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  1. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    I emailed the seller , I don't see the engine - turn dash , no pics of the engine .Century name on dash is blacked out . I ask for the model number from the plate under the hood and pics of the engine and speedometer. The Century names on the side have the same holes as the Special emblems and not that many Century sticks produced . I will post his reply Bill
  2. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    Thank GOD its 1700 miles from me . Property tax is due in 15 days so pay the taxes or by a new toy Really nice for the money Bill
  3. 1956 Buick Limo on CL

    Boy , You could carry all your Buick parts to the shows in that hauler . I think he has too many " 0's " in the price. Would loved to have seen the limo in its hayday ! Bill
  4. NOS Reatta Parts

    NOS headlight motors in the GM boxes , 88 to 91 , one left & one right. $500 for the pair shipped in US Bill
  5. 1955 nailhead with ford trans adapter

    hmmm , what year ? Bill
  6. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Lamar , The last RED picture is a 53 Skylark , Your not heading down the " 53 HIGHWAY " are you ??????????????????? Bill
  7. Brought home a 1994 Buick Lesabre.

    I think you will find this problem with most cars in the Northeast . The Lesabre was # 1 in sales as far as full size car for many years. Great cars ! If you find one with Gran touring suspension , the ride isn't as soft. Bill

    I saw that and the carb could have been correct 66 -67 ( 66 425 or 67 400 430 ) with the fuel inlet pointing to the passenger's side . I was laughing and my what said " its not that funny , a carb as a gift ". Bill
  9. 1972 BUICK GS STAGE1 20,703 MILES

    I think the tow package in 71 and 72 on the full size cars included the Stage 1 engine ?????????????????? Bill
  10. 1954 Skylark $18,000

    I see its powered by the famous Buick 321 engine .Must have lost a cubic inch somehow, hence the cheap price!!!!!!
  11. 41 century, not mine

    The dual carb set-up along with the air cleaner , carbs , intake and exhaust manifolds are the key to this sedanette , everything else is bad . Maybe the stainless trim is OK . Is the Big series air cleaner the same spacing as the small series ? Bill
  12. 1955 nailhead with ford trans adapter

    55 Super had a 4 barrel with 236 hp same as century and Roady. If that is a special and if is a 55 engine ,its a 264 cu in
  13. The Passing of Bob Coker

    Sad to hear of his passing . He had a very large family and will be missed . He also had a very large Buick family of friends . He touch a lot of use with his friendliness . Bill
  14. This Century was on Craigslist in Phoenix about a year ago behind a bldg. in weeds. Bill