys are good.
  10. can someone identify this car/marmon, thanks

    Post this up in" Photo and Video " > "what is it". You would probably have positive id within 6 hours. Either Keiser31 or nzcarnerd will likely be the first two to reply.
  11. Best Sealer for thermostat gasket & antifreeze

    I'll third Bob, but I have put many gaskets on dry and have not had any of them leak either.

    As BuickBob49 says there are two different size gaskets and several different size filters. Here is an exploded picture of one type. Do a Google search and you will fined hundreds of illustrations.
  13. What make and year?

    Photo was taken in 1945 according to writing on back.

    We used to sell two types in the 60's and 70's when I was in GM parts. We sold sediment bowls which were simply an inlet, an outlet and a glass bowl to catch sediment. We also sold fuel filters (sediment bowl type) which had a ceramic (white) or metal (copper) filter and a spring to hold it up in place inside the bowl. Some fuel pumps came either way as well.
  15. Dating a Fort Collins, CO Postcard

    How did two of us beat Keiser31.....He must be still sleeping or else he is out taking pictures.