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  1. Lozierman

    Need help identifying this car

    Just found this posting. The Lozier shown is actually a Model 84. It was the least expensive Lozier built starting in 1914. It has a four cylinder engine. There is one left and another being restored from a collection of parts.
  2. Thanks for identifying it.
  3. Lozierman

    1911 Indy 500

    The Automobile Quarterly, Volume four, 1969, has great articles on this race. There are other publications that have also weighted in on this race too. I am biased, but I believe the Lozier driven by Ralph Mulford actually won the race. It can't just be a coincidence the Marmon was declared the winner, and it was built in Indianapolis, the same city the race was held! In all reality it probably wouldn't have mattered for the future of the Lozier Automobile Company as most of the entrants, including Marmon, are not producing cars today. The Lozier was NOT a purpose built racer like most of the other entrants were, including the Marmon. I don't think Marmon produced any six cylinder Marmons. Lozier built both four and six cylinder models. Looking forward to reading others comments.
  4. Lozierman

    Brass Era Mystery

    Stoddard Dayton
  5. Lozierman

    Rear Body mount

    Got it. Keiser simply clicked on Steve Kirton's name and it mentioned he had recently purchased a 1930 Model A Ford tudor. Kudos to Keiser for providing Steve some information. Keiser is a rare breed of old car collector, he researches and finds info by using his computer and years of knowledge about old cars.
  6. Lozierman

    Does anyone here own a celebrity vehicle?

    Yes, This was my 1959 Corvette FI. Wish I still had it. Mike Turner Seattle WA
  7. Lozierman

    Does anyone here own a celebrity vehicle?

    In 1975 I bought a FI 1959 Corvette that had been restored. It was my daily driver until the fall of 1978. After I sold it I was watching a movie that had a Corvette in the opening scenes. It was a side shot and when the car turned and the front license plate showed I realized it was the same Corvette I had sold. It was red with white coves. The movie was called, "Scorchy", with Connie Stevens as the lead actor. No one had told me it was a movie car when I bought, and of course I didn't tell the buyer when I sold it. The movie was shot here in Seattle. I do have a 1938 Cadillac V-16 Town Car that was originally owned by Hollywood movie producer, Darryl Zannick. I understand he used to have his chauffeur drive him and the star of each movie to the premier of each film opening night. I wonder who sat next to him for each film?
  8. Lozierman

    1957 Rambler Rebel

    My father in law owned one. He bought it as a used car and it was the daily driver for many years. I started dating his daughter in 1976 and it was just sitting in the driveway then. My daily driver was a 1959 FI Corvette. He mentioned many times how fast the Rebel was when it was new. While we never raced them he did give me the Rebel after I married his daughter. I trailered it home and it sat for a couple of years. It was 100% original, but had been repainted the original colors. It did run and I moved it a couple of times. I knew how rare it was and even bought a piece of sales literature on it. My brother in law asked if he could have it, and I agreed. I live in Seattle and he lived in Auburn. We decided to trailer it to his house. He started it and while driving it onto the trailer, somehow the transmission hit something on the trailer/loading ramp. It lurched forward and before he could react, it ran off the front of the trailer and hit the back of my tow truck, a 1972 Cheyenne Super, and slightly dented the rear of my truck, but also breaking the Rebel's grill. We checked for a replacement grill through ads in Hemmings and found a few. I shared the info with my BIL, but he never bought a replacement grill. He had the Rebel for a few years and finally sold it to someone in the area. That would have been around 1981 or so. I have never seen another around here. I have see a few on the internet at car shows. Like many other cars I have owned over the years, that is one I should have kept.
  9. I am confused, or perhaps it is the "poster", as the last Mercury dime was minted in 1945. Did he mean a '35?
  10. Lozierman

    1000 ci Speedster Build

    I think the gas pedal is actually a pedal for an exhaust cut-out. Might work though.
  11. Lozierman

    Chandler Motors - Family Member

    Scroll down below Chalmers and there you find the Chandler listing. There is a Chandler club and often on the classified section there are a few Chandlers for sale. I have a 1914 Model 15 Chandler touring. Are you aware of the Lozier Chandler connection? I also have a 1913 Lozier Model 77 touring. Chandler began when a group of about 7 senior Lozier executives left Lozier to form the Chandler Motor Company. In fact the early Chandler literature brags about the Lozier executives by naming them and stating their former positions in the Lozier Company. The first Chandlers look like a Lozier of the period. Probably would have been lawsuits if the present laws relating to copyright laws were in place back then. I have a lot of literature for both Lozier and Chandler. There is a man here in the Seattle area that has around 20 various years Chandlers. What year Chandler are you interested in obtaining?
  12. Lozierman

    Early brass radiators

    Any photos available. I'm sure forum members can id the "unknown".
  13. Lozierman

    What is this car?

    Notice the pendant on the car? Jackson! Check info on a 1911 Jackson touring. Fenders and rear frame horns match. Since we are guessing.
  14. Lozierman

    T head engines who used them?

    Loziers used T head motors through 1913, Model 72. They did use an L head in a less expensive model in 1909-10, the Model J. In late 1913 they introduced the L head again in the model 77.