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  1. My father in law owned one. He bought it as a used car and it was the daily driver for many years. I started dating his daughter in 1976 and it was just sitting in the driveway then. My daily driver was a 1959 FI Corvette. He mentioned many times how fast the Rebel was when it was new. While we never raced them he did give me the Rebel after I married his daughter. I trailered it home and it sat for a couple of years. It was 100% original, but had been repainted the original colors. It did run and I moved it a couple of times. I knew how rare it was and even bought a piece of sales literature on it. My brother in law asked if he could have it, and I agreed. I live in Seattle and he lived in Auburn. We decided to trailer it to his house. He started it and while driving it onto the trailer, somehow the transmission hit something on the trailer/loading ramp. It lurched forward and before he could react, it ran off the front of the trailer and hit the back of my tow truck, a 1972 Cheyenne Super, and slightly dented the rear of my truck, but also breaking the Rebel's grill. We checked for a replacement grill through ads in Hemmings and found a few. I shared the info with my BIL, but he never bought a replacement grill. He had the Rebel for a few years and finally sold it to someone in the area. That would have been around 1981 or so. I have never seen another around here. I have see a few on the internet at car shows. Like many other cars I have owned over the years, that is one I should have kept.
  2. I am confused, or perhaps it is the "poster", as the last Mercury dime was minted in 1945. Did he mean a '35?
  3. I think the gas pedal is actually a pedal for an exhaust cut-out. Might work though.
  4. Scroll down below Chalmers and there you find the Chandler listing. There is a Chandler club and often on the classified section there are a few Chandlers for sale. I have a 1914 Model 15 Chandler touring. Are you aware of the Lozier Chandler connection? I also have a 1913 Lozier Model 77 touring. Chandler began when a group of about 7 senior Lozier executives left Lozier to form the Chandler Motor Company. In fact the early Chandler literature brags about the Lozier executives by naming them and stating their former positions in the Lozier Company. The first Chandlers look like a Lozier of the period. Probably would have been lawsuits if the present laws relating to copyright laws were in place back then. I have a lot of literature for both Lozier and Chandler. There is a man here in the Seattle area that has around 20 various years Chandlers. What year Chandler are you interested in obtaining?
  5. Any photos available. I'm sure forum members can id the "unknown".
  6. Notice the pendant on the car? Jackson! Check info on a 1911 Jackson touring. Fenders and rear frame horns match. Since we are guessing.
  7. Loziers used T head motors through 1913, Model 72. They did use an L head in a less expensive model in 1909-10, the Model J. In late 1913 they introduced the L head again in the model 77.
  8. Actually, Dean Spencer owned three Dobles back in the 1970's. He had a coupe, a roadster and a touring.
  9. I see the Matheson engine in the background. When will it be done and running? Your work is amazing in quality and detail.
  10. Sounds good. I have a 1914 Model 15 Chandler project that hasn't been run in probably 75 years. You inspire me to get to work on it. Congratulations.
  11. I enlarged it even further and I claim it is an early Packard. 1906?
  12. Al, I can't offer a lot of info, but I can offer this, 1033 means it is a side lamp for a 1910 automobile. The 1909 Lozier used a Solar side lamp, model 933, with a 905 Solar tail lamp. For 1910, the Solar side lamps would have been 1033, with a 1005 tail lamp. Are you sure the number shown, 10330 is correct? Also, the Solar lamp company was located in Wisconsin. Hopefully, others will offer additional info.
  13. The car is a circa 1912 Packard.
  14. Chris, I know someone with a 1914 Chandler chassis....me. Mine is for a Model 15. I have most of a Model 15 touring body including the splash aprons and fenders. It would be nice to preserve an early closed Chandler as there is already a 1914 Model 15 touring restored, but no closed cars. Let me know if its available and if so, how much? Thanks.