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  1. Photo album in my profile

    Matt, Thank You so much for the tip on where to find what I was looking for. Everything worked perfect, I was able to create the two albums I wanted.
  2. 1912 Ford Model T Touring

  3. I cannot seem to find the link to add another photo album to my profile. Any help?
  4. Delete...

    Thank You for your informative and thoughtful response. I sometimes get a little hot when someone takes a shot at my beloved "bathtubs". My apologies for that. Some of that criticism of those is justified as you pointed out. Best Wishes, Jeff P.
  5. Delete...

    Your statements are much more opinion than fact....i.e. Powerglide was not available in Chevrolet until 1950. Also, the build quality in every 22nd or 23rd series Packard I have owned or driven was excellent. Have you ever owned or driven one of those cars? You also faied to mention the recession of 1958 which affected all the auto industry.

    Matt H. has it right.... easy to check out a respondent on this site. I have been registered since 2001, sold and bought many thousands of $$$ of parts and have never had a problem. Always alert as there could always be a first time!!
  7. Pre-War Buick in China

    Thank you Leif for your response and for posting that on the PWC posting. Regards, Jeff P.
  8. Pre-War Buick in China

    Anyone on this forum willing to help this chap? If so, you can post directly on his blog. One does not have to register to give an answer. Thank You, always trying to help and inform others. Regards, Jeff P. / Mn.
  9. WTB nickel plated or stainless steel robe rail or brackets

    1930 Model A Phaeton. I can modify/shorten one from a larger car.
  10. Title states what I want....I do not want a brass one unless it is nickel plated. Price plus postage to zip code 55043. Thank You AACA!
  11. 1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible

    AMEN Alsancle!!
  12. Are these automotive?

    Two pictured lights, wired for low voltage automotive bulbs but I cannot tell if they are for a car or whatever. Opinions please!!
  13. Brass Car Horn

    Very good information David....Thank You!.....I will "file" that for future reference.
  14. Saw a nice 1952 Packard today

    This time of the year (especially in Minnesota!) it is nice to see cars like these on the road...Thanks for posting! BTW I washed my Packard on April 6 and took it for a drive. Early for our area.