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  1. Do you take your Reatta(s) to car shows?

    For me, it isn't being afraid of being judged. It is more knowing what it takes to win an award at a 400 point show and knowing that the mods I made keep my car from even being considered. That said, I never did enter my '65 Skylark (which was an amazing car) for a points judged show. I did enter my '90 Reatta convertible in the Portland BCA National where it won a Gold Award the first and only time I did that.
  2. Buicks to disappear?

    As of right now, I have no Buicks in my garage. That is a first after probably 20 plus years of having at least 1 Buick. When it came to daily driver cars, newer cars I tried to like the new "Buicks" but couldn't find a good reason to like them. I think that Buick leadership of today have missed the mark in a lot of their business decisions. Bringing a car to market with the GS name badge that is an Opel, cars made in China, having a very limited line and models to choose from, and then high tech cars that are problematic are all issues they have made on their own. Dropping the name "Buick" from the car is just another bad decision but I can understand why when others are making your cars. That said, I like many of the newer cars and the technology that they have brought to the table. Currently, my daily driver is a 2013 Lincoln MKX and it is the nicest car I have ever owned. It has 52,000 trouble free miles. Prior to this we had a 2005 Ford Escape which was trouble free from the day we bought it new to the day we sold it 130,000 miles later. I was amazed at what a big leap cars had made between 2005 and 2013. I love old cars and especially old Buicks but they can't compare with the comfort and safety the newer cars provide. It's too bad that Buick hasn't stayed up with the rest of the market. Greg
  3. Requirement for a item price in the Buy/Sell forum

    I seem to remember this discussion here a year or so ago. It was possibly in the Buick General discussion. First I'd like to say that I would prefer that price be required and if an ad doesn't list price, it should be excluded. That said, I believe the AACA discussion if I recall correctly, revolved to price is suggested for ad placement rather than required. If an ad doesn't have a price, I usually don't contact the seller. That also goes for mileage (for vehicles) and location. If they don't disclose this basic information, they are hiding something.
  4. If life hadn't intervened, I would have been interested in the whole lot. Now I have no storage and with my wife's illness my money goes elsewhere. Sigh and so close too...
  5. What's your Dream Buick?

    Mine would be a '65 Skylark GS convertible, 4 speed with all the options. Metallic sliver blue, white or blue interior. I'm not fussy!
  6. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    The tube was made of rubber. To fix it I just installed a fuel line hose clamp around the kink which made it open again. I would think any type of rubber hose of the proper diameter (?) would work. I seem to remember the hose was not very thick. I think the actual hose just hung down through the floorpan and exited in front of the rear wheels. I did this probably 11 or 12 years ago and my memory isn't what it used to be.
  7. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    If memory serves there are 4 drains, one in each corner. The front ones drain behind the front wheels. The rear drains down a rubber tube to in front of the rear tires. I tried the compressed air on a 90 I had but it wouldn't clear. I found that the tube in the right rear B pillar was kinked when installed.
  8. Considering buying a Reatta

    Keith, the top pins can be adjusted to make the 5th bow contact with the tonneau cover better. The pins are threaded into the 5th bow.
  9. 1990 Reatta red coupe for sale!

    Your car is named a Reatta, not a Regatta.
  10. 1964 Skylark, 350 Wildcat, 4 speed bucket seats

    Minor point but your engine is a 300 CID V8. It is also known as a Wildcat 355 which is the torque rating of the 4 barrel carb engine and is labeled so on the air cleaner, if it is still there. It is not a 350.
  11. 1965 Buick Special Convert Quarters

    Short answer is Yes!
  12. Found for sale in the UK

    I find it interesting that it is a Maui Blue car and an 89. I thought that Maui Blue was first introduced in 1990. In 89 the blue color offered was a darker blue. I could be wrong... The auction listing says 1990.
  13. My observation is that in 1968 fewer cars had the vinyl top option than in 1969. It seems most every '69 came with a vinyl top when I was restoring my old '69 years ago. It was almost impossible to find the cover at the base of the rear windshield that didn't have the embossed vinyl print pattern pressed into the metal. I agree that the vinyl top breaks up the lines of the car as I removed the vinyl top from mine when I restored the car. It looked very sharp and different.