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  1. 1930's spark plug connectors

    Graham Man I sent you a private email. I have parts NOS
  2. Drawing of distributor

    Bluejeepnut, contact me directly, I may have the parts you need. tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762 Tom aka old buicks
  3. bferg, I sent you a private email regarding some parts. Thank you for your response. oldbuicks
  4. hupmobile engine parts

    Olson's Gaskets 360-871-1207
  5. Need Delco Dual Distributor Parts

    Contact me, I have those rotors available. tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762 Tom
  6. NOS ignition parts

    13CADDY, check your private message board. Tom
  7. NOS ignition parts

    13caddy, check your messages I asked you some more questions for clarification on the Stude Tom
  8. 1917 bearing clearance

    I like 0.0015 or maybe 0.002" clearance Tom
  9. NOS ignition parts

    For Sale: NOS ignition parts, points, rotors, distributor caps, brushes for starters and generators, also distributor gears, starter switches, dimmer switches, cutouts, voltage regulators, etc for most makes and models from 1910 to 1960. Worldwide shipping. Tom VanMeeteren tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762
  10. NOS ignition parts

    To all of you that responded, check your private message board. Tom
  11. Set of new 34 X 4 1/2 WW tires

  12. Set of new 34 X 4 1/2 WW tires

    Price reduction to $750
  13. 1914 Buick B-37M Touring Sedan ignition info

    I see 6 plug wires plus a spark intensifier.
  14. 1914 Buick B-37M Touring Sedan ignition info

    Howard, I have a six cylinder Buick distributor like the one in your pictures only mine is in good shape. Send me an email and we can discuss tsvanmeet@gmail.com or call me 402-359-5762. Tom