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  1. ol' yeller

    Questions with cash and bank checks

    Wire transfers are very safe. However not all financial institutions will do them. I recently sold my RV to a person who was financing it through his Credit Union. They refused to do a wire transfer, even for a transaction fee. They claimed that $40,000 was to little for them to use that transfer method.
  2. ol' yeller

    Need Motor Mounts for 1964 Skylark

    Glad you got it resolved!
  3. ol' yeller

    67 Mustang 1 owner For Sale

    So, you're asking $2,977 for it?
  4. I left a lot of skin and blood behind the dash in my '69 when I restored it. I think I had it out 4 times before I got everything to work the way it should.
  5. ol' yeller

    WTB 1965 Buick 4 barrel intake manifold 300 V8

    Nothing wrong with what you are doing but I feel compelled to point out that the 4 barrel engines from the factory also came with higher compression pistons. I don't believe that in '66 you could get a 300 4 barrel. If you wanted a 4 barrel, you got the 340. The 4 barrel manifolds on the '64 300's were made of aluminum and don't match up with the cast iron heads on a '65 manifold. That means you are looking for a 1 year only manifold. They are getting pretty scarce and therefore expensive. The good news is that the 300 was used in A body and B body cars in '65.
  6. ol' yeller

    Reatta Pace Cars

    My last Reatta was one of the 1990 Great Race pace cars. It was bought from a dealer in SoCal by the original owner and shipped up here to the Great Northwet. I purchased it several years ago. The original owner had kept the pace car decals and passed them onto me. I had one mounted on a display board for when I showed the car. The car had no other markings or special stuff that wasn't on any other white, 1990 convertible with a garnet interior. It was remarkably well kept and at 100K miles it won a Gold Award at the Portland National. I then sold the car to good friend who still has the car. I'd be happy to share any further info if desired. While the Pace Car history made for a good story about the car, I never felt like it added anything to the value of the car.
  7. ol' yeller

    Yet 1 more question on tail light retoration

    Failing Ronnie's suggestion, you can also use dental floss to saw through the old adhesive to remove the letters.
  8. ol' yeller

    SOLD....SOLD 1965 Mustang Fastback Project

    Now THIS is how to post a For Sale ad! I hope you sell it. If my situation was different, I'd be very interested. Good luck!
  9. ol' yeller

    1963 Buick Electra 225 Conv- 49k Orig mi car

    Along with the pics you might want to include a price and location.
  10. ol' yeller

    One Owner Well cared for MGA Roadster

  11. ol' yeller

    1964 Ford Falcon

    Also save the coins you find in/under the seats and carpet. It will come in handy!
  12. ol' yeller

    White Smoke

    I thought white smoke meant we had a new Pope?
  13. ol' yeller


    I'm used to a lower gear ratio!
  14. ol' yeller

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    Actually our conversion was done locally to the Greater Seattle area and it starts with an "A". I think the actual lift is made by "B" and it uses the chain and motor. Funny story was that while I knew our van had this feature, it never operated when the ramp was deployed. One day my 3 year old grandson got into the van for about 45 seconds unsupervised. Then all of a sudden, the van started kneeling every time the ramp was deployed. It took some careful reading of the owners manual to discover the on/off switch in the dash to control the feature. My grandson discovered it in less than 45 seconds. It is a feature we really don't use much as my wife has a powered chair and the incline of the ramp isn't an issue. I will only take the van in for service if something is not working. At 14 years of age every time I brought it in, they tried to talk me into buying something newer, telling me how old and antiquated our van is. I figured for $74K I could do a lot of fixing. So far, after a year, my method has proved out! Besides, I thought Toyotas ran forever!