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  1. Jeff P. / Mn.

    1923 willy overland model 91 three door sedan

    I believe there are at least two of these cars in the Twin City area of Minnesota.
  2. This is a nice cosmetic restoration of a low mileage rust free car. New paint in original color, Aztec Brown Metallic. All new wood including tailgate, done in Northern Birch wood with Mahogany wood inserts. Very nice Santa Fe Tan interior. Bumpers and guards and grille rechromed. Many many more new parts such as wiring harness, glass and gaskets, Diamondback Radial Tires, etc. etc. I have driven this car, trouble free, for six years and over 5,000 miles. Several “Best of Show” trophies at big shows. Excellent condition. $63,000.00 or PM
  3. Jeff P. / Mn.

    1931 Ford Model A-400 Convertible Sedan

    Hank, your email address appears to be “invalid”. Please supply me with an active email via the PM feature on this forum. I am an interested party. Regards, Jeff P.
  4. Jeff P. / Mn.

    1958 International Harvester A110 Pickup For Sale

    Looks like a FUN daily driver! Too bad you are not closer, I love the “I” trucks! Good luck with your sale....I bet it will go quick!
  5. Looking forward to pictures....still one of my favorite Corvettes after all these years!
  6. Jeff P. / Mn.

    1938 plymouth coupe

    Doug,, I believe most people would appreciate posting a price.
  7. Jeff P. / Mn.

    1940 show winner collector 4 door packard car for sale

    As usual Matt, your analysis is right on.
  8. Jeff P. / Mn.

    1940 show winner collector 4 door packard car for sale

    Sounds like a “fishing expedition”.
  9. Jeff P. / Mn.

    1940 show winner collector 4 door packard car for sale

    Owner’s estate will get no more $$ letting it go to his estate vs. selling it now at a realistic price. I have an 88 yr. old friend who wants to sell me his 1926 Packard 243 for 30 K but told me to wait for “the auction” (you know, “afterwards”) and I will get it for 10K. He is right.
  10. Jeff P. / Mn.

    Photo album in my profile

    Matt, Thank You so much for the tip on where to find what I was looking for. Everything worked perfect, I was able to create the two albums I wanted.
  11. I cannot seem to find the link to add another photo album to my profile. Any help?
  12. Jeff P. / Mn.


    Thank You for your informative and thoughtful response. I sometimes get a little hot when someone takes a shot at my beloved "bathtubs". My apologies for that. Some of that criticism of those is justified as you pointed out. Best Wishes, Jeff P.
  13. Jeff P. / Mn.


    Your statements are much more opinion than fact....i.e. Powerglide was not available in Chevrolet until 1950. Also, the build quality in every 22nd or 23rd series Packard I have owned or driven was excellent. Have you ever owned or driven one of those cars? You also faied to mention the recession of 1958 which affected all the auto industry.