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  1. Eastern Divisional Tour

    We just received the go ahead to put together a Tour under the Eastern Divisional Tour Banner. It will be very similar to the 2017 Vintage Tour that started in Wellsboro Pa. This Tour will start in Lock Haven, Pa. and end in Lock Haven, Pa. We will overnight in Coudersport, Pa. and St Marys, Pa. This will be sponsored by the AACA and benefit the AACA building Fund. Daily milage will be under 100 miles but it will be challenging. Tour will be limited to 25 cars for logistical reasons. June 25 to 29, 2018. Information at: Bob Giles 814-266-2780 Road trip 2018.pdf
  2. A trip back to 1903--sort of

    Pretty neat.
  3. The bus has left the building...

    I saw the bus in question while visiting friends in Conn. It was being restored by a very well known Mack restorer. I heard it was a challenge to find a trailer because of the height restrictions on the highways.
  4. Model A, Motel T and Divco parts Close to Brookville Roadster trailer and light post 41 Bob Giles C4I 25-28 Thats a i and not a 1
  5. !929 Model A transmission complete from throwout bearing to U joint. Service and Emergency cross shafts for 1929 Model A. Transmission $150.00 Cross Shafts $25/each Can bring to Hershey Bob Giles 814-266-2780
  6. For Sale. Model A Shocks

  7. For Sale. Model A Shocks

    Complete set of '30 Ford Model A Shocks for Cores. Includes links and arms $25 each. Can bring to Hershey Bob Giles 814-266-2780 Hershey spots. C4I 25-28. Close to Brookville Roadster
  8. Model A fenders and wheels

    Sold, Thank You
  9. Model A fenders and wheels

    1930 welled front fenders. Need refinished $175 each 500 X19 wheels and tires, includes caps. (2). $75 each Can deliver to Hershey. C4I 25-27 Bob Giles
  10. 1929 Model A transmission complete from throw out bearing to U joint. Includes pedals, emergency brake assembly and brake switch. Also have service and emergency cross shafts . Transmission. $150 cross shafts. $25 each pick up in Hershey. C4I 25-28 Bob Giles
  11. 2017 Vintage Tour

    I think I can do that. You were at the top and I jumped off the running board. I think it was Beverly's idea to back up the hill.
  12. 2017 Vintage Tour

    Tom, Sherri, Patti and I want to thank everyone that came on the Tour. We could not have done it without people wanting to do lt. Bob Giles
  13. 2017 Vintage Tour

    Our plans are to arrive at the State Park south entrance beginning after 9:30 AM. Walking the Glen, or going in to Watkins Glen for boat ride is on the agenda. About half the cars will be at Watkins Glen Raceway by 11:30 for laps. Lunch will be in the Park after 12:30. Afternoon is open to finish what didn't get done in the morning. We leave Watkins Glen in the afternoon for a overnight stay in Hammondsport.
  14. Hotel!!

    Don't forget the B&Bs. We been staying at one in Granville for 8 years and hope we never have to look for another.
  15. 2017 Vintage Tour

    Well, almost. We will spend the 1st, 3rd and last night at the Penn Wells in Wellsboro. 2nd night in Hammondsport and 4th night in Lock Haven. This keeps the mileage between 60 and 80 miles a day.