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  1. Ahhh the joy of working on old cars. Parts are sometimes hard to scrounge up. I'd suggest cultivating folks near to you and elsewhere that you can share and swap parts with. Joining your local BCA chapter and of course, the BCA are a great way to start. I am more partial to the '65 Skylarks but I understand the struggle. The parts we have in common with other more popular A bodies are readily available from aftermarket suppliers like OPGI and others. Parts that are specific to your car only are sometimes hard if not impossible to find. Sometimes the only way is buy a parts car that has the parts you need. There was a company that I know has changed hands and may not be around anymore, The Buick Farm (buickfarm.com). They offered mostly NOS stuff and had some of the more obscure parts. Their pricing wasn't too bad considering what they had. This information is years old as I haven't done business with them for a looong time. Good luck with your toy!
  2. Joel, I am very familiar with the 64-65 300's, not so much with the 67 but I suspect they are the same. In the earlier models, there is no dip stick tube, just a hole in the block between the spark plugs in the middle of the engine on the left (driver's side) into which the dipstick slides. If you are missing a dipstick, I have a good friend who might have one and I'd be happy to provide his email address in a PM. If the '67 300 has a tube then I'd stand corrected and withdraw my comments. Are you certain it is a 300 and not a 340?
  3. Me too Bernie. Unfortunately I was a school bus driver.
  4. Pretty lady, your wife too!
  5. Actually this is what I did eventually to cure my radio's ills. Best investment ever including new speakers.
  6. This is an excellent manual for the Reatta convertible top and not too expensive either. Not my auction.
  7. It has been years since I did this and I've destroyed too many brain cells since then but...the radio/tape deck does separate from each other. If you unplug the connection between the 2 parts (inside), the tape deck will no longer function but the radio will play. This will work until you can get the unit repaired or replaced.
  8. I generally don't engage with folks who "Knows someone who..." at car shows. There is no point in correcting them as they will swear they have documentation or knew the car from new. As long as they are just puffing and blowing smoke I figure they aren't causing any harm. Now if they are trying to sell me that car, they damn well better have good documentation to prove their claims which they seldom do.
  9. I wonder what this means to Buick as they have a couple of cars in their lineup that come from Opel.
  10. Somebody got a great deal!
  11. God Bless you Kingsley! You have been a good friend to us here in the Reatta community. Enjoy every day that you have been given. Greg
  12. C K

    Possibly but often the plastic pockets of the door panels that hold the clips are broken too. You can repair it using epoxy. Once you get the panel off you can see what needs to be done. Pry carefully.
  13. Pete, I sent you a PM with a possible source. Good luck! Greg
  14. Pete, the '64 had the aluminum heads. Is this what is on your engine? If so you can only use '64 cast aluminum heads or have to change out both to the later cast iron head along with the Intake manifold.
  15. If you disassemble the unit you will find that the radio is one piece and the tape deck is a separate piece. First separate the 2 units. If you unplug the plug that connects the 2 (inside the tape deck) The radio should work but ,of course, the tape deck won't.