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  1. Grimy

    1921 Paige Daytona question

    Like Wayne, I too was looking forward to the Graham Owners' Club becoming more "Paige friendly." Haven't seen any of that yet, but it would help if Paige owners submitted articles and/or photos. I did when I first joined about 2001 and my Larchmont II was soon on the cover of an issue. So we need OTHER Paige owners to tell their stories, but there aren't many of us in the GOCI roster.
  2. Grimy

    1921 Paige Daytona question

    Dave, the folks who had their Daytona at Pebble this year (and also 10 years ago) are friends of mine, and live in Santa Cruz, CA. If you'd like their contact info, please PM me.
  3. Grimy

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    You're getting a lot of good advice here. Agree re MoPaRs ca. 1950. Re Jeepsters (1948-51, but '51s are retitled 50s): I have had at least one at a time for almost 40 years. They are great fun and look and drive as if they were earlier than they are. Overdrive transmission was optional rather than standard equipment beginning in '50; make sure any car you consider has it, or you'll run out of string at 45 mph. Also, mechanical parts are plentiful and relatively cheap, but body and trim parts are neither. Pleated seat covers to restore appearance of the seats are available inexpensively, as are ready-to-install top kits. CHECK THE FLOORS AND SILLS, especially on the passenger side, from both under the carpet and under the car.
  4. In Calif, an order for Timkens through a bearing house has never taken longer than five business days--in MY experience, but I'm sure it depends on the specific bearing number.
  5. Many Timken tapered roller bearings are available through a regular bearing house. The part numbers have remained stable for literally 100 years. Many bearings have industrial applications as well. Suggest you check a major bearing house for availability BY TIMKEN PART NUMBER rather than application to your car.
  6. Grimy

    Mileage Award Program AACA

    I haven't signed up for either the AACA or CCCA mileage programs. I have three active tour cars: 1918, 1930, and 1934 Pierce-Arrows, so the total annual mileage gets spread among the three. I think those organizations should consider weighting the miles for the age of the cars: the Pierce-Arrow Society does this for its annual longest-driven-distance-to-annual-meet award by multiplying the miles by the age in years of the car. Thus, a 1918 car driven 1,000 one-way miles to a meet gets 1,000 miles x 100 years = 100,000 points, and the 1934 covering the same distance gets 1,000 miles x 84 years = 84,000 points. A 50-year old non-Pierce would get 50,000 points by the same scheme. That said, I put 1,500 miles on my 1918 Pierce on three tours during a four-week period early Sept to early Oct, which MAY be a rough equivalent of 17,000 miles in a 1968 auto of any make. I'll bet some of the contestants keep track of their fastest times on computer Solitaire, too.... just sayin'..... :-)
  7. Grimy

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    The more difficult the sorting process, the sweeter the satisfaction when it is finally sorted! In the silver lining department, this may be the reason that car doesn't have an additional 50k miles on it--and YOU can put the next 50k on it!
  8. Grimy

    Point Deduction for PCV Valve on Y-Block Ford Engine

    I agree in principle, but semi-difficult to obtain official documentation. And now in CA, pre-1976 vehicles are exempt from biennial smog inspections. If they had kept the rolling 30-year exemption (they didn't), I'd still have a gray market 1981 280SL which was EPA-ized and Californicated when brought into CA in 1983, but the BAR later raised the performance bar beyond the 1983 mandated mods.
  9. Grimy

    Point Deduction for PCV Valve on Y-Block Ford Engine

    Earlier than that for the PCV retrofit and road draft tube plugging in The Pipples Republik. I remember being required to do it to my 1950 Pontiac 6 in late 1962 or early 1963, grumbling all the while. The vacuum advance disconnect came later.
  10. Grimy

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Matt, has the flexible fuel line between the hard pipe along the frame and the fuel pump inlet been replaced on your watch? My experience is that those flex lines fail from the inside out, like brake hoses. Loose inner material can serve as a "flap" which opens and closes at will; likewise, a bad flex line can suck air rather than fuel.
  11. Grimy

    Car in Calif with Calif top

    Aftermarket visors on open cars in the 1920s were not uncommon. Attached is a photo of my 1922 Paige 6-66 and its aftermarket visor with the previous owner the day I took possession in October 2000. The very same visor is on a 1924 photo I have (not yet scanned) of another 1922 Paige 6-66.
  12. Grimy

    1935 Lincoln power brakes

    Although I'm not familiar with the Lincoln power brake, I have some experience with the 1936-38 Pierce vacuum power brake system. The first thing is to inspect and/or replace any and all rubber hose. I diagnosed a friend's 1936 Pierce with a lean condition at 36-38 mph and found that the rubber hose portion of the line from intake manifold to vacuum cylinder was equipped with heater hose, which collapses under significant vacuum. VACUUM HOSE (half-inch) cost about $4/linear foot ten years ago but was essential to the cure of both the lean condition AND the power brake issue.
  13. One could purchase "tags" with one's initial, and perhaps even fraternal organization symbols, to attach to the unit. Or not--it looks OK without, given that the design is carried through the base for the personalizing tag.
  14. Grimy


    It's a 1946. 1947-48 had small round parking lights and lost the pretty lined stainless trim for larger, plain stainless.
  15. Grimy

    Leatherette Source?

    The naughas are found only in the Dupont Forest