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  1. Wireless Tail Lights??

    Mark, thank you for recounting your experience for our benefit. Back to the drawing board...
  2. Wireless Tail Lights??

    More metal (steel and/or aluminum) to get in the way in a vintage car, but worth a try. Thanks, Joe!
  3. Bedford Tires 700x19

    Carl, bless you for your gift of the rollers. Mine are considerably better than rollers, as two of the four look like spares that had never seen the road. He's exploring the discounts offered by FedEx to account holders. As to Capra's tour de force. I always look forward to seeing it again to find some additional subtle or not-so-subtle elements that I have missed over the years. On the other hand, I've found that many (not all) young people cannot get past the fantasy elements of the movie to the underlying Great Human Truths therein, just as I have great difficulty getting past the sci-fi elements of the movies they enjoy--undoubtedly the Geezer Factor on my part. Let me take this opportunity to wish all forum members and their families, and especially Carl, a happy, healthy and reflective Christmas and Hanukkah season.
  4. Wireless Tail Lights??

    There seem to be wireless turn signals for BICYCLES (google that), but I question whether the Bluetooth connection would have enough range. I have not investigated or queried the vendor.
  5. Bedford Tires 700x19

    Two years later, my good friend Carl, the Dirty Dog seems to have raised its prices substantially. I'm selling four 35 x 5 tires to one of our members in OH. The tires are 33 lbs each by actual measurement but I allowed 35 lbs including stretch wrap. Using Greyhound's online calculator, four individual tires from Oakland CA to OH would cost $293; wrapping them as 2 packages of 2 tires each costs $221. Distance is about the same as your shipment. We're exploring other options....
  6. gas in oil pan

    Another possibility is overpressure from the electric pump dumping extra fuel into the manifold to a degree that the rings can't handle it. What's the rated output of your electric pump in psi, and do you have a pressure regulator on it? I think you should restrict the output from the pump/regulator to no more than 3 psi. Don't use the $20 regulators in the bubble packs at chain stores. A good one, like Holley, will be about $60. Assuming that the oil has been changed, sniff the dipstick periodically for gasoline odor until you're certain you've fixed the problem.
  7. 1917 or 1918??

    That happened in January 1998 when Ford announced the new SuperDuty trucks F-250 and up *AS 1999* MODELS, with new body styles and optional the revised 7.3L TD with HEUI fuel injection. I special-ordered mine March 13 and took delivery May 31, 1998. (Still have it.) Ford began building these trucks in January 1998.
  8. Please Help Identify These Rims

    Those are wheels, not rims. A rim mounts on a wheel. Sorry to be an old-school nit-picker here....
  9. 1927 CHRYSLER MODEL 50

    Please describe more fully the vibration and the conditions under which it occurs. Jack up one front wheel at a time, with the other firmly on the ground, grip the wheel at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, and shake it looking for play, and note what you find for each. While each wheel is off the ground, place a piece of 4 x 4 or a tool box by the base of the tire, and rotate the wheel slowly looking for runout. If there's runout, tighten the two rim lug nuts nearest the high (outermost) spot a little. With demountable rims, paint on the rims and the wheels can prevent a rim from seating fully on the wheel; a rubber hammer is useful to ensure full seating. Check for runout as described whenever changing a tire. Pack the wheel bearings and inspect the condition of the bearings and races, AND the inner wheel bearing grease seals. I once diagnosed a 1930 Pierce-Arrow which had the Death Wobble at 38-40 mph; at that speed shaking was so violent that the car had to be fully stopped before it could proceed again. The cause was the soft red plastic "carriers" for non-exact replacement seals, original seals being unobtainium. The carriers' lips which fit into a recess in the hub were too long, preventing the hub from being fully seated against the spindle. Different "carriers" with lips protruding less solved the problem. An alternative would have been to machine the recess in the hubs a little deeper to accommodate the lips. What's the age / condition of the tires?
  10. Best Oil & Lubricants for 1920's Cars

    Steve, I'm in San Leandro, just south of Oakland, and will look forward to hearing from you. If you get the '27 Pierce (good luck!), then you'll need to find a Packard to complete your collection of the famous Three P's. A full head of fuel in the vacuum tank should NOT cause overflow in the carb. Check your carb float for cracks/leaks, and the needle and seat.
  11. A brass car - this Pierce Arrow?

    It's a custom body and the owner specified brass trim. Not the only nickel-era Pierce I've seen with brass trim -- the P-A Museum even has a 1931 limo with brass trim.
  12. Find month and year of a Pierce?

    Bill, if you'll PM me the numbers you have, I'll give you an educated guess. As you may know, "build sheets" did not survive the liquidation of the Company, but the P-A Society has a decent database. Also, engine numbers, serial (chassis) numbers, and body numbers post-1920 do not match sequentially.
  13. 1949 Plymouth special deluxe

    Does it (1) fail to crank, (2) crank slowly, (3) fail to fire (i.e., catch)? Before you replace any other components by guess work, you should diagnose the failure with the components at time of failure. For now, leave the replaced coil and rotor in place if either new or known-good. For (1) and (2), FIRST clean battery cable contacts on both ends (4 points) and tell us the battery voltage at rest (should be at least 6.3V).
  14. Hot Rod Lincoln Song

    We didn't "wonder" about it so much as laugh at it. knowing the songwriter had to stretch to make a rhyme... -)
  15. Hot Rod Lincoln Song

    Street dragging ratio, of course, "but it's got overdrive and it just won't stall..." (We all wondered in the 1950s what the OD had to do with it not stalling.) Given the OD ratio of 0.705, the final drive ratio in OD would have been 2.898.