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  1. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Just noticed it failed on excessive carbon monoxide, not HC. It is called "too rich" but is really incomplete combustion. See here. If fuel pressure checks out maybe time for something else ?
  2. I recall those - were based on a Grand Prix but looks like a different rear end (thought original had a spare tire there) . Big Pontiac V8s in '72 had three bolt exhaust manifolds and were famous for leaks.
  3. padgett

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    OK I have a '12 Jeep Grand Cherokee also with Pentastar. These drivetrains were designed when MB still owned Chrysler and like MBs (M276 engine is very similar) there are A Lot of embedded trouble codes that a regular OBD or EOBD scanner will not find. The least expensive in depth scanner I've found for my Jeep is the Autel DiagLink with the Chrysler module. Not saying the dealers do not have the proper scanner but when I took my Chrysler Crossfire in for the airbag recall it took my dealer two weeks to find the right equipment to reset the airbag light (originally said it would cost me $800 for a module when their equipment was the problem). " all kinds of missfires and check engine code generation" I recall GC2s with Pentastars having what was called the "Christmas Tree" effect. Chrysler fought it for a long time but turned out to be a faulty ground wire, think it was in the engine bay on the passenger side. Another thing both Chrysler and MB seem to believe is that mere users do not need a voltage gauge. I suspect that a cigarette lighter voltmeter would show fluctuations when everything is lighting up and if so there will be a lot of hidden "low voltage" and "bus error" codes only visible with an in-depth scanner.
  4. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Actually looks pretty simple. No PID feedback.
  5. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    OK way back in the other thread I recall mention that you changed out the injectors with ones from a 'vette. The Cad injection has no feedback. It assumes stock injectors (17# ?) and if you replace with larger (say 21#) then you need to reduce the stock fuel pressure (39 psi) to about 32 psi - where I would start then tune. Back in the day I once turned a 455 Buick with cat so tight it squeaked - when they put the sniffer in for the '75 FEA, it read zilch. Checked twice against other cars. Zero. Still have the plaque.
  6. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    OK there is about 30 pages on the FI system starting on page 6-39 of the '76 Seville manual. I expect the 77 is the same. There is an Air Injector Reactor. If it fails the exhaust will be too rich. There is an EGR. If it fails the exhaust will be too rich. I have a Sun Sleuth II with exhaust gas analyzer. Haven't needed in years since Florida does not test emissions and would be easier to ship the Cad here than it there. Maybe you need a street racer shop, they check the HC and CO all of the time.
  7. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    People are too used to modern computer cars. Can toss higher flow injectors on and the O2 sensor will detect the "too rich" and correct the PW. AFAIR you do not have an O2 sensor so the "computer" is guessing. I suspect you will need an adjust able fuel regulator so you can tune the flow to meet emissions. May also need a sniffer.
  8. " the late 1980s thru mid-1990s seem like such different eras " That was when cars changed from reworked cars of the 60s to the leading edge of the modern era. Almost all were computer cars with FI and DIY reprogramming was common. 6 and 7 liter 200 hp engines were replaced by 3-4 liter 200 hp engines. Energy absorbing bumpers were hidden. Use of chrome declined The rebirth of the horsepower race was still a few years off but the seeds were there. I suspect that at some point in the future some cars of this era (like my 88 Reatta with a touchscreen in the dash) will be recognized for what they are. That said I still have a few tripowers and dual quads waiting for me to install on something.
  9. padgett

    the Spirit of St. Louis

    I always thought Stewart was great in the role but always wondered about flying across the Atlantic in the 20s with a single engine plane.
  10. padgett

    rough running and poor start up

    Did you check for a clogged air intake ? That was my first though when you said "tall grass".
  11. padgett

    Code E041

    If the engine is not in closed loop then it will be ignoring the O2.
  12. There were some interesting cars in that period, my 78 Sunbird won A Lot of autocrosses and have always thought the 77-78 Firebirds looked good (though a bit heavy). Said I've never had a Ford or a pickup. OTOH have had tow cars since 1970. Current one is the best.
  13. padgett

    Me and My Buick Reatta

    Back at the turn of the century, I received a promotion and decided that Fieros were just too small for a DD. Must admit that I liked 3800s (had different cars with them since 1990) but the touchscreen was what sold me. Looked at several not really knowing what I was looking at except 3800/440T4 which I considered bulletproof. Did think the 15x6 wheels were a bit silly when I had 15x7s on the Fiero, soon had 16x7s with 225x60x16 Michelins. Found the triple blue 88 coupe and liked the roof vent but had not a clue how rare 16ways and sunroof were in an 88.. Was my only car through some rough times in the mid-oughties and never did anything I could not fix. About a decade ago finally found a 'vert I could afford and still have. Over the years I had a few other 'verts but would fix what was needed and they soon passed on. At one point I had three which was over 1% of production. Now I mainly take the coupe to shows where kids do not believe the touchscreen and use the vert for occasional nice days out but have other daily drivers. Such a life.
  14. padgett

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Think we have achieved Sturgeon's Law.
  15. padgett

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Let me preface this but saying I used to do a lot with smog engines back in the 70s. Had a Buick 455 that when they inserted the sniffer read zero. That said I'd start with variable temperature sensors for both coolant and IAT. Next I'd hook a variable vacuum actuator to the fuel pressure regulator. In extremis I might add a capacitor to the injection nozzles to decrease the pulse width a bit. All of this would require experimentation but can be done. ps might also consider a fast light off dual catalyst system similar to a Mercedes M113.
  16. padgett

    knock sensor

    Just checked the vert: key on engine off ED17=0 Start and idle with some revving ED17=376 and constant. Probably some piston slap when started cold (well 90F).
  17. padgett

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    Well it is now over 30 years old. I suspect that somewhere (not Florida) that it could just be titled/registered as an "antique". OTOH "Arizona laws dictates that any vehicle left in a public place for more than 10 days is considered abandoned. Public places can range from parking lots to the side of the road. If Department of Transportation officials cannot locate the owner of the vehicle within 30 days, the car is subject to having the title transferred to whoever reports and takes possession of the vehicle. Filing for the title to an abandoned vehicle is a simple process, but you must go through the proper channels. " Suspect a museum is a public place...
  18. padgett

    The decline of Sears

    I have some Penny's Penncraft "guaranteed for life" tools. Last time one broke they told me to take it to Sears...
  19. padgett

    A quick way to drain a Reatta battery

    Bet a failed fan module will kill the battery faster.
  20. padgett

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    Just a thought but the Reatta represents more than just a special automobile and someone like the in Mountain View might be interested as the Buick E body was the first real computer car with a touchscreen in the dash.
  21. padgett

    Velocity Channel Ruins Wheeler Dealers

    Only difference is that 500 years ago the climax was in the middle and the rest was what resulted. Now it is at the end and any aftermath is in the credits.. Sounds like they need my Crossfire: first gear is so low it can go up the side of a wall. ps Thelma and Louise.
  22. padgett

    Minor issues after engine work

    Was there any gas in the regulator vacuum line ? Your pressures sound low and the quick drop off says there is a leak somewhere. If hard starting and stumbles a bit that could indicate a leaky injector. Another reader suggested a sender assembly from eBay.
  23. I tend to keep cars for decades. Have never had a Ford or a Pickup.
  24. padgett

    Changing times

    Nowadays most of my parts come from Rock Auto, Amazon, or a local Pick-A-Part. I also have a '12 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Best tow car I've ever had. DOHC V6, 4 wheel disk brakes, front and rear sway bars, and IRS. I also have the factory service manual, a scan tool that can talk to everything, and a Chrysler lifetime warranty.
  25. padgett

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    X1/9 had a great steering wheel, had one on my 124 spyder. Fiero V6 sounded better, was a whole lot faster, and had AC.