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  1. TxBuicks

    Denver 2018

    The drivers and seniors are included in the total. 400 Point - 72 Display Only - 64 Archival - 21 Modified - 14 Total - 171 In other words, of the 171 cars registered, 53 were driven and 15 were seniors. The Driven and seniors could be in the other categories, too.
  2. Don't focus too much on the numbers. You cannot measure the success or failure of a National Meet just by the numbers. It is still a Buick National Meet, the largest gathering of great Buicks and Buick enthusiasts in the country every year. It will be fun.
  3. TxBuicks

    Wildcat 4-speeds, 1965

    Yeah, it is a common conversation with me and my Buick buddies, as to which Buick we would like to have back. I'm sure that idea will make an interesting thread......
  4. About 175 cars and a little over 300 registrations (600 people). Including a lot of regular members from this forum.
  5. TxBuicks

    Wildcat 4-speeds, 1965

    The only Wildcat GS was in 1966. Mine did not have the Super Wildcat engine, though. Just a 425 with the big chrome air cleaner and the finned aluminum valve covers. I wish I had that one back.
  6. TxBuicks

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    John, as adventurous as it sounds, I'm hoping for no adventures. I'm hoping for a safe, reliable, no-surprises, mechanical-breakdown-free trip. I wish that for everyone traveling to and from the show.
  7. TxBuicks

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    Michelle and I will be leaving the Friday before and staying in Manitou Springs for a few days before heading up to Denver. We will be at the show Tuesday afternoon to open the registration desk. As of this moment, I plan on driving my recently acquired 1998 LeSabre. I might even try to climb Pikes Peak with it while I'm close by. Y'all have safe and easy travels, and we will see you there!
  8. When I read the Cuban articles, I was struck with the thought "What if people in this country took the same amount of effort to keep older cars running and on the road?" Now, I know the situation in Cuba is quite different than the US, but you have to give the Cubans enormous credit for doing whatever it takes to keep these cars on the road. They are not restoring them for show, but keeping them alive for driving. We are spoiled with the easy availability of parts (in most cases) and the income to afford them.
  9. TxBuicks

    To resonate or not?

    Bernie, my 1991 Roadmaster Wagon does the same thing with the hot air out the vents when accelerating. And I'm with you; it is an odd character of the car and I would miss it if it didn't happen.
  10. 30 days before the show begins! Deadline is June 1, so get those registrations in now.
  11. We are almost there! My projections estimate about 400 registrations with about 300 Buicks. June 1 is the deadline. Get yours in now.
  12. TxBuicks

    Question for 1965 Buick folks

    Wow, a 4-speed 1965 Wildcat Convertible. And don't discount the Skylarks, either. All are nice finds. I hope they go to good homes for restoration.
  13. Registrations are coming in quickly. If you haven't already, get your registration in soon, especially if you want to go on any of the tours.
  14. TxBuicks

    BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    I really don't see what the big deal is over parking by years. Logically speaking, look at the judging categories. Except for the special Buick models, it is all by year anyway. I think most people would agree that the Rivieras (Class O), Gran Sports (Class P), GN and T-types (Class Q), Reattas (Class R), Professional and Specialty Buicks (Class S), and Race Cars (Class T) are different enough to stay in their own area. As a spectator, if one was interested in Rivieras or Reattas, they could go to the Riviera or Reatta section and see the evolution of that special model year by year. Same can be said for the others recently mentioned. All other classes (A - N) are already organized by year, and therefore, are already parked according to year. The only real argument is what to do with the Archival cars during judging. If we can figure out how to judge the Archivals when they are all over the field, we got it.
  15. TxBuicks

    BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    Just for the record, the windshield cards are different colors AND they are spelled out. So, if we were to have 4 Buicks of the same year parked side by side, one 400 point judged, one Display only, one Modified, and one Archival, it is pretty easy to tell which one is in which judging category.