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  1. Looking for the left glass ( not tinted )that goes in the quarter panel on the 55 buick special 2 dr sedan model 48 Right and left may be the same ???? Other models the use this glass 1954 to 56 special 2 dr sedan model 48 ( 55 century 2dr sedan model 68 HaHa ) I think 1954 to 56 Olds 88 2dr sedan I can buy repo but would rather not . Bill
  2. billbuickgs

    Need Car Cover Advice

    Hey Mike , Just sell me the RIV ,then you don't need a new cover !!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you still have that beautiful car ! Bill
  3. billbuickgs

    Roberta Vasilow , Thanks

    View of the edge Bill
  4. billbuickgs

    Roberta Vasilow , Thanks

    This is the packing on my 55 fender, cardboard spray on or paper mache' . Bill
  5. billbuickgs

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Sorry , I wanted to post this in the Buick picture forum Bill
  6. billbuickgs


    My first Buick that I drove to work was a 1956 Special 2 dr sedan . ( 1961 ) It had the stock 322 with added four barrel and 56 dual exhaust manifolds and switch pitch DYNAFLOW " The story behind the one wire wheel is funny ! I work at an ESSO station at nights and Saturday . A guy pulls in the station in a 58 white LIMITED CONV . I only had three wire wheels at the time . HE said " WANT TO SELL THOSE WHEELS ?" I said " NO , I'm looking for another one ". He opened his trunk and said " I buy your three or you buy my wheel !" That wheel cost me a full weeks part time pay $ 30.00 but I had my 4th wire ! Bill
  7. billbuickgs

    bumper cores

    Still have these bumpers Bill
  8. billbuickgs

    15x6.5 wheel

    Thanks Bill
  9. billbuickgs

    15x6.5 wheel

    Is the 6.5 measured inside of bead or overall with ? Thanks Bill
  10. billbuickgs

    NOS chrome wheel center caps 1971-1978,& later

    Reduced $235 shp US
  11. billbuickgs

    NOS 1/2" lug nuts , big car

    Reduced $140 shp US
  12. billbuickgs

    NOS chrome wheel center caps

  13. billbuickgs

    NOS Reatta Parts