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  1. old buicks

    1918-1925 Buick Clutch Friction Lining

    I would also be interested in a set for my 20 K 45 Tom VanMeeteren Valley, NE
  2. old buicks

    Franklin 1929 series 135 Points, distributor, coitl

    I'd try Tom VanMeeteren tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762
  3. old buicks


    Dave, I have a coil for the DeVaux. It is a Sorenson, NOS Private email me or call me Tom 402-359-5762 tsvanmeet@gmail.com I also have a 31 DeVaux 4 door sedan RARE car!!!!!
  4. old buicks

    1926 reo

    James, I have NOS ignition parts for you distributor on the 26 REO if you need them. Private email me,
  5. old buicks

    NOS ignition parts

    Lots of NOS ignition parts including distributor caps, points, condensers, rotors, brushes, switches, cutouts, voltage regulators, etc for most makes and models from 1910 to 1960. Ships worldwide Contact me via private message
  6. old buicks

    1931 Nash six

    Chris, contact Al Suehring in Amherst Jct, WI 715-570-0830 or 715-677-3809 He has a LOT of timing gears and chains. Tom
  7. old buicks

    Distributor Cap for 31-33 Auburn

    Curti, yes I have one NOS in brown. contact me via private email. Tom
  8. old buicks

    1937 Super 8 replacement distributor

    I have NOS dist cap, etc for you distributor. Contact me thru private email Tom
  9. old buicks

    1930's spark plug connectors

    Graham Man I sent you a private email. I have parts NOS
  10. old buicks

    Drawing of distributor

    Bluejeepnut, contact me directly, I may have the parts you need. tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762 Tom aka old buicks
  11. bferg, I sent you a private email regarding some parts. Thank you for your response. oldbuicks
  12. old buicks

    hupmobile engine parts

    Olson's Gaskets 360-871-1207
  13. old buicks

    Need Delco Dual Distributor Parts

    Contact me, I have those rotors available. tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762 Tom
  14. old buicks

    NOS ignition parts

    13CADDY, check your private message board. Tom
  15. old buicks

    NOS ignition parts

    13caddy, check your messages I asked you some more questions for clarification on the Stude Tom