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  1. ex98thdrill

    Auburn AGNM-2019 May 30-June 1

    RM has been very good to AACA for several years, so I think AACA is right for sticking by RM, if CCCA isn't willing to follow suit, shame on them. If you've never been to Auburn, it's a nice place. If you choose to come I'd highly recommend coming a day sooner or holding over a day later. You could spend at least an entire day visiting all of the car related museums in the area. The facility is very nice and there is plenty to do. In 2015 the Eastern Division Spring meet was farther from home than the Auburn meet was, so we chose Auburn and it was a decision that we never regretted. Oddly enough in 2016 my work schedule didn't allow me to go to any meets, in 2017 we didn't do Auburn because the truck we were restoring wasn't done yet. This year we're choosing to go to Gettysburg because we also like Gettysburg and it's closer to home. We're looking forward to going to Auburn in 2019. I'm also looking forward to seeing the Early Ford V8 Museum since the expansion was finished. Other than Cleveland, the traffic heading out west wasn't bad at all and the roads were pretty good shape.
  2. ex98thdrill

    40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Fire grows quickly. Again call the fire department first, and if you should have a chimney fire and a safe means to get onto the roof, drop a plastic back filled with Dry Chemical left out of an extinguisher down the chimney. It won't necessarily knock the fire out, but it'll buy you some time. Is it safe to be on a roof?? NO!! But wearing a fire helmet does not making you exempt from falling off of the roof as anyone else either. Guys who install roofs for a living are known to fall, so it can happen to anyone.
  3. ex98thdrill

    40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I've been a firefighter for 34 years, spent five years as a fire chief, have two ladder trucks and plenty of equipment to climb up onto a roof. Not everyone lives in an area where the fire department can be in your driveway in less than three minutes. I'll take my chance at falling than watch my house burn to the ground waiting for the fire department to show up.
  4. ex98thdrill


    The funniest thing I saw were the guys rolling a coffin into the street. When they did that my thoughts were "it's a bad time to have a funeral" but then they raised the lid to the coffin where it read "We buried the Patriots." Young, old, black, white, rich and poor, they all came out to celebrate and it was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to watch a city celebrate their very first Super Bowl win. I was even more surprised to learn that they closed the schools and how entire families were out there to celebrate. There aren't too many people who will ever or have ever seen a football team celebrate their first Super Bowl win. At one point the lobby was closed and unless you had a room key, security wouldn't even let you into the building. Yes it was crazy, but it was also comical and I enjoyed watching the celebration.... It's taken 82 years for the AACA Annual Meeting to coincide with a Super Bowl victory party.
  5. ex98thdrill

    2018 Grand National Registration

    The same applies when you roll in with a hauler in excess of 40 feet long...
  6. ex98thdrill

    Chrome questions

    I wonder how much longer these platers will be around before someone closes them down. Today you can get things powder coated where they have a chrome finish. I've never seen it and if I did I didn't know it was powder coat. Several years ago NASCAR banned chrome rims on the race cars because they had issues with the wheel weights not sticking to the rims. A couple of years ago (it might've been 10 years) the chrome rims came back, but this time they were a chrome powder coat. I never saw what they look like up close so it's too hard for me to say if it's good or bad. Aside from the NASCAR boys, I've never known anyone to go that route. If you check with most vendors that do powder coat, they have several colors to choose from, even a chrome type finish.
  7. ex98thdrill

    Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    No I didn't. I work shift work and I work in the neighborhood of 600-800 hours of overtime every year and I only get weekends off once every six weeks. My schedule wouldn't allow me to do things right. There were some things that really turned me off... 1. I had a board member (now deceased) majorly in my face who wouldn't take no for an answer that ROYALLY p***ed me off. This individual even went as far as going to individual members of the region (that I quit) to also put pressure on me into caving in to his demands. At the time had I been offered the chance to fill the rest of a term of someone that had resigned I would've considered it, but this individual totally blew it. 2. You guys get stretched so thin that you don't get enough time to enjoy your cars. That's over and above the fact that I'm not a suit and tie guy and I hate paying $50 for a rubber chicken dinner. Had we not won a national award, I wouldn't have shelled out $60 for dinner on Saturday night. I can count on one hand how many times over the last 17 years that I've ever paid to go to an awards banquet. Two of them were at the start and end of AACA's 75th anniversary, one of them was when I was a meet chairman and HAD to be there, and the fourth one was Saturday night. Most of the time I never went to the banquets even though I was a region president and it was in the budget for the region to pay for it. Trust me, I would've loved to have worked with you and it was nothing personal against you or several others, but when I chaired the meet and watched what you guys had to do, I appreciated it, I respected it, but I also saw enough to know that I didn't want any part of it. Then when someone got in my face about it, the wedge got driven way down out of sight. With me being in that bad accident, it all turned out just as well because for the last year I've had all I could do to put my life back together.
  8. ex98thdrill

    Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    Hey without you being on the National Board anymore, you're not one of them, you're a normal person now. No more long meetings, teleconferences, committee meetings, phone calls, e-mails, complaints, etc. Seven years ago you ran for it, while I ran FROM it. I'm thankful you did what you did, but when I chaired the meet back in 2010 I saw enough of what the National Directors have to put up with to know I don't want any part of it. I once told Don Barlup that not only am I not going to close that door, I'm slamming that door shut, locking it, nailing it shut and putting a Buick behind it. Not no but sHELL no. It isn't out of hatred, but more because I know I couldn't afford to do it even if I wanted too... Thanks for what you've done, and I'm glad you did it instead of me.
  9. ex98thdrill

    Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    Hey with you being a normal person now, you're fair game. When we arrived in Philly we were dealing with the Eagles fans trying to test the durability of the lightpoles, lightbulbs, etc. Then the AACA crowd comes in where we're all laid back and bellow, and then you had the freaks from the tattoo convention come in as we were leaving. ........Personally I think the hotel likes our group. We have a good time but we don't destroy the place.
  10. ex98thdrill

    40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Guys, my best advice to you is to stay away from the discount store fire extinguishers. Those things last about two years and then you throw them away. What we've been doing is at Hershey you'll see guys in the flea market who are selling the commercial fire extinguishers at or below what you'll pay for a discount store fire extinguisher. The good thing about the commercial fire extinguishers is that you can recharge them when they go bad, or if you have to use them you can recharge them. Most of the fire extinguishers I have are made by Amerex. As a matter of fact, that's pretty much was is used on most fire trucks too. I know one guy who works for an auctioneer and when the auction is over, the fire extinguishers go too. A lot of times when he shows up at Hershey, I'll buy every fire extinguisher he has. I now have enough to have a fire extinguisher in ever vehicle and every trailer we own. This also includes the Seagrave fire truck hauler. IF you have dry chem leftover from a fire extinguisher around don't throw it out. If you have a fireplace or wood stove, put the leftover dry chem in a heavy zip lock plastic bag. God forbid if you should have a chimney fire, you can go up on the roof and drop them down the chimney to buy you some time before the fire department shows up. The heat will melt the plastic bag and in many times the dry chem will knock out the fire. Again even if you have a car fire, you can throw the bag on the fire too just to buy you some extra time to get more resources to get the fire out. .......Just make sure you call the fire department first. When we have leftover dry chemicals in an extinguisher, that's what we go with it before we send it out to get refilled and we keep them on the trucks just for that reason.
  11. ex98thdrill

    Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    Yeah but Wayne, your antique computer involves strings with beads on it, so that won't work.... ........Sorry Wayne, anyone who gets on the elevator and leans on the buttons so an elevator full of people has to stop at each and every floor because you leaned on the buttons deserves to get busted on. When my father and I got off the elevator on the 12th floor we were laughing all the way back to our room. That was funny!!
  12. ex98thdrill

    2018 Grand National Registration

    Here's another option.... If you don't want to trailer your car all that distance for a Grand National Meet, contact the Vice President of National Activities and put in to host a Grand National Meet. It would solve your problem as well as promote your region and community. I know in many cases the Vice President of National Activities often have to scrounge to find regions who are willing to host an event. Truth be told, the western Grand National Meets are usually a smaller meet and the competition usually isn't as stiff. Of course the only time our '42 Ford fire truck ever faced any competition was at a Grand National Meet in Kansas and there were three fire trucks in the class.
  13. ex98thdrill

    Chrome questions

    It's funny that I'm reading this and just the other night I was talking to Matt Hinson about the same thing in Philly. I will reiterate the same thing the others have said.... You get what you pay for. I will tell you the same thing I've told Matt and everyone else. 1. If you're going to keep the car, do it once, do it right, and get it done. 2. If you're not planning to keep the car, do it cheap and get rid of it. My father and I have done several restorations and we've dealt with several platers. We finally found one plater that we like, so now that's all we use. The plater that we use is Cambridge Chrome up the other side of Toronto, Canada. The Candians can process chrome with chemicals that the EPA has banned and I feel that you get a better job. You can drop your chrome off in Buffalo, New York, or you can catch him in the Red Field over by the stadium on Hershey week, or you can ship the chrome directly to Canada. The next time you're at an AACA meet and you see a car with Canadian license plates, ask them who did their chrome. We've been using Cambridge for the last 15 years, we've never had a problem and we swear by them. Those guys can also do stainless and nickel as well. I'm not going to knock anyone else's product, but I will tell you this, if you don't use Cambridge, you most likely won't get better chrome anyplace else.
  14. Matt, you're 90% right on all accounts. While your idea of having the Hershey Region workers parking on the south side of the Chocolate Field has merit, the problem with the Hershey Region rests the same as with almost ALL of the regions. Those guys are getting old!! Right now the Hershey Region worker parking is in a central location so everyone is walking about the same distances to wherever they're working. If you change it with your idea, now you have the hassle of who has what mobility issues and then having to assign them in places that works for them while trying not to upset someone else. The costs of doing business has driven everything up, but having the local merchants spike the prices on everything when we come to town doesn't help things either. There isn't much anyone will ever do to fix that. They see that cash cow coming, they know when we're coming, and they're cashing in... Another thing to think about is how they've held evening events at the Music Box Theater during the week, but when everyone has to be out at 5pm, I would imagine that's a waste of time too. I know Hershey is a big region, and they're a very wealthy region, but the question I have goes back to is there enough younger folks that will still be there to put on that meet 20 years from now?? It might not be in the not so far distant future where those guys might get to be too old to do this event. That would be a tragedy!! As much as I would've loved to have had AACA Headquarters up on the hill at the Museum, I am excited to see them going into the new building that they're going to and I can't wait to see it happen. 51 weeks a year it would be better on the hill, but during Hershey week the advantages are. - It's a beautiful building with room to grow. - On show day you can run judge's admin right out of the headquarters building because it's next to the showfield. I'm sure it would give judges admin a better work area than what they normally get. - The National Awards committee can work out of a room at headquarters on show day where they can work with no interruptions and in a nicer area I've seen them work out of at some meets. - The AACA National Directors can attend board and committee meetings, and still be able to get out onto the show field and Flea Market when their schedule permits. - If a judge's team hits a snag on the show field, the library is right there if they had to research something in a pinch. There was a time when the team I was on hit a snag and Joe Vicini ended up calling the plant manager at his house on a Saturday to unsnag it. - For the AACA staff, they can park at the office, go out onto the flea market field with a golf cart and free up space, and not have to go as far to get supplies and/or take stuff back to the office at the end of the day. - If you get rain on either show day or during the flea market, it would enable AACA to get more people into the Library to do research which in turn promotes AACA. - What better way to sell the AACA brand when the headquarters and library are between the showfield and the flea market?? For the last couple of years I have gone off the radar and gotten out of the loop, but I like the idea of that new building. As for the Hershey event?? I don't see a fix to it because the problem lies with more than one entity. If HERCO lifts the 5pm ban, you know there are going to be people who are going to pull into that lot with a camper, pay $20 and spend the week there.
  15. ex98thdrill


    Ah Terry, you've hit something that I recall very well... The headaches of being the chairperson of registration. Oh how I remember the days as Meet Chairman trying to help out the registration chairperson. For those of you who don't know, the vehicles are classed based on how the vehicle owner enters it. Once that happens, then it becomes the nightmare of the registration chairperson. I can remember when we chaired the meet Herb Oakes warned me about that. Here are some of the mistakes that you'll see: - The 1965 Mustang that is entered in the class with the 1965 Fords instead of the Mustang class. - The 1957 Corvette entered in the regular car class and not the Corvettes. - The Ford pickup entered in a class where the cars would go and not the truck class. - The Dodge Ramcharger that gets entered in either the truck class or the car class and not the SUV class. - The Dodge Daytona Charger that is entered in the regular Dodge class and not the muscle car class. - The Ford Mustang Police car that is entered in either the Ford class or the Mustang Class when it whould be in the Professional Vehicle Class. - The 1942 Harley Davidson WLA that is entered in the regular motorcycle class instead of the military vehicle class. - A race car that is not entered in the race car class and finds its' way into the class the car would've been in had it been stock. When we chaired the meet, I had a member of my own region who had a car that won it's Senior award that submitted his paperwork to put the car in HPOF so then we had to sort that out. That isn't all of them, but this gives you a good idea of the headaches that it involves. Nine times out of ten, it usually happens with a new member who is showing their car for the first time. The meet registration chairperson and the Vice President of Class Judging do their best to correct this problem before the vehicle hits the show field, but sometimes vehicles do fall between the cracks. At a show the size of Hershey, it's very easy to do. Again, the Meet registration chairperson and Chief Judge can only place cars based on the information that the vehicle owner has provided to them.