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  1. Just saw this post ,WOW Lamar ,really nice BUICKS!!! I think that is the first 38 -44 I've seen (REALLY SHARP ) Good Luck with these ! Wish I was close enough to visit . Bill
  2. WOW ! ROAD TRIP only 1470 miles from Maryland . Bill
  3. Thanks Mark, Getting the old ones out is the fun part ! Lamar, WD - 40 ( or others ) , let it set , tapping on both ends of the studs, heat the flange and pray ! If they break , then the my son steps in with the easy -out route !
  4. What size and thread type would be correct for a 1956 buick dual exhaust manifolds ? I want to replace the existing studs with new studs or bolts and need the correct thread type for the manifolds Thanks Bill
  5. Hey JOEL , ARE YOU RENTING ROOMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? LOL really GREAT WORK !!! Bill
  6. The good old day, NOT ONE FORIEGN CAR IN THE PICTURE !!!!!! Right corner 2nd row , I think I see a Black 54 Hudson JET with a continental kit !!!!
  7. 40 BUICK appears to be a Century ( long hood ) with dual carbs ????????? Bill
  8. I can not understand someone leaving such a rare car out in the weather to rust away. It must be the case that " I will restore it one day " . VERY SAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill
  9. This is a picture of the drivers side of the 55 . How did you do this ???????????????????????????
  10. Lamar, I am running a 6 1/2 " wide Buick steel wheel on my 55 Century 2dr clone with 235- 75 -15 radials . There is plenty of room inside to the frame and outside to the fender . I remember the 6 1/2" wires wheels on my 53 skylark seem to push the wheel to the fender opening. Even with a wider tire you should be OK . I might see a problem with a sedan that has the lower rear wheel opening . ???? Back in the early 60's , I run the skylark wires on my 56 special 2 dr sedan , not sure of the rim width . Bill
  11. I see a couple 38's in this photo !!!!!!!!!!!! Bill
  12. Buick made a 15" x 7" chrome wheel for the big wagons ( 5" bolt pattern ) in the mid - 80's , the boxy Estate Wagon. I don't think anyone is making a repop of this wheel. Bill
  13. The dash is out of a 55 Special, no trip odom or engine turn found on a 55 Century . So for some reason it was put it after production . It would be interesting to see the body number . Bill
  14. Radiator overflow tank ( white plastic ) NOS GM $100 Windshield washer tank (white plastic ) NOS GM $50 both may fit Rivieras. Headlight motors, Left & right NOS GM $450 for the pair REATTA nameplates new GM ; door $60 ea. rear panel $90 ea Hood emblem ( large ) $90 ea. All prices + shp. Bill
  15. Thanks for the info ! I'm sure there are other Buick guys surprised to hear this !! Bill