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  1. 1930 Model A Phaeton. I can modify/shorten one from a larger car.
  2. Title states what I want....I do not want a brass one unless it is nickel plated. Price plus postage to zip code 55043. Thank You AACA!
  3. AMEN Alsancle!!
  4. Two pictured lights, wired for low voltage automotive bulbs but I cannot tell if they are for a car or whatever. Opinions please!!
  5. Very good information David....Thank You!.....I will "file" that for future reference.
  6. This time of the year (especially in Minnesota!) it is nice to see cars like these on the road...Thanks for posting! BTW I washed my Packard on April 6 and took it for a drive. Early for our area.
  7. My, what a lovely car....just needs tlc, what is your asking price??
  8. My time is too valuable to me to waste playing games with those clowns. If I get an email or phone call that has the least suspicious tone I either delete or hang up. If anyone is the least bit serious they will try to follow up.
  9. I once sold a MODEL A FORD (!!!) to a local man who happens to be a billionaire. He played around with the car for a couple of years then parked it. Subsequently he sold it back to me for less than he paid. I repaired/cleaned it up then sold it. When asked by this gent (a couple years later) if I still had the car I replied "I sold it!". He laughed and told me I am the only person who made money off him twice!
  10. In "as is" condition I believe 4-6,000 $$ is a more realistic expectation on a car with unknown running issues and its current cosmetic condition. The Orphan makes in that era (w/ the exception of Packards) are a tough sell. Getting it running and driving/stopping would help a lot. I am aware of a very nice example of that car (yes, a '25 Hupp) which was purchased by a local person for just under $7,000.
  11. That looks like the'25 that was owned and restored by Louis Seekon of Minneapolis Mn. I believe it was sold by Louis' family in the later 70's/ early 80's. Do you have any ownership history prior to your father's ownership? Contact me via PM or email scampoutatComcastdotnet.
  12. I lost a horn for my 1924 Ford when a USPS truck carrying parcel post burned to the ground near Roberts Wis on I-94. This happened in December 2016. I filed a claim and it is still pending.
  13. HS car was 1939 Ford Standard Tudor Sedan. I installed a hot 59-ab V-8 and went like a bat. I spent 0 $$ on cosmetics, all went for speed. When I fell for a lady, things reversed......bought a nice clean '70 'Cuda w/ a small V-8 (318?).
  14. My son is passing on a tradition of a Holiday drive in our Model T with his son. I had done the same for many years.
  15. Good point Jack....just wanted to see some more pics before I used my time or his to talk. I will call the number.