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  1. Actually this is what I did eventually to cure my radio's ills. Best investment ever including new speakers.
  2. This is an excellent manual for the Reatta convertible top and not too expensive either. Not my auction.
  3. It has been years since I did this and I've destroyed too many brain cells since then but...the radio/tape deck does separate from each other. If you unplug the connection between the 2 parts (inside), the tape deck will no longer function but the radio will play. This will work until you can get the unit repaired or replaced.
  4. I generally don't engage with folks who "Knows someone who..." at car shows. There is no point in correcting them as they will swear they have documentation or knew the car from new. As long as they are just puffing and blowing smoke I figure they aren't causing any harm. Now if they are trying to sell me that car, they damn well better have good documentation to prove their claims which they seldom do.
  5. I wonder what this means to Buick as they have a couple of cars in their lineup that come from Opel.
  6. Somebody got a great deal!
  7. God Bless you Kingsley! You have been a good friend to us here in the Reatta community. Enjoy every day that you have been given. Greg
  8. C K

    Possibly but often the plastic pockets of the door panels that hold the clips are broken too. You can repair it using epoxy. Once you get the panel off you can see what needs to be done. Pry carefully.
  9. Pete, I sent you a PM with a possible source. Good luck! Greg
  10. Pete, the '64 had the aluminum heads. Is this what is on your engine? If so you can only use '64 cast aluminum heads or have to change out both to the later cast iron head along with the Intake manifold.
  11. If you disassemble the unit you will find that the radio is one piece and the tape deck is a separate piece. First separate the 2 units. If you unplug the plug that connects the 2 (inside the tape deck) The radio should work but ,of course, the tape deck won't.
  12. Funny how most of the '68s came with no vinyl roofs and so many '69s had a vinyl roof.
  13. I have used Craft Custom several times for different cars. It is expensive but totally worth it. On my first Reatta, I picked up a dirty Roadmaster wheel at the wrecking yard and used that while I sent my Reatta wheel to be recovered. I also had them pad and leather wrap the original cracked hard plastic wheel in my '69 Riviera which gave it a much better feel yet retained the original look. They do great work and have a quick turn around. When I had mine done 10 year ago, they told me they also did the original wheels for some GM cars for GM.
  14. I think the short answer to the OP's original question is yes, they can be towed on a dolly. I asked a similar question here a few weeks ago and the general conscientious was that many have done that. I read elsewhere that towing on a dolly is easier on the car because the front end is much higher and the road debris will not do as much damage to paint and windshields as a lower tow. The Reatta is definitely not towable 4 down. Make sure you check out the dolly and how it pivots (steers) and how close the fenders come to the Reatta when turning. My concern was that the Reatta has such a long overhang in front that it may be a problem. I was assured by several who have dolly towed Reattas often and for many miles, that that was not an issue. Also check that the ramps (if permanently attached to the dolly) don't hit the undercarriage of the Reatta. Make sure that the dolly has an additional means (chains/cables) to attach it to the car besides the straps on the tires. Make sure that the dolly has break away chains that attach the dolly to the tow vehicle (required in all states). Finally, make sure the dolly has brakes (surge or electric) as the Reatta is a heavy car and brakes will assist you in stopping (it is a requirement in many states to have dolly brakes). If you are only towing once across town to get the car somewhere these may or may not be considerations. My request was looking to tow my Reatta behind my RV. I decided I just couldn't subject her to the indignities of having road debris flung at her behind the RV so I am getting a more suitable tow vehicle and tow it 4 down.
  15. I think registration is $20 day of show. Bring a chair and a lunch unless you want to eat from one of the many food vendors at the Meeker Days event. Bring beer money if you want to hang out in the beer garden if that floats your boat. Parking comes with your registration. If you aren't showing your car, there is no charge but you won't be able to park with the cars at the show. It is an amazing event for a Buick Only car show, 100-175 bucks of all ages, styles, & conditions. Greg